Why Are Office Chairs So Expensive? (Top 7 Reasons)

If you are going to buy an office chair, you will be astonished that some of them are incredibly expensive.

While cheap chairs cost between $50 to $100, some will cost more than $1000 on occasion.

Hence, you will definitely face a lot of problems while purchasing a new one at an affordable price. 

So, why are they very expensive? Basically, ergonomics office chairs are built with brilliant features that last a long period and provide the supremest work experience.

The unique quality of office chairs on account of high-end materials along with different adjustments, splendid design, superior comfort, huge demand, etc makes them completely lavish. 

However, if you are here to get the reasons that make office chairs so expensive, just go through the article. 

Why are office chairs so expensive? 

Since office chairs are highly expensive, there are some principal reasons behind this.

Therefore, I’m going to elucidate some of them that are fundamentally responsible.

So, here you are. 

Ergonomics: Research and Development

Ergonomics office chair

To start the narration, it is ergonomics backed by years of research and development that is responsible for making office chairs outrageously extravagant.

Because ergonomics office chairs never come cheap. 

Ergonomics is a part of science making things to suit people.

These chairs come with more advanced features that make them outstanding.

The most common elements of an ergonomics chair are mesh fabric.

It provides sufficient comfort and breathability and allows airflow to decrease the body temperature during a warmer environment. 

The progress of ergonomics is gradually improving.

Most of the industries allocate millions of dollars in this sector for improvement.

Thus, several years of research are required to develop the functionality of the chairs. 

For instance, the Steelcase leap chair took more than four years of research for development that involved 11 academic studies and consumed $35 million of the company to get the market. 

Likewise, Herman Miller Aeron also took a lot of research and study spending millions of dollars in the R&D phase.

The company emphasizes the innovative qualities of the chair. 

Apart from these, workstations and manufacturers have taken so many new steps in the ergonomics sector that will be helpful for users. 

Hence, every industry concerning making office chairs has to demand a lavish price tag to back up the huge amount of expenses in the research and development phase. 

Manufacturing Quality

Manufacturing Quality, building, creating, development

The manufacturing quality of office chairs is truly brilliant.

That is also another significant factor driving up the price ridiculously.

Everyone wants a quality product irrespective of their budget. 

The three essential elements of an office chair are steel, plastics, and foam.

Steel is a principal component used to make the frame of the chair.

Plastics are used in covering springs and coils to give them safety.

Besides, foam is a remarkable element that makes the chair soft and gives a lenient feel. 

Besides these materials, there are so many exclusive materials used in the manufacturing of office chairs to ensure praiseworthy quality.

These materials cover fabric, metal, leather, aluminum, wood, etc.

Some office chairs are built with metal giving them a professional look with extraordinary quality.

Then, office chairs made with leather are a wonderful addition of ergonomic benefits.

Besides, wood-made office chairs are also widely reputed for their excellent features. 

However, whatever materials are added to the production of the office chairs push them to be excessively pricey. 

Adjustments and Customizing Options

office chair Adjustments and Customizing Options

Most ergonomic office chairs are blessed with adjustable features in their design of mechanisms.

These excellent features allow the user to adjust the position of a chair according to needs depending on body, work types, and stability. 

One of the most necessary features is lumbar support that eases the neck, spine, and shoulder from being strained.

With customizable height and detachable foam pillows, the lumber supports stoops to the lower part of the back. 

Then, most of the office chairs come with adjustable armrests that can be moved in 12 different directions.

They include 2D, 3D, and 4D and you can choose to depend upon your preference.

Backrest adjustment is another magnificent feature of ergonomics office chairs.

This customizing option includes back support, headrest, and forward tilt-lock. 

The height of the chair is a very important fact to consider because every chair doesn’t fit all.

Consequently, ergonomics office chairs come with a customizable seat height that can be changed according to necessity. 

Moreover, the rotation capability includes a several-star base that enables one to move the chair at every degree. 

Hence, it is perceptible that the chairs with lots of customizable options will definitely be expensive. 

Seat Comfort

Seat Comfort

Comfort is a must-have option for any kind of chair.

Working for long hours at the office is somewhat tedious and painful.

Therefore, you must need an excellent chair that can provide you with the utmost comfort and undisturbed work.

