Top 11 Most Expensive Fishing Lures (With Pictures)

If you love to fish, you know well how pricey fishing lures are.
Apart from the cheap fishing lures, some precious fishing lures around the globe are highly expensive.
They are extremely coveted for their impressive distinctions.
Giant Haskell Minnow
They are very rare because some of them have passed more than a hundred years.
As you are eager to buy a fishing lure, you have your choice whether you choose a cheap one or an expensive one.
Whatever, expensive ones come with high-end features that are noteworthy.
But it is another aspect to point out that these fishing lures included in my list are not usable now.
Instead, they are precious pieces of ancient jewels and are widely desirable among collectors.
Hence, here is a shortlist of the top 11 expensive fishing lures on the planet. They are given below.

Most Expensive Fishing Lures

Manifold Deniro Yugo Frame 550 – $1,150
Miller’s Reversible Minnow – $6,200
Creek Chub Plunker Special – $8,000
Comstock Flying Hellgrammite – $10,000
Hosmer Mechanical Frog – $13,000
Hedden Dowagiac Expert – $17,600
Shakespeare Muskellunge Minnow – $23,100
Musky Charmer Minnow – $25,000
Chautauqua Minnow – $37,400
American Wooden Minnow – $42,500
Giant Haskell Minnow – $101,200
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Now, it’s time to provide some fundamental pieces of information about these enlisted fishing lures in detail.
So, go on with amusement.

Manifold Deniro Yugo Frame 550

Price: $1,150
Manifold Deniro Yugo Frame 550
The least expensive fishing lure on my list is the Manifold Deniro Yugo Frame 550, which is a Japanese lure.
It is a massive one with 23 inches long and 43 ounces weight.
This fishing lure comes with a leather exterior that is hand-stitched and the manufacturing is very labor-intensive.
It is very effective in fishing.
However, in terms of price, it takes nearly $1,150

Miller’s Reversible Minnow

Price: $6,200
Miller s Reversible Minnow
One of the most fascinating fishing lures, Miller’s Reversible Minnow is regarded as a holy grail for its unique properties.
It is even one of the oldest fishing lures enlisted here.
Made in 1916 by W H Miller, it is a more than hundred years old fishing lure.
Because of is an antique thing, it has tremendous significance.
With a combination of golden and yellow colors, it looks simply impressive.
On account of its distinctive features, it was sold at auction for $6,200 in 2006.

Creek Chub Plunker Special

Price: $8,000
Creek Chub Plunker Special 
Creek Chub is a leading Bait company popular for some of the most outstanding fishing lures in the world.
This company produces and supplies distinctive lures in terms of special orders.
Consequently, Creek Chub Plunker is a special fishing lure.
The lure is one of the rarest ones that comes with a matching box. The outlook of the baits is captivating.
In this respect, the price is also highly exorbitant.
In 2019 at auction, this special fishing lure was sold for more than $8,000.

Comstock Flying Hellgrammite

Price: $10,000
Comstock Flying Hellgrammite 
Then, another ancient fishing lure on the list is the Comstock Flying Hellgrammite, one of the coolest and finest baits.
The Comstock Flying Hellgrammite fishing lure was produced in 1883 by H. Comstock.
Think how antique this one is! It is extremely rare and coveted for its scarcity.
For its grand value, it is considered one of the most important lures in the American fishing tackle.
The body of the lure is wooden-made.
For this reason, it is even recognized by many people to be the first wooden-made bait in the world.
Considering its alluring appearance and amazing features, its price has fluctuated over time.
Hence, its recent sale has gone for around $10,000.

Hosmer Mechanical Frog

Price: $13,000
Hosmer Mechanical Frog 
Hosmer Mechanical Frog lure is a collectible fishing lure for its excellent beauty and a different outlook.
This old-aged fishing lure was made in 1936 with the shape of a frog.
At that time, this one gained wide popularity for its attractive condition.
This frog lure has a combination of yellow and hand-painted spots on the body.
Now, it is regarded as one of the rarest fishing lures in the world.
In this respect, one of these lures was sold at more than $13,000 in 2007 at auction.

Hedden Dowagiac Expert

Price: $17,600
Hedden Dowagiac Expert 
This unique fishing lure was invented by James Heddon, a beekeeper, and newspaperman.
He named this lure after Dowagiac, Michigan, where he worked.
A limited amount of this lure was produced at that time.
And among them, now only a few are in existence. As a result, they have become so desirable among collectors.
Eventually, the price has been increased considering their demand and value.
Therefore, one of the Heddon Dowagiac Expert fishing lures was sold at Lang’s Auction for a whopping $17,600.

Shakespeare Muskellunge Minnow

Price: $23,100
Shakespeare Muskellunge Minnow 
The originator of this lure was William Shakespeare.
What is in your mind?
Don’t be surprised at the name and don’t think it is William Shakespeare, the greatest English dramatist of all time!
It is another William Shakespeare, a son of a banker and one of the prominent lure makers of America during the 1900s.
However, this fishing lure comes with three treble hooks and a propeller.
It has an incredible value since it is one of the earliest wooden baits of America.
Regarding its distinctive conditions, it was estimated at more than $23,000 at auction.

