Why Is Babybel Cheese So Expensive? (Top 4 Reasons)

You might have come across those petite round cheese wrapped in those plastic packets and wax rinds. This unique-looking cheese looks creamy and great with every snack that you want to have.
But Babybel Cheese is however pretty expensive. Often the common shopper is startled and sets thinking as to why this Cheese is so expensive.
Why is Babybell so_expensive

The reason being this cheese looks ordinary and apart from the unique packaging and some additional creaminess that the cheese has, there seems to be nothing extraordinary for the layman.

But for those who understand the minute details of cheese and have worked with or have tasted various cheese types Babybel is certainly the cheese of choice.


Why Is Babybel Cheese So Expensive?

Why is Babybell so expensive
So, why is Babybel cheese so expensive? Let us look at the reasons why this Cheese is really expensive.

Babybel Cheese is a Brand

babybell cheese brands
Babybel is just one of the wide range of products from the house of the renowned Bel Brands.
The company was started by Jules Bel in the year 1865 in France and 1921 the business was taken over by his son Leon Bel who registered The Laughing Cow as a Bel Group Brand which became a name in the world of some portable, affordable, and tasty cheese.
The Bel Group eventually arrived in the united states in 1970 and they bought the Avalon Cheese Plant which was then rebranded as Bel Cheese.
Then The Laughing Cow Cheese wedges were being produced at the Kentucky plant and then moved on to making the Babybel that we know today and since then there was no looking back.
It is this rich history behind this cheese that makes the Babybel a notch premium and expensive than the others.

Unique wax rind wraps and packaging

Unique wax rind wraps and packaging
Various cheese brands come in a variety of packages. Some come in all plastic packaging with all the slices stacked together while you will have others having cheese wedges in one pack.
But with Babybel cheese one thing that stands out and apart from many others is the packaging.
The Cheese is packed in individual plastic packaging and then on the inside there is a wax rind coating.
The Cheese inside is soft and creamy and this special packaging keeps it well preserved even if it has to be outside refrigeration for some time.
Babybels comes in a unique packaging that defines the Bel Brands. There sure is a cost attached to this special packaging and hence the extra cost in the final pricing.

Comes in portable convenient packaging

Comes in portable convenient packaging
Convenience comes with a cost as well. The best thing about Babybel Cheese is the sizing. These cheese balls are known as the Mini Babybel Cheese for a reason.
They are perfectly sized in bite-sized balls that can be easily enjoyed with any snack you are planning to have. The sizing of the cheese makes it extremely portable.
The size is just too right for every dish or snack or cheese topping that you wish to use it for.
However, from the manufacturing perspective, there is a cost attached to all the machinery that will be needed to produce these bite sized cheese balls.
All this cost of production translates into the final pricing of this Cheese and as such you get this Cheese a little more on the higher side than the rest.

Has a Universal appeal due to its unique taste and flavor

Has a Universal appeal due to its unique taste and flavor
Having one look at the Babybel cheese is not enough to understand what it really is. The Babybel cheese is high-quality cheese that is made for the cheese lovers to enjoy their favorite cheese whenever they can.
This cheese has a unique taste and an appeal that lovers of cheese can never resist.
This cheese has a creamy, salty, and little tanginess to it that lends it a unique flavor that makes it the distinguished and the chosen one.
And it is this unique taste that makes it the cheese that is in a high demand. It is this high demand that makes it a thing of high value and expensive as well.
Final Thoughts:
As such, you will see that these Babybels are pretty expensive but worth all the price.
So, if you have not had your hands on some of this cheese yet – you must taste it once to believe it.

This ordinary-looking cheese sure is extraordinary and that is why it is quite expensive than the rest of the cheese in the market. Give them a try and you will know what we are talking about.

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