Why Are Some Fishing Gears So Expensive? (11 Questions Answered)

Avid anglers will agree that fishing is a costly ordeal.

When you start fishing as a beginner, you need to have some essential fishing things. 

You may have to spend heavily to buy quality items.

Although there are cheaper options, their quality is poor.

It might cost you more money during repairs.

For effective fishing, you need to have high-quality fishing items that are costly.

So be ready to spend a fortune because quality comes at premium prices. 

We will discuss some 11 fishing things in detail to understand why they are expensive.

Why are fishing lures so expensive?

fishing lures

 Most people think the difference between cheap and expensive fishing lures is small.

Expensive lures are made using high-quality materials.

So they are robust, durable, and have guaranteed longevity.

They don’t break easily, so you won’t have to keep replacing them.

Costly lures are also rust-resistant, unlike the cheap ones.

They have better finish weighting, tuning, and balance.

Also, they help you catch more and better fish, so they give you a better chance to catch fish.

If you are an avid angler, you will see no problem purchasing a high-end lure that will last the test of time.

High-end lures are the best if you have little time to spend.

You might end spending almost $117 on a high-quality lure.

A high-quality item comes at a premium price.

Why are fishing boats so expensive?

fishing boats

Most people assume that fishing boats are cheap until they decide to get one.

Well, fishing boats are expensive for various reasons found in them.

These reasons include

  1. Innovate designs
  2. Modern technology
  3. Quality building materials
  4. Labor costs incurred during the building process of the boat
  5. Brand name or popularity
  6. High demand

Also, the boat is handmade, so it takes a lot of time to create one, which contributes to the premium prices.

Also, the number of boat specialists or mechanics is limited.

So they take it as an advantage to hiking the prices.

Why are fishing charters so expensive?

fishing charters

Charter fishing is prevalent among avid anglers.

A boat owner rents his boat to people to fish in water bodies for a day or the agreed period.

A fishing charter is expensive.

You have to maintain your boat, high fuel prices, and complimentary food served on board.

Also, demand is another factor that contributes to the premium prices.

There are seasons where they are fully booked, so you will have to pay more money if you want a chance.

Also, the brand popularity of the charter boat increases its prices.

If it is from a reputable brand, expect the price to be high.

Why are aluminum fishing boats so expensive?

aluminum fishing boats

You may have to break a bank for you to buy an aluminum fishing boat.

These boats get manufactured, unlike other boats, which are handmade.

Also, materials like aluminum used in making the boats are pretty costly.

Aluminum material needs a specialist in welding and bending techniques.

It ensures that the finishings give a shinny hull surface to the boat. 

Also, the brand value and premium quality materials used affect the premium prices.

Also, you will need an expert who will fix the machinery spaces and piping attached to the aluminum hull.

They should be of a compatible material to avoid electrolytic corrosion.

When all these factors are considered, they influence the ultimate price of the boats.

Why are fishing rods so expensive?

fishing rods

The price of the fishing rods depends on various factors: the building materials, attachments, construction rights, and the brand popularity of the manufacturer. 

Manufacturers make expensive fishing rods with premium quality and durable materials.

Also, the brand value and demands influence the price of the rods.

There are a few factors that affect the cost of fishing rods.

The materials used

materials used

The type of materials used also contributes to the ultimate price.

Most fishing rods are made using carbon fiber.

It is expensive, but it makes the fishing rod durable and long-lasting.

How it is made

The rod’s construction patent and other attachments also play a role in the premium prices.

Before the rod is released to the market, there is a lot of trial and error involved and reconstructions.

It ensures that it works effectively.


High demand

The market demand also contributes to the high prices.

If the manufacturers notice the fishing rods are in high demand, they increase the prices.

Brand name

Designer brand

The popularity of the manufacturing brand also makes the price tags high.

A famous brand will put its prices high to maintain the customers’ view.

Why are fishing licenses so expensive?


Fishing is a seller’s market.

