Why Are Braces So Expensive? (Top 7 Reasons)

There is a saying that
one nice smile can conquer the world at a time!
A poll conducted on about 1000 people both men and women, tried to explore the value of smiles in different aspects of life.
Why are Braces so expensive
94% of those literally confessed they are more likely to observe a person’s smile rather than eyes, height, or figure during their first meeting.
Though popular opinion is that a beautiful smile comes from within, no one can deny, having some nice straighter appearance of teeth makes one’s smile certainly much more attractive, soothing.
Severely crooked, uneven teeth aren’t just an aesthetic barrier, it might affect one’s dental health as there are more places for germs and bacteria to take hold increasing the risk of cavities, gum diseases, etc.
For these kinds of teeth, braces are the best scientific creations to correct the shape and give the teeth a healthy, pleasing look.
Treatments related to dentistry are barely cheap and take huge patience as well.

Why Are Braces So Expensive?

It might seem unbelievable why a simple set of braces can cost as much as a thousand dollars but if you dig deeper, you can find valid reasons behind it. We are going to delve into some facts here-
1. Expertise Instrument
2. Uniqueness
3. Intricate Parts
4. Colors
5. Slow and gradual process
6. Comfort
7. Geographical differences

Expertise instrument:

Braces instrument
To begin with, we are talking about something that’s super-specialized in its making procedure.
Products that can be mass-produced are more likely to be cheaper as the maker can attain economies of scale.
But braces are nowhere near in this respect as they are always custom-styled, which depends on the patient’s jaw structure and his particular problems.
As every dental appliance requires an individual’s dental features to take into consideration while making such a device, mass production becomes next to impossible, hence the high price of braces.


Braces Uniqueness
Braces have their uniqueness in design, elements, quality, etc. 4 main types of braces are quite popular and common –
Metal braces
Ceramic braces
Speed braces
These braces’ price varies due to their making procedures. Metal ones are more visible and the cheapest.
But with them on your teeth, you might need to deal with a compromised smile as the metal braces are more likely to ruin your dental look.
Then comes the ceramic braces that try to resolve the artistic barrier caused by metal ones. Especially children who wear metal braces, get bullied a lot.
Ceramic braces are less noticeable and hidden compared to the metal ones and take a shorter length of time to strengthen the teeth.
The camouflaging trait of ceramic braces makes them much more expensive than metal braces.
Speed or self-ligating braces are known to move teeth in a fast, efficient manner which takes a longer period in the case of metal and ceramic braces.
They are about 30 percent smaller than the previously mentioned ones and give a quicker, effective treatment to boot while saving time.
Their springs are designed in a way that heightens light forces in shifting teeth, allows mouth gums and other soft tissues to remain in a painless, bare minimum irritative situation.
Speed braces take a maximum of 6 to 8 months to accomplish their job which is the prime reason for their higher price.
Not to mention even then, ceramic braces ironically cost more than speed braces.
Next comes Invisalign, the most expensive braces. As per their name, they adjust and align your teeth while remaining concealed.
They’re such plastic aligners that someone needs to have a careful inspection to even notice in the first place that you’re wearing these barely visible dental kits.
However, Invisalign might be perfect for outward looks, but it’s less effective than the metal braces when it comes to resolving severe malocclusion.
Despite its high price, Invisalign is mostly used for light correction of dental problems and is not available for children because of its sensitivity. Also, it takes more than a year to get a proper result from Invisalign.
Retainers can be regarded as the lighter version of braces that helps in preserving the shape of teeth, that braces have already formulated to a certain degree.
So, it’s kind of the last stage of your orthodontics treatment that starts with putting on braces. There are fixed and removable retainers depending on the patients’ necessity.

Intricate Parts:

Intricate Parts
Braces have their sophisticated, complex making procedures. The brackets and cords that are used in shaping braces are more tricky than they may seem at a first glance.
Moreover, stirring teeth that depend on the adequate amount of force from the adopted device takes time.
The details help the related orthodontist in deciding the time and place of moving the braces as moving teeth at the wrong place can seriously impair the teeth.
On top of that, the hardware used in braces isn’t sufficient enough during the treatment. Additional supplies are needed to assist the patient, adding up to the total cost.


