Why Is Alienware So Expensive? (Top 6 Reasons)

Have you heard of Alienware? 

Alienware is peripheral to Dell, which specializes in gaming products and devices.

It is a reputable brand in the gaming market.

However, it is one of the most costly options amongst its competitors.

Alienware’s premium price is accredited to its high quality, advanced technology, and materials.

Also, it is a famous brand, and this factor also contributes to its increased costs.

We will discuss these reasons more profoundly and also the frequently asked questions.

If you have been wondering why it is so expensive, read this article to the end.

Why is Alienware so expensive?

Most people view Alienware to be the best brand worldwide for gaming services.

Alienware laptops have distinct features and specs, apart from designs and trendy looks.

These factors contribute to increased price stickers.

Below are the top 6 reasons that make Alienware costly.

Premium quality

Quality of manufacturing the products

Klipsch powers most Alienware laptops, so they come with excellent sound systems.

Klipsch is a well-known brand that provides high-quality sound.

So you get assurance of sound clarity, bass, and good consistency for gaming reasons.

You are sure of a gentle and more coherent sound even without using your headphones.

And as we all know, quality items come with premium price tags.

Advanced display options

Advanced display options

Alienware gives you no opportunity to criticize their laptops on display options.

They provide the best visual experiences.

They are used in gaming, video editing, or video games.

The brand also offers three significant display designs: UHDHD, FHD, and 4K OLED.

So it means that they accommodate each person according to their budget.

So you can choose a configuration that matches your budget and still enjoy a clear display and game.

If you check the Alienware page, most laptops have high refresher rates.

It makes them favorable for gaming.

That is why you see most gamers go for Alienware laptops.

Because of the advanced options.

A high refresh rate is vital for gamers who enjoy Expeditious games.

It has an 18-inch screen that gives you impressive clarity as you play.

This factor increases the ultimate price.

High-quality materials

High end, quality, Materials, ingredients, components manufacture

Alienware has a robust construction that gives you the impression of premium materials. 

Most Alienware laptops have steel, aluminum, or polycarbonate bodies.

The bodies ensure that they are reliable and durable.

All materials used in manufacturing Alienware products are premium.

So their final price will be high.

Customized motherboards

Customized motherboards

Alienware offers customized motherboards for their laptops.

It helps in giving gamers an exceptional gaming experience.

They also have an effective thermal control that keeps the temperatures regulated.

Also, they have a pointed glass and high volvate fan alongside the thermal control.

They offer high efficiency to the laptops.

The customization of motherboards raises the price of Alienware.

Splendid keyboard and touchpad

Splendid keyboard and touchpad

Alienware offers user-friendly keyboards and touchpads.

It is hard to match them with other gaming brands because of their ultra-modern specs.

These keyboards come equipped with a technology known as anti-ghosting.

And also a 4 zone RGB-KEY rollover.

The keyboard is best for gamers registering competitive performance.

It is because every keystroke gets registered.

Also, you can customize the Alienware laptop keyboard by adjusting the lighting of each key.

The touchpads come with a glass with a luxury design that makes it easier for your fingers to move across. 

These two factors increase the prices of the final products.


Excellent Performance

Alienware laptops have excellent speed and performance.

This factor attracts so many avid gamers to the brand.

The laptops come equipped with the latest intel core i7 and i9 with a high-efficient voltage up to phase 12. 

It is easier to multitask using an Alienware laptop.

They can perform almost all functions.

You can play games, edit videos, do office work, or do any other project.

Alienware laptops have SSD rates.

They help you maximize the transfer rates and hard drive ability rate whenever you feel like it.

Because of the excellent performance, the prices will also increase.

Is Alienware worth it?

worth the money and price

If Alienware is worth it, it depends on a personal experience.

But if you look at the features that the brand brings to the table, you will agree that it is worth every penny.

If you are a person who is always on a budget, then Alienware is not suitable for you.

It is because you have to spend hefty to buy its products.

But a person who understands gaming will tell you why paying a lot of money to the brand is worth it.

To support this, here are some reasons that justify the worth:

Alienware laptops are vital to support gaming services and any other projects.

