The Top 10 Most Expensive Golf Balls In The World

Golf is very popular in the elegant and wealthy society. Some people love and comfort to play Golf. Because of its excellent venue, magnificent layout, and disciplined order, it is called a game of gentlemen.
Very few sports in the world are as expensive as Golf. It maintains a lot of troubles and requires much experience for a player. It demands a high cost that is sometimes impossible for ordinary people. Thus, everyone can’t afford the cost of golf.
There are several pieces of equipment needed for playing golf. Golf ball is one of them. Generally, the price of a golf ball is about reasonable. But there are some kinds of golf balls which are very expensive. Here in this article, I’m going to introduce you to some most expensive golf balls in the world. So, let’s start.

The Most Expensive Golf Balls :


There are entitled 10 highly expensive golf balls:

10 Bridgestone Tour B SX $45 per dozen
9 Srixon Z Star $48 per dozen
8 Callaway Chrome Soft $48 per dozen
7 Volvik Vista iV $48 per dozen
6 Titleist Pro V1 $48 per dozen
5 TaylorMade TP5 Pix $49 per dozen
4 XXIO 2020 Eleven $50 per dozen
3 Nike One Tour $50 per dozen
2 Titleist AVX $63 per dozen
1 Dixon Fire $75 per dozen

Bridgestone 2020 Tour B SX

$45 per dozen
Bridgestone 2020 Tour B SX
Bridgestone, one of the leading brands in golf sport, brings an updated Tiger Wood edition Tour B SX golf ball in 2020 that is very impressive in its way.
A reactive urethane is used in this ball that works wonderfully. This urethane cover is made with Bridgestone’s SlipRes Technology. This SlipRes cover enhances the spin rate and the feel of the ball.
Having three pieces of construction, its compression level is much progressive and elevated. To give more distance off the tee and control the ball appropriately, the lower handicap players can get an additional advantage because of its compression core.
Moreover, the dimple design of this ball is dual and aerodynamic. For this reason, when the ball is in flight, it gets a fruitful trajectory.
Thus, the ball is an ideal one who wants both the distance and spin. Because of its uniqueness, this updated Ball of Bridgestone costs $45 for a dozen.

Srixon Z Star

$48 per dozen
Srixon Z Star
For a tour player, Srixon Z Star is another ideal golf ball. It has three layers of construction that provide super performance. It contains a single energetic gradient core.
Like other premium golf balls, Srixon Z Star is also made of urethane. But, the skin of this ball is made with a sera coating that makes it solid and durable. This new technology brings wonderful traction on the wedge shots.
The dimple pattern of this ball is so stunning. It has 338 dimples that are to lower drag. And, because of its outstanding dimple pattern, the ball has a great distance and very low drag.
It favors the greenside spin, and the player can control it on the green. It gives a soft feel indeed.
The price of Srixon Z Star is also $48 for a dozen balls.

Callaway Chrome Soft

$48 per dozen
Callaway Chrome Soft
Callaway Chrome Soft golf ball has some matching characteristics like Titleist Pro-V1 and TaylorMade TP5 golf balls.
Made of soft urethane, it is strong and striking. It is best for the tour players for its fantastic performance. It has four-piece edifices with a straight flight and low compression.
It is one of the softest balls ever inaugurated by Callaway. It has dual-spin as low spin for long-distance and high spin in the short game and green.
To buy this ball, one has to present $48 per dozen that includes it in the costliest golf balls list.

Volvik Vista IV

$48 per dozen
Volvik Vista IV
Though Volvik is a less-celebrated brand in the golf world, it has also some unusual qualities. It is verily known for its multiple colors and design.
Volvik Vista IV golf balls are very different from the ordinary golf balls of the world. This ball has a dual-core. The outer core rolls the inside one.
Professional players like it very much. Especially, who goes on tour favors this ball indeed.
It is also included in the list of the world’s most expensive golf balls. A golfer has to pay $48 for a dozen of it.

Titleist Pro-V1

$48 per dozen
Titleist Pro-V1
As I said before, Titleist is a very familiar brand name for the golfers. It has launched several golf balls which are high in price. Titleist Pro-V1 is also one of them. It was the highest expensive ball of Titleist for many years. It will go for $48 per dozen.
It maintains an excellent distance with a consistent flight. A piercing trajectory and low spin also make this ball an exceptional one. Notwithstanding, the soft and soothing feel of this ball will attract a golfer easily.
The material of this ball is made of urethane. It consists of three constructions like the AVX.
Of this brand, Titleist Pro-V1x, Titleist Tour Softballs are also some other costly and wonderful golf balls.

TaylorMade TP5 Pix

$49 per dozen
TaylorMade TP5 Pix
TaylorMade is another notable name in the golf world. Although it has brought a number of wonderful golf balls, this kind has ever been launched by it.
Consisting of five layers, its materials are so robust and durable. It has a lower trajectory that is suitable for many golfers.
It has a dual-spin cover and a soft feel. Of three cores, the inside one is so dynamic and vigorous. It is helpful for all the golfers, but specially designed for a tour player.
The price of the TaylorMade TP5 Pix is $49 for a dozen.
The popular names of the golf world, Tiger Woods, Jason Dey, and Rory Mcllroy play with this brand’s balls.
Besides it, TaylorMade TP5, TP5X, and Lethal are also the high-priced golf balls. These balls are almost the same, but some differences can be seen indeed.