Eventually, high-quality office chairs come with outstanding comfortability.

The seat cushion of the chair is made from high-end and commercial-grade foam that is truly functional.

For example, the Steelcase Series 2 office chair holds a dynamic seat cushion that offers a pretty working experience with much comfort.  

In addition, sufficient adjustments under necessity such as backrest, headrest, armrest, lumbar support, tilt-lock, etc are there to have proper comfort.

Since they are versatile, these features are also beneficial to health. 

Therefore, excellent seat comfort makes the office chair fairly extravagant. 

Durability and Warranty


The quality of ergonomics office chairs is arguably outstanding.

So, buying high-end office chairs means buying a product that can last for several years. 

Using a chair for long hours every day may reduce its durability if the chair is cheap.

But expensive chairs can provide continuous work for hours after hours.

Thus, it is estimated that an ergonomic office chair can last for between 10 and 15 years. 

Ensuring long durability, expensive office chairs offer a certain period of warranty.

Most of the office chairs give almost 10 to 12 years of warranty whereas some may provide a lifetime warranty for repair and replacement. 

So, it should be regarded that office chairs that offer a long-term warranty will come with a lavish price tag. 

Stylish Designs


With the improvement of technology and modernism, people’s taste is also being changed.

There is a different touch in everything that defines elegance.

Furniture is such a thing that indicates how charming people’s aristocracy is. 

Consequently, an office chair is an exclusive thing that should be fashionable and good-looking for a wealthy and classy person.

Therefore, innovative office chairs come with stylish designs and fashion that look captivating.

The aesthetic design of some office chairs attracts more customers. 

However, chairs with innovative design and unique style need a lot of costs to be made precisely.

And it is another reason that drives up the price to be exorbitant. 

Popularity and Demand


A chair is undoubtedly an inevitable object for an office.

Every office needs this furniture to decorate the room.

As industries, factories, multinational companies, and public or private organizations are growing excessively, the demand for chairs is, at the same time, increasing.

On account of worldwide demand, various companies are engaged in manufacturing and marketing office chairs globally.

There are always innovative designs, exclusive features, and a unique look for office chairs.

Consequently, the popularity of office chairs is also noteworthy.

Hence, it is mentionable that worldwide popularity and a great demand for office chairs is a remarkable fact that makes it extravagant. 

How to save money on office chairs?

save money on something

While some office chairs come with an exclusive price, there are also cheap and affordable office chairs that you can purchase.

But it must be remembered that the quality between cheap and expensive office chairs is huge.

However, if you want to buy an expensive chair, there are some steps so that you can save money on them. 

  1. First of all, one must have a plan before buying an expensive chair. Do not hustle when you are going to buy. In accordance with your office space and position, you should buy the proper chair so that the chair doesn’t go wrong. 
  1. Looking for a nearby store is a good method to save money on buying an office chair. When you purchase online, it will set you shipping cost that is additional for you. 
  1. It is better to buy multiple chairs at a time. If you buy several items, you will get a minimum discount from the seller.
  1. Moreover, furniture retailers sometimes give special discounts on their products. So, one can grab the discounts for reducing cost. 

Is it worth spending money on an office chair?

Are worth the higher prices

An expensive office chair is worth it indeed.

Already pointed out what features an office chair comprises.

First of all, an expensive office chair is ergonomics.

It features lots of advanced technologies including adjustable headrest, backrest, footrest, armrests, lumbar support, etc.

All of these features are customizable depending on needs.

It looks aesthetic with innovative designs and fashionable outlines.

What is more, the demand for the office chair is worldwide.

Most importantly, an expensive office chair is durable for a long time, which is a must-need factor for users.

Therefore, an expensive office chair is worth spending a good sum of money on. 

How long do office chairs last?

How long last

Expensive office chairs are relatively powerful because they can last a long time.

Thus, they are durable and versatile.

It is seen that an office chair can last more than 8 years on average.

Some exclusive office chairs can last more than 10-15 years depending on the materials and build quality.

To get a long-lasting chair, one should take care of it regularly.

How much should you spend on an office chair?

spend money, giving cost, costly

Since the price of an office chair differs from one to another considering several facts, one has to think of so many things.

