Why Is Balenciaga So expensive? (Top 6 Reasons)

Inaugurated by Cristobal Balenciaga in 1937 in Paris, Balenciaga is now a Spanish fashion house together with hundreds of outlets throughout the world.

This fast-growing brand has created a significant induction and changed the stream of fashion waves among fans.

From haute culture to sock sneakers, Balenciaga is a magnificent name of the fashion world of contemporary trends.

If you are a genuine fan of fashion and luxury, Balenciaga is, of course, one of the most top brands that you like and wish to wear.

But there is a big hurdle for the lower class of people with a sense of luxury because Balenciaga is highly expensive and it is ridiculous.

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All items including footwear, clothes, and bags come with an exorbitant price tag that may stun anyone.

It is not only you, but a lot of people also become surprised why Balenciaga is so expensive.

The question of the high cost of Balenciaga may be termed in various features.

Upholding social status and prestige, exclusive luxury, and outstanding quality, Balenciaga has a worldwide reputation and honor.

Backed up by these extraordinary landmarks, Balenciaga indicates how expensive it can be.

However, now it is time to explore the reasons that make Balenciaga quite expensive and to discuss the reasons in detail. 

Why Is Balenciaga So Expensive?

These reasons can be responsible for making Balenciaga expensive and taking it out of the middle and lower class.

Let’s go disclose them.

Social Status and exclusivity

Social Status and exclusivity

Every luxury fashion item carries a specific social status due to its exclusiveness.

Balenciaga is not an exception in this case.

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Indispensably, Balenciaga is a luxurious brand and a leading name in the fashion world.

The products of Balenciaga have earned a worldwide reputation for which its superfluous price is not seemingly incompatible.

Its shoes have become so popular that they have earned a certain kind of respect and social status.

Its other items including clothes, bags, leather goods, and accessories are also in the top position in customer’s demand.

As a result of their higher demand and luxuriousness, they have become uniquely exclusive.

And people with a sense of self-esteem want to get luxurious items that can elevate their social position and high class.

Typically, modern street-wear classics and fashion never come on the cheap.

Instead, the latest and trendy fashion demands a high cost of money.

Therefore, Balenciaga has become one of the dominant brands that are ridiculously expensive. 

Worldwide Popularity

Worldwide Popularity

Over time, Balenciaga has become a prominent industry in the fashion world.

When it brought out the triple S sneaker series known as the Dad sneaker in 2018, it experienced a different type of reaction from people.

Within a short time, the sneakers became a trend among stylists and fashion enthusiasts that everyone had to get them as theirs.

Then, Balenciaga came to the forefront of the classical fashion world.

This incident brought it more popularity although it had been popular since the previous years.

Due to higher demands and people’s yearning for getting them, Balenciaga’s accessories are sometimes difficult to buy.

It is seen that many of its shoes are sold out even before release.

Thus, it is extremely familiar that some of the products are sold even though they are weird and look ugly.

It is a piece of genuine evidence that proves how popular and celebrated Balenciaga is. 

As a result of such incredible popularity, Balenciaga uses the opportunity by increasing the cost and has become an expensive brand. 

Unique Craftsmanship

Unique Craftsmanship

Another prime reason that outlines the high price of Balenciaga.

The craftsmanship of Balenciaga accessories is simply outstanding, unique, and splendid.

Balenciaga produces its items with utmost care and advanced raw materials.

Balenciaga shoes are made from different types of ingredients including mesh, suede, fabrics, silk, wool, leather, rubber, and synthetic materials.

Advanced machinery is used in constructions that involve stitching, turning, cementing, and repeating.

Thus, the quality of its shoes is noteworthy and they become strong and durable. 

When it comes to designing the shoes, Balenciaga has various factories in different countries to bring out the job.

World-class designers and artists are involved with Balenciaga and engaged in making innovative designs and giving the outstanding appearance of the shoes.

Along with the shoes and sneakers, handbags are also designed uniquely with proficient craftsmanship.

With colorful outlooks and creative design, these goods and accessories are in the most top position of demand.

Besides these, branding involved in the construction process is another notable fact that shows the skill of the artists.

Overall, the unique and commendable craftsmanship of Balenciaga has satisfied the customers and ennobled the position among the greatest brands.

