Why Are Snap-on Tools So Expensive? (Top 5 Reasons)

Among the leading brands of American as well as the world’s hand tools, Snap-on is one of them having a noteworthy contribution in this sector. Manufacturing world-class pieces of equipment, Snap-on tools are most powerful, stiff, and versatile. They last for a long time when they are looked after carefully.
But, it is disappointing to many customers that the price of the tools is much more superfluous. It is somewhat incredible too. But why are they so expensive? In this article, I’m going to find out some of the predominant reasons that raise the price of Snap-on tools. Besides, there are some other affordable alternatives discussed for you so that you can choose the best one according to your needs.

What is Snap-On?

why are snap-on tools so expensive
A leading brand of America, Snap-on was founded in 1920 in Wisconsin. Previously known as the Snap-On Wrench Company, it was initiated by Joseph Johnson and William Seidemann. They brought out a set of 10 interchangeable sockets.
Thus, their innovation was to produce a fewer number of tools capable of doing multiple projects. Because of their policy of creating customizable parts, ‘5 do the work of 50’ became their slogan.
Since post-World War two, the company began to develop widely. Different compartments were produced and started to gain popularity. Consequently, it has obtained several awards and acquisitions.
Now, Snap-on is one of the most reputed manufacturers in the world. It produces high-end tools and equipment for professional use in the transportation industry including aviation, railroads, marine, and the automotive.

Why Are Snap-on Tools So Expensive?

why are snap-on tools so_expensive
The frequent upswing of the price of Snap-on tools and toolboxes depends on some major factors. They are discussed below.

Amazing Features

Snap-on tools are replete with amazing features that make them outstanding and thus expensive. The company has turned its ordinary tools and toolboxes into an upgraded and modern device with excellent features. You will get everything in the box that you want.
The first updated feature of the Snap-on toolboxes is LED lights that enable you to work in a dusk area. Because of the lights, your work area is brightened and it helps you engage in work.
Besides, the new Snap-on tool boxes come with a charging port to provide power security to your electronic devices. The tools including drill batteries, and computer workstation can be charged to last for time for work.
The design of Snap-on toolboxes is just extraordinary. Due to the use of stainless steel, you can keep your workstation neat and clean. Another common but useful one, the toolboxes include wheels to make them portable to anywhere.
Thus, these amazing features have a great influence on the high price of the Snap-on toolboxes.

High-end Quality

As you are spending a huge sum of money on buying expensive toolboxes, you must get accurate devices with authenticity. And the boxes fulfill this property. Every penny spent is replaced without any questions.
Snap-on toolboxes come not only with creative and new features but their quality is also very praiseworthy. Their top-notch quality makes them more convenient, beneficial, and conducive. Their system is customizable and promising.

Engineering Cost

The toolboxes of Snap-on take thousands of dollars that are even more pricey than the average price of toolboxes. Since they are expensive and come with unique quality and sleek design, they are made exceptionally and carefully.
A lot of research, investigation, and development are taken to complete the manufacturing job of the toolboxes. The makers take a long time to design and manufacture the tools and other compartments. Consequently, they are wonderfully well-engineered. They fit in every configuration due to their customizable features.
To fulfill the demands and maintain management costs, it needs a large sum of money. Thus, engineering costs regarding designing, producing, managing effects greatly make Snap-on tool boxes highly luxurious and extravagant. As a result of the engineering cost, the retail price becomes high.

Brand Value

Brand value is one of the prominent reasons for which the price is ridiculously outrageous. The brand stands for a renowned one among the big companies of the world. It has been gaining reputation day by day and its popularity is also increasing more than previous years. The sincerity of the holding place pushes the brand to manufacture exclusive devices.
Therefore, the price is a little bit higher as you are going to own a leading brand’s toolboxes. The brand name itself increases the price tag of anything. Thus, pay a huge amount of money to get quality tools of a reputed brand.


I’ve said already that Snap-on toolboxes are made with top-notch quality. The materials used in them are potential and versatile. Their mechanisms are wonderfully planned. Hence, they can even last forever if they are conditioned properly. They are safe for everyday use.
Besides, Snap-on tool boxes deliver a warranty to uphold durability. If anything goes wrong, you can repair or replace it when you need it. Therefore, the viability of the boxes raises the price tag tremendously.

What is the most expensive Snap-On Tool?

The most expensive Snap-on Toolbox is 144″ 26 Drawer Five Bank EPIQ Series Top Roll Cab. The price tag of this box is ridiculously expensive, outrageous, and unbelievable. It goes for around $30,000.
This box includes a Power Drawer with five outlets, two USB ports, and a spacious room to access tools and provide convenience. It also has swivel lock mag wheels, InPulse drawer action, cab drawer system, heavy load capacity, a bed liner, etc. These impressive features are efficient, prolific, and durable.

Are Snap-on tools so overpriced?

Are Snap-on tools so overpriced?
As the price of Snap-on tools is so expensive, some consider it positively for their unique quality, brand value, and exclusiveness, and some think they are overpriced indeed. Thus, it is a complicated matter talking about whether the price is over or not. Surely, Snap-on tools are outstanding with their innovative features. High-quality ingredients are used in manufacturing the compartments that ensure supremacy. Hence, the price might be somewhat outrageous.

