Top 12 Most Expensive High Heels In The World (latest)

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High heels are a kind of shoes that is literally higher off the ground as compared to our toe. It is used by the fashion-conscious ladies for making their legs visibly taller & also for looking them attractive. 

There are many types & styles, colors, materials of high heels all over the world. The history of high heels is back to about 1000 years since now. Though wearing a high heel causes to some health problem issues but modern women’s rarely care about that & the demand of high heels are becoming popular day by day.

Fashion lovers ladies always have an inquisitive mind of knowing the most expensive high heels currently running on the market.

Here, the top 12 most expensive high heels in the present world:


Kathryn Wilson’s Pump shoes

Value: $4,00,000/pair

Kathryn Wilson’s Pump shoes

The launcher of this high heel lives in New Zealand named Kathryn Wilson who is also popular for fashion designing has created this awesome high heel actually for auction purpose. Each of the diamond stones is placed by handcrafting. The purpose of creating this shoe was successful for making an auction of $400000.


Diamond Dream Stilettos by Stuart Weitzman

Value: $5,00,000/pair

The launcher Stuart Weitzman used 1500 diamonds by handcrafting each worth 30 karats diamond. This is silver in color & has one simple toe strap on it but the upper portion has an amazing gorgeous looked design which has made this unique one.


Stuart Weitzman ‘Marilyn Monroe’ shoe

Value: $1 million/pair

Stuart Weitzman ‘Marilyn Monroe’ shoe


This gorgeous high heel has a rose-shaped toe strap. The creator of this shoe has launched this high heel by using crystal diamonds. In 2005 at the function of Oscar, Regina king was seen to wear this luxurious shoe.


Stuart Weitzman Retro Rose Pumps

Value: $1 million/pair

Stuart Weitzman Retro Rose Pumps

This one is on the last position of the list having an antique value because it was designed in the 1940s. Like the other shoes, this is also made out of diamonds for its high price. It has possessed an amazing feature of diamond-studded rose of 24-carat gold & 100-carat diamonds which has given it the best stunning look.

Each pair is made of gold leather having 400 diamonds in total entire.


Stuart Weitzman Platinum Guild Stilettos

Value: $1.09 million/pair

Stuart Weitzman Platinum Guild Stilettos

Number 9 ranked high heel has some amazing features on it which have made it unique from the others. It has an amazing ankle strap on it which has removal facility. After removing it, this can be used as a necklace or as a bracelet. It costs $1.09 million because of its 464 Kwiat diamonds.

Diamond stones are professionally stubbed on it & made an amazing perfect luxurious look.

If you are bored of just wearing an expensive high heel then you should go for it as different uses can be made from it from the removal of the ankle strap.


Stuart Weitzman Wizard of OZ Ruby Stilettos high heel

Value: $1.6 million/pair

Stuart Weitzman Wizard of OZ Ruby Stilettos high heel

Red color lover ladies love this luxurious pair of shoe because of its red stain finishing of the coating. This heel is pure platinum-coated that’s why it worth $2 million & possessed the 8th ranking on top position.

This glamorous high heel contains 123 carats 642 rubies. The toe strap has an amazing red look & the leather used on it is pure.


Stuart Weitzman Tanzanite Heels

Value: $2 million

Stuart Weitzman Tanzanite Heels

This 6th ranked masterpiece shoe was launched by two legends named Stuart Weitzman & Eddie LeVian who worked up as a team. It has an amazing silver pure leathered shape.

It is named after Tanzanite because of its rare blue-coloured tanzanite gemstone which is found in Tanzania, Africa. The gorgeous looked toes strap has a combination of 28 carats diamond on it. The heel region has the watermark logo of “Stuart Weitzman” on top.


Stuart Weitzman Cinderella Slippers

Value: $2 million/pair

Stuart Weitzman Cinderella Slippers

Fairy tale lover ladies have a fantasy about Cinderella & her magic shoe. This top 5 ranked shoe has also launched on the base of the fairy tale Cinderella. It costs $2 million because of its full coverage of 55 carats 565 diamonds.

On the fairy tale, we saw that Cinderella had lost her right leg shoe & that’s why they had brought some special features on the right pair of shoe. The special feature is it has a $1 million ranged special Amaretto diamond on it. This diamond is placed on it by the professionals by maintaining caution on the heel leather which is Italian.

In 2004 on the Academic Award function this precious heel was worn by the popular gorgeous singer Alison Krauss.

If you are a Cinderella lover or fan of singer Alison Krauss then this one should be your favorite choice.


Stuart Weitzman Rita Hayworth Heels

Value: $3 million/pair

Stuart Weitzman Rita Hayworth Heels

This gorgeous chocolate colored high heel was named at the inspiration of Hollywood beauty queen Stuart Rita Hayworth at the time of 1940s.

It has a special feather of Hayworth’s old earrings on it. Besides this, it has embedded with diamonds, sapphires & beautiful ruby stones.

This antique pair of shoe is currently possessed by Yasmin Aga Khan who is a princess & also Hayworth’s daughter.


Ruby Slipper launched by Harry Winston

Value:$3 million/pair

Ruby Slipper

3rd ranked position is owned by The Harry Winston Ruby Slippers. It was launched in 1939 in a movie named Wizard of Oz. The main leading role of the movie was seen to worn this pair of the expensive shoe & for this antique reason it was charged for $3millon.

Though it has an antique value & expensive also but many people don’t like it because of not being so good design.

If you have an obsession for antique things then you should definitely go for it.


Debbie Wingham High Heel

Value: $15.1 Million/pair

Debbie Wingham High Heel

This 2nd top-ranked shoe was in the 1st position till 2017 before the company passion diamond launched their one. This shoe is made of 3 carats of rare blue diamonds with it.  The shoe sole & zipper is made out of pure gold.

Expensive accessories are often purchased by the people who don’t want to publish their identity, as same as that. This luxurious pair of shoe is also possessed by an unknown family who lives in the city of aristocracy Dubai.


JADA Dubai & Passion Jewelers Passion Diamond Shoes

Value:$17 million/pair

JADA Dubai & Passion Jewelers Passion Diamond Shoes

 This is the world’s most expensive high heels costs $17 million dollars! As a part of the aristocracy, this high heel was displayed on the Burj Al Arab tower of Dubai. The CEO of this company has made a declaration about this shoe that, they only made diamond-based shoes like this. 

The royalty about this shoe is it is made of full diamonds embedded with 15 carats of flawless smooth diamonds. One single piece of shoe is rounded with 59 small diamonds over it with a net total of 118.

If you are ready to spend $17 million for your shoe then this one should be your 1st choice.


High heels have always possessed the center of attraction for the fashion lover people. Most expensive ones come with extremely valuable stones & gems. These top 10 ranked high heels fill all the demands of style lovers.


What Is The Most Expensive High Heel Brand?


This is the world’s best expensive high heel brand which is actually a family nickname. This brand of shoe is surprising fashion lover ladies since the time of its launching. 


What Is The Most expensive women’s slipper?

Velvet slipper by Dolce & Gabbana: $4995/pair

Velvet slipper by Dolce & Gabbana

This nicely decorated slipper has a metallic embellishment at both in the toe & heel region. If you are looking for a gorgeous look then you should definitely choose this one. 


What Is The Most Expensive Louis Vuitton Shoes?

High boots by Vienna Minimalisa: $4500/pair

High boots by Vienna Minimalisa

The brand Louis Vuitton has launched Vienna Minimalisa which is the most expensive shoe of this brand. It has an amazing look of 4.5inch heel. It was launched in 2005-2006 winter/fall clothing season.

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