10 Most Expensive Suits Ever Worn (With Pictures)


When it comes to gent’s attires, nothing is more magnificent than the suit. And when it comes to status, one thing that a zillionaire can not go without is a classy deluxe suit.

As far as a tycoon’s wardrobe is concerned, the sky seems the limit considering the price tag.

However, we always tend to believe that only girls and women spend big bucks on clothing. But to my surprise, there are suits in the market cost more than luxurious ball gowns. Sometimes, the outfits fetch more than regular cars.

Today, I am sharing with you such kind of the world’s top 10 most expensive suits, looking at what makes them so overpriced.

Here, take a quick view of the suits that I am going to show you:

  • Susanna Triplett Suit In The World Wood Record Challenge cup
  • Sumptuous Vanquish II Suit By Brioni Brand
  • Hand-Stitched Bespoke Suit By Desmond Merrion 
  • K-50 suit by Kiton
  • Rockefeller Vanquish II Suit by Men’s Suits Brand Cavalier               
  • William Westmancott’s Ultimate Bespoke Suit 
  • The Peculiar Zoot Suit 
  • Vanquish II Suit By Dormeuil
  • Most Expensive Custom Suit By Alexander Amosu    
  • The Most Expensive Suit Ever by Stuart Hughes  

Following are the description of the above-mentioned luxury suits:

Susanna Triplett Suit In The World Wood Record Challenge cup

Price: $28,000

Susanna Triplett Suit

You might be wondering how a suit’s name could be World Wood Record Challenge Cup? Right? So did I. How silly we are.

Anyway, while researching I found that it is not a suit’s name. It’s a competition sponsored and hosted by the renowned cashmere brand Loro Piana. The two brothers Luigi and Sergio Loro Piana are the current owners of this brand. 

The goal of this competition is to rear the best sheep for collecting the highest quality wool. Later the wool is used for creating the finest and well-tailored suits for men. 

Each year they call for the famous designers to reach the goal. The best designer is chosen through a voting system. And the selected design is precisely cut into 50 suits that are sold under the Loro Piana brand.

In 2012, an Australian woman named Susanna Triplett won the competition. The wool she produced was only 11.1 microns in diameter. It is worth mentioning that the thinner the wool is, the finer the fabric will be. However, each suit made from her design cost $28,000.



Sumptuous Vanquish II Suit By Brioni Brand


Sumptuous Vanquish II Suit

Brioni is a famous brand that has been making suits for James Bond for years!

The Brioni suit is the brainchild of two famous Italian tailors, Gaetano Savini and Nazareno Fonticoli. Like the Dormeuil and the Cavalier brand, the Brioni brand uses the unique Vanquish II fabric to make this particular suit.

Moreover, it is a rich blend of some of the most expensive suit materials, such as Indian pashmina,  Qiviut, and Vicuna fibers. It is the suit’s white gold stitching that sets it apart.



Hand-Stitched Bespoke Suit By Desmond Merrion 

Price: $47,500

Hand-Stitched Bespoke Suit

Desmond Merrion Supreme Bespoke suit is another creation of a prestigious tailor from Savile Row. The bespoke suit is designed by Desmond Merrion himself. 

It is all a hand-cut and hand-made suit. The floating chest canvas, lapels, collars, linings, and the buttonholes are all hand-stitched. It takes  Merrion MONTHS to make the perfectly crafted suit. Desmond set the price at $47,500.



K-50 suit by Kiton

Price: $50,000

K-50 suit

Kiton is an Italian bespoke clothing company founded by renowned tailor Ciro Paone in the year 1968, at Arzano, in Naples. 

The fashion house is well known for producing high-end suits. Out of all the suits, the  K-50 is the most expensive one that costs approximately $50,000. 

The man behind the suit is Enzo D’Orsi, a renowned tailor of Savile Row in the UK. The luxury suit is completely made out of Merino sheep wool. It takes 45 tailors up to 25 hours to stitch per piece.

The number “50” of the suit represents two meanings. First, it takes the experts 50 hours to customize each suit. And the other is, the company makes only 50 suits each year.



Rockefeller Vanquish II Suit by Men’s Suits Brand Cavalier              

Price: $70,000

Rockefeller Vanquish II Suit

Named after the renowned Cavalier family, Cavalier is one of the most expensive brands of men’s suits in the world.