They are manufactured using premium materials like steel, aluminum, or polycarbonate.

Also, they don’t scratch or rust easily to use in any environment.

Despite the heavy price tags, you are assured of excellent performance.

You won’t lose a game because your laptop broke down due to internal issues.

Also, the technology used in Alienware makes it worth it.

For instance, the Tobi eye tracker ensures that you have the most control of the gaming experience. 

How to save money on Alienware laptops?

save money

Alienware laptops are costly, but you can still save on them by applying tricks.

Below are some of them.

If you are a student, Alienware gives you a $100 discount on the products you buy from them.

But for you to qualify, you must first verify that you are indeed a student.

You click the discount offer and enter your valid school email.

After they verify that Dell will send you a discount worth $100.

Also, you can find used laptops on eBay that are still in good shape at a lower price.

Here you will save some pennies.

Alienware offers a discount on Back Fridays that happens in November.

So if you are not in a hurry, you can’t wait until then and buy a high-quality gaming laptop at a lower price.

It is also good to follow Alienware on its social media handles.

It is necessary because you will be the first to get notified if they give discounts on their products.

Another way to save on Alienware laptops is by buying a refurbished laptop.

If you are lucky, you may find a perfect laptop with incredible performance, just like a new one at a lower cost.

Always check Alienware items on Amazon.

They give discounts on their products, and if you are a prime member, they can offer you free shipping.

Also, you can use coupons when buying an Alienware laptop and end up saving some money.

Cheaper alternatives to Alienware


Alienware has maintained its reputation over the years by providing quality services.

However, its competitors have also increased.

They sell similar products; the difference is only the brand and price.

If you find Alienware costly, you can buy from these cheaper alternatives.

Below are the top 6 affordable Alienware alternatives.

  1. Asus
  2. Lenovo
  3. Razer
  4. Gigabyte
  5. Acer
  6. Ironside

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the questions that are asked about Alienware.

Is Alienware still a good brand?

Positive, Adverse, negative, good, bad

Yes, Alienware is still a reputable brand since 1996.

Apart from being good, they are also very robust and reliable.

They have high-quality gaming laptops with excellent performance.

Alienware brand has maintained a 4-star rating for more than a decade, meaning they are a great choice.

Is Alienware good?


Looking at features that come with Alienware, one can comfortably say that it is good.

It is quality built, has outstanding performance and other specs.

Also, they have an exemplary configuration and outlook.

Avid gamers love Alienware laptops because of their reliability.

They are always willing to pay more.

Is Alienware overpriced 

Higher prices

Most people tend to think that Alienware is overpriced.

It is expensive because of its premium build quality and performance.

Alienware has its advantages and disadvantages.

So, it depends on your choice.

If you have no problem paying more for a high-performing gaming laptop, you won’t find it overpriced.

But if you don’t like the cons or don’t need a high-performance laptop, you may find it overpriced.

Is razer or Alienware better?

What is the best

Both razer and Alienware are good choices when it comes to gaming laptops.

However, there are some notable differences, depending on your preference.

Their outlook and CPUs have different configurations.

A good example is if you like a minimalist style, razer blade 15 is a better option compared to Alienware.

But Alienware gives you a choice of i7 and i9 intel core while you find only i7 in razer.

So if you want a laptop with intel core i9, Alienware is a better option.

Is Alienware good for gaming?


Alienware is among the brands with the best gaming laptops in the world.

Although you can use their laptops to perform other functions, they are best known for gaming.

These laptops are unmatched in performance, display options, modern and attractive designs.

Alienware laptops are the best.

They give you an outstanding portable gaming experience.

Also, they have a gaming lineup giving you three choices to choose from them.

The different configurations are Alienware m15, m17, and Alienware area 51m.

They match your needs, giving you an exceptional gaming experience.


As we conclude this long passage, it is easy to understand what makes Alienware so costly.

It is a reliable brand that is unmatched. 

Alienware performance, premium built quality, modernity, and display options are unique. 

Gamers who understand the benefits of Alienware know it is worth it.

They have no problem paying the hefty prices.

Like a coin, Alienware has the pros and cons of both sides.

The pros outdo the cons and thus making it a good and reliable brand.

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