15 Most Expensive Calculators In The World (With Pictures)


Canon numeric keypad calculator X Mark I KRF White

For most of us, calculators have been a part and parcel of our academic life. We all have been using it since our teen period. What we are familiar with are conventional calculators. But friends, did you know that there are much more functions a high tech calculator can do. 

Expensive calculators have multiple other functions and specialised categories. To let you know how much a very high-tech calculator can cost, I have created this list of most expensive calculators in the world in this most expensive hub

These toppest class calculators not only have high functions but also are sometimes, an ambassador of royalty or luxury. So let’s go find out the features of the world’s costliest calculators. But first, let me warn you as you cannot use these calculators in the exam hall!!!

Texas Instruments TI-92 Plus

Value: 210 USD


Texas Instruments TI-92 Plus

With over 500 KB of memory, our no. 15th most expensive calculator is the TI-92 Plus which is equipped with a separate QWERTY keyboard and has 3D graphics. You can store programs, functions and important data in its memory. 

The functions are very smooth and support over 3000 mathematical applications. The upgradable flash technology has a port and cable to transfer and receive data from computers and other devices. 

This calculator is handy for scientific as well as financial applications. 


Casio Fx-cg20 Limited Edition

Value: 249 USD


Casio Fx-cg20 Limited Edition

In the no. 14, we have the limited edition Casio FX- cg 20 which is a graphics calculator. The high-resolution screen can support about 55 graphic colors which can be used to solve numerous problems. The amazing part is that this calculator is programmed to solve more than 2900 scientific and mathematical equations. Moreover, you can save your data and calculations in this device and also transfer them to a computer or other devices. 

The high contrast and resolution screen can show up to 20 digits and is favourable to the users doing complex equations.


Texas Instruments Voyage 200

Value: 279 USD


Texas Instruments Voyage 200

This calculator is an advanced model which has many more options than a conventional calculator. You can say that the Voyage 200 is closer to a computer than a calculator. Why you ask!!

It has its own keyboard and separate number pad like any laptop. For navigation, you have arrow keys and enter/select buttons. This demi computer is programmed to support plotting and you can even do 3-D graphing.

Moreover, you can save your data and equations in its 4 MB memory. You can also use specific software for various purposes thanks to its 256 kb RAM. 


Victor 1460-3

Value: 294 USD


Victor 1460-3

This is a desktop calculator with a 12 digit display. The 3rd generation Victor 1460 uses fluorescent light for display and is made for heavy use. There is a printing pocket so that you can print bills which are programmed.

The 3rd generations are rarely seen these days as they have been replaced by the 4th generations which are cheaper and made from recycled plastics.


Texas Instruments TI-86

Value: 299 USD


Texas Instruments TI-86

This is another high power calculator for complex maths. With its LCD screen and high resolution, you can easily solve various scientific and engineering equations. Moreover, you can also use lower case letters and Greek alphabets in this device. You can smoothly do your important math with its 128kb RAM and 256 KB of ROM.

The calculator was introduced in 1997 and unfortunately, the production stopped in 2004.


HP 19BII Financial Calculator

Value: 299 USD


HP 19BII Financial Calculator

This financial calculator is very useful for its more than 450 programmes. Here, you can not only perform financial processes but also can solve scientific and engineering math problems. 

The calculator is List-based having programmed dual variable statistics and forecasting and is easy to operate. It has four lines of display where each line can take 23 digits. 

Moreover, this device includes a graphing display so that you can perform histograms, curve diagrams, scatter and bar diagrams. 

This high-quality user-friendly calculator first appeared to the public in 1990 by Hewlett Packard.


SUQIAOQIAO New Graphing LED Calculator

Value: 340 USD


SUQIAOQIAO New Graphing LED Calculator

The SUQIAOQIAO has introduced a new graphing calculator which has a high quality LED screen including eight display lines having the capacity to contain 16 characters on each line. 

Being programmed with numerous functions, you can solve mathematical problems of various sectors such as science, trigonometry, calculus, engineering and finance. If you need to save your data, you can do it by transferring them to a computer or other devices through a USB data cable. 

You can also scroll the display to trace your math. Additionally, you can display graph equations and tables on the same screen by splitting the display. 

This user-friendly graphing calculator comes at a price of 340 usd which includes a slide case and a kickstand for display comfort. This fashionable device runs on battery.


Hewlett Packard 41CV calculator

Value: 449 USD


Hewlett Packard 41CV calculator

We have an old lady here friend as I bring you the late 80’s one of the most famous HP 41-CV. Its previous model, 41-C was the first of its kind that gave the ability to display alphanumeric digits which later was upgraded to 41-CV with an enhanced memory capacity that promoted more functions.

The HP 41-CV calculators had numerous functions that far surpassed its time with its flexibility for programming, memory expansion and continuous handling of RPN memory. 

The device can be used to solve mathematical problems for engineering and science and finance also. Later, an upgraded version named CX was addressed by the Hewlett Packard. 


