Top 10 Most Expensive Seafood (With Pictures)

Seafood is mainly the food collected from the sea which can be fish or coral. There is always a deep connection between seafood and sea life. It is equally popular with everyone including the coastal region. This is mainly made from marine fish, crabs, snails, oysters, marine plants.
Forchu Lobster
Who doesn’t want to eat mouth-watering seafood? There are different kinds of seafood. Some of these are affordable and some are more expensive. The prices of most of the seafood are relatively high.
It is normal for us to wonder why seafood is so expensive. There are many reasons behind this, including harvesting, processing, the cost of shipment, etc. Now I will discuss the 10 most expensive seafood in the world.
Let’s see their names first:
  • Bluefin Tuna
  • The Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Fish Soup
  • Almas Caviar
  • Samundari Khazana Curry
  • Coffin Bay King Oysters
  • Baby Eel
  • Lobster Frittata
  • Posh Pie
  • Fourchu Lobster
  • Puffer Fish (Fugu)
The seafood mentioned above is described below :
Price : $3,603 per pound (Bought at $1.76 million in 2013)
Bluefin Tuna
We already know that Tuna fish is quite expensive. It depends on where we are buying from and where we are eating. Bluefin tuna is sold at a much higher price in Tokyo, Japan. It carries more special things than other Tuna Fish. The king Kiyoshi Kimura set a record by buying this fish at $1.76 million in 2013. The stomach of the fish has a fatty marble which makes the fish unique from other fish. Although it is expensive, it is eaten in various restaurants scattered throughout Japan.

The Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Fish Soup

Price : $108 ($169.86)
The Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Fish Soup
This food came from Kai Fujian, China. But in recent times this food has been sold at a high price in Kai Mayfair, London. The food is otherwise known as Buddha’s Temptation.
Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Soup is a pot of nutritious Chinese ingredients. It is the most expensive fish soup mixed with shark fin, abalone, sea cucumber, dried scallops, Japanese flower mushroom, chicken, Jinhua ham, etc.
However, it takes a long time to be fully prepared. It contains high protein and calcium. This food with 30 ingredients takes 3 days to be prepared. So, if anyone wants to enjoy it, they have to place an order in advance.
There are many interesting stories about this dish. A scholar wrote a poem about this food and there was a mention of this strange name.

Almas caviar

Price : £16,000 ($25,162.88)
Almas caviar
Caviar undeniably is the most luxurious food in the world. Caviar was more prevalent among the bourgeoisie, but nowadays The Caviar House & Prunier sold it at a high price. For $25,000 patrons can get the chance to taste caviar served with 24-karat gold tin.
The Persians were the first to introduce the idea of ​​eating fish eggs. They believed it would increase their strength and endurance. Since then, it was reserved exclusively for the aristocracy. The most high-priced caviar is the one of a kind range called Almas, which in Russian means “diamond”. The best way to eat this food is to keep it in a non-metallic container while maintaining the temperature.

Samundari Khazana Curry

Price : £2000 ($3.200)
Samundari Khazana Curry
The Samundari Khazana came from Bombay Brasserie, a Taj Hotels property. It is a very tasty and delicious meal. It is not like the other ordinary seafood. Marine ingredients, Indian herbs, spices together make this dish special and unique. Abalone sea snails, gold-coated Scottish lobster, Beluga caviar-filled quail eggs, Devon crab mixed with Italian white truffle are one of the main ingredients of this curry.
If you didn’t like this kind of mixture, the additional four abalones, four quail eggs will definitely get your mouth watering. Head chef Prahlad Hedge made this dish in the style of Indian food. This food has a great connection with the movie ” Slumdog Millionaire”.

Coffin Bay King Oysters

Price : $100 per Oyster Pound
Samundari Khazana Curry
Coffin Bay king oyster is an oyster of an outstanding length that came from the pristine waters of South Australia’s Coffin Bay. The meat is very soft and it is a mixture of a sweet and salty taste. Salinity is usually caused by marine material. This dish is traditionally served with lemon slices. In this case, the meat is found inside the oysters, which are much larger than other oysters. The size, texture, smell of this oyster is all different. Coffin Bay will offer a haven for ocean lovers with fresh oysters out of the sea.

Baby Eel

Price : $2,000 Per Pound
Baby Eel
Baby Eel is famous across the U.S, especially in Spain. Where Asia and Europe dominate the whole fish market, the U.S has its own diamond, Baby EEls. While alive, they are small and transparent, like small Snakes. When cooked, they become opaque and hard.
There are some foods that are not attractive and delicious to look at, Baby Eel is that kind of food. Now, this is available in different coastal areas of the world. But there is a question in everyone’s mind that why people are willing to spend so much money behind it. Its traditional recipe is to fry with olive oil and serve with pepper. This recipe creates memory when a person tastes it.

Lobster Frittata

Price: $1,000
