Top 5 Most Expensive Strawberries In the World (With Pictures)

Who doesn’t like fruits? It is very hard to find a person who doesn’t like to have this delicious gift of mother nature. There are more than thousands of fruits found all over the world. From various kinds of fruits, Strawberry is one of the most palatable and lovely ones.
Strawberry is a healthy fruit. It contains vitamins, minerals, and some other hygienic components. Eating a good amount of Strawberry can keep your health sound and good.

From the 18th century, strawberries became widely cultivated throughout the world. Looking like lychee, it is generally red in color and small in size. Because of its several benefits and worldwide demands, its price is growing high day by day.

Strawberries have different species. A few species of them are very special. Japan is known for the profuse cultivation of Strawberry. Some species of Strawberries are so pricey and expensive.


Here, in this article, I’m going to tell you about five of the most expensive Strawberries in the world:

5 Albino Strawberries Per $6
4 Sembikiya Queen Strawberries per $7
3 White Jewel Strawberry per $10
2 Kotoka Strawberry per $22
1 Bijin-hime Strawberry per $4400

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Let’s see the details of the Top 5 Most Expensive Strawberries In The World

Albino Strawberry

 Value- $6 per Strawberry
Albino Strawberry
Japan is always famous and familiar for growing exceptional Strawberries. It is estimated that over 200 species of Strawberries are registered in the agricultural ministry of Japan. A more interesting matter is that the names of these species are very beautiful. For example, Tochi Maiden, Sweet King, Skyberry, Red Cheeks, etc.
Tochi Maiden is a particularly small strawberry whereas Sweet King is larger for four to five times than the average size. Apart from that, White Strawberries are the most remarkable and unusual. These strawberries are cultivated by Yamanashi prefecture. It is called ‘Hatsukoi no Kaori’ in Japanese name meaning The Scent of First Love.
Anyways, Albino is one of the white Strawberries, having a similar flavor to the pineapple. It is not self-fertile; it needs pollen from other strawberries to cultivate.
As it is difficult to grow, this albino strawberry is sorts of the most expensive strawberry in the world. To buy these, you have to pay more than 7000 yen for a dozen which stands for $70. Hence, one single strawberry goes for 6 dollars.

Sembikiya Queen Strawberries

 Value – $7 per Strawberry
Sembikiya Queen Strawberries
Sembikiya Queen Strawberries are mostly known for their splendid reddish color. These strawberries are extremely red, but their seeds are white. How interesting it is! For their stunning beauty, they are sometimes called the most beautiful strawberries existing in the world.
The precise shape of Sembikiya Strawberries has made them more exclusive and distinguished. These Strawberries are a wonderful variety for their color, taste, and flavor.
Sembikiya is the oldest fruit shop in Japan. As these strawberries are grown in the place, they have got the namesake from the place.
The price of Sembikiya Queen is $85 for a dozen. Thus, it costs $7 for a single one.

White Jewel Strawberry

 Value – $10 per Strawberry
White Jewel Strawberry
As Japan produces different species of Strawberries, White Strawberries are mainly produced there. Out of some white strawberries, White Jewel Strawberry is one of the most unique strawberries in the world. It is from Shirou Houseki variety. This strawberry is produced by Yasuhito Teshima, the owner of the Saga Prefecture.
These strawberries are white because they are harvested in darkness. Due to the lack of sunlight and the absence of anthocyanin, it gradually becomes white. It is not only one of the most expensive but also one of the rarest strawberries in the world.
The size of the White Jewel is bigger than the normal strawberries. Though they are white, their seeds are reddish like the common strawberries. And their taste is just distinctive. With juicy flavors and aromatic fragrances, their taste is sweeter and more adorable.
For a single strawberry, you must pay almost $10, which means $120 for a dozen.

