Why Are Tibetan Mastiffs So Expensive? (Top 7 Reasons)

The Tibetan Mastiff, a wild breed, is one of the oldest and rarest breeds on the planet generally related to Tibet, Mongolia, Nepal, and hilly Himalayan provinces.

It boosts its rareness, loyalty, and uniqueness because of its genetic uniqueness and survival identity.

Essentially, its indigenous characteristics helped it to exist in such a sluggish environment which makes it so rare and outstanding.

Moreover, a yearly single shedding process like wolves and other wild animals also makes it very unique.

Hence, rarity, exceptional genesis process, popularity, huge appearance, and social reputation make Tibetan Mastiffs one of the most exclusive and expensive breeds in the world.

However, in this article, the main causes which make Tibetan Mastiffs so lavish in the world are interpreted precisely.

Why are tibetan mastiffs expensive?


Scarcity of something, have lessen, tiny

As Tibetan Mastiffs are very rare in the world, they are found only in some specific areas of Central Asia namely China, Tibet, and Himalayan Mountain. 

It is reported that when Tibet was oppressed by China in the 1950s, many progenitors of the breeds died and few escaped into the mountains.

Later, in the 1970s and 1974, America took a few steps to save these Chinese elite breeds.

Then, they have been around for thousands of years but they did not gather global popularity until 1980.

Now they are very rare and it is difficult to find them sufficiently.

Although they have some species, Red Tibetan Mastiffs are exceptionally costly because of their beautiful appearance and rarity.

The American Kennel Club registered nearly 5,000 dogs and might have 1,000 to 2,000 alive today.

However, this scarcity has made them superfluous.

Largest appearance

dog Largest appearance

Tibetan Mastiffs have a huge physical appearance, especially, the Red Tibetan Mastiffs are the largest dog breeds which need a lot of money on the presentation.

Most of the expenses of these breeds go into food to satisfy the massive bodily shape of these breeds.

These gigantic breeds eat a lot of foods, meat, and other special rations.

In terms of suze, adult females can be 24 inches or more and 70-120 pounds and males can be 26 inches and 90-150 pounds.

Moreover, these breeds eat enough chicken and beef to maintain their health and strength which are very costly and difficult for most breeders to bear.

Hence, costing on such a large breed impacts heavily on marketing of Tibetan Mastiffs and makes them so extravagant. 

Maintenance Cost

dog Maintenance Cost

The maintenance of a Tibetan Mastiff is really costly.

They need moderate and smart grooming, particularly, during the shedding period.

They must be brushed at least 30 minutes a day to remove all the dead hair.

Broadly speaking, a yearly grooming cost of a Tibetan Mastiff may be nearly $600-$1,200.

For Training, the cost goes around $700-$1,000 with an average of $850.

Then, total supplies expenses may go nearly $245-$925 in the 1st year and the following years cost around $105-$410.

Moreover, first-year vet costs around $425-$855 and adult-year vet cost ranges between $475-$1025.

Aside from these maintenance costs, there are more sorts of expenses.

In particular, the average annual cost to feed a Mastiff ranges between $965 and $1,000.

So, the cost of food may be Between $1,200 to $1,600 but not less than $800 per year.

For vaccinations, potential health issues, and other major diseases these cost extra expenses.

Furthermore, for insurance, license, dog walking, and microchip these breeds cost handsome money.

So, huge costs in maintenance influence the trading of these breeds and make them so costly.

As a result, when breed lovers go to buy them they find the price exorbitant.

Popularity and Demand


Tibetan Mastiffs have vast popularity and demand as guards or protective dogs.

These massive and fearless breeds were popular as guards in China’s Imperial Courts too.

If any stranger takes advantage of their owners they work so fast and strongly as a bullet from a gun.

Generally, they bark loudly with their massive jaws.

If they grow up with children from an early age, they behave so friendly with family members.

But they are very dangerous to strangers.

Hence, as the fearless, fast and furious breeds, Tibetan Mastiffs have immense popularity and demand which accumulate public attention and make them so lavish.

Special Intelligence

Special Intelligence, brain, catching power

Tibetan Mastiffs are known as intellectual, cunning, discreet, and self-thinking breeds.

Besides, they do not need any alertness in hazardous situations.

Moreover, they are very acute in dangerous situations and can handsomely handle dangers.

Tibetan Mastiffs are true defenders of their masters, family members, and superb guard dogs.

To seek attention or alerts from their owners, these breeds seem to be seated in front of Television sets.

Accordingly, Tibetan Mastiffs’ intelligence and protective mind make them popular among the wealthy people which gives rise to such a costly price tag.

Social dignity

Social dignity, fame, popular in social

The Tibetan Mastiffs are not only regarded as holy animals but also as blessings in health and safeguards for the owners.

High-class society or elite class wealthy people think of these breeds as status symbols to show off their wealth.

To say more specifically, Tibetan Mastiffs have gained popularity among super-rich people, the fact is if anyone has a Tibetan Mastiff is considered as exuberant

As an illustration, Tibetan Mastiffs are so aristocratic that Queen Victoria, King George IV, Ghengis Khan own the classic breed.

It is known that Ghengis Khan took 30,000 Tibetan Mastiffs with his army when he went to conquer Western Europe. 

