Why are UGGs so expensive? (Top 7 Reasons)

Established in 1978 in America’s California by Australian surfers Brian Smith and Jensen, UGG was previously an Australian brand. It has been improving its global market since the 2000s. Now it is one of the predominant streetwear brands in the world.
Although UGG produces several kinds of products like sandals, winter coats, socks, handbags, and gloves, it is mainly well-known for its magnificent boots.
why are uggs so _expensive
As a fashion lover and elegant person, you might have wished to wear its boots. So many celebrities including Kate Moss, Britney Spears, Kate Hudson, Jennifer Aniston, and Sarah Jessica Parker wear the boots of UGG. Thus, the brand has attracted its customers tremendously.
But it is sad to say that the price of UGGs is much more expensive and exorbitant. The boots are so outrageous that many people can not think of buying them despite having acute propensity.
In this article, I’m going to discuss some fundamental reasons as well as some other topics related to UGG.

Why are UGGs so expensive?

why are uggs so expensive
Why are UGGs so expensive? To answer this question, we must look at some notable factors. As UGG is one of the prominent brands of the world, its boots are so desirable and at the zenith of popularity because of their distinctive characteristics.
So, let’s find out some crucial reasons for which UGGs are so expensive.

Using Double-faced Sheepskin

Double-faced Sheepskin
The principal reason for being so expensive is that UGGs are made from sheepskin, double-faced sheepskin. The boots contain sheepskin leather on the outside and a layer of fleece on the inside. The fleece keeps the feet warm and fervent.
The sheepskin is domestically collected from the US as well as from Ireland, England, Spain, and Australia. Thus, UGG boot manufacturers inform that their boots are expensive because of their double-faced leathers.

They are Hand-crafted

hand crafted
Made from double-faced sheepskin, the UGG boots take intensive human labor. They are truly hand-crafted. Going through several hand-made processes, UGGs boots are produced and become so unique.
The sheepskin needs to be preserved in a massive tank of 15000 liters of saltwater for nearly 10 days or more. Then, to remove the dirt and extra salt from the wool and pelt, it is rinsed in cold water for 16 hours.
Next is the fleshing process that allows the removal of excess fat and tissue.
After that, the skins are washed for 45 minutes in warm water, and then they are pickled for more than 16 hours.
This process reduces the internal PH of sheepskin that makes easy penetration of the skin.
Thereafter, the skins are tanned that need another 16 hours to be completed. With a mixture of proper temperaments, collagen, and salt, the skins should be stabilized to prevent putrefaction.
The next step is wool dyeing that takes 3 to 4 hours. Eventually, the skins are dried and cleaned within 2 days to remove the remaining fat and grease.
After accomplishing all of these tasks, the next process is called suntanning. Therefore, the skins go through some other processes including finishing, staking, combing, ironing, and clipping. Remind that all of the processes are hand-made.
Thus, these multiple steps in manufacturing UGGs are much more complicated, laborious, and lengthy. The makers must be careful, diligent, and ready to spend a long time, and have patience.
Hence, when they are ready to bring out in the market, their price becomes highly outrageous to meet the cost of extreme labor and craftiness.

Outstanding Quality

Outstanding Quality of UGG
The outstanding quality of UGGs is another notable reason that matters in the superfluous price of the boots.
As you have already known that the boots are made from double-faced sheepskin as well as being hand-crafted, they are very standard in terms of quality. It is unmatched due to authentic characteristics.
The supreme quality is also maintained in the sole of UGGs. Since the sole is made of synthetic elements, the boots maintain the exact shape and appearance. Thus, they are truly outstanding.
Hence, because of excellent quality, the UGGs are durable and can be worn for years after years.
Even, you can pass them down to any other man on account of their good condition. For the impressive and unique quality, the UGGs are costly indeed.


Popularity of UGG
It is undoubtedly true that UGG has worldwide popularity because of its genuine products. On account of various reasons, the boots of UGG are highly sought-after and almost everybody wishes to have a pair of these boots.
Commonly, it is seen that some popular designs of UGG are sold out within a few minutes.
Specifically, the popularity is noticed among the teenagers of the world. As teenagers are mindful of new trends and the latest fads, they love UGG. That is why they are luxurious and precious.


Nowadays, fashion is predominantly considered by people among all other things. Fashion-forward people are well aware of new trends and fashion with the advent of modern society.
UGG is recognized as the epitome of fashion for the boots that make it one of the leading brands in the world.
Therefore, it is normal to think that fashionists love wearing UGG boots. In this term, UGG is successful in fascinating people with their excellent pairs of boots of fashionable design.
They hold the reputation and thus this specialty has increased the price eminently.


Versatility of ugg
Versatility is another cause that is responsible for the superfluous price of UGGs. The boots of UGG are regarded as unisex. All of the boots are made in such a way that they can be worn by both men and women.
Although some of the boots carry a feminine or masculine appearance, the company doesn’t differentiate between one or the other. Thus, these boots are versatile for everyone.
Another fact is that the boots can be worn in every season whether it is cold, or wet, or warm.
What is more remarkable is that they are perfect in every situation and look better. Thus, UGGs are pricey regarding this convenience.


Comfort of ugg
Wearing shoes for hours after hours or all day long may be tedious, painful, and miserable.
But the UGG boots are so comfortable and pleasurable that you can wear them all day long. As they are made from skins, they provide a soft feel and keep the inside warm.
For this reason, walking a long way will not be uncomfortable if you do it wearing UGGs. And they are perfect in the cold season also by protecting from snow or any other type of moisture.
Therefore, their remarkable comfort makes them so desirable and popular that the price is raised.

What are the most expensive Uggs?

