12 Most Expensive Phone Cases (With Pictures)

The Tower Flower Case
Around the globe, there are numerous expensive mobile phone series. People often have a great fascination with those series. It is tough to get a single guy who does not want to use a luxury phone. While some can afford it, some others can not.
Generally, the comparatively rich people like to grab the best and expensive one around their range. It becomes their best mate. They always pay extra attention when it comes to taking care of their phone.
Therefore, to protect the cell phone from any harm, the first thing that a mobile user chooses is a phone case. It not only saves the phone from being damaged but also makes it more attractive.
There are a lot of case collections in the market. There you will get cases from a very low to a very high range. Today, in this article we are going to focus on the most expensive ones. Without further ado let’s get snooping.
Here are the top 12 expensive phone cases in the world
12. Louis Vuitton Case
11. Gucci Crocodile Case
10. Dolce & Gabbana Case
9. Titanium Bumper Case from Gresso
8. The Tower Flower Case
7. The Case-Mate Case
6. Titanium Case from Brikk
5. Dragon and Spider Case from Anita Mai Tan
4. Lux iPhone X Ingot 250
3. Goldgenie Donald Trump Case
2. Buccellati iPhone case
1. Alexander Amosu

Louis Vuitton Case

Price: $330
Louis Vuitton is one of the most famous and luxurious brands in the world. It is not only famous for its phone cases but also for handbags, shoes, sunglasses, and jewelry items.
Louis Vuitton Case has been serving people around the universe since 1854. Obviously, their phone covers offer a very decent and gorgeous look. And these covers can provide you the premium feeling in hand. There is a logo of Louis Vuitton Case in the case, and it is produced from original leather.
It is a very smooth and slim cover that can protect the whole body of the phone rather than a single side. For the protection of the phone from any sorts of issues or scratches, it has microfiber in it.

Gucci Crocodile Case

Price: $495
Gucci crocodile Phone case
It is tough to find a man who is not familiar with Gucci. Gucci is a very famous brand like Louis brand and is a perfect opponent in the field of the fashion industry. From the Alligator skin, Gucci has been making their expensive covers for so long.
It is an expensive and weather-resistant cover. After covering your phone with Gucci Crocodile Case, you don’t need to be worried about protection. It will keep your phone away from any sorts of scratches.
Sometimes it is said that the Gucci Crocodile Case is more pricey than the iPhone.

Dolce & Gabbana Case

Price: $595
Dolce & Gabbana Case
Dolce & Gabbana iPhone Cases are very similar to Gucci. But their design is totally different from Gucci. Dolce & Gabbana Case provides a golden strap and a walled shape in their cases to carry it comfortably and beautifully.
If you are wondering what makes it that overpriced, then the answer is its silver color alligator skin that is embossed with a black leather cover.
It has a soft fabric lining to protect the phone from any sort of issue. Moreover, it has various compartments for various things like cards.

Titanium Bumper Case from Gresso

Price: Their iPhone cases range from $1000 to $10,000
Titanium Bumper Case from Gresso
Gresso is one of the best brands in the world for making masterpieces as well as stylish products. Their iPhone cases are very pricey, and they are handmade. They produce iPhone cases from titanium.
The back of the case is made from Italian leather, and then the logo of the Gresso embossed on it with accurate gold that increases the price of the cover. It is a shiny and premium case that
can be the perfect mate for your phone.

The Tower Flower Case

Price: $1495 for a single iPhone case
The Tower Flower Case
The Tower Flower Case is a much beautiful and attractive case for the iPhone. This case is made from plastic, designed with the Eiffel tower, stones, and flowers. It is a handmade premium case.
You will be able to purchase it from Etsy that is a reputed online selling website. Its design may attract women easily. For those who have enough money and want a perfectly stylish, premium, and cool case to cover his phone, then The Tower Flower Case would be a better choice for them.
It is ridiculously true that the money you will pay for this case is equal to the ticket to visit the Eiffel Tower in Paris. So it is totally up to you. If you are rich enough and wanna get a stylish and beautiful case, then you can go for it.

The Case-Mate Case

Price: $4,271
The Case Mate Case
The Case-Mate Case has a gorgeous plastic body. It looks very premium and stylish. It is made from pure and hard plastic and has a silicone line in it for the protection of the phone. It is a plain white color cover for the iPhone that can easily grab the attention of wealthy users.
It offers a soundproof facility that can redirect the sound from the phone to the outside very well. You can customize it according to your phone and desires. It is one of the notable features of this case.
It also can be decorated with images or things according to your wish to make it more attractive and beautiful.
The Case-Mate Case offers you a lot of great features that you won’t get in any other case. Its price is unimaginable to most of the people of this planet.

Titanium Case from Brikk

Price: $4,430
Titanium Case from Brikk
Titanium Case from Brikk is famous for its cool and premium looking. It is made from pure titanium that offers you a lot of colors such as carbon, gold, black, and platinum as well.
The name of the brand is embossed on the topper portion of the case.
It is a very simple case and has no fancy on it. But its smart appearance and premium looking made it value for money. It is an ideal choice for those who like the simple and cool case with premium quality.
You may think that this is too pricey. Actually, it is best for the supreme protection of the phone. It will keep your phone away from any type of damage and scratches.

