Why Is KFC So Expensive? (Top 7 Reasons With Pictures)

If you are a die-hard fan of KFC, the price can never frustrate you from enjoying the dishes of the restaurant.
But so many people have to stand away after noticing the menu of KFC. The price of KFC is so expensive that they insist on avoiding KFC.
What is KFC? Standing for Kentucky Fried Chicken, KFC was initiated in the 1930s by Colonel Harland Sanders, a businessman, and entrepreneur who turned to be a chef and started the fried chicken business from the ground up.
Since the 1970s, the restaurant began to be popular globally. And now it has thousands of outlets throughout the world.
Being a world-famous restaurant, KFC has maintained its popularity. Following the terms, now the price of its fast foods is outrageously expensive that surprises anyone at first.
Several reasons can be mentioned that matter in the high price of KFC’s food.
In this article, I’m going to illustrate some reasons for which KFC is so expensive, along with some other frequently asked questions related to the context.

Why Is KFC so expensive?

Why is KFC so Expensive
Having no menu at a single dollar, KFC is renowned for being one of the most expensive fast-food restaurants in the world with a minimum of 5 dollars.
Does it sound ridiculous? Yes or not, it is true that KFC’s dishes are incredibly superfluous. So why are they so expensive? Let’s find out some principal causes that make the fast foods of KFC ridiculously extravagant.

The Herbs and Spices

The Herbs and Spices
One of the supreme reasons that make KFC expensive is the herbs and spices. KFC has an exceptional sense of blending spices and herbs.
Its chicken is greatly packed in a whooping 11 herbs and spices. The blend is completely peerless that activates a genuine taste.
The taste includes salty, sweet, and umami that are most pleasing for the human palate.
Thus, this brilliant sense of blending herbs and spices has increased the taste of food and augmented the popularity of KFC.
For this reason, KFC demands an exorbitant price in return for their valuable specialty.

Fresh Food

Fresh food
Another fundamental cause for being so expensive is freshness. KFC’s chickens are not frozen, rather, they are fresh, spick, and spun.
Most of the restaurants deliver frozen food when they are left unsold after a day.
Nevertheless, frozen food doesn’t taste natural. On the other hand, KFC approaches differently without providing any kind of frozen chicken or other fast foods. It always offers fresh and unadulterated meat and foods.
Primarily, KFC collects their chickens from local farms and their choice is totally meticulous.
It doesn’t take any chickens which are not ideal for consumption. It examines chickens’ wings, breasts, thighs, and legs to make sure that they are healthy and eatable.
Before choosing, it also follows several methods while breeding chickens. It trains its farmers and employees to perform every process exactly.
Hence, KFC makes it obvious that it is providing fresh and hygienic fast foods. This amazing and commendable policy has promoted KFC’s demand and market.
That is why its foods are much more expensive and outrageous.

Unmatched Delicacy

Unmatched Delicacy
In terms of delicacy, KFC is incomparable to none. Replete with manifold benefits, the foods are truly outstanding.
The foods of KFC contain sodium that activates the brain’s reward center. They also have a carb that redoubles the taste.
KFC’s crispy foods are so delicious too. They are even more expensive than the other fast food items of the company.
So, highly tasteful foods are, in general, expensive and superfluous. Similarly, KFC’s uniquely delicious foods claim higher costs in return.

High Calories

High Calories
A calorie is one of the essential nutrients for the human body. And humans crave high-calorie meals as needed.
KFC’s foods are again exceptional, having extra calories in every item that makes them tasty and desirable.
You will find in the menu of KFC that there is a nutrition chart. The foods of this chart are fully fraught with high calories.
It is seen that a KFC chicken breast carries a sum of 770 calories. Besides, its popcorn nuggets consist of a high amount of calories landing at nearly 620 per.
What is more wonderful is that a biscuit of KFC comes with 200 calories along with only 7 grams of fat. Moreover, a chocolate chip cookie holds 120 calories.
Henceforth, KFC’s foods are lusciously containing extra calories necessary for humans. Therefore, its foods are luxurious and costly because of the presence of high-calories.

The Price of Pressure Cooking

The Price of Pressure Cooking
KFC started the use of pressure cookers before its other competitors did. For this reason, it had become an integral leader as a crispy chicken supplier.
The history behind using pressure cookers is somehow interesting. KFC started pressure cooker use in 1967 by hiring Winston Shelton, an engineer and a partial owner of Engineering Prototype Services.
In this way, KFC had led a revolution in using this modern technology. Therefore, this advanced method of cooking impels KFC to lift the price of foods.

The Secret Recipe

The Secret Recipe
The secret recipe of KFC is another reason that underlines the price exceptionally. KFC has been maintaining a secret policy of recipes that is not reproduced. No competitor can replicate the same taste of KFC perfectly.
And this is only because of its secret recipe. Colonel Sanders initiated the recipe in the 1940s with 11 herbs and spices.
The list includes ground ginger, dried mustard, paprika, and so on.
The recipe is still concealed and unrevealed.
Therefore, the dishes of KFC are unique and delicious. After all, this secret recipe has raised the cost of KFC’s food.

Demand and popularity

And finally, what is mostly accountable for preserving a high cost of foods is the demand and popularity of KFC.
From the mid of 1970, KFC started to be renowned globally. Since then, it has preserved its position among the prominent fast-food restaurants of the world.
Consequently, it follows a specific market policy that keeps the company maintaining some particular strategies.

Therefore, it has raised the price and set up an established rank in this case.

 Common Questions About Why Is KFC So Expensive

These are the most common Questions on Why Is KFC So Expensive

How can you save money at KFC?