Braces Colors
Braces can be of gold, dark blue, orange, green, violet, or custom-made colors. Darker colors make the teeth appear shinier.
Light blue, bronze, purple, or pinks suit more on a lighter skin tone.
But adults who are more used to getting into formal situations, prefer a more subdued palette.
Some like to match their brace colors with their eye colors. Amusing and entertaining color combinations of braces are popular among young people for festivals and celebrations.
In total, colors have a huge to-do with braces’ price, and the prettier the color the costlier it gets.

Slow and gradual process:

Slow and gradual process
Braces can be needed to wear for 1 to 3 years as some situations are complex and extreme and each individual’s treatment plan is custom made.
How the particular patient is cooperating, offers a significant role in the time spent in braces.
Braces strengthen and even the teeth while rubber bands work is to mend the bite.
Patients who utilize the rubber bands as per their doctor’s instructions, quicken the whole procedure.
While the treatment is ongoing, patients need to visit their orthodontist at least once every 2 months, at times more in case they need supplementary devices, and further adjustments.
This is another reason why employing braces is pretty expensive.


The initial uneasiness accompanying the braces takes around a week to be normal though it won’t feel the same as before.
While traditional metal braces are smaller, work faster, and are more comfortable, they can be quite visible and less attractive compared to the others.
Depending on the convenience, the price of braces may vary too as they are always made as per the patients’ facial and dental structure and choice.

Geographical differences

Geographical difference
The cost of braces varies from region to region as well. In some places, traditional braces are affordable within $2,000 whereas in other regions you might have to double the amount though the service would almost be the same more or less.
Besides, professionals who are rather experts in devising braces aren’t available everywhere.
It’s one of the major facts why braces’ prices seem to vary from place to place.
All these including upper-quality dental appliances are remarkably responsible for the high investment in braces.
Frequently Asked Questions:

Which type of braces is more expensive?

Lingural Braces
Lingual braces are a particular type of invisible braces mostly used by adults and the most expensive kind of braces.
They are fixed to the back or lingual side of your teeth in place of the front side, closer to your tongue.
The wires, cords, brackets, flexible straps are all ascended on the back of your teeth which can’t be seen until you open your mouth wide.
Moreover, they are said to cause the lowest level of pain across the first month of treatment so affluent people seem to favor lingual braces.

Are braces worth the money?

Are braces worth the money
People start lacking self-esteem and confidence when their uneven teeth give an untoward look.
Although braces can be very expensive, they provide a long-term result that overrides the price.
Actually soon they might become one of the finest investments you have made for the betterment of your oral health.
As braces help to shape and keep the teeth in proper form, with that, gradually comes the perfect smile of your dreams.
Braces also play a big part in preventing gum disease, tooth decay, cavities, erosion, etc as well as other dental injury and jaw strain.
So, even though they’re expensive, they are worth the money, given their numerous benefits.

What is a good price for braces?

What is a good price for braces
It is pretty difficult to know the exact cost of braces before being tested by an experienced dentist as every individual is divergent.
The cost of braces can be distinguished in their quality, durability, comfort, and other important aspects like pre-treatment exams, x-rays, and imaging, emergency care, adjustments, etc which have a lot to do with the price range.
Traditional metal braces are quite common and popular because of their speedy recovery procedure.
Therefore, the standard price or total cost for metal braces is around $4,000 to $6,000 for adults depending on the severity of the case, precise diagnosis, region, where you are going to be treated.
Bottom Line:
To sum up, wearing braces of any kind will demand some modifications in anyone’s lifestyle at first like having soft foods, learning to clean them in the right way, etc.
Even then braces are essential dental elements for individuals who are dealing with certain oral problems that might create an impediment in their speaking and communicating with others.
Although braces are specified for oral health, they help to improve your mental health too by offering a confident smile and cosmetic enhancement that eventually boosts up your self-esteem.
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