The luxurious Cavalier Rockefeller Vanquish II is made of rare, expensive, and legendary Vanquish II fabric. The masterpiece comes with a pure silk lining and 4-carat diamond buttons firmly fixed into high-quality African platinum. 

The made-to-measure creation takes over 200 hours of tireless handwork to produce. There are only 5 of these suits available in the world.



William Westmancott’s Ultimate Bespoke Suit 


William Westmancott’s Ultimate Bespoke Suit

It is worth mentioning that the designer behind this suit is a 28 years old man named William Westmancott. William is one of the most expensive bespoke craftsmen of Savile Row in the UK. He is well known for making costumes for billionaires like Michael Jackson,  the Sultan of Oman, and the British royal family members. 

Let’s see what makes this bespoke piece hold the 5th position in our list of the world’s most expensive suits:

First of all, the WILLIAM WESTMANCOTT ULTIMATE BESPOKE suit was initially designed targeting the Middle Eastern and Russian tycoons.  

The suit is made of ultra-lightweight fabric. Moreover, to make this suit’s shape durable, its stitches are formed with horse hair. Unlike any other suit, it comes in 3-or4-piece instead of just 2-piece. 

Westmancott claims that the suit is completely handmade. No machine has been used for the making process. It takes the experts between 150- 200 hours to customize each suit.  The owner says that he is eager to distribute the suit purchasers five bespoke shirts for free.


The Peculiar Zoot Suit 

     Price: $78,000 

The Peculiar Zoot Suit

Produced by the Augusta Auctions, a vintage clothing company owned by Karen Augusta, this funny-looking Zoot Suit is embedded in the World War II era. In the 1930s and ’40s, the style was very much popular among the young buck of African, American, Latino, and Jewish ancestry. It was also famous among those immigrants who frequently visited clubs and dance halls.

However, though this suit was sold for $78,000 at an auction, it wasn’t supposed to be one of the most expensive suits of the world. Then, how much is this most expensive suit in actual? Any guesses?

Well, you will be surprised to know that this suit’s owner Karen Augusta decided to sell it at only $600-$900. But when Karen began to get calls from numerous museums, she thought she would sell the suit for $5,000. It was beyond her thought that the piece would fetch such a high price.

This cream-colored garment is the only suit of its kind to be sold at the 2011 New York auction.



Vanquish II Suit By Dormeuil

    Price: $95,319

The DORMEUIL VANQUISH II SUIT has possessed the 3rd place in our list of the most expensive suits in the world.

Dormeuil is a UK based luxurious fabric supplier, which began its journey almost 170 years earlier, in 1842. Initially, the brand used to import English fabrics to France. It generally provides services to the tycoons like Royal family members, kings, presidents, and celebrities. 

The Dormeuil Vanquish II is the brainchild of the head of Dormeuil named Jules Dormeuil. To create this luxury suit, Dormeuil uses six rare kinds of expensive fabrics, namely the Vanquish II, Royal Qiviut, Kirgzy White, Dorsilk, Ambassador, and the Fifteen Point Eight. Moreover, it is a rich blend of Indian pashmina,  Qiviut, and Vicuna threads.

Dormeuil hired a renowned Indian tailor named Aman Vadhera to stitch the suit, and later launched it in India.

Taking its high-priced rare fabrics into consideration, the owner sets the suit’s value at a staggering $95,319. 


Most Expensive Custom Suit By Alexander Amosu

     Price: $101,860

The majestic suite is designed by Alexander Amosu, who is not only a British/Nigerian designer but also an entrepreneur of luxury products. Amosu is also credited with making hip-hop ringtones, exclusive diamond crusted BlackBerry and the most expensive champagne in the world.

However, to make this unique suit, the designer uses the world’s two most expensive types of wool named Qiviut and rare Vicuna. Moreover, the suit comes with 9 buttons of diamonds and 18 karat gold. It is noted that it took experts almost 80 hours and 5,000 stitches to create the bespoke suit. 

This is the only suit of such kind which was made for an unknown London partygoer in 2009. Amosu delivered the suit to its new owner via an armored van!  