That is why it has raised the price of products to justify its class.

Trendy among fashionistas and Celebrities 

Trendy among fashionistas

Balenciaga is loved and worn by famous fashionistas and celebrities who create a hype of a style or fashion, reach it to the people, and build the foundation of making it widely popular.

Showing luxury and aristocracy, they wear the fashion items in several programs, shows, and on occasions.

World-famous celebrities like Bella Hadid, Rihanna, Hailey Baldwin, Lady Gaga, Pharell Williams, Justin Beiber, Caitlyn Jenner, and Shawn Mendes are associated with Balenciaga wearing items on different occasions.

Because of them, those certain items worked as a boost and got quick popularity, and eventually, fans became deeply engrossed to collect them.

Besides, so many celebrities and models are engaged in advertising and promoting Balenciaga by being its ambassador or representatives.

Thus, backed by such high-profile celebrities and their publicity, Balenciaga has rightfully acquired a top position as the fashion and haute culture house.

For this reason, it is an ordinary fact for such a top-ranking fashion icon symbol to draw a superfluous cost.

Target Market

Target Market

Every brand, company, and fashion house has a particular target market to attract customers and capture them.

Taking a certain group of people into consideration, they produce their products and publicize in this way.

In fact, it is a technique to hold the attention of specific customers.

As Balenciaga is a luxurious brand, it intends to take hold of the elite class.

Consequently, it produces impressive items for the high-class people who are conscious of fashion and luxury, not thinking about money.

Thus, it is seen that the cost might sound incredible to common people but elite people are willing to pay extra money without hesitation.

Therefore, it can be understood that Balenciaga has a particular strategy to seize customers.

In particular, people of the elite class, aristocracy, and high profile are in the first consideration of Balenciaga who are ready to spend a lot whatever the amount is.

This setting has increased the price outrageously. 

Satisfactory Comfort

Satisfactory Comfort

And the final cause that is responsible for the extravagant price tag is the unique comfort experienced from wearing shoes, sneakers, or cloth items of Balenciaga.

The comfort is just unquestionable due to the top-notch materials used in the construction.

One can wear the shoes for long hours without painful experience.

The cloth items are suitable for any occasion.

The bags along with other accessories are also preferable in terms of beauty, comfort, and smoothness.

Since the quality of Balenciaga products is incomparable, their satisfactory comfort gives another hype to make the brand unique.

As a result, the price is increased exceedingly to back up the value.

Common Questions About Why Is Balenciaga So Expensive?

Are Balenciaga’s products worth the price?

worth it

When it comes to questions about the price of Balenciaga, it is definitely expensive.

But if you are willing to realize whether it is worth the money or not, you have to remember that Balenciaga is worth it if you are a part of the elite class or a wealthy man.

Price matters prominently in this case.

Thus, its exclusive quality, unique design, social class, high-end materials, and worldwide demands provide proof that Balenciaga is worth it.

What’s so great about Balenciaga?

so great

Balenciaga is a luxury fashion house that gives a sense of high status and exclusivity.

Prestigious people are willing to pay thousands of dollars and tend to wear Balenciaga since it shows aristocracy and traces a sign of luxury.

Thus, this great landmark is a prominent matter that makes Balenciaga exceptional.

Is Balenciaga a good brand?

good brand

Yap, Balenciaga is one of the best fashion houses in the modern world.

With a lot of characteristics, it has become an incomparable brand.

Its items are unusual, gorgeous, prestigious, and comfortable.

World-renowned celebrities, designers, fashionistas are fans of it because of its top-class excellence.

Therefore, Balenciaga is a good brand in a true sense.

Why are Balenciaga sneakers so expensive?

Balenciaga sneakers so expensive

Some Balenciaga sneakers come with more than a thousand dollars.

The first thing to mention is the excellent quality of the sneakers.

These sneakers are designed by renowned fashionistas and manufactured in different countries with advanced technology.

But only the quality can not justify the expensive price tag.

They are also fashionable because people love them and desire to get them at any cost.

Moreover, as the brand bears the sign of luxury, high class, and prestige, it is covetous and sought after despite the high price.

