The 10 Most Expensive Starbucks Drink Ever (With Pictures)

Iced Coffee
There are nearly 15,000,000 cafés across the globe, and Starbucks has become more than just a name. They have earned massive popularity across the globe. We can call Starbucks the ultimate KING of the café industry.
Starbucks is indeed a little too expensive than any other coffee shop. Its menu offers the customers a various range of drinks viz coffee, tea, smoothies, fresh juices, beverages, and more.

What is more interesting about Starbucks is that you can add other flavored shots or even shots with more caffeine in your drink. For example, If you generally like to drink ‘Grande Mocha’, but today you are up for something different, Starbucks will offer you the customized drink that you are probably craving. But let us not forget that adding extra shots will definitely fetch extra money as well.


Anyways, in social media, people took some challenges to form the most expensive Starbucks drink. Today we will delve into the topmost expensive drinks of Starbucks ever ordered.

Before getting into the main discussion, let’s know the history as well as the service of Starbucks café:
About Starbucks café:
Starbucks started its journey on March 30, 1971, in Seattle, Washington, U.S.
Initially, Starbucks was a single coffee bean store, and then gradually it became the most popular international coffee powerhouse. They first opened their international cafés in Japan & Singapore. With their rapid growth, they opened 1500 stores every year on average. They keep expanding their branches. Right now, they own over 30,000 stores worldwide.
As I have said earlier, the cafe serves drinks, including a variety of coffees, teas, smoothies, fresh juices, beverages. They serve both hot and cold drinks. Apart from these drinks, it has snacks items that include cookies, pastries, chips, sandwiches, etc. You can alter your drink as per your needs.
Starbucks is always a safe and clean place. It always tries to make the customers feel special. They will find a way to make you their frequent customer.

Venti Latte

Price: $55.75
Venti Latte
The 10th most expensive drink of Starbucks is ‘A Venti Latte’. It contained 70 shots of espresso, caramel syrup, and two pumps of vanilla. The consumer who attended this drink brought his personal large-sized bucket to have this.
He needed not to pay for this because he had his birthday reward card to purchase this. He filmed his adventure on YouTube.

Venti Caramel Crunch Frappuccino

Price: $57.75
Venti Caramel Crunch Frappuccino 
A girl named Sameera ordered a venti caramel crunch Frappuccino that is considered the 9th most Expensive drink of Starbucks.
She brought her personal large-sized jug to fill up her drink. The drink contained 60 shots of espresso along with caramel syrup, white mocha, hazelnut drizzle, Tazo chai, vanilla beans, and drizzle.

Venti Mocha Cookie Frappuccino

Price: $71.35
Venti Mocha Cookie Frappuccino
The 8th most expensive drink was ordered by a guy named Jarrod. It was a venti mocha cockiest Frappuccino. It contained 77 shots of espresso, white mocha, Caramel drizzle, vanilla bean, hazelnut drizzle.
He brought a cooler to fill up his drink.

Grande Latte

Price: $83.75
Grande Latte
It is considered the 7th most expensive one. This drink was ordered by the same person who later became the first one to break the whole record of the most expensive drink of Starbucks.
William E. Lewis Jr. ordered a Grande latte, which contained 99 shots of espresso along with around 20 pumps of vanilla syrup.
He brought a giant cup of his own to give it a fancy and unique look. He shared this drink with his friends.

Caramel Frappuccino

Price: $86.55
Caramel Frappuccino
It is the 6th most expensive one of Starbucks, ordered by a guy named Renee C. He ordered a Caramel Frappuccino made with the combination of caramel syrup coffee, milk, and extra ices. For toppings, he added whipped cream and caramel sauce. The drink contained 100 shots of espresso. It was served in a large mug.

Rewards Drink

Price: $92.55
Rewards Drink
Starbucks offers rewards or bonus points for their regular customers. They can earn their rewards with every purchase to have free food or drink of their own choice.
This rewards drink was purchased by two young girls- Shaine Choen and Kiersten Vorv. Their one was a birthday rewards drink. They purchased Quad Espresso which was served in a giant glass of Starbucks. It had 120 shots of espresso. It is the fifth most expensive Starbucks drink ever ordered.