HP 32Sii Scientific Calculator

Value: 700 USD


HP 32Sii Scientific Calculator

This high-quality scientific calculator was introduced by HP in 1991 and is considered one of the best of its time and hench, this takes the number seven in this list of most expensive calculators in the world. 

This calculator can contain 12 digits on its LCD screen and have RPN programming which is an upgraded version of HP 32S including algebra, fractions and a second shift key. It has more than 100 functions for science and engineering with a strong library of programs.

It is equipped with 384 bytes of memory and 26 variable keys. So you can save some of your important calculations in it. You can solve any variable without the need to write your equations again. Great isn’t it?

Unfortunately, Hewlett Packard stopped manufacturing this device after 2002.


Canon numeric keypad calculator X Mark I KRF White

Value: 799 USD


Canon numeric keypad calculator X Mark I KRF White

This cute looking white-colored calculator is manufactured by Canon, a famous electronic company in the world. You will be amazed that this calculator is compatible with Windows® 8 and Mac OS X 10.8. So, you can transfer data or do calculations by connecting it with a computer device.

This device is a solar-powered calculator which has an auto on-off system and has an Integrated USB wireless connectivity facility.


SUQIAOQIAO New 100% Calculator

Value: 919 USD


SUQIAOQIAO New 100% Calculator

This spectacular looking device is more than a calculator. You can not only do Complete general calculation functions but also you can perform financial equations also. The graphics of the large  LED display is awesome for its colorfulness, just like a digital screen. 

It has numeric keypads as well as alphabetic keypads and also the navigation pads with which you can easily perform statistical maths with 1 and 2 variables. Also, you can calculate the three angle modes such as degrees and grads and also the engineering notation modes, 2-D operation, parameter mapping and numerous other functions. 

You can also perform Column Square, scattering cartography, Combination, arrangement etc. 

You can use a battery for power or you can use an external power supply which makes this device comfort carrying and easily replaceable. 

Really, this SUQIAOQIAO scientific calculator is a masterpiece to an engineer. 


Texas Instruments Math Etica Ti 83PLUS

Value: 1,500 USD


Texas Instruments Math etica Ti 83PLUS

This calculator is one of the most powerful calculators in the world which was officially released in 1988. This calculator was equipped with the world’s most powerful software to solve complex mathematical solutions for engineers and scientists. 

The Ti 83PLUS Teacher Kit was the most expensive calculator in the world for a long time with a value of  $1499. This user-friendly calculator can save important data and store calculator software applications thanks to its FLASH ROM memory. 

graphing calculator for math and science that lets students to make graph and compare functions and also do data plotting and comparison. 

This calculator is truly a perfect device for the students of science and also standard for virtually any class. 


Hewlett-Packard 9100

Value: 4,900 USD


Hewlett-Packard 9100

This beautiful device is one of the earliest programmable calculators which was produced in 1968 and was called the desktop calculator. The producer wanted to call it a computer but they realised that it couldn’t compete with IBM. So, they went for the designation, ‘calculator’ which was a good decision although some newspapers reported it as a computer.

This was the first modern scientific calculator in which you could solve a number of different scientific and problems engineering and also can perform computerized algebraic equations. 

The HP 9100A truly surpassed its time and hench, it carries great value. This calculator has a price of $4900 which makes it the costliest real-life calculator in use.

But, due to the ‘Wolfram Mathematica’, a virtual calculator and the ‘Grillet portable Calculator’- an antique, we gave it the 3rd position in this list of the world’s most expensive calculators.


Wolfram Mathematica 9

Value: 6,995 USD


Well, friend, this calculator is not a conventional graspable calculator rather, it is actually a virtual complex computational program. To use this, you have to download the software on your computer and use the calculator on your computer or as a standalone one.

This calculator began its journey in 1988 with the value of 2495 usd. But later, due to the increasing demand and upgrading, the price jumped closed to 7000 usd which makes it the 2nd most expensive calculator in the world.

This virtual computer is the best in case of graphing compared to the other graphic devices. Although this specializes in graphing, you will find some other basic configurations also.


Grillet portable Calculator

Value: 1,55,000 USD



Grillet portable Calculator

Well, friend, things are not always given value just for the configuration, the value sometimes tells how significant and meaning that thing carries. For the world’s costliest calculator, we bring you the 257 years old Grillet portable Calculator. 

This wooden device is the world’s first-ever portable calculator invented in 1763 by Rene Grillet de Roven using the Nepier’s logarithm to perform maths and solves complicated divisions. 

You probably won’t use it for doing maths but, trust me, you want to spend 155k just for its antiquity. But really!! Price doesn’t tell how significant this pocket-sized calculator is as this opened the door to new chances of which we are still benefited. So, wouldn’t you think that the price is justified!!! 

Since the revolution of civilization, calculators have been very important for inventors and businessmen. Today, we use computers for complex tasks but did you know that computers were actually invented by upgrading the calculator’s basic law??

So friend, did you like the list of the most expensive calculators in the world? The probability of you using one of those is very low, probably <1%. But guys, what is the harm in knowing that?