12 Most Expensive Balenciaga Shoes (With Pictures)

Established more than a hundred years ago in Spain, Balenciaga is recognized for unleashing boundaries with sculptural shapes and modern designs in its wonderful accessories. Over the years, Balenciaga has strengthened its prestige and secured its position among the luxurious brands of the world. And it has caused major waves in men’s and women’s fashion.
Balenciaga Track 2 Replica Sneakers

Now, the headquarters of Balenciaga is located in Paris. In recent years, it has attracted fashion lovers with several kinds of accessories that offer real artistry and a touch of luxury.

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In particular, the shoes of the brand are much more popular and sought-after among fashion-conscious men. Specifically, the sneakers have redefined the street style and culture and it seems that everyone cherishes an intent to have at least a pair of Balenciaga shoes.

However, amongst the most expensive shoes of Balenciaga, I’m here to illustrate some of them in favor of you. So, we can start now.


Most expensive Balenciaga Shoes at A Glance:

12. Balenciaga Black Speed – $825
11. Balenciaga Triple S – $995
10. Balenciaga Beige & Blue Track 2 – $1,000
9. Balenciaga Khaki Allover Logo Triple S – $1,050
8. Speed 2.0 high-top sneakers – $1,055
7. Balenciaga Runner Sneakers – $1,090
6. Orange Clear Sole Triple S Sneakers – $1,150
5. Blue LED Track Sneakers – $1,150
4. Black Track Hike Sneakers – $1,190
3. Silver Triple S Sneakers – $1,190 – $1,215
2. Balenciaga X-PANDER Sneakers – $1,250 – $1,270
1. Balenciaga Track 2 Replica Sneakers – $5,750

Balenciaga Black Speed

Price: $825
Balenciaga Black Speed
I’m opening my list with Balenciaga Black Speed. No list can be made without mentioning this pair of shoes as the shoes are very fashionable and come with premium quality to attract sneaker lovers.

Balenciaga Black Speed is produced from the Ultra-articulated molded sole unit and the sole is black. These high-top stretch-knit sneakers underline a Memory Sole technology and a Technical 3D knit that ensure satisfactory comfort and make them perfect.

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The price of the Black Speed is reasonably expensive but is not beyond touch. It goes for $825 fairly.


Balenciaga Triple S

Price: $995
Balenciaga Triple S 
The next luxurious sneaker of Balenciaga is the Triple S. The name has made itself very renowned and popular with the use of high-end materials and premium quality. As a result, it is very distinguished among fashionable men.

Balenciaga Triple S Sneakers come in different colors including black, white, blue, grey, silver, etc. Introducing a black pair, it is made of low-top paneled buffed calfskin and lambskin. The lace-up closure of the black Triple S is woven in white and black. There is a rubberized logo at the padded tongue that is embroidered in white color.

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Besides Black Triple S, some other instances of this series are made of faux leather, synthetic, and textile. And all other characteristics are almost the same as the black ones.

Balenciaga Triple S is a pricey pair of shoes of the brand. Spending 995 dollars, you can own these sneakers.

Balenciaga Beige & Blue Track 2

Price: $1,000
Balenciaga Beige & Blue Track 2 
Another obsessional sneaker of Balenciaga is the Beige & Blue Track 2. They are the epitome of dad sneakers of the brand due to their fantastic and stunning look and design.

The most outstanding feature is the use of 176 different pieces in composing the sneakers. They combine nylon, polyurethane, polyester, and mesh with generous rubber. The rubber-made sole is dynamic with an expanded back to push feet forward.

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Moreover, the logo of Balenciaga is adorned in white at the round toe of the shoes. Available in different sizes, they feature a combination of blue, grey, black, black and red, etc.

However, this pair of Track 2 is accessible at $1,000. This hefty price is worth the money in respect of the use of top-notch components and exceptional design.

Balenciaga Khaki Allover Logo Triple S

Price: $1,050
Balenciaga Khaki Allover Logo Triple S 
This is another pair of Triple S. Balenciaga Khaki Allover Logo is designed with an excellent sketch of beauty. The shoe consists of double foam, polyurethane, and mesh instead of leather materials. The logo is rubberized and inlaid in black throughout the outer side of the padded tongue. Besides, the number of sizes is also printed at the edge of the toe.

In particular, tonal sculptural rubber is used in the midsole and tonal treaded rubber in the outsole. There are also 2 laces loops including one functional as well as featuring an athletic lacing system with 12 fabric eyelets.