Are snap-on tools worth the money?

The same answer can also be given in this question. Snap-on has a great reputation worldwide. Having a leading brand value, it produces exclusive tools providing different accessibility. Considering versatile usefulness, first-rate quality, and survivability, the tools are worth the money although the price is too much.

Do Snap On Tool Boxes hold value?

Do Snap On Tool Boxes hold value?
According to many users of Snap-on tool boxes, some boxes are somewhat exquisite in contrast to their efficiency. Thus, the value of tools depends mostly on several factors including their condition, size, usefulness, functionality, stability, and so on. It should also be considered that recent boxes are mostly exclusive, innovative, and fantastic with new features. Therefore, they hold their value.

What are some advantages of owning Expensive Snap-on tools?

There are so many advantages of owning expensive Snap-on tools. The first and foremost facility is that they are completely efficient in different workstations. Besides, they are handier than most other tools of the other companies. Then, they are customizable and easily movable according to your needs. They are manufactured with excellent ingredients that uphold their value and increase their durability. For these reasons, Snap-on tools are much more desirable.

Snap-On Tool Box Alternatives: More Affordable Models

Although Snap-On tool boxes seem to be expensive for some, many affordable alternatives for the customers can be a pretty option indeed. Amongst many toolboxes from the other brands, there are five of them described briefly. These toolboxes also come with so many facilities and are suitable for any professionals. Let’s mention these alternative toolboxes.

DNA MOTORING 7-Drawer Chest Rolling Tool Cart Cabinet (TOOLS-00001)

DNA MOTORING 7-Drawer Chest Rolling Tool Cart Cabinet (TOOLS-00001)
Manufactured by DNA MOTORING, Heavy Duty Lockable Slide Tool 7-Drawer Chest Rolling Tool Cart Cabinet is the first one included in my list. With powder coated ensuring safety from rust and scratching, it is made from ABS Plastic and Alloy Steel that provides durability.
It has 7 drawers that are spacious, adjustable, lockable, and easily movable. The wheels come with a swivel. The design and color combination is just excellent. Overall, it is completely a fantastic tool box desirable for any customer.
With Adjustable Shelf Inside and Lockable Doors, the Tankstorm rolling toolbox is another wonderful option for professional use. High-end materials make the box promising, durable, and sturdy. With 2 small boxes at the top, it has a big cabinet beneath the boxes that is spacious and capable of delivering sufficient storage.
Moreover, the locking mechanism system is offered for security. Having a caster and brake, the cart is easily and smoothly transferable from one place to another. You can try this one indisputably.
Then, URREA Job Box is the next one ranking the third position. Along with powder coat finish, this heavy-duty construction box is made of a 16 gauge steel frame and is one of the toughest and strongest boxes ever.
The box comes with a potential security system with advanced locking, and it also has weather protection. Besides, due to its affordable size, it is easily portable at any place appropriate for every job site.
Another box of TANKSTORM, this heavy-duty rolling toolbox is made of high-quality cold-rolled steel. It is resistant to any kind of chemical and scratch. Thus, it is strong, sturdy, and durable.
It contains 7 particular drawers providing enough capacity and all of them are lockable, maintaining safety. Swivel casters and brakes deliver easy transportation.
The last one is an outcome of HuskyTools, a familiar company in this industry. And it is the most spacious one on the list having a huge capacity with 23 drawers. Made from 18-Gauge steel, it is very substantial and sturdy.
For the full-length power strip, the box includes 8 outlets, 2 USB ports, 3 light modes, magnetic LED work light, a recessed folding hook, etc. Besides, there is a lock system ensuring security. Hence, this rolling cabinet set is an excellent creation of Huskytools.
Frequently Asked Question:

What brand is comparable to Snap-on?

In America, Mac Tools is comparable to Snap-on with its big share in the professional mechanical market. The brand manufactures a line of tools and related equipment including screwdrivers, ratchets, wrenches, assorted air tools, and so on. Using high-end substances, the quality of the compartments is quite exceptional.
Established in 1938, Mac Tools’ headquarters is situated in Westerville, Ohio, United States. Since it has achieved a prominent reputation widely.

Is Snap-on better than Craftsman’s tools?

Snap-on and Craftsman are both dominant brands in the hand tools sector. While comparing these, Snap-on is much better for manufacturing more integral compartments than Craftsman. Snap-on tools are made of excellent materials that affirm high-end quality, durability, and strength. On the other hand, Craftsman produces tools of lighter workloads. The tools are affordable and appropriate for ordinary use.
Final Thought:
Well enough! These are the facts. The brand, Snap-on has a major share in the world’s mechanic tools sector and it has remained as one of the best companies with a lot of hand tools. Thus, it can be a good choice for any professional. But nowadays, the price of Snap-on tools and toolboxes is so high on account of several reasons such as brilliant features, superb quality, incredible durability, manufacturing cost, and so on. Therefore, it seems to be unaffordable for someone. Nonetheless, they are always proficient and confirm every convenience.
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