So governments increase the prices of fishing licenses to limit the ability of outsiders to get into the market.

It is also a way of limiting the number of anglers.

You can imagine what would happen if everyone ventures into fishing.

Any government will always give residents of preferential treatment when paying licenses.

They will pay less than the non-residents.

Also, expensive licenses curb poachers, and natural resources are protected.

It is for the benefit of its citizen who pays hefty taxes.

Another factor that makes fishing licenses costly is the fishing department needs revenue.

They have salaries to pay and also other work within their jurisdiction.

They do promote recreation, educate, and protect fish which need funding.

Why are fishing reels so expensive?

fishing reels

Some anglers can use any reel as long as their purpose is met.

But an expensive reel is worth it and incomparable to a cheaper one. 

A costly fishing reel will:

  1. Cast better
  2. It will be much smoother.
  3. Have a reliable drag system
  4. Balance better with your rod.

It will also make your fishing easier and enjoyable.

High-end fishing reels are lighter in weight, so they are a better option if you plan to do long hours of sporting.

Also, they have high-end dragging systems, so it helps the hooks from ripping off the fish mouth.

Again, they help you prey on larger fish slowly without breaking the line.

Costly reels are easier to lean on.

So they give you a good concentration without wondering if your equipment is faulty.

Why are fishing kayaks so expensive?

fishing kayaks

Fishing kayaks are expensive because of various reasons.

The reasons include hull designs, electric motor drives, pedals, and quality materials.

Competition and innovation also drive the prices of fishing kayaks high.

Kayaks manufacturers always work hard to improve the experience of anglers’ experience.

Also, they try to be innovative to bring out more new and better designs.

When there is competition between kayak manufacturers, it results in more advanced kayaks. 

When competition and innovation are in a company, the overall cost increases, so the costs will be passed to the consumers.

Why are fly fishing nets so expensive?

fly fishing nets

High-quality fly-fishing nets are pretty costly.

Fly fishing handles and hooks are made using fiberglass and carbon fiber materials.

They are light in weight, strong impact-resistant, and durable.

An expensive fly net is very light, and you can use it single-handled no matter how large it is.

For example, a brand like a nomad fly-fishing net is costly.

But if you accidentally drop it while fishing, it will float, so you don’t have to worry. 

A good fly-fishing net will make your fishing experience enjoyable and easy.

You will go home satisfied and with more fish in your basket. 

Why are fly-fishing rods so expensive?

fly fishing rods

Fly fishing rods are made using different materials.

You may find rods made from either bamboo fiberglass, carbon filter, or graphite.

So, fishing rods made using graphite and carbon filter will be expensive.

It is because their materials are of high quality.

Also, they are durable, long-lasting, and strong, unlike others made from bamboo.

Although there are still cheaper fly rods in the market, a decent high-quality rod will cost you over $1000.

Also, if you are a professional angler, you may have to spend about $5000 to get a rod that will match your needs.

Why are used fishing boats so expensive? 

used fishing boats

The demand for used fishing boats is high, and the supply is low.

So the sellers take advantage and increase prices.

Also, the owners take good care of them, so there are minimal damages, and hence their resale value is high.

Also, the material used in making the boat plays a big role when determining the ultimate price of the boat.

A boat built using aluminum or graphite material is durable and long-lasting.

So it keeps its value.

Fishing boat motor and mechanical parts don’t wear out easily.

Although but they can experience minor changes like scratches.

So when you get a boat that has been well-taken care of boat will still be sold at a price almost of that of a new one.


As we get to the bottom line of this long article, it is easy to understand why some fishing things are pretty costly. 

 It is because of the quality of their materials, brand, technology, and durability.

Most people always think that fishing gears are cheap until they buy them.

Avid anglers who understand the importance of quality fishing things go for high-end.

Also, they have no problem with the premium prices.

They are even willing to pay more to get the best. 

If you want your fishing to be smooth and enjoyable, it is advisable to go for premium fishing things.

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