Top 10 Most Expensive Birkin Bags In The World (With Pictures)

In today’s world, gadgets and other accessories are increasing more day by day. And definitely, our pockets are not enough to bring it all. This is why carrying a bag is ultimately necessary for all the girls and women out there. Also, not every woman wears dresses with pockets like men so that they can carry all their necessary stuff in it. Besides, sometimes only pockets attached to the dresses are not enough to carry all the things that a woman requires. In that case, a vanity bag serves the best.
Apart from carrying various stuff, a bag is a style statement too. Bags come in different shapes, sizes, structures, and materials. There are various types of bags, such as — office bag, regular shoulder bag, duffle bag, hobo bag, clutch bag, sling bag, bucket bag, quilted bag, etc.
Bags are beautiful if you choose the correct one for the correct occasion. For different occasions, your needs can be different. So you can pick different styles of bags to fulfill your style. You can hold bags effortlessly with confidence. Carrying a bag gives us the ultimate finish.
There are many popular luxury brands of bags — Hermes, Chanel, Dior, Fendi, Mulberry, Saint Laurent, YSL, etc. Today I’ll be talking about Hermes Birkin Bags, which are considered the most expensive bags in the world. Before getting into the main discussion, let’s know the history of Hermes Birkin Bags.
About Hermes Birkin Bags:
French luxury goods brand Hermes- is one of the oldest surviving fashion labels. In 1847, holding the hand of Thierry Hermes, this brand started its journey. It is also one of the first fashion brands to launch an online store.
Hermes Birkin Bags
The famous Birkin bag was named after actress Jane Birkin. From 1978, Hermes was run by Jean Louis Dumas. He met Jane Birkin on a flight in the early 1980s. Together they started working on bags and named them Hermes Birkin Bags.
Birkin bags can cost up to 1 million. That’s a lot of money for a bag!
However, these bags are beautifully crafted and made of leather. Generally, each bag weighs more than 2 pounds. The brand offers variants of sizes and colors. These bags can even increase in value over time. People will get good returns if they decide to resell theirs.
The brand strictly maintains a waiting list for their customers. No one can just go to their store and buy one. They have to order first as per their requirements and then have to wait until it comes in stores. These bags are super exclusive and available to only a handful of people who can actually afford these bags. Birkin bags are popular among celebrities because of their iconic designs.

Have a look at the top 10 most expensive Birkin bags:

10 Hermes Tri-Color Casaque Leather Birkin Bag $20,531
9 Birkin Togo Bag $22,300
8 Brighton Blue Birkin Bag $113.525
7 Metallic Bronze Chèvre Leather Birkin Bag $117,000
6 Matte Black Birkin Bag $120,000
5 Dark Blue Crocodile Skin Birkin Bag $150,000
4 Fuchsia Color Crocodile Birkin Bag $222,912
3 Shiny Porosus Crocodile Birkin Bag $298,000
2 Diamond Himalaya Birkin Bag $550,000
1 Knotted Handle Diamond Birkin Bag $1.9 million
Now let’s get into the topic.

Hermes Tri-Color Casaque Leather Birkin Bag

Price: $20,531
Hermes Tri-Color Casaque Leather Birkin Bag  
This unit is truly a beautiful one. Every fashionista would love to add this one to their collection. It has a combination of 3 amazing eye-catching colors. It comes with palladium silver hardware, padlock, keys, and clochette. It is crafted from Togo and mixed leather.

Birkin Togo Bag

Price: $22,300
Birkin Togo Bag
This bag features the essentials only. Instead of being crafted in crocodile, it is crafted in high-quality chèvre goatskin. The leather is supple and scratch-resistant.
The length of the bag is 35 cm. It has gold hardware and a padlock.
You can use this particular one on any occasion.

Brighton Blue Birkin Bag

Price: $113.525
Brighton Blue Birkin Bag
This bag is a classic and simple one for basic uses. It is known as ‘Urban Legend’ by the collector.
It is crafted with crocodile’s skin, has silvery-white palladium hardware, not so fancy though. The size of the bag is 35 cm. It looks more like a lavender purple more than a blue. It has a way of magically changing the color in the light.

Metallic Bronze Chèvre Leather Birkin Bag

Price: $117,000
Metallic Bronze Chèvre Leather Birkin Bag 
This lovely piece was handcrafted with chèvre leather. A rare piece of Birkin’s.
This bag features the oldest type of leather used by Hermes. It was produced in a limited quantity. It comes with metallic bronze color, a very warm pleasing color to the eyes. It gives a metallic effect. The size of the bag is 30 cm. It is surprisingly lightweight as well.

Matte Black Birkin Bag

Price: $120,000
Matte Black Birkin Bag
This bag is very simple and smart looking. It is best for casual use. Only a number of celebrities can own this elegant piece.
This bag is crafted with black crocodile and black leather. It has a full black leather body. The size of the bag is 30 cm. It is set with 10 Carats of white diamonds. The bag has double rolled handles and lush and gold hardware. Also, it has a very classic tonal stitching line.

Dark Blue Crocodile Skin Birkin Bag

Price: $150,000
Dark Blue Crocodile Skin Birkin Bag 
This is the most expensively made working bag to date. This bag has a jewel-toned blue sapphire color that looks absolutely gorgeous.
The color of the bag is so neutral that you can wear it like a black bag. It holds 18 carats of diamonds. Besides, it has amazing lush gold hardware in it. It comes with the padlock, clochette, sleepers.

