Why Is Stanley Furniture So Expensive (Top 5 Reasons)

A home is outwardly incomplete without having the decoration of furniture.
If you want to embellish your home including bedroom, living room, dining, and kitchen, as well as a home office, home entertainment, and other places, you have to choose a reliable furniture brand that ensures every type of advantages like quality, durability, and sturdiness.
why is stanely furniture so expensive
Hence, Stanley is this kind of brand based in North Carolina, America that assures all sorts of demands, takes pride in this sector, and is committed to offering high style and high-quality furniture.
Stanley, established by Thomas Stanley in 1924, is one of the leading companies in the world.
The brand is unique in providing an amazing standpoint on traditional, contemporary, cottage, casual, and tropical styles, featuring utmost detailing, innovative design, meticulous craftiness, and provocative silhouettes.
Besides, Stanley is also very sincere about functionality and flexibility. Because of these manifold factors, Stanley continues to be one of the most recognized and sought-after brands in the home furnishing industry in the world.
As a result, Stanley furniture is so expensive and superfluous that may surprise anyone. In this article, I’m going to discuss elaborately some of the principal reasons that flourish the price of Stanley furniture incredibly.

Why is Stanley furniture so expensive?

why is stanely furniture so_expensive
As a prominent brand in the furniture industry, Stanley has increased its price that goes out of touch with so many customers. Speaking clearly, the price is expensive due to several reasons. Some main reasons are illustrated here.

Production Cost

production cost
The principal cause for which Stanley furniture is expensive is the production cost.
Although Stanley is a great contributor to the US economy, the manufacturing sector of the US has not been improved in proportion to other economic sectors of the country.
That is why the furniture made in the US is much more superfluous than in any other country. It takes extra labor cost, utility cost, and other pertinent costs.
Since manufacturing in the US is higher, most of the leading companies have grown their production facilities in other countries of the world like Bangladesh, India, China, and Vietnam where production cost is affordable.
But Stanley is exceptional in this case. The company manufactures its furniture across various states of the USA including Martinsville, West End, North Carolina, Stanleytown, Virginia, Lexington, etc.
Throughout the country and other international client bases, Stanley has more than 3,500 outlets for distributing its furniture.
Hence, Stanley furniture is outrageously expensive due to increased manufacturing costs. To meet the expenditure, the company has raised the price of furniture.

Higher Quality

Higher quality of stanely furniture
Quality is perhaps the most predominant factor that lays out the price of Stanley furniture.
In terms of quality, Stanley is adamant, uncompromising, and incomparable to none. It ensures the strict quality of high standards.
Every material used in the furniture comes from the best wood, high-grade fabrics, and strong metal hardware.
The craftiness of its furniture is too good when it is compared to the other furniture companies.
Thus, quality has brought Stanley to an impressive position that inspires the brand to make a rapid profit. Following the strategy, Stanley exaggerates the price.


Stanley furniture is not only made from high-end quality but also it is well-designed.
The designers of Stanley are classy, brilliant, and world-famous. Top-of-the-line designers are engaged with Stanley who makes all the differences from other furniture companies.
The designers are much more sincere and attentive in designing Stanley’s furniture. They make it unique by their true craftsmanship.
Thus, they create top-notch furniture with wonderful and exceptional design that looks aesthetically beautiful. For this reason, furniture becomes impressive and attracts customers.
Consequently, these world-class designers have to be paid more than the common ones. Stanley has to spend a large sum of money behind them.
Therefore, when ready-made pieces of furniture have been brought out in the market, be sure that they are made by some of the best furniture designers.
That is why it is presumable that they will claim a high price in order to cover the cost.

Target Market

Target market
The market policy of Stanley is also a noteworthy one that matters in the expensive price of the furniture.
It is observed that Stanley creates the furniture for middle to high-income groups of people who can afford it.
That means, its target customers are the upper and medium residentials, not the low-income groups.
This strategy plays a significant role in increasing the price of furniture. Low-income groups are unable to buy Stanley furniture. They are not in the consideration of Stanley.
Instead, Stanley thinks of the middle and high profile people who are not concerned about money in buying expensive and authentic pieces of furniture and can afford them.
That is why Stanley has increased its furniture price targeting their customers.


Since Stanley furniture comes with high quality, its durability is verily comprehensible.
The furniture of Stanley is so lasting and strong that the customers know that it is their long-term investment.
Buying a piece of Stanley furniture seems to be more preferable to them than to other brands.
It is seen that a Stanley bedroom suite lasts for more than 20 years without any debasement. There are plenty of people nearby you who have Stanley furniture.
What is even surprising is that some furniture can last for your lifetime. Thus, Stanley furniture is so endurable and permanent that it makes it reliable.
For this reason, the price is much more extravagant.

Is Stanley Furniture American-made?

Is Stanley Furniture American-made?
Yes, Stanley furniture is made in America. Based in High Point, North Carolina, America, Stanley has several factories in the country.
The top-most factories are established in Martinsville, West End, North Carolina, Stanleytown, Virginia, and Lexington.
Recently, it has founded a new company near Bassett, and the community was soon named Stanleytown.
It should also be mentioned that it has a factory in Vietnam as now it is owned by a Vietnamese group.