Therefore, the breeds are related to high-class society and owned by royalty which makes them so expensive.

Single Shedding

Single Shedding

Tibetan Mastiffs generally have only one shedding every year.

Once a year these breeds shed their undercoat and start to generate a new one.

This single shedding process counteracts availability in the world which makes these breeds so rare and costly in the world.

Furthermore, the shedding process is also comparatively expensive than other wild animals loosening processes. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is so special about the Tibetan Mastiffs?

What is so special, confuse, thinking, getting idea

There are many specialties in Tibetan Mastiffs that make them so unique and extravagant in the world.

Attractive appearance and strong body shape with “Lion’s blood” make these intelligent breeds so special.

Moreover, as I cited earlier, Tibetan Mastiffs are valiant, friendly, strong, large, self-reliant, gentle, and trustworthy guard dogs.

These exorcisms make them so special and costly in the world.

How expensive is it to own a Tibetan Mastiff?

most expensive

Tibetan Mastiffs are regarded as the most expensive dog breeds in the world.

Aside from the ridiculous buying prices, these breeds take a high budget in maintaining such as in supplying and transforming, foods and training, licenses and medical expenses, grooming costs, and other additional expenses.

A Tibetan Mastiff puppy cost around $1,800 to $4,500 with an average of nearly $2,500.

Hence, the total costs in 10-12years of a lifetime of a Tibetan Mastiff are around $19,440 to $50,330 with an average of nearly $32,485 over the years.

What is the average price of a Tibetan Mastiff?

average price, cost list, money

Tibetan Mastiffs are not cheap breeds at all.

The prices of these expensive breeds can be different according to genetic differences, quality, and location.

As I mentioned earlier, a Tibetan Mastiff puppy costs an average of $2,500 to $3,000.

The prices can differ with varieties and qualities but it would not be less than $1,000.

How long do Tibetan Mastiffs live?

often need, calendar, time & date

It is a tougher question to ask about the lifespan of Tibetan Mastiffs because it depends on many facts.

It can be different according to size, breed, health condition, and genetic differences.

However, Tibetan Mastiffs generally live from 10 to 14 years.

In other words, with proper training, grooming, and healthcare its lifespan ranges between 12-15 years.

How much do Mastiffs cost per year?

Cost-Per-Touch Strategy

Mastiffs are the most costly breeds in the world.

One should think about its high maintenance costs over the years before buying such expensive breeds.

With some additional costs in 1st year it will be nearly $6,235 and after that around $2,625 per year. 

What to know before getting a Tibetan Mastiff? 

what are the reson you need it

Though Tibetan Mastiffs don’t have too many genetic or health problems one must look out for some common issues like thyroid, ear, and skin conditions before getting a Tibetan Mastiff.

Another thing that should be kept in mind is that these breeds don’t shed as much as other double-coated-furry breeds.

The most important thing is, these intelligent and gigantic breeds are not suitable for even a large apartment because of their huge size.

Where can I buy a Tibetan Mastiff puppy?

Where made

We can buy a Tibetan Mastiff puppy from our local breeders and organizations who are registered with delivering standard quality breeds.

It will be an easy way to adopt a Tibetan Mastiff puppy from a specialized online platform for selling and buying breeds like American Kennel Club, DAV Pet Lovers, Adopt-a-Pet.com. 

How to save money on Tibetan Mastiffs? 

save money

Tibetan Mastiffs need all kinds of expenses on health care, foods, licenses, and training.

But we can save some money by grooming our Tibetan Mastiffs ourselves.

We also can save some money on toys by using plastic bottles, rings, and cardboard boxes as toys for our breeds instead of buying expensive toys.

What is the highest price for a Tibetan Mastiff? 

How much do cost per year, expense

According to a report in the Chinese newspaper Qianjiang Evening News, in 2014, a golden-haired Tibetan Mastiff puppy was sold at a pet fair for around 12 million yuan which is nearly 2 million USD.

Before that, in 2011 the breed was sold for $1.5 million which was the highest range at that time.

But in 2014 it has been overtaken and which is the highest price for a Tibetan Mastiff at present. 

Is the Tibetan Mastiff the most expensive dog?

Why is powerful

Surely, the Tibetan Mastiff is one the most expensive dogs of all dog breeds because of its special loyalty, locality, popularity, and rareness.

Also, it is one of the biggest dog breeds in the world. 

Why are Tibetan Mastiffs rare?


As I mentioned earlier, Tibetan Mastiffs are so rare because of their slow shedding process.

Tibetan Mastiffs are the oldest dog breeds in the world, are related to particular areas and that is the fact that makes these breeds so rare in the world.

Ultimate ideas

Ultimate ideas, hitting idea

Actually, Tibetan Mastiffs are exceptional dog breeds in the world with their massive physical appearance and supreme characteristics.

With so many qualities as guard dogs, they are symbols of the high social status of upper-class wealthy people and Kings or Queens of the royal society.

If anyone thinks to be the owner of this vast breed he or she needs a handsome budget to maintain such huge costs for this breed.

Though at once this breed was related to particular provinces, later its popularity spread all over the world and became one of the most expensive dog breeds in the world.

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