XXIO 2020 Eleven Golf Ball

$50 for a dozen
XXIO 2020 Eleven Golf Ball
XXIO Eleven golf ball is another most expensive golf ball in the world. This ball is highly improved. You won’t be upset by using this ball.
For moderate swing speeds, this ball is a suitable one. For the player who loves to swing below 90mph, XXIO eleven is for him.
Having distance off the tee, this ball has a good spin around the greenside. It is made of urethane consisting of three pieces of layers. It feels so soft that easily captivates a player.
XXIO Eleven claims $50 for a dozen for its excellent quality.

Nike One Tour

$50 per dozen
Nike One Tour
Nike is a distinguished and well-known brand name in the sports world. In consequence, it has brought several golf balls to care for the golfers.
This golf ball is the best creation of Nike indeed. There are four-piece constructions in this ball. An excellent spin and beautiful compression have made it more exceptional.
The golfer can maintain supreme control over it. It is so perfect for long-distance drives.
Nike One Tour will cost $50 per dozen for you. But, you have to accept that the price is nothing excessive concerning the qualities of this ball. Nike is always obvious in the case of products’ quality that you can’t raise a question about its products.

Titleist AVX

$63 per dozen
Titleist AVX
Titleist is the most popular and prominent brand in the world of golf. The quality of the balls of this brand is so remarkable. For this reason, many greatest golfers are especially reliable on this brand’s balls, including Jordan Spieth and Rickie Fowler.
Undoubtedly, this is one of the most expensive golf balls brands. Titleist AVX offers $63 per dozen that precedes other golf balls of this brand.
The specialty of this ball is its advanced and intelligent manufacture. A player can get several benefits from using it.
It has a longer distance around the green. The spin is very low in a long game that a golfer can easily control it. The iron spin and an increased greenside spin augments it towards the golfers.
Having three layers of construction, it is made of urethane. So, the soft feel of this ball is also mentionable.

Dixon Fire:

$75 per dozen
Dixon Fire
The most incredible golf ball Dixon Fire was introduced in 2010. Immediately, it gained a massive appreciation because of its unique manufacture. It protects the environment in some ways.
It has a splendid intensity green core and eco-friendly layers. Its cover is made of urethane that is recyclable. In greenside, it has a promising spin.
Having almost 318 dimples, the pattern is so attractive. Moreover, these balls are more durable than you expect.
It should be remembered that this ball is not perfect for the tour player. For the new golfers and the hobbyists, it is more preferable to any other golf balls. Overall, Dixon balls are the ideal name in the world of golf balls.
Because of its distinct qualities and performances, the price of Dixon Fire is so high. If you are interested in buying this ball, you have to pay $75 per dozen. Just think, how expensive this kind of ball is!
Frequently Asked Questions

☞ What is the most expensive golf ball brand?

There are so many golf-ball brands in the world. Some are the most expensive and familiar because of their beautiful manufacture and quality.
The most expensive golf ball brand is Dixon. Its latest version Dixon Fire outstrips all the former price of golf balls.
But, according to some golfers, Titleist also holds this leading position. It has launched a number of expensive golf balls over time.

☞ What is the rarest golf ball?

It is asserted that the rarest golf ball was used by Old Tom Moris, one of the most legendary golfers in the world. He had won ‘Open’ four times during 1960.
Researchers say that the name of this rarest golf ball is the Gutta Percha. This ball was manufactured in 1840. It is an unusual and extraordinary golf ball that is different from typical golf balls of the world.
In 1891, Moris started a golf course near Donegal lake. At that time, he lost almost 20 balls in the lake. So, the rarest golf will surely be found in this lake, according to the researchers.

☞ How many times can you hit a golf ball?

The answer to this question is that it is your own choice. If you think that the ball is not workable anymore, you should change it.
Some matters should have in your consideration that all golf balls are not the same. Some are more enduring and long-lasting than others. So, you should notice that whether the ball is round or the dimples are scratched or damaged. Whenever your ball loses its characteristics and qualities, it is not convenient for use, then replace it.
For the average golfers, up to seven 18-holes is a reasonable fact of hitting a ball accepted by most of the golfers. Without apparent damage, you can continue playing with it.

☞ Are expensive golf balls worth it?

Normally, a golf ball costs between $15 to $30 per dozen. It contains average quality and lasts for a certain period.
On the contrary, the most expensive balls contain more advanced quality and technology. Consisting of several boosted features, these balls give you superior performance and distinct extra benefits. At the same time, these balls are more enduring and lasting than typical balls.
You have to keep in mind that the better the thing, the higher the price. So, there is no denying of worths of the most expensive golf balls.

☞ What is the best golf ball for the average golfer?

From the numerous golf balls, it is difficult to choose the best and right one for you. It depends on your playing skill and experience.
For a new golfer, the usual type of balls is perfect. Whenever you are an expert in it, you can buy the most expensive one. But it is your personal choice according to your affordability. In this case, remember that you may lose so many balls.
Afterward, the balls of Titleist are the best golf balls brand for the average player. It has several balls, including Titleist Pro V1, Titleist Tour Soft, Titleist NXT Tour, and Titleist Velocity which are most convenient for the average golfer.
Besides these, Srixon Q Star, Srixon Soft Feel, Callaway Supersoft, Taylormade Project (a), and Bridgestone E12 are some of the best golf balls for the average golfer.
From the midst of the most expensive golf balls, choosing a perfect golf ball is something troublesome and tough. Almost all the balls have some special qualities that make them the highest and costliest. So, be careful and considerate in the case of taking one of them for you.
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