Top 10 Most Expensive Brands In The World ( Latest )

With the beginning of modernity, men are becoming refined and aspiring. They are moving from ordinary life to a luxurious one. Their choices, tastes, fashions, and even lifestyles are changing day by day. Now, most people of all classes are fascinated by luxurious brand accessories.
Brands are the name of supreme quality, wonderful beauty, and miscellaneous design. The classy and luxurious people are always eager to use brand accessories. Even people of the middle and the lower-middle-class also desire to get them clothed in luxurious items. But, most of the time the price and cost of a brand’s accessories remain so expensive that everyone can’t pay for them.
There are so many luxurious brands throughout the world. These brands include the items of clothes, fashion, design, jewelry, sports, sandals, etc.
Here in this article, I’m going to tell you about 10 of the most expensive brands in the world. Some of them are superior to others.
Nonetheless, the list is made according to the demand, quality, and luxuriousness of the brands. So, let’s go through the article to know about a few of them.

Most expensive brands’ list :

10 Armani $3 billion
9 Balenciaga N/A
8 Dior $4.3 billion 
7 Rolex $10 billion
6 Chanel $10 billion
5 Audi $14 billion
4 Hermes $15 billion
3 BMW $20 billion
2 Gucci $20 billion
1 Louis Vuitton $40 billion


Brand value: $3 billion
I’m starting my list with the famous brand Armani, an Italian fashion brand. This brand was founded by Giorgio Armani in 1975. It is a private-owned fashion house of his.
Armani has various collections, including leather goods, watches, cosmetics, shoes, jewelry, and go on. All the items have wonderful quality and adorable design.
Considering the customer’s taste, Armani manufactures its products throughout the world under numerous labels. However, this premium fashion brand upholds its name and fame. Now, it’s worth almost $3 billion and so, it is one of the most luxurious brands in the world.


Brand value: N/A
Founded by Cristóbal Balenciaga in 1917, Balenciaga is now one of the oldest brands in the world. Balenciaga is a Spanish fashion house. But now, this brand is a part of Kering, a French multinational company.
Balenciaga is an aristocratic choice for elegant and stylish consumers. A label’s high-end status and on-trend style have upheld its bold and precious achievement.
Balenciaga has products for both men and women. It is basically familiar with clothing, belts, handbags, and footwear. These products are exquisite and subtle in the question of quality. Thus, it is enlisted in the chart of the most expensive brands.


Brand value: 4.3 billion dollars
Dior is a French-originated company. This iconic brand was founded by Christian Dior in 1946. For the time being, it is becoming a gorgeous and luxurious brand.
Amongst a huge collection of accessories, haute-couture, skin-care items, watches, make-up, jewelry, perfumes, footwear, and leather goods are the famous items of Dior. These items are world-widely admired and desired for their grand quality and pretty design.
Dior serves its customers with 200 outlets throughout the world along with online websites. The worth of Dior is more than 4.3 billion dollars.


Brand value: $10 billion
Another invaluable brand, Rolex is a hundred years old Swiss company brand. Alfred Davis and Hans Wilsdorf founded it in 1905.
Rolex has been providing with varieties collections but most especially it is distinguished for its exclusive watches. The watches designed by Rolex are widely aspired, and thus, ridiculously expensive.
The consumers of Rolex are increasing gradually. The superb quality, flashy design, and more other wonderful characteristics have made the brand more fascinating and commendable.
Now, Rolex is one of the most expensive brands in the world having about $10 billion worth.


Brand value: $10 billion
The next name goes for Chanel, a French brand company that was founded by Coco Chanel in 1909. It is an ideal brand name for women.
Associated with haute couture, Chanel has various luxurious items. It delivers amazing products offering a promising quality, classical design, and polished beauty.
There are so many products of Chanel including clothes, fragrances, handbags, and watches. However, Chanel is the most popular for its Chanel no. 5 perfume and a little black dress.
Chanel has a brand value having almost $10 billion worth in their occupation.


Brand value: $14 billion
Now, the credit goes for Audi which is a luxurious car brand in the world. A German origin company, Audi was inaugurated by August Horch in 1910.
This hundred years old company has established a wide recognition for the valuable cars and vehicles. It is an exemplary manufacturer of extravagant cars. It provides a production facility throughout so many countries of the world.
The price tag of the vehicles of Audi is so expensive and tremendous. Now, having almost $14 billion worth, Audi is one the most luxurious car brands on the earth.