Thus, not only Balenciaga sneakers but also its other accessories are also expensive due to these reasons.

Why is the Balenciaga t-shirt so expensive?

Balenciaga t-shirt so expensive

Said before, Balenciaga is uncompromising in the question of quality.

Besides, it carries a sign of luxury and gives a touch of high profile and dignity.

In particular, its t-shirts come with excellent design and high-end quality.

With the brand logo, the t-shirts make you feel exclusive and exceptional.

That is why Balenciaga t-shirts are so expensive.

Why are Balenciaga hoodies so expensive?

Balenciaga hoodies so expensive

Like other cloth items of men and women, Balenciaga hoodies are also quite expensive.

One of the leading reasons is the use of integral materials.

The hoodies are thick enough and very preferable in winter.

They provide desirable comforts and are really satisfactory.

And other reasons regarding class, luxury, and elegance matter indeed.

Why are Balenciaga clothes so expensive?

alenciaga clothes so expensive

Balenciaga is indisputably supreme for its remarkable fashion and style in cloth items.

Its clothes are unique in terms of quality, branded with a logo, and considered as showing class and dignity.

Hence, every landmark of Balenciaga is responsible for making its clothes very expensive.

Why is a Balenciaga bag expensive?

Balenciaga bag expensive

Besides other items, the Balenciaga bag is another expensive item that comes with exclusive characteristics.

The first thing that makes them expensive is their versatile features suitable for everyone.

They are uniquely colorful and remarkably attractive.

Most of them are light according to their sizes.

The quality is uncompromising and should not be mentioned since ensuring high-end quality is a predominant distinction of Balenciaga.

However, these factors influence the price and make them extravagant. 

How to save money on Balenciaga? 

save money

Even though Balenciaga items are quite expensive, there are so many options for customers by which they can save money.

Balenciaga often offers discounts on certain products.

There are also vouchers, coupons, and other deals from the brand on occasions.

Whenever you see these offers, you can grab them to save money.

Moreover, you can use promotional codes when Balenciaga offers.

The Most expensive Balenciaga shoes

Most expensive Balenciaga shoes

All Balenciaga shoes come with a hefty price tag.

But some of them are truly expensive and the amount is skyscraping.

In general, expensive shoes are purchasable at spending more than a thousand dollars.

The price can be different according to different matters.

However, among the most expensive pairs of Balenciaga shoes, its sculpture copy of the distinguished and iconic Track 2 model is the most expensive pair of shoes with an outrageous price tag of $5,750.

The interesting matter is that they can not be worn, an item only for collectors.

So far 20 pairs of this model have been manufactured.

They are made of brass and 16 pieces welded by hand, and so they are uncomfortable and inappropriate to wear.

They weigh 2.5 kilos and the size is 41. 

Balenciaga alternatives


If you are not willing to spend a lot to buy Balenciaga or do not afford it, you can try other brands that seem to be inexpensive to you.

Thus, the alternatives of Balenciaga are:

  1. Ash Trainers
  2. Adidas Yung 1 
  3. Public Desire
  4. Puma Thunder Rive Trainers
  5. Zaful
  6. Farfetch
  7. Nike

Some reviews of Balenciaga

Some reviews

Since Balenciaga has worldwide popularity, it is in high demand of customers.

Therefore, consumers are delighted with Balenciaga products and they admire them.

At the moment, there are a few reviews of customers about Balenciaga. 

  • This buyer is happy with the customer service of Balenciaga.

  • He is also a fan of Balenciaga for its amazing products.

  • This consumer reveals that Balenciaga is a great and excellent brand.

  • And finally this customer shows disappointment with the service of Balenciaga. 

Why Is Balenciaga So expensive

Why Is Balenciaga So expensive? In the end, Balenciaga has obtained a distinctive place with commendable products loved by people since its appearance.

Over time, it has become better and more popular, especially in the last few years.

Focusing on modern fashion, design, and classical styles, it has marketed luxurious, top-class, and unique products to ravish customers.

Thus, its luxury and aristocracy have attracted renowned celebrities and fashionistas.

All in all, its quality, exclusivity, and authenticity have taken it to one of the highest positions among the fashion houses.

As a result, its price seems to be expensive to general people while its targeted customers never mind it.

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