The most expensive UGG is decorated with Swarovski crystals that are worth $15,000 making it one of the most luxurious pairs of boots in the world.
Unveiled at the Flagship store in The Rocks, these UGG boots are specially embellished with the ‘East/West Opulence.’ They also feature beads, studs, and gems.
Another amazing matter is that these iconic boots took almost ten whole months to be designed and produced. The crystals are hand-crafted that makes the boots aesthetically beautiful.

What’s so special about ugg boots?

Using double-faced sheepskin is the special quality of UGG boots. I have already mentioned this point elaborately.
In brief, the boots have complete leather on the outside of the body. And the inside consists of a layer of fleece that keeps the inside comfortable at every season.
When the weather is frigid and rough, the inside remains cold, and when the weather is cold outside, the inside is warm.
Hence, because of this special feature of UGG boots, they are exceptionally unique, widely popular, and most desirable among fashion lovers.

Do Expensive UGGs Make Any difference?

Expensive things are better than cheap ones. Consequently, expensive UGGs make a difference with the cheap and other boots.
Expensive boots come with amazing features including durable materials, unique artwork, fashionable design, and pleasant comfort.
Therefore, they are familiar and desirable to customers. On the other hand, cheap ones lack these peculiarities and are thus temporary, conventional, and unpopular.

How much does a pair of uggs cost?

As UGGs are very expensive, their price varies from one to another. The average price of men’s boots ranges from $130 to $200.
The cost of a baby’s boots starts from $100 to $140. Some of the common pairs of babies may start from $50.
Then, the boots of men adorned with fancy fleece cuffs demand between $200 and $230 whereas the motorcycle-inspired looks range from $200 to $300.
On the other hand, women’s boots appear at about $120. However, if you wish to buy a pair of men’s and women’s UGGs, be ready for spending a minimum cost of $120 to $300, and $100 for children.

Are there cheaper alternatives to UGGs?

Yes, there are so many alternatives to UGGs if they seem to be expensive and unaffordable. You can buy and use these alternatives. Some of them are-
1. Bearpaw Emma Short Snow Boot
2. Dream Pairs Fur Lining Boots
3. Tundra Boots Women Whitney
4. Kemi Footwear Emily Triplet Toggle Boot
5. OZALIA Australia Mid Calf Winter Boots
6. Dawgs Faux Shearling Vegan Boots

How To Tell Real vs Fake UGGs?

Because of the popularity of UGG, various rogues imitate their boots and design them in such a way that looks like real UGGs.
However, you must be careful while buying UGG boots and you can find out and differentiate the real and fake UGGs.
Thus, before purchasing, check the security features of the boots and where they are made. Remember that UGG boots that are labeled “Made in China” and “Made in Vietnam” are the real UGGs.
Then, check the quality of the boots whether they are made from sheepskin or not. Notice the synthetic sole of boots. Look at their packaging and size.
Most importantly, be careful of the store from where you are buying UGGs. The brand has some authorized retailers and flagship stores, along with websites in Nordstrom, Zappos, DSW, and Amazon.
Be known that most of the discounted offers on UGGs on eBay are fake.

Some popular UGGs that are worth Money

Among the various pairs of UGG boots, there are three pairs described for you that are worth the money.
They come with certain qualities that make them unique and special. However, these boots are illustrated briefly.
This classic boot is a wonderful creation of UGG. It is made in China and the prime element of the Boot is sheepskin. The sole is made of rubber.
Tread lite by UGG, there is an overlock stitch painting on seams. Besides, twin-face sheepskin, suede, and nylon binding have made the boot strong and durable.
It prevents moisture and stains. Moreover, the leather heel label comes with an embossed UGG logo. In terms of size, it is available in different sizes.
Another excellent pair of boots is UGG Women’s W Neumel Fashion Boot. Its fabric is made of leather.
And the sole is made of Ethylene Vinyl Acetate. Thus, it is fantastic and long-lasting.
UGG Women’s W Neumel Fashion Boot also features 17mm UGG pure wool linings, soft suede upper along with an adjustable lace-up.
Besides, the outsole comes from tread lite by UGG that is a blown rubber with materials that offer additional cushion, stability, and traction.
The last one is Women’s Classic Tall II Boot. It is also made from sheepskin along with synthetic soles. The outsole is tread lite by UGG.
These boots are ideal for surfers as they keep warm after early-morning sessions. Besides, they are versatile and usable on different occasions.
The boots come with two new features including the pretreated covering for stain-and-water resistance and a compact sole to minimize cushioning, durability, and friction. They are also available in various colors and sizes.
Frequently Asked Questions:

Is UGG a luxury brand?

There is no doubt that UGG is a luxurious brand of the world with its multiple series of boots and high-fashion partnerships.
It has gained worldwide superiority by several pairs of outstanding boots coming with new and refined features.
People around the world are covetous of wearing UGG. But the price is somewhat exorbitant and beyond the touch of some people.
The boots come with high-end quality and they are fashionable. On account of the superb collection and amazing look, the boots are so aesthetic.
Final Thoughts:
In the long run, UGG is a well-known brand in the world that has achieved a great reputation because of its extraordinary boots collection.
This luxurious brand brings out several pairs of boots ensuring versatility, durability, and viability.
Accordingly, people love to wear them. But, the price is almost extravagant regarding various factors.
Their unique hand-craftiness, rare materials, worldwide popularity, amazing quality, and pleasurable comfort are the main reasons behind the high price.
Henceforth, if you are a fashion lover and uncompromising in quality, you can rely upon the brand without any questions.
UGG is truly outstanding, unique, exceptional, and incomparable in terms of integrity.
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