Musky Charmer Minnow

Price: $25,000
Musky Charmer Minnow 
The Charmer Minnow Company is widely renowned for peculiar fishing lures.
It has brought out several outstanding baits over time that are highly coveted and collectibles.
Following the reputation, this one, Musky Charmer Minnow, is one of the amazing creations of the brand.
Only a few copies of these fishing lures are now available in the world.
Thus, it is the rarest lure among the charmers of the company.
Hence, this Musky Charmer Minnow is highly valuable for its great importance and landmarks.
It was sold for nearly $25,000 at auction.

Chautauqua Minnow

Price: $37,400
Chautauqua Minnow 
The third most expensive fishing lure on my list is the Chautauqua Minnow.
It is another fishing lure that is hundred years old.
Made in 1908 by Smith and Krantz of New York, it failed to obtain satisfactory recognition when it first appeared.
The reason behind its low demand was the ineffectiveness and mere success in catching fish.
As a result, its production was cut down to avoid loss.
That is why it has now become so rare to find and a precious object for collectors.
However, if you can collect a Chautauqua Minnow, think yourself lucky enough.
This historical lure was sold at auction for a whopping $37,400.

American Wooden Minnow

Price: $42,500
American Wooden Minnow 
Then, the second one is the wooden minnow which is considered as the predecessor of the wooden underwater lures in American history by most of the critics.
Whatever, it is true that it is one of the earliest fishing lures made in the late phase of the 19th century.
It was auctioned in 2006 for its wonderful properties.
At the auction, it was sold for more than $42,500.
According to auctioneers, it was the single most historic wooden minnow that had come to auction so far.
It was found in the tackle box of the Twin Lakes area of Ohio state but historians did not find the manufacturing trace of the lure. Nevertheless, it is now very precious to find.

Giant Haskell Minnow

Price: $101,200
Giant Haskell Minnow 
And finally, the last one, the most expensive fishing lure in the world is the Giant Haskell Minnow.
It is probably the oldest fishing minnow in the world.
Produced in the 1850s, Haskell Minnow was designed by Riley Haskell.
This one is historic and one of the most valuable fishing lures for its particular distinctions.
Although it is said that there are a few Haskell lures in the hands of private collectors, only one is actually here that has surfaced.
Therefore, it is indisputably the rarest one to find or collect. As a result, collectors are eager to pay a huge amount of money to grab this magnificent fishing lure.
When it was brought to auction in 2003, it was sold for a recording amount of money of more than $101,000.
Thus, it has become the most expensive fishing lure ever sold at an auction.
Frequently Asked Questions:

Why Are Fishing Lures So Expensive?

You should keep in mind that most of the expensive fishing lures in my list are antique and only for collections.
People purchased them out of their hobby. They are not for ordinary fishing. But they are highly expensive because of their antique value.
They bear the sign of history and culture. They are difficult to find and thus, extremely rare.
On the other hand, modern fishing lures are expensive due to their high-end quality, top-notch materials, excellent balance, durability, style, and sizes.
Different brands are renowned for producing outstanding fishing lures.
The price of today’s fishing lures can range from $10 to $10,000 depending on different features.

Are Expensive Fishing Lures Worth Money?

As I said earlier, some expensive fishing lures are ancient and they are collectibles.
So, these collectible fishing lures are not worth the money if you want to use them or expect any output.
Rather, they are worth them in the context of collective items that you will buy out of your hobby.
The rarest one you purchase, the most precious one you have in your collection.
However, when you buy expensive fishing lures to catch fish, they are worth the money because they will be durable, stylish, and effective in fishing.

Cheap Lures Vs Expensive Lures – Which Should You Buy?

It is seen that anglers are in hesitation when buying fishing lures in the question of preferring the suitable one for them.
They become confused whether they buy any cheap fishing lure or expensive.
But honestly speaking, cheap lures are sometimes better than expensive lures.
Although they are cheap, they are worth the money in terms of providing desired output.
If you buy them, on the one hand, you can save money, on the other hand, you will get a perfect lure for happy fishing.

How Do I Know If My Fishing Lures Are Valuable?

If you have any antique fishing lures, you should know whether they are valuable or not.
To find out the value of your fishing lure, at first, notice if there is any sign of brands like Heddon, Pflueger, or Creek Chub Bait Co. Then, most of the good fishing lures are made of wood and have glass eyes.
Thus, be sure about the materials from which the lure is made of.
Final Thoughts:
In conclusion, we have found 11 of the most expensive fishing lures in the world.
Most of them are hundred years old, and they are a sign of antiquity.
These lavish fishing lures are now considered the most precious and desirable collectibles for collectors who buy ancient things out of their hobby.
As a result, their value is worthy to remark in the context of demand.
Besides these ancient fishing lures, there are also modern fishing lures that are effective in catching fish successfully.
However, the article hopefully has succeeded to provide you with some spanking pieces of antique gems.
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