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Moreover, other features of the sneakers are worth mentioning. These are Grosgrain pull-loop at padded tongue, pull-loop at heel collar, tonal lace-up closure, and padded collar. Along with this individual color, these Allover Logo sneakers are also available in red and black, dark green, light blue, light pink, black, etc.

In terms of price, Khaki Allover Logo Triple S is purchasable at $1,050.


Speed 2.0 high-top sneakers

Price: $1,055
Speed 2.0 high-top sneakers 
One of the most fantastic sneakers of Speed, this pair is made of Technical 3D recycled knit that is flexible and ensures comfortable pull-on. These high-top sneakers are made from 100% fabric that is used in the outer and lining of the texture.

Moreover, Speed 2 high-top shoes also involve a ‘No Memory’ sole technology. Its ultra-articulated molded sole is strengthened by the use of rubber. The color of the sole is white and with this black and white assortment, the sneakers look simply stunning.

 In addition, it is available in different sizes according to your needs. Besides, it also comes in multiple colors including white with a black sole, white and black with the red recycled unit, etc.

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Regarding the blend of remarkable segments, splendid design, and excellent color combination, Balenciaga Speed 2 high-top sneakers demand an extravagant amount of money. It is sold at $1,055.


Balenciaga Runner Sneakers

Price: $1,090
Balenciaga Runner Sneakers 
Only the pair of runner sneakers, this one is brought out in the market in different colors following white, black, dark red, grey and black, etc. All of them are well-off in aesthetic charm and offer a wonderful worn-out effect because of smooth materials.
Balenciaga Runner Sneakers are composed of a combination of polyurethane, polyester mesh, and nylon. They are leather-free.

The logo of Balenciaga is printed at the back of the heel and on the tongue. Besides, the logo of Runner is inlaid on the exterior of the body. Again, the size is embossed at the edge of the toe.

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The price of Balenciaga Runner Sneakers is more expensive and luxurious. This pair goes for $1,090 for its exceptional quality.


Orange Clear Sole Triple S Sneakers

Price: $1,150
Orange Clear Sole Triple S Sneakers 
Another superb creation of Balenciaga, this one is also an offspring of the Triple S series. The use of high materials such as Double foam, mesh, polyester, and polyurethane have elevated the integrity of the sneakers.
Featuring the Clear Sole technology, the shoes involve a 3-layered complex outsole that is made from rubber. The body is designed with a combination of orange and black. Besides this particular one, Triple S Clear Sole also comes in brown color.

The rubber-made logo and grosgrain pull-loop are added at the padded tongue and embossed logo on the backside of the shoes. Besides, the number is printed in black at the round toe.

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Henceforth, the pair features the Athletic lacing system that includes 12 fabric eyelets. A pair of additional laces are provided with the sneakers.

On account of brilliant characteristics, the price is also significant. It claims an amount of $1,150.


Blue LED Track Sneakers

Price: $1,150
Blue LED Track Sneakers 
Blue LED Track Sneaking is also an incredible pair of shoes brought out by Balenciaga. Appeared in different colors like blue, grey and white, it is available in various sizes, indeed.
Produced from Nylon and Low-top layered mesh, LED Track Sneakers are strong and durable. The logo of Balenciaga is embossed at round toe and on the exterior in white, and BB is printed on the front of the outsole. Besides, the logo of Track is embellished at the back of the heel. Moreover, the size number is also printed at the edge of the toe.
The sole is uniquely made of tonal sculptural foam rubber with an integrated LED sole. There is a rubberized button with a logo patch at the heel tab. Plus, the Eyelet detailing is added to the inner side of the sneakers. Hereafter, double laces are knotted in a usual equipment way.
Therefore, Blue LED Track Sneakers are luxurious with a superfluous amount of money. It is also sold for $1,150.

Black Track Hike Sneakers

Price: $1,190
Black Track Hike Sneakers 
Again, another one from the Track series. Black Track Hike Sneakers are gorgeous regarding their looks, design, and quality. They come in black and white color.
Fabricated from the use of nylon, mesh, polyurethane, and polyester, Track Hike Sneakers are outstanding to provide comfortable wear. The sole is completely made of rubber.
The embossed logo of Balenciaga is in white at the padded tongue and outer side. Besides, the number is printed at round toe. At the same time, the Track logo is inlaid at the back of the heel.
There are double laces knotted easily, and the lace-up closure is designed in black with a white border to give excellent exposure. Besides all of these, there are metal eyelets on the inner side of the shoes.
Regarding the ins and outs of the sneakers, it claims an outrageous price tag. The figure is $1,190.