How can you save money at KFC
Although KFC is very expensive, you can save money at KFC by following some strategic way.
If you are a student, you have an opportunity to take freebies by signing up on its app.
Besides, you can save money by being a regular customer of KFC by signing up for its app to get free delivery. You will get free delivery after some regular orders from the app.
Moreover, KFC often gives some offers at the weekends at a cheap price in contrast to the usual expensive price. You can grab it whenever you find any offer.

What makes KFC so special?

The most prominent specialty of KFC is its unique taste and supreme delicacy. The foods taste good because they are formulated to be good.
With the combination of 11 herbs and spices and a secret recipe, KFC chickens are simply savory, palatable, and appetizing.
Besides, the proper use of salt makes the foods more captivating and delicious.
In addition, its chickens are chilled and fresh, not frozen and adulterated.
All of these matter in holding an unusual taste of KFC’s foods. Hence, the taste has made KFC so special and distinctive.

What is the most expensive item on KFC’s menu?

KFC has different types of meals on its menu. The menu includes family meals, individual meals, kid’s meals, drinks and beverages, big-box meals, desserts, homestyle side, Tenders, Popcorn and Nuggets, Nashville Hot Chicken, etc.
As it has no dollar menu, every item is so expensive. But specifically, the most expensive family meal is the 16-piece meal that includes16 pieces of chicken with 4 large sides and 8 biscuits. This package costs $37.
Then, the most expensive individual meal is the 3 pieces breast and wing meal that includes 2 particular sides and a biscuit. Its price ranges from $8.50 to $10.50.

How much does KFC charge for delivery?

KFC delivery
The charge of delivery depends on the item that you order through the website or apps.
As different apps are engaged in taking KFC delivery, the charge differs indeed. Ordering through Menulog takes a minimum charge of $1.99 for delivery.
If you order in DoorDash, you will get 30-days free delivery on orders over $10.
Nowadays, the delivery fee is the same across the KFC App, Menulog, Deliveroo, and DoorDash that costs almost $9.
Besides, if you want to have free delivery, you have to pass a minimum of $12 on orders placed through KFC’s website or its delivery collaborators Seamless and Grubhub.
In so many places in England, customers can get delivery at £3 through the food ordering websites and apps.
It should be mentioned that KFC had provided a free delivery advantage in 2020 during the covid pandemic.

Is KFC more expensive than McDonald’s?

Is KFC more expensive than McDonald's
KFC and McDonald’s are two leading restaurants having thousands of outlets throughout the world.
While KFC is famous for fried chicken, Mcdonald’s is famous for hamburgers. Although both of them are expensive with their rich menu of foods, they have an almost close price tag, at least in terms of their set meals.
However, KFC is more expensive than Mcdonald’s. For instance, a Double Quarter Pounder Burger with cheese costs $4.80 in Mcdonald’s but $6.50 in KFC.
Medium French fries are purchasable at $1.80 in Mcdonald, and $4.99 in KFC.
Therefore, KFC is more expensive and pricey than Mcdonald’s in some of their food items.

Is KFC overpriced?

Is KFC overpriced
KFC has no dollar item on its menu. Think how expensive KFC is.
Since it has a worldwide reputation of providing delicious and quality dishes, its price is so expensive.
Nonetheless, some think that it is overpriced in contrast to other restaurants. But speaking honestly, KFC’s foods are truly unique and their price is reasonable.
The company provides fresh and authentic chickens that have no debasement.
The foods are prepared with proper care and arrangement. Hence, it is justifiable why its price is so expensive.

Does KFC have control over the price?

With a brilliant marketing strategy, KFC maintains complete control over the price of its food items.
KFC follows particular methods focusing on the customers according to their needs and demands, looking for improvements, and implementing all the policies to make success in retaining control.
And it has accomplished every method surviving in the market and holding a prominent place in the world.

Why are KFC buckets so expensive?

Amongst several food dishes, bucket items are one of the popular items.
But, KFC buckets are so expensive costing a high amount of money. It costs a maximum of $43 that is 16 pc. A meal that includes 4 Large Sides and 8 Biscuits.
They also involve 8 meals and 12 meals commonly. Hence, with adequate meals, the buckets are available in a different set of feeds suitable for any group of people according to their needs.
Why they are so expensive is their extra intricacy and taste. Besides, their sufficiency of food is another reason in this case.
Moreover, it takes a long time and labor to properly hold the exact delicacy.

Is KFC more expensive on UberEats?

Yes, KFC is more expensive on UberEats. Not only KFC but also most of the restaurants’ foods are expensive on UberEats.
This app demands a higher price than the in-store price of KFC foods. For example, a Zinger Burger is accessible at $8.99 while it is tagged $9.99 on Uber Eats.
Again, wicked wings are purchasable at $16.00 online, but Uber Eats takes $18.50 for the same dish.
Compared to other apps like Menulog, it is also seen that KFC foods are so expensive on UberEats.

Is KFC more expensive on Just Eat?

Yeah, Just Eat is another online app that takes excessive charge on its delivered foods.
A 12-piece dipping boneless feast of KFC which usually costs £19, demands £5 extra to have delivered by Just Eat.
Some of KFC’s customers complain that Just Eat delivers poor quality foods in terms of the price.
Recently, a survey has found that Just Eat orders are 7% more expensive in contrast to the ordinary price of dishes.

Final Thoughts On Why Is KFC So Expensive

However, as KFC is a distinguished company in the world, it has a pleasant position over other restaurants.
Keeping the global position successfully, it has been carrying out every policy of market conception.
Therefore, the price of the food on its menu is much more expensive and ridiculous. Several factors play a fundamental role in this case.
Nonetheless, you can save money even at KFC if you are a student, a regular customer, and if you are going through free delivery.
Thus, this article will be helpful to you in answering various types of inquiries of fans. Hopefully, you have enjoyed the article well.
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