Why Is Serena And Lily So Expensive? (Top 6 Reasons) 

We shape our homes and then our homes shape us! And home to be a place of safety, serenity, privacy, along with abstract positivities, materials are equally important.

There comes the rise of home decor that says a lot about one’s personality.

Since the 18th-century people in general have been able to afford luxury items to beautify their home, before which it was available only for the very noble and rich of the society in order to preserve their status.

In modern times related admirers have built organizations to make it easier for people to design their homes accordingly.

One such California-based lifestyle brand for the home and fashion is Serena and Lily.

The brand officially started its journey in 2004 with baby and children’s bedding and decor while introducing plans for all rooms in 2009.

Causes of being expensive

Serena and Lily, known for its line of furniture, bedding, wallpaper, rugs, and other decorative items, comes with high expenses.

Today we are going to shed light on some facts which make their items so costly. 

Huge Collection


The right kind of ingredients brings everyone together in a shiny style.

Serena and Lily provide a large number of irresistibly priced designs, best for you, your family, and guests. 

From various types of tables, casual chairs to bedding sets, sheet sets, duvet covers, chandelier, stools, rugs, coastal decors, sofa sets, Huntington baskets, pendants, classic and handcrafted quilts, outdoor/rustic/farmhouse furniture, etc, everything one might need to set up their favorite place to retreat to gather, to live well every day. 


High quality

Their products come along with ultimate sophistication, finest components to satisfy the customers.

These are nice examples of less truly being more. 

The owners partnered with Lee Industries for making the best furniture, which was chosen based on their 40 years of heritage in manufacturing premium-quality furniture.

Together they provide items with a long-standing focus on using renewable, environment-friendly manufacturing processes



Serena and Lily, as soon as they launched their activities for babies, became a hit among A-list celebrity moms.

Within years, they expanded their productions accessible for people of all ages to embellish their homes. 

It all became possible because since the beginning they have maintained distinctiveness in their products. 

Seamlessly combining the modern with the classics, their products are as gorgeous as practical. 

A lot of things to love- vintage designs, handcrafted frames of light sheds, the expertise of ratten ties, pulling it all together in a natural style with amazing depths and textures.

The details and intricacy of the furnished items are mesmerizing and give you a soothing feel from the core. 



The ability to adapt to many different places, functions, or activities increases the value of anything and keeps it in vogue with high goodwill.

Serena and Lily make sure all of their decorative pieces are up for it. 

The owners themselves are quite creative, over the years which helped them keep the product’s adaptability to a high extent and make it one of the richest home decor brands.

These tools can be easily incorporated into any room in a house. 

Low maintenance


Serena and Lily’s decorative collections’ originality can be protected for a long time with minimum maintenance which is another logical reason for the high prices.

They are made with the finest elements by the best craftsmen so that the buyers can relax for a while without being worried about the items of their home.

Following their designated experts’ advice, you can keep your products nice and smooth for a long time without doing much hassle. 

Vibrant Colors

Vibrant Colors

Along with subtle and striking designs, the color variations they offer from blue and white, neutral, gray, red and orange, green and yellow, etc make sure you find exactly what you are looking for.

Be it the furniture or bedding elements, they can assure a win/win combination that adds the perfect touch of color in your rooms. 

Through all seasons the coloring pattern can make a significant impact even in a small space.

Selecting the right colored items can make your rooms feel warm and inviting, not congested or messy.

Even the fun storage solutions give a natural look to make you feel all cozy which is pretty functional as well. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Serena and Lily owned by? 

who owned

Serena and Lily is owned by Lily Kanter an ex Microsoft employee and Serena Dugan an ex psychologist, decorative painter, and freelance textile designer. 

Kanter was into creative designing for kids only when she first met Dugan.

The concept to form a new company flourished within an hour of getting introduced to each other.

Fast forward to six months, they were selling their products in almost 600 stores.

Though Serena left the company in 2019 to join her old passion. 

Where does Serena and Lily get their furniture from? 