Silver Triple S Sneakers

Price: $1,190 – $1,215
Silver Triple S Sneakers 
These are Silver Triple S sneakers that are the third expensive Balenciaga shoes on my list. They are made from silver metallic double foam and mesh that look simply aesthetic. This pair is so popular and recognized for the signature triple-stacked rubber sole used in the shoes.
The Balenciaga logo is composed on the outer side and embossed at the tongue. Besides, the name of Triple S is rubberized on the tongue. The number of sizes is also encrusted at the round toe. In addition, the lace-up closure is woven in silver-tone and black.
Henceforward, Triple S Silver Sneakers also feature laces loops including 1 functional, Athletic lacing system with 12 fabric eyelets, Bicolor laces, Back pull-on tab, and tongue pull-on tab, etc.
The price of this pair of shoes is $1,190 on Balenciaga’s website. But it is also sold for $1,215 in some other online shops.

Balenciaga X-PANDER Sneakers

Price: $1,250 – $1,270
Balenciaga X-PANDER Sneakers 
One of the most expensive and precious shoes of Balenciaga is the X-Pander Sneakers. And it is the second one that ranks in my list of the most expensive Balenciaga shoes.
In terms of characteristics, this pair is made from nylon and mesh with a mixture of fabrics. The materials also involve a good share of polyurethane and polyester. These sneakers are available in a combination of various colors including yellow, red, grey, blue, silver, white and black.
Along with a suspended heel design, the shoes are deluxe. A sporty B logo is printed at the front and the size number is at the back. Besides, the rubberized logo of Balenciaga is embossed on the tongue as well as in the insole. Further, the X-Pander logo is inlaid on the exterior of the body.
Regarding the first-class quality, the price is also ridiculous. Whereas this pair is purchasable at $1,250 on Balenciaga’s website, its price is also $1,270 in some other online outlets.

Balenciaga Track 2 Replica Sneakers

Price: $5,750
Balenciaga Track 2 Replica Sneakers 
And finally, the most expensive Balenciaga shoes are the Track 2 Replica Sneakers of the brand that has been exposed very recently. The most interesting thing as well as weird is that this pair can not be used or worn, rather it is for the collectors to pick as a hobby.
Only 20 copies of these sneakers have been produced so far. A pair of shoes weighs 2.5 kilos and it is available at European size 41. The prime component of the shoes is the use of brass. Besides, 16 molded pieces are soldered together with the parts that make them heavy. And for this reason, they are uncomfortable to wear on.
Considering the predecessors of these sneakers, they are a replica in sculpture or a bronze representation of the Track 2 series, one of the most successful and celebrated launches of the brand.
The price of these shoes is truly quite expensive and the figure of the amount is just incredible. This pair goes for $5,750.
Final Thoughts:
In a nutshell, here are the most expensive shoes of Balenciaga. If you have gone through the article, you might have noticed that the shoes are truly expensive in contrast to the other brand’s shoes. As a luxurious brand, Balenciaga has gained worldwide fame and reputation. So, the brand cherishes a sense of making their items laudable and demanding a hefty price. Eventually, the shoes are just following the norms of the brand by claiming an expensive price tag.
Frequently Asked Questions:
All the brands of the world are much aware of their market, prestige, and reputation. Besides, people are also careful about purchasing luxury goods and ready to spend high prices to buy from prestigious brands. In this case, every brand brings up its price tag to maintain its fame and offer people a sense of luxury. Therefore, Balenciaga is not an exception. The brand holds an expensive price tag for its shoes as well as other accessories on account of its dignity.
Moreover, Balenciaga has released several iconic shoes so far. All of them are of high quality, have excellent design, impressive color, and a comfortable feeling of wear. They have become one of the most sought-after shoes among fashion lovers. For this reason, the shoes of Balenciaga are expensive, and luxurious as well.

Q2: Are Balenciaga shoes worth the money?

Balenciaga has been recognized as one of the most popular fashion and designer brands on the earth. The shoes of Balenciaga come with top-notch exposure and they are high-priced. The luxurious shoes ensure a satisfactory experience when they are put on. Besides, their colorful design is quite exclusive and attractive. The brand itself also creates a great feel of social status and reputation. So, Balenciaga shoes are, of course, worth the money regarding every detail you get wearing the shoes.

Q3: Is Balenciaga a luxury brand?


Obviously. Balenciaga is one of the luxurious and aristocratic brands on the planet. This French-based Spanish brand has been respected as a home of the nation’s fashion culture since its appearance. And it has been maintaining its reputation and status over time. Every item of the brand is highly expensive and luxurious. From Hollywood celebrities to wealthy people, everyone is a fan of this brand’s goods.

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