Kotoka Strawberry

 Value – $22 per Strawberry
Kotoka Strawberry
Now, here comes the name of Kotoka Strawberry. This strawberry is sold at this high price in Hong Kong. It claims 168 Hong Kong dollars (about $22) in a luxurious supermarket in Hong Kong.
But the fetching matter is that this is not harvested in Hong Kong. Like most other species of Strawberries, Kotoka Strawberry is also grown in Japan. After some processes, it finds its home in Hong Kong. Owing to the long expenditure and cost-covering, it urges an unusual price.
Kotoka is a tasty and juicy strawberry. It has an excellent flavor and good sweetness which is unparalleled. On account of its relish and savor, the price is not unreasonably high but satisfactory.

Bijin-Hime Strawberry

 Value – $4400 per Strawberry
Bijin-Hime Strawberry
According to the report of CNN, it is pointed that a single piece of strawberry has been sold for 500,000 Yen in Japan. In dollars, the amount goes for around $4400. Are your eyes confusing you? No, it is true. But, that is quite incredible and ridiculous, isn’t it?
This is Bijin Hime, a superb and extraordinary kind of Strawberries. It is produced in Okuda Farm, Japan. In Japanese words, Bijin Hime means Beautiful Princess.
The cultivating methods of this strawberry are so complicated. It takes a long time to be able to produce Bijin Hime perfectly. It took almost 15 years for Okuda Farm to prepare the plants to produce strawberries.
Even, the quantity of strawberries is also very low. Only 500 strawberries are produced in every season in the prefecture.
Bijin Hime is a giant species of strawberries. Its size is like a tennis ball. The weight of a single strawberry can be more than 100 grams.
The taste of this strawberry is quite startling. It is incomparable to other strawberries. The color is beautifully red, shiny, and glowing. Its savory flavor, sweet fragrance, glossy color, huge size, lengthy process have made it the most wonderful and expensive strawberry in the world.
Frequently Asked Questions

➤ Why are Japanese strawberries so expensive?

Japanese nurture Strawberries for a long time. There are hundreds of species of strawberries cultivated in Japan. All the strawberries are not high and expensive, but some of them are really expensive.
The strawberries of Japan are produced with a careful plantation. Japan has a distinct name and fame for cultivating strawberries and some other wonderful fruits. Japanese people are well acquainted with the ins and outs of producing strawberries.
Besides, Japanese strawberries are so luxurious and exclusive. These strawberries along with the other special fruits are presented as the gift on different occasions in Japan. Therefore, the demand for strawberries in Japan is very high.
So, the reason behind being so expensive strawberries is so obvious. Japanese strawberries are unparalleled and incomparable. Their high demand, aristocratic taste, grandiose size, and long-winded process all have contributed equally to make the strawberries so expensive in the world.

➤ Which country has the best strawberries?

It is quite complicated to state any particular country having the best strawberries. There are so many countries throughout the world that produce strawberries hugely.
Once, the USA was the greatest land for cultivating the most strawberries. Gradually, China has advanced to the top of the rank. Now, the USA and China grow together almost %60 of the world’s total.
But, it should also be in mind that growing the most strawberries doesn’t mean being the best country for having the best strawberries. Although the USA, China, Mexico, and Egypt produce more strawberries than Japan, Japanese strawberries have some extra-artistic quality.
However, the issue is completely mysterious and changeable. But, definitely, Japan produces most of the best strawberries in the world.

➤ Which are the sweetest strawberries?

Strawberry has several species and varieties, as I have mentioned above. Throughout the world, different varieties are cultivated. So, their taste and sweetness, sometimes, depends on the soil and climate regarding the country.
Alpine Strawberry is often considered the sweetest strawberry in the world. This strawberry is dark red possessing a small size. The flavor is outstanding and unbelievable.
Moreover, Albion, Earliglow, Allstar, and some other varieties are the sweetest strawberries. Their juicy taste and flavor are quite impressive.
Bijin Hime must also be mentioned in this regard. Its honey-like taste is surely unforgettable and immortal.
Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, strawberries as a sweet fruit are quite impressive and unique according to their exceptional taste, flavor, and delicacy. Having several varieties, a few of them are more expensive than the others. Their price varies owing to their different quality. But, the price of Bijin Hime strawberry is surely out of your imagination. Till now this is the most expensive strawberry in the world.

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