White Mocha Frappuccino

Price: $101.50
White Mocha Frappuccino 
This one was ordered by a guy named Justin, who was about to break the 3rd record but unfortunately, he couldn’t. Therefore, his ordered one became the 4th expensive item on the list.
The consumer came along with a giant plastic container of his own. He collected his reward point, that’s why he didn’t need to pay for this drink.
He ordered his drink with 112 shots of espresso with around 55 pumps of Frappuccino Roast, and 70 pumps of white mocha. There also added bananas, protein powder, and toppings according to his needs. He invited his friends to share the drink.

White Mocha Frappuccino

Price: $102.04
White Mocha Frappuccino by Thomas 
It is the third most expensive drink ordered at Starbucks by a guy named Thomas. Justin was 0.55 cents away from Thomas to break the record for the third one.
He didn’t have to pay for this drink, as he got it free by showing his Starbucks Birthday Reward. He came along with his own vast Metal milk can. His drink contained 102 shots of espresso, 70 pumps of white mocha. Moreover, it had extra five bananas and a certain amount of protein powder. For toppings, he added Frappuccino chips, caramel drizzle with a few cubes of ice.

Caffé Americano

Price: $102.15
Caffé Americano
YouTuber Elton Castee, who never had coffee before, was out with his friends to set the record for one of the most expensive drinks of Starbucks. He earned the second position in this challenge.
They brought a huge container with them and purchased Caffe Americano that had 225 mg of caffeine, 104 shots of espresso on it. They weren’t allowed to film inside Starbucks, so they went around to film it.

Super Venti Flat White

Price: $148.99
Super Venti Flat White
This is the most expensive coffee ever served in Starbucks. It was ordered by William E. Lewis Jr. in January 2017. He’s a Florida resident. It wasn’t his first time in “Starbucks Most Expensive Drink Challenge”. He even participated in this challenge back in 2014 about which I have already mentioned earlier. It was his second time. And this time, he placed first.
He brought the same giant coffee cup of his own this time too. This time he ordered super venti flat white. The drink contained 11,200 mg of caffeine, 170 espresso shots (3 ristretto shots of standard Venti flat white of Starbucks).
He also added coconut milk for better taste. Again this time, to have this drink, he invited his few friends and shared with them.
Frequently Asked Questions
How much is a Pink Drink at Starbucks?
Pink Drink, also known as Strawberry Açai Refresher, is the most hyped drink of Starbucks that has taken over the internet since it has been added to their menu. Starbucks did a great job by adding this one to their menu because it is different from the usual coffee drinks or smoothies. It has been officially added to the menu in April 2019.
This drink is made with a combination of Strawberry Açai and creamy coconut milk instead of water. For toppings, they use dry strawberries or blackberries or sometimes both. You can have it with This drink is made with a combination of Strawberry Açai and creamy coconut milk instead of water. For toppings, they use dry strawberries or blackberries or sometimes both. You can have it with or without ice.
How much is a Pink Drink at Starbucks
This pink drink is super light, refreshing, and cold that the body desires while walking on a hot day. You can call it a perfect summer drink. It has a warm pleasing color. Besides, it has a delightful taste, way less sweet. Starbucks also offers a keto-friendly version of this drink for people who are really health conscious. Not to mention, it does smell wonderful.
Well, now if we talk about the price, I guess everybody knows that the price of drinks at Starbucks depends on the sizes of their cups. As they offer different sizes of cups, the price also varies. Like if you go for the larger ones it will cost you more than the mediums and smaller ones. They named their cups sizes Grande, venti, and trenta. For the pink drink, if you go for the larger (Grande) ones it will cost you $5.54 and $4.45 for the trenta. Trenta is the smaller version of cups, otherwise known as tall ones. And for the medium ones, it might cost you around 5 dollars, not more than that.
Why is Starbucks expensive?
People often point out that Starbucks is overpriced. Starbucks is indeed a bit more expensive than any other coffee shop because of its drinks’ unbeatable variety that you won’t get in any other shops.
Starbucks provides you with a variety of different and best quality drinks and foods. They have their own iconic go cups (which are not recycled or recyclable) often adorned with spelled names of customers.
With the recipe you can always ask them to make anything for you or if you want to add anything more to your drinks. They make their whipped creams, mocha sauce by hand and also have their own beverages that are handcrafted. They make coffees with their own special beans. Also, there is free Wi-Fi for customers. You can stay there for 3-5 hours without them interrupting you. They will give you the best atmosphere. This is why Starbucks is expensive.
Moreover, They have to maintain their image, standard, quality, uniqueness, and exclusivity. With low prices, it is impossible to maintain these.
What is the cheapest drink at Starbucks?
Not necessarily you have to spend a lot every time you visit Starbucks. So if you are not willing to spend much money, Starbucks has a solution for that too. Even though Starbucks is a bit overpriced, they do offer drinks at a price of nearly 3 dollars or fewer.
Let’s take a quick view of the cheaper drinks of Starbucks-
Iced Coffee
Price: $2.25 (tall one)
Iced Coffee
You can get this iced coffee with vanilla or caramel without any extra charge. It is basically a hot coffee served over ice. So if you decide to go basic you can order this one. It is super refreshing and also tastes great.
Cold Brewed Coffee
Price: $1.85 (tall one)
Cold Brewed Coffee
The process of Cold Brewed Coffee at Starbucks is pretty intense. There is no heat involved in the brewing process. This coffee is different and has a distinct flavor from any other cold coffee drink available on the menu. This coffee is made with coffee grounds that are specially made to be served cold. You won’t need any extra ice. It has the right balance of sweetness, has no acidity, and has a much smoother flavor.
Organic Apple Juice Box
Price: $1.75
Organic Apple Juice Box
It is the cheapest but healthiest one on the Starbucks menu. As we already know that organic things are rich in vitamins C, minerals, iron, and many other beneficial items, so yes indeed this drink is super healthy without any doubt.
If you are tired or sick you can go for this one as it helps to rehydrate your body. Surely you are going to love this one and all its benefits.
What is the most popular drink at Starbucks?
Starbucks has done really great as a company and brand over the last few decades. They are now providing healthy, vibrant, fresh drinks and snacks all over the country.
There are many popular drinks at Starbucks. They frequently keep updating their menus and that’s why it is hard to mention a specific popular drink.
So now I’m introducing you to a few popular drinks of Starbucks-
Cherry Mocha Cocoa
Cherry Mocha Cocoa
It is one of the most popular and high demanded Starbucks drinks, combined with the flavors of cherry and chocolate. It is presented with mocha sauce, cherry syrup, and hot espresso. You can add your preferable toppings and can have it hot, iced, or blended. It is a Valentines special drink and remains available for valentines week only. That’s why people go crazy over this one.
Nitro Cold Brew
Price : $3.25 to $3.95
Nitro Cold Brew
It is another popular Starbucks drink. People like it very much. It has taken the signature cold brew drink to another level.
Starbucks Cold brew drink had a huge success. After that, they came up with the new edition of cold brew drink and named it Nitro Cold brew by adding the texture of Nitrogen infusion in it. It has a nice foamy top and comes out cold, so you won’t need any ice. It is available only in the tall and Grande size because in the medium size it will lose the foamy top and bubbles that make it special. It almost looks like beer.
Blonde Vanilla Latte
Price: $3.34 to $4.65
Blonde Vanilla Latte
It is one of the most ordered drinks in Starbucks ever since they added this one to their menu. It is a perfect summer drink. In summer, people crave this one badly.

It is made with the combination of vanilla syrup, espresso, and milk which is steamed enough- all three of them create a perfect twist. It is super light and sweet. You can have it with or without ice.

That’s all for today. I really hope that you find this article informative.

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