Top 10 Most expensive Roof Boxes In The World [ Most Are From Yakima Brand]

Travelling is always enjoyable and relaxing. Some people like to go long-drive to get rid of the shackles and monotony of daily life. But, going for a long drive means having a huge number of items with you. Sometimes, your luggage and trunks are filled with your belongings, and there may not have enough storage to keep the other accessories.
So, at the moment, a roof box can be the complete savior of you. Roof box not only helps to keep your accessories in it but also to get a comfortable and trouble-free journey. It minimizes your external trouble and inconvenience.
For a vehicular journey, a roof box is inevitable. A roof box typically consists of two crossbars on the roof of a vehicle. This box, having a considerable capacity, saves space from the car.
There are abundant roof boxes you can find in different shops at a reasonable price. But apart from them, there are also some costlier roof boxes in the market. Here, in this article, I’m going to show you some of the most expensive roof boxes.

List of the most expensive roof boxes:

10 Malone Profile 18S $460
9 Yakima RocketBox Pro $470
8 The SportRack Skyline $530
7 Yakima Skybox 16 Carbonite Cargo Box $550
6 Thule Force Cargo Box $600
5 INNO Wedge Plus Cargo Box $690
4 Thule Motion XT Rooftop Cargo Carrier $800
3 Yakima CBX 18 Roof Box $950
2 Yakima CBX Solar 16 Roof Box $1300
1 Thule Vector Alpine Roof Box $1500

Malone Profile 18S

Price- $460
Malone Profile 18S
From several expensive roof boxes, the first name comes for Malone Profile 18S. Having a silver-and-black color design and with a remarkable aerodynamic pattern, the box matches any car’s look. This is made in Italy. The weight of this rooftop box is 165 Lbs measuring 78.75 x 32.3 x 15.75. It is of a massive size being almost 18 cubic feet.
You can open the box on dual sides. There is a locking system in the box. So, there is no possibility to be anxious about your materials.
Malone Profile 18S is scratch and UV-rays resistant. This provides the box a surety of better durability and stability. The more significant matter is that it has a lifetime warranty which provides its owner a much more relaxation and confidence to have it without any delay.
The price of the Malone Profile is costlier than the regular price of the roof box. It claims $460 for one.

Yakima RocketBox Pro

Yakima RocketBox Pro
Next, the credit goes for Yakima RocketBox Pro. Appearing in matte-black color, this box will be beautifully conformed with your small and medium-sized cars.
Yakima RocketBox Pro offers a smooth and aerodynamic design for you. It has also a dual-side opening for extra comfort. The box is strong, serviceable, and lasting.
To ensure the protection of the materials, there are SKS locks and a push-button lock system in the box. This box provides you an extra 12 to 15 cubic feet of space. The weight of the RocketBox pro is 30 pounds.
Moreover, the installation and removal of this box is so simple and comfortable. It gives the owner additional benefit indeed.
The price of RocketBox pro is higher than the previous one. It will cost you almost $470. But the price sublimes the quality of the box.

The SportRack Skyline XL

Price- $530
The SportRack Skyline XL
One of the voluminous roof boxes, The SportRack Skyline proposes additional 18 cubic feet for your car. It weighs almost 100 Ibs.
The SportRack Skyline is made of high-density materials, and it is UV resistant which makes it more sturdy and durable. Even this box also has a warranty for a certain period.
This box has no dual side opening, rather it has one side opening, and that is from the passenger side. There is a system to lock the box that upholds the security. Using simple U-bolts, the installation and removal of this box is so advantageous.
The price of The SportRack Skyline is $530, providing you a better service.

Yakima Skybox 16 Carbonite Box

Price- $550
Yakima Skybox 16 Carbonite Box 
The roof box is another model of Yakima Brand, namely Skybox 16 Carbonite. This is one of the most popular and renowned roof boxes in the world.
This box is obtainable in different sizes, with a minimum of 12 cubic feet and a maximum of 21 cubic feet. This wide space will help you for keeping more materials and accessories.
The opening system from dual sides will help you to get easier access. It ensures a SuperLatch security system with a power click lock and SKS lock. Having an Aerodynamic carbonite design, it reduces the wind noise.
This flexible roof box is so costly. It goes for more than $550 for its impressive quality and characteristics.

Thule Force XT Box

Price – $600
Thule Force XT Box
Thule is a celebrated brand name for car accessories. It provides some outstanding roof boxes which are so famous among the travelers.
Containing 21 cubic feet, the Thule Force XT box is one of the largest roof boxes. The weight is almost 165Ibs. The security system is stronger with an updated LockKnob system.
The box can be easily attached to the top of the roof by the PowerClick quick-mount system. Besides, You can pack your belongings in it from either side as it also has dual-side opening access.
Thule Force XT looks very beautiful with an attractive design, having an aerodynamic sketch. If you want to buy it, you must spend at least $600 for each.

INNO Wedge Plus Cargo Box

Price – $690
INNO Wedge Plus Cargo Box
If you are looking for a tiny and small roof box, INNO Wedge Plus Cargo Box is for you. Unlike the previous boxes, this is a small and lightweight box. It weighs only 44 lbs. And, having 8 cubic feet of space, it is very much easy to carry and to use.
Although INNO Wedge Plus is small and light, it can hold a lot of materials. Thus, it is one of the best roof boxes for its fantastic pattern. It looks so beautiful with an excellent aerodynamic design. It is very efficient and comfortable for quiet drivers as it produces less noise.
The box is available in both black and red color. You can decide on the one according to your preference.
Costlier than the Thule Force, INNO Wedge Plus offers $690. Consequently, it is included as one of the most expensive roof boxes.