Fuchsia Color Crocodile Birkin Bag

Price: $222.912
Fuchsia Color Crocodile Birkin Bag
This is a rare piece of Birkin Bags. The original color of this bag is simply genius.
The bag looks very stunning. As I already said, it has a beautiful and eye-soothing hot pink color. This bag is made with crocodile skin and has 18 Carats gold- diamond-encrusted hardware. The length of the bag is 35 cm. It also comes with a lock, clochette, sleepers.

Shiny Porosus Crocodile Birkin Bag

Price: $298,000
Shiny Porosus Crocodile Birkin Bag
This is one of the most expensive and elegant bags. Undoubtedly looks very bright and gorgeous. The designer of this bag is Mrs. Victoria Beckhams. She owns various versions of Birkin Bags herself.
The bag is crafted with crocodile skin. It is polished with 18 carats white diamond- gold hardware. And, it further comes with a lock, keys, and clochette. The color of the bag is so vibrant that it will sparkle in your eyes.

Diamond Himalaya Birkin Bag

Price: $550,000
Diamond Himalaya Birkin Bag
This is no ordinary bag, rather an exclusive one. It is made of Niloticus crocodile’s skin. The bag gets its name because of the color. This bag is a work of art.
It has a beautiful Snow White center that bleeds into the lovely rocky gray with a matt finish. So, there’s no reflection or distraction from light. It has 245 white diamonds and 18 carats of polished white gold hardware in it. It comes with a lock, keys, clochette, sleepers, and signature Hermes box. The length of the bag is 35 cm.

Knotted Handle Diamond Birkin Bag

Price: $1.9M
Knotted Handle Diamond Birkin Bag
This bag is the most exclusive and expensive one ever sold. It is specially designed by a Japanese designer Ginza Tanaka.
This bag is made completely from platinum and covered with 2,000 shimmering diamonds. It has a detachable diamond-studded strap, which can be worn as jewelry. Also, it has a detachable 8 Carats pear-shaped diamond at the center that can be used as a brooch. This bag looks very fascinating. It is really an investment piece.
Frequently Asked Question

What is the most expensive bag in the world?

You must be thinking that the world’s most expensive bag is also from Hermes. Right? But no! Let me reveal to you the most expensive bag in the world that is Mouawad’s 1001 Nights Diamond Purse. This is the most expensive one ever made.
Well, Mouawad is a Swiss and Emirati luxury goods company. They literally took luxury to the next level. They created this masterpiece handbag that was designed by the renowned jewelry designer Robert Mouawad.
What is the most expensive bag in the world
Mouawad’s 1001 Nights Diamond Purse costs $3.8M.
This bag is the ultimate stage of luxury. It is the showstopper nonetheless. It is more about diamonds rather than a bag.
This incredible heart-shaped bag is made up of 18 carats gold and decorated with 56 pink diamonds, 105 yellow diamonds, 4356 colorless diamonds, making a total of 4571 diamonds with a total weight of 381.92 carats.
Completing this masterpiece was not an easy task. It was handcrafted by 10 professional craftsmen working for a total of 8,800 hours to complete this exclusive product.
The Guinness book of world records listed this one as the most expensive in the world. It has been on their list for the past ten years. This company also belongs on the list of Guinness book of world records for creating several other costliest items.

What’s so special about a Birkin bag?

If you are about to spend thousands of pounds on Birkin bags, you will be curious enough to know the specialty of these bags first, right? So let me tell you what makes the Birkin bags so special:
  • Materials: They are made of high quality and natural finest materials. They use genuine leather. The bags are mostly made of the skins of calf, alligator, goat, and ostrich.
  • Sewing: All the Birkin bags are handmade with a very classic and finest stitching, which gives the bags a nice flawless look. From start to finish, the whole bag is sewn by hand.
  • How they are made: Each Birkin bag is made entirely by hand. This makes each bag a work of art. It takes about 48 hours to make one Birkin bag.
  • Hardware: All the locks, keys, and buckles of Birkin bags are made of shiny metals. These shiny things are worth a lot just by themselves. Gold is the default material for the hardware in a Birkin bag. If it’s not gold that means it is made of palladium, a silvery precious metal. Diamonds are usually optional. But if you want a customized one and if palladium is not enough for you, then you can ask for diamond hardware in your bag.
  • Sizes: Birkin bags come in 4 different sizes- 25 cm, 30 cm, 35 cm and 40 cm. Among them, the two most popular sizes are 30 cm and 35 cm. You can choose sizes according to your needs.
  • Availability: To maintain their image of exclusivity each item is unique and limited. A few pieces of Birkin bags are produced annually. To purchase a Birkin bag, you have to be on their waiting list first.
For these reasons, the Birkin bags are considered so special.

Who owns the most expensive Birkin bag?

Birkin bags have become the ultimate status symbol. The bags match one’s particular interest or taste. All of their bags are beautiful and classic.
These bags are owned by a huge number of famous Hollywood celebrities like- Kim Kardashian, Jeffrey Star, Victoria Beckham, Kris Jenner, Jennifer Lopez, and more.
Who owns the most expensive Birkin bag
Victoria Beckham has a huge collection of Birkin bags. She owns over 100 bags of Birkin worth over 2 Million. In that case, we can say that she alone owns the most expensive ones of Birkin.

Are Birkin bags worth it?

Hermes Birkin Bags are incredibly expensive ones.
If you are in a financial position to buy a Birkin bag, then must go for it. Luxury bags are basically all about the feel. You will feel confident when you hold it.
Owning the rarest, perfectly designed, and durable bag is a valuable and safe investment. Besides, the bag increases in value over time.
If you consider my opinion, I would never spend that much on a bag. But it’s all up to you, if you can afford that and that’s what you like, go for it.
That’s all for today. I hope you find this article knowledgeable.
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