Where made

Using Serena and Lily’s signature fabrics, their furniture is made by Lee Industries.

It is a North Carolina-based manufacturing company, run by skilled craftsmen.

It is an original USA-based company and very proud of its experts who are always a tough opponent in their workmanship.

Some of their furniture is imported. 

Is Serena and Lily good quality? 

Positive, Adverse, negative, good, bad

This high-profile brand’s products will cost a pretty penny which needs to be taken as an investment.

They don’t compromise with the quality of the related elements hence the high price.

With the best expertise available they provide products that are made with ultimate sophistication. 

Does Serena and Lily have free shipping? 

free shipping

Yes, they offer free ground shipping, particularly for bedding items.

Although this offer is limited to orders transported within the United States and outside the country, Canada only. 

Does Serena and Lily have Black Friday sales? 

black Friday sale

Absolutely! While having the black Friday sales, the entire store is 20% to 25% off when you can shop online too being at home.

A lot of people wait for their discount sale during different festivals such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year Eve.

Whatever you need from coffee table to mirror or bedding to drawing room furniture, dining sets, Black Friday sale has it all! Every year they do a handful of sales for the commoners.

Some Reviews of Serena and Lily

innovative features, great and good review

Kanter and Lily made sure they hit the market with some exceptional combination of classic and modern artistry in a style that’s going to grab celebrity attention as well as media coverage.

Magazines like Vogue, Business Insider,  Home beautiful, etc published about their successful journey that began with bedding, their flagship product. 

In spite of their name and fame, while going through their website, social media pages, or other online stores, you’ll find that the clients have rather mixed opinions about this high-profile brand.

Some of those are given below-

Things to consider when buying from Serena and Lily

considerations, what to check

Before buying from Serena and Lily, you need to make sure you are viewing the high prices of the products as an investment.

Despite the cost, they need additional professional cleaning or installing assistance which adds to the large sum. 

Another notable thing here to mention is that, if you are unable to buy products from their design shops physically, bear in mind that their customer service isn’t up to the mark at all and has earned huge negative experiences.

How to get discounts at Serena and Lily?

discounts for various purpose

There are several ways to grab the expensive brand’s discounts.

You can join the VIP mailing catalog to get a 15% discount on your first purchase at Serena and Lily.

For this, you have to enter your mail address in the pop-up window that appears while loading the homepage or scrolling to the bottom of any page will show you a form with the heading “Join Our Vip List”. 

You can help a friend to get a 20% off of their first purchase by using the brand’s referral program.

Once the order is finished you also get a special discount code.  

You can also follow their social media pages for occasional discounts.  

Furniture like Serena and Lily but cheaper

Best alternatives

No wonder owning Serena and Lily’s furniture is on a lot of people’s bucket lists as they come with boldness and elegance.

But the price tag is way too high for people, in general, to even give it the least consideration. 

So here I am to provide you with information about some other dope furniture that looks like Serena and Lily but is not so expensive. 

Let’s have a look at 10 cheaper copycats of Serena and Lily, who are going to give you that coastal vibe in your home without you needing to go over your budget.  

  1. Navy and White Safavieh Counter stool 
  2. Angie Blue Beaded Pendant from Froy
  3. Sausalito Headboard from Pottery Barn 
  4. Bronn Accent Chair from Froy
  5. Montauk Stripe Rug from Froy 
  6. Dipped Leg Wooden Stools from Etsy 
  7. Richard Bed Frame in White/Gray 
  8. Leather Director’s Stool from CB2 
  9. African-inspired Coffee Table 
  10. Novato Area Rug from Boutique Rugs 

Final Thoughts

There is nothing comfortable like staying at home for real enjoyment.

Anybody would want his living place to be a zone of sustenance, invitation, and welcome.

This was the ultimate motto of Kanter and Dugan when they started their home decor company, Serena and Lily.

Their philosophy is to make your home an inviting space, not some showroom! However, all of those require a huge sum of money.

So dear aesthetes, you got to spend lavishly to bring home Serena and Lily products!

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