The Most Expensive Suit Ever by Stuart Hughes

Price: $778,290

The Most Expensive Suit Ever by Stuart Hughes

Collaborated with tailor Richard Jewels of Manchester, the renowned Canadian designer Stuart Hughes fashioned this luxury outfit to offer the trendy man an astounding suit ever seen before.

The masterpiece is made of high-quality Cashmere wool as well as silk fabrics; and ornamented with 480 diamonds positioned on the lining of the suit. Each twinkling piece is of 0.5carats, G color, and VS2 quality, as a whole a massive 240cts. There are only 3 such suits. It took 600 men more than 800 hours to complete each of the three suits. 


However, considering the suit’s high priced elements, the owner sets its value at a whopping $778,290 (£599,000.00).




Which brand of suits is the best?


It is tough to name a specific brand. So, here I am providing the top 5 best brands reigning the realm of clothing.

Tom Ford

Thomas Carlyle Ford alias Tom Ford is a renowned fashion designer and filmmaker in the USA. 

Thomas launched his luxury brand “Tom Ford” in 2006. Most of the suits of this brand cost more than $5K. Previously he was the creative director at Yves Saint Laurent and Gucci.

Ermenegildo Zegna

Ermenegildo Zegna launched his clothing house in 1910, in the Northern Italian town of Trivero.  Zegna had a vision of creating the world’s most beautiful fabrics. He used to collect the best quality fibers from their native countries. At present Ermenegildo Zegna is one of the most popular dynamic family businesses in Italy. The suits of Ermenegildo Zegna may vary from $4K to $5K.

Brooks Brothers 

On April 7, 1818, a 45-year-old American clothier named Henry Sands Brooks founded the company. In those days, it was known under the name “H. & D. H. Brooks & Co.” After him, his four sons took over the family business in 1833. Later in 1850, they renamed the company ‘Brooks Brothers’. The brand has its headquarter in Manhattan, New York City. The suits of Brooks Brothers cost approximately $2.5K. 


In 1945 Brioni was established in Rome by famous tailor Nazareno Fonticoli and successful entrepreneur Gaetano Savini. The brand was named after the Italian Brionian Islands. At present, the fashion house is owned by Kering, which is a French holding company. The brand is popular for making bespoke men’s suits. Apart from this, it develops sartorial ready-to-wear collections, leather goods, perfumes, eyewear, and shoes.

 A suit of this company may cost you more than $6K.

Giorgio Armani

This luxury fashion house was established by Italian citizen Giorgio Armani in 1975. Their astonishing modern-looking suits will cost you up to  $3K.


What are expensive suits made of?




Vicuña is a South American camelid. It is a relative of the llama.

A single vicuña only produces a pound of wool a year that costs approximately$1,800 per yard.

The finest wool on earth is warm, light, and, at 12 micrometres in diameter. It is called “the silk of the New World.”

expensive suits made of 2



The Guanaco is another member of the camelid family. An adult Guanaco can produce almost two to three pounds of wool. It is extremely warm, and its weight is very light.

expensive suits made of 4

Qiviuq or Qiviut    

Qiviuq or Qiviut

Qiviuq or qiviut is the inner fur of the muskox. The mammal has two-layered wool, and qiviut is the soft underwool found beneath the longer outer coat. Grown-up muskox can produce from four to seven pounds of qiviut each year.

The rare wool is stronger and warmer than sheep’s fur. Moreover, it is softer than cashmere wool.

suit material

Apart from these, there are many other materials used for making suits, such as Cashmere, Pashmina, and Guanashina.


Are expensive suits worth it?


If you care about getting benefits from wearing an expensive suit, then I will say yes, they are worth it.

As the expensive suits are made of high-quality fabric, there is no doubt that they will last for years and will look better for longer if they are treated well. Moreover, most of the expensive suits are alterable. So, you can alter it as your body changes.

Here is a suggestion for you. If you can afford only one expensive suit then set it apart for special occasions. Because the over wear may end it up looking like a mess.


How much should a decent suit cost?

The price of a suit depends on the quality of materials, style, workmanship, and time invested in creating it. It also depends on what brand you choose. 

However, according to me, if you spent between $500-$1000 you will definitely get a decent suit.

Well, that’s for today. I hope you enjoy reading my article written on the top 10 most expensive suits in the world. It will please me if you find the provided information and FAQ section fruitful.



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