Dragon and Spider Case from Anita Mai Tan

Price: $880,000
Dragon and Spider Case from Anita Mai Tan
This Dragon and Spider Case is the most expensive phone case in the world made by Anita Mai tan.
You will be surprised to know that it is made from authentic 18-carat gold and embossed with accurate diamonds of 23-carat in total. It is a bit difficult to keep in the pocket for its attached dragon or spider on the back. But has a beautiful and attractive look. It can save the phone from any kind of damages.

Lux iPhone X Ingot 250 

Price: $70,000
Lux iPhone X Ingot 250
Lux iPhone X Ingot 250 is made for iPhone X with 22k genuine gold of 250 grams. This case is available online. Brikk claimed that each gold ingot is hand made and was assembled in their innovative art laboratory in Los Angeles.
In this case, you will see more scratches from your nail. If you keep this in your pocket with some money change and then bring it out from the pocket, you would think that it fought inside with the money, as you will see the case full of scratches. The product comes with a year of warranty.

Goldgenie Donald Trump Case 

Price: $151,000
Goldgenie Donald Trump Case
This Goldgenie Donald Trump Case is made of authentic 24k gold and it is glorified with the smiling face of Donald Trump. This case is actually a unique one. It was made according to the request of a consumer from Goldgenie.
The case’s corners and Apple’s logo are studded with diamonds. Plus, this case contains the following sentence, “Limited Edition 1/1”. It is so slim that you will get a better grip and hand. For Trump’s fans, this is undoubtedly an ideal choice.

Buccellati iPhone case 

Price: $208,000
Buccellati iPhone case
Buccellati is the most reputed brand in Italy. They are well known for the use of yellowish gold as well as for their majestic designs and colorful appearances. The iPhone case from Buccellati is decorated with a few diamonds and white gold sunbursts that gives the phone a luxurious look.
Buccellati’s logo is placed on the cover separately. This case will protect your phone accordingly for its build materials.
The Buccellati iPhone case may not be the perfect choice for all. But, for those who prefer a case’s design, this one won’t disappoint them.

Alexander Amosu

Price: $2.7m 
Alexander Amosu phone case
At present, Alexander Amosu is the top expensive and rarest phone case in the world. It has only a few collections in the market. Its back part is designed with 6000 diamonds. There you will also find the logo of Alexander Amosu that is wholly made from gold.
Only a few people in this globe can possess this rarest one. Its elements made it thus expensive and rare.
Frequently Asked Questions
You may have some questions regarding phone cases. To get the answer to your questions let’s have a look at the following words. 
What is the strongest phone case in the world? 
Actually, it is not that easy to find a specific strong case. So here I am going to mention some of the strongest cases in the world.
Spigen Tough Armor Case
Price: $17
Spigen Tough Armor Case
Spigen Tough Armor Case is one of the strongest cases in the world. It comes with a classic dual-layer shell case, including a flexible TPU inner case, joined with a tough polycarbonate outer shell.
This outer shell will remain your phone away from damages and scratches. If your phone drops from your hand, then you don’t need to be worried when you are using a Spigen Tough Armor Case. Its inner TPU will save your phone’s button from danger.
Griffin Survivor Extreme Case
Price: $50
Griffin Survivor Extreme Case
This Griffin Survivor Extreme Case is the best for outdoor adventures. In this case, it will save your phone from rain, dust, and mud.
In a 16-foot drop test, this case showed a tremendous performance. So this one could be a perfect caretaker of your phone.
Otterbox Defender Series Pro Case
Price: $60
Otterbox Defender Series Pro Case
This phone case can defend your phone properly. It is healthy, and its strong surface can defeat any incident to save the phone.
Its polycarbonate shell with clean lines ensures better gripping.
Its old version used to offer a built-in screen protector with it, but the latest one for iPhone 12 doesn’t offer the service. You can include a separate screen protector.
 Are Pela phone cases protective? 
Pela produces phone cases for about every brand, including Galaxy, Google, Huawei, and iPhone. You can select these cases for your model without hesitation. As we have seen before that most of the expensive brands do not create covers for various models, but Pela is different here.
These cases fit in the phone properly and ensure a comfortable grip. Pela cases provide a decent look as well as a smooth feel in hand. And the phone does not slide out of the fingers as in other cases do.
Officially Pela didn’t show any testing to ensure how much it will protect your phone. But you don’t need to be anxious. I assure you, it will offer tremendous protection to your phone.
Do cheap phone cases work? 
Everybody can not afford expensive phone cases. Even so, they cover their phones with cheap ones. Actually, cheap phone cases are not that bad as we think. You can go with these cases comfortably.
Though the elements are not so good and durable, these cases can protect your phones. You will get a lot of variations of the cheap phone covers in the market.
So, I hope by reading our article you have got enough ideas about expensive mobile phone cases. I will be very pleased if this write-up helps you even a little.
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