How to identify Stanley furniture?

How to identify Stanley furniture?
Stanley furniture is unique and can be identified easily from the other normal furniture found in the market.
The first way of identifying Stanley furniture is the unusual hardware on the furniture that contains three types of pulls including wood, metal, and recessed.
No other furniture manufacturer uses these certain pulls that make Stanley unique and easily recognizable.
Secondly, the walnut used by Stanley holds a certain sheen on it that is completely extraordinary.
And finally, Stanley furniture is identifiable because of its strong leg and leg supports. With braces and thick and solid legs, Stanley furniture has no spindly tapered legs that easily crack or break.
Rather, they have longevity and are not broken easily. Thus, one can identify Stanley furniture by examining its hardware, the walnut, and the leg supports.

Is Stanley furniture good quality?

No doubt. In terms of quality, Stanley is an iconic, unique, and inspiring brand in the universe.
This American furniture company ensures every facility with striking designs, exquisite textures, superior quality, and exceeding customer service.
Stanley takes great care to make its furniture precisely and spends a lot of money and effort on making top-notch furniture.
Thus, the furniture comes with outstanding quality that is different from most other brands.

Is Stanley furniture worth the price?

Is Stanley furniture worth the price?
Stanley furniture is worth the money without any suspicion. Every piece of Stanley confirms durability and viability that make the goods strong and permanent.
That is why Stanley furniture can guarantee a long-term investment. For example, if you buy a piece of furniture from Stanley at $600 and one from Walmart at $450, Stanley will last longer than Walmart.
Therefore, it can be said that Stanley furniture is worth the price in every true aspect.

Is Stanley a good furniture brand?

There are a lot of good brands and companies throughout the world that manufacture furniture and other domestic appliances.
This one, an American brand, Stanley is one of them that is truly a pretty good brand.
From bedroom suites to office sets, every part of Stanley furniture emerges with supreme landmarks that formulate the brand distinguished and different.

Is Stanley furniture solid wood?

Aye, Stanley furniture is made from solid wood. That means completely natural wood is used in manufacturing Stanley furniture although certain areas are made from upholstery and metallic fixtures. But the rest is solid wood.
The furniture made from solid wood is greatly convenient. In terms of durability, maintenance, and all-natural aesthetic, solid wood is properly appropriate.
Besides, As solid woods are two types: hardwood and softwood, both of them are more durable and permanent than veneers.
If they are well-designed and crafted, they can last for generations. Moreover, since solid wood is natural, it is easy to design and shape according to Swirls, circles, lines sizes, and spots.

Where to buy Stanley furniture?

The center of Stanley furniture is in North Carolina, America. Besides, there are so many factories of Stanley throughout America including Stanleytown, Virginia, Lexington, and West End.
You can buy Stanley from more than 3500 stores spreading throughout the country. Moreover, Stanley has an individual website that sells its furniture.
Apart from these, various online shops throughout the world take orders and supply Stanley furniture.
Frequently Asked Question:

Is Stanley furniture still in business?

Yes. Since 1924, Stanley has been manufacturing furniture and is still in this business. Now, it is almost 98 years old and within 2 years it will touch its hundred-year milestone.
It should be mentioned that Stanley had gone through several difficulties since its appearance due to political uproar and challenges.
Thomas B. Stanley had to take great care and effort to sustain his company at that time.
It was even sold to Churchill Downs, a private Vietnamese group, in late 2017 after years of financial struggle. Then Walter Blocker, a Vietnamese businessman, became the new owner of the company, and still, he is the owner of Stanley.
In addition, during the covid pandemic in march 2021, Stanley suspended all its activities temporarily because of delays in raw materials, absence of capacity in transportation routes, and ‘shockingly’ high ocean freight rates.
Delightful enough, it has now continued its production.

How much does a Stanley sofa cost?

How much does a Stanley sofa cost?
The price of the Stanley sofa varies from one to another according to its materials, sizes, and shapes.
It is seen that normally, a Stanley sofa set is purchasable at $300 to $500 in different sizes. There are cheap sofas also below these price tags. But they will be fragile and cracky indeed.
However, most of the sofas are expensive. Specifically, a set living room modern leather sofa costs $600 to $700. Then, the price of a fabric sofa set moves between $600 to $800. After that, nordic style heated leather sofa ranges from $1200 to $1500 on occasions.
Again, a three-seater leather reclining sofa may cost up to $2000. All of these sets of the sofa are high in quality, sturdy, and durable.
Bottom Line :
Upon considering all the things, it is easy to understand why Stanley furniture is so expensive and the price is exorbitant. So many factors work behind this matter.
The high quality of Stanley furniture, its production cost, laborious effort, amazing craftiness, unique design, and longevity are the fundamental reasons that markup the price ridiculously.
However, a true fan of Stanley still regards buying Stanley as it is uncompromising and resolute in terms of the quality of the furniture.
Thus, Stanley has been able to hold its supreme position among the most top furniture brands in the world.
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