Brand value: $15 billion worth
Hermes comes in the fourth position on my list. This retail industry was emerged in the year 1837 by Thierry Hermes. Its headquarter is located in Paris, France.
Hermes serves multiple accessories. Besides ready-to-wear items, Hermes deals with jewelry, perfumes, leather, watches, home fashions, and more other accessories.
The luxury of Hermes is even out of your imagination. The price tag of a single belt of Hermes can be more than 2000 dollars. Concerning the brand value, Hermes maintains more than $15 billion worth.


Brand value: $20 billion
Another expensive car brand, BMW is the name of the storehouse of exclusive vehicles. Along with Audi, it is another German-based company that started its journey in the year 1916 by Karl Rapp, Josef Popp, and Camillo Castiglioni.
BMW is a manufacturer, producer, supplier, and marketer of luxury vehicles with a strange price tag. You can find a BMW Sedan for starting a price of $41000 which is incredible.
Providing accessible service throughout the world, BMW accelerates its marketing so rapidly. Over time, this old-aged car brand becomes globally more prominent and distinguished.
BMW possesses nearly $20 billion in brand value.


Brand value: $20 billion
The second name goes for Gucci, one of the most outstanding brands in the world.
Gucci has made itself leading out of comparison to others through its innovative design and style. Even, according to some reports, Gucci is the most expensive and luxurious brand in the world.
Though the year 2020 itself is ominous and Gucci also declined its customers for some time, the brand overcomes very successfully.
Gucci has been an Italian brand manufacturing since 1921. Its popularity is universally acknowledged. This brand is preferred by singer Rihanna, Harry Styles, and anyone who has a good sense of fashion and style.
Gucci is mainly familiar for its superior clothes including formal as well as casual. But it also has other items like sneakers, perfumes, lingerie, makeup, and a number of men’s wear.
Gucci is growing so fast as a luxurious industry day by day. It is included in the top list of the brand globally because of its brand valuation. You will never get a single item of Gucci less than $300. Now, Gucci upholds about $20 billion in wealth.

Louis Vuitton

Brand value: $40 billion
Louis Vuitton
Louis Vuitton ranks in the first position on the list of the most expensive brands in the world. This is a recognized, well-estimated, and luxurious name for the brand world.
Louis Vuitton manufactures apparel, footwear, accessories, jewelry, and more other accessories. It provides the customers with several outlets throughout the world. The number is approximately more than 500.
It is a French brand company which was established in the year 1800.
The estimated value of Louis Vuitton is nearly $40 billion, according to a report. Thus, the cost of its products is highly expensive and extravagant that everyone can’t afford. The minimum price for a handbag is $12000 which reveals how expensive an item can be.
Frequently Asked Questions

➤ What are the top ten fashion brands?

There are so many brands in the world, fashion is one of them. From several luxurious fashion brands, here are the top ten of 2020.
3, Adidas
4, Louis Vuitton
5, Cartier
7, H&M
8, Chanel
10, Hermès

➤ What is the most expensive clothing brand?

Louis Vuitton upholds the credit of the most expensive clothing brand in the world. It is a distinctive clothing brand that is outstripping all the records and becoming more exclusive and aristocratic.
Louis Vuitton, a French origin brand, becomes the number one brand in the year 2020, according to the list of Forbes. In this year, the brand reaches $40 billion brand value and, consequently, achieved the credit to be the most exclusive and expensive brand in the world.

➤ What is the number one brand in America?

America, as a supreme country of the world, is also innovative in the brands’ world. American brands are characterized by innovation, variation, and aristocracy. The brand products of America are always at the forefront of the latest trends.
Amongst a huge number of brands, Nike is the most famous and popular American brand. This American origin brand is predominantly popular for its footwear accessories. In the sports world, Nike is the exact name of luxuriousness.
Nike was originated in 1964 by Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight in Oregon. Now, it is a popular brand not only in America but also in the whole world.

➤ What are the best men’s designer brands?

One of the best men’s designer brands is Gucci. It is a well-known and prominent brand in the world. Gucci markets their clothes with the latest design and fashion. All of the products of Gucci are of high quality, innovative design, and grandiose style. Thus, it is an ideal name for men’s designer brands.
Ralph Lauren, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Armani are the other eminent brands for men’s design and fashion. All the brands are stylish, pompous, and ostentatious.
Final Thoughts
As men are becoming fashionable day by day, they are inclined to the brands. Brands maintain the credit of aristocracy. They design, produce, and sell high-end products and accessories. So, the price of the brand products will be reasonably expensive and worthy.
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