Basically, the price of an expensive office chair starts from $200 and goes up to $1000 on occasion.

Some most expensive chairs can cost more than $1000 also.

Whatever, depending on your budget, you need to spend a handsome amount to buy a high-end office chair.

Generally, spending more than $200 on an office chair is good.

The chairs that range from $200 to $350 ensure high-end quality, remarkable features, and adjustable options.

They can last the long time that you want.

Up to this, the premium price range can go between $350 and $500.

These chairs are more functional and come from renowned brands.

They can also be a good option for those who are ready to spend.

And finally, if you want to buy a popular office chair that is more advanced and innovative, you should spend $500 to $800 to get your desired chairs.  

What to consider before buying office chairs?

consider before buying

There are so many companies in the world manufacturing office chairs in different ranges, different sizes, and overall, different features.

So, one must consider some necessary factors before going to buy an office chair. 

  1. Normally, quality is a great concern of furniture. If you want to buy a high-quality office chair, choose a reputed brand that ensures this feature. This chair is long-lasting and one can use it for several years continuously. 
  1. Remark the height of the chair and buy the one which fits your size. The headrest should be customizable so that your shoulder and head can be tension-free. 
  1. Armrest is a necessary part of an office chair so that you can get proper working experience. So, ensure that your chair has this feature. 
  1. Supporting spine and neck, lumbar support is an essential quality of an office chair. Hence, you should regard this matter carefully before buying a chair. 
  1. If you work for long hours, you should have a good chair that can provide you with much comfort and ease. Therefore, be sure that your office chair has adequate capacity to offer the desired comfort.
  1. If you want a chair with quality, notice the period of the warranty provided by the company. A long-term warranty means you get an item that is capable of delivering durability. 

Alternative office chairs

Best alternatives

Working continuously for hours after hours may cause several health problems.

Thus, one should change sitting position during working.

But office chairs can provide only a certain position.

So, there are some alternatives to office chairs that you can choose. 

  1. Kneeling Chairs: This chair is outstanding in the declining seat that strengthens the core and back muscle along with the tilts the pelvis forward with a 110° body-thigh angle It. 
  1. Saddle Chairs: They help rotate the pelvis for a neutral spine and reduce disc pressure. It is a good option if you have back pain. 
  1. Swopper Stool: In terms of small movements, Swopper Stool is one of the best alternatives to an office chair. 
  1. Balance ball chair: It supports the back of the body and maintains a strong pasture. The ball is moveable if you don’t need it. 
  1. Recliner chair: Recline chair is effective if you have back pain. Moreover, if you feel fatigued after working, you can rest upon it. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Herman Miller so expensive?

Why expensive, how to save money

Herman Miller is a reputed brand for its exclusive chairs.

It manufactures unique chairs with innovative designs and distinctive ergonomics.

Its chairs are embellished with excellent features with a good posture that is convenient to health.

Working for long hours on Herman Miller chairs will not be harmful rather it’s chairs reduce pain.

In order to produce top-notch chairs, it gives much attention to long research and gradually improves the quality of the chairs.

Thus, its chairs are made from high-end materials that provide long-term durability.

What is more, its chairs are given more than 12 years warranty according to condition.

Overall, the brand reputation is another conducive matter for the company.

All of these reasons play a great role in making it highly expensive.

What is the most expensive Herman Miller chair?

what are the reson you need it

Herman Miller has produced a lot of expensive chairs.

But among them, The Embody is, at now, the most expensive one that is a hallmark for the brand.

Harman Miller authority says in the website that this unique chair is designed to solve the lack of physical harmony between people and their technology.

In terms of features, the Embody is truly innovative.

It is embellished with interlocking and flexing support for incredible spine support.

This ergonomic chair has exclusive back support, armrests, pixelated support, etc.

It is so heavy and looks impressive with an extraordinary design.

When it comes to the cost, the Embody is sold at nearly $1430 on Amazon.

But it is accessible on Herman Miller’s website at $1230. 


Closing the passage, it can be said that office chairs are now widely popular because of the growth of the business industry.

As a result, various companies are involved in manufacturing office chairs globally.

In this regard, some are completely extravagant, which is incredible.

On account of high-quality, adjustable features, durable lifespan, and worldwide demand, they are worth the price indeed.

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