Thule Motion XT Rooftop Box

Price -$800
Thule Motion XT Rooftop Box 
Thule is always the best name for the car-racks that always ensures high-quality materials. Hereafter, Thule Motion XT is another wonderful option for travelers. It is a huge and spacious box with numerous sizes from 16 to 22 cubic feet.
Some attractive features added to it make the box worthier and costlier. Motion XT has an updated slender fiberglass body, and on the body, there is a black and white finishing added to it.
A PowerClick quick-mounting system and a clever slide-lock system ensure its security. It can be opened from both sides; so, it is easy to pack the accessories.
The combination of design and size has beautifully matched it. Because of its high-quality construction and special features, it has secured a place on the list of the most pricey roof boxes. The price goes for more than $800.

Yakima CBX 18 Roof Box

Price- $950
Yakima CBX 18 Roof Box
Another roof box of Yakima Brand, CBX 18 Roof Box is one the most endurable boxes. The body of this box is angular and rugged. Appearing in the black color, it looks excellent.
Another roof box of Yakima Brand, CBX 18 Roof Box is one the most endurable boxes. The body of this box is angular and rugged. Appearing in the black color, it looks excellent.
CBX 18 delivers 18 cubic feet and weighs almost 60 pounds. The width is 36 inches, and the height is 18 inches.
There are an upgraded torque-limiting knob and an Intuitive locking system in the box which affirm the security concern. Moreover, the SKS lock system locks the box with the car. Hence, it is very constructive and obtrusive.
Similar to most other roof boxes, Yakima CBX 18 also has a dual-side opening. It helps open and close the box effortlessly.
The price of the Yakima CBX 18 goes for $950 for a single piece.

Yakima CBX Solar 16 Roof Box

Price – $1300
Yakima CBX Solar 16 Roof Box
The 2nd most expensive Roof box on our list is the Yakima CBX Solar 16 Roof box. The price of this box is $1300 that precedes all the previous prices.
Yakima CBX Solar 16 roof box features some promoted and unique features. It has a combined and heavy-duty Sunflare solar panel that complies with the elements of the box. Besides, the interior converter of the box generates 36 watts/5 volts of power, with 2 USB ports for your charging devices.
This box has 16 cubic feet with a plain ground inside. It weighs 51 pounds. The security system of this box is like CBX 18. The Torque-limiting knob, Intuitive lock, and SKS locking system are included in this feature.
Looking angular, the box is black. It can also be opened from both sides. There are internal lid stiffeners that make the box stronger. In opposition to the outstanding quality, the price of this box is reasonable.

Thule Vector Alpine Roof Box

Price – $1500
Thule Vector Alpine Roof Box
And the final name goes for Thule Vector Alpine Roof Box. An ideal name for the car-racks, Thule has brought out various expensive roof boxes; Vector Alpine is one of them.
With a beautiful, elegant, and smooth design, Thule Vector Alpine Roof Box is an efficient one. It has some modern features. For example, a premium interior with integrated lighting is added to the box. Besides, there is a felt-lined base so that it can protect the increased gear.
The white lid interior, along with an LED light, simplifies the loading and unloading at night. Thus, these premium qualities make it more distinctive and popular.
There is a dual side opening and closing system like most of the other roof boxes. The locking technique is also very decisive. There are side locking, PowerClick quick-mount system, and torque indicator clicks which ascertain the security of the box.
Vector Alpine box contains 3 to 5 snowboards or 4 to 6 pairs of skis. It comes in polished black color. The weight of this box is around 60 Ibs.
The price of this box is extremely expensive. If you want to buy this, you have to pay more than $1500. Even some online shops claim $1700 to $1800 for this.
Frequently Asked Questions

➤ Which roof box is the best?

From several wonderful roof boxes, Thule Motion XT is often considered the best roof box overall. Thule Motion XT features multiple super characteristics that make it more demandable and glorious.
A PowerClick Quick-Mount System, separate locking system, a thin fiberglass body, giant size, and high-quality construction, everything has contributed to its being the most perfect roof box ever. As I discussed above on this one, it does not seem relevant at all to elaborate on it again.

➤ Which is the biggest roof box available?

The biggest roof box is probably FARAD MARLIN F3 roof box. Its total dimension is 210 x 100 x 42 (cm), having 198 x 92 (cm) inner dimension. The volume of the box is 680 liters that precede all the other roof boxes.
This box can contain a huge number of materials for its gigantic capacity. It is suitable for big vehicles but not regardless of cars.
This box has an aerodynamic design, a patented security key, and a central lock. Made with anti-splinter and UV-rays resistant materials, it is pretty enough.

➤ Why are the roof boxes so expensive?

Most of the roof boxes claim an expensive price that surprises the buyer indeed. The factors which matter in this case are the boxes’ high quality, capability, materials, and manufacturers.
The expensive roof boxes are made up of high-quality materials which makes the box stronger and more durable. The design and manufacturing of some boxes are very excellent and long-lasting. Hereafter, to avoid unnecessary air stress to the car, most of the roof boxes have an aerodynamic design.
Some roof boxes can swallow the belongings because their capabilities are higher than the others. So, all of these contribute together to the price of roof boxes to be so expensive.

➤ Are Cargo boxes worth the money?

Cargo boxes always work as a helping hand. At the time of a long journey, they create easy access to you so that you can carry a lot of your belongings without any trouble. So according to their service and payoff, cargo boxes are worth the money entirely.
Though most of the cargo boxes are expensive, there are also various cargo boxes for you at a reasonable price. The more the cost, the more the box will be durable and auspicious.
Final Thoughts :
In the end, the roof box is an essential extra carrier that lessens the tension of carrying additional belongings during a long trip. Being a helpful device, its demand is growing up day by day. For several modern features, the price of roof boxes is also increasing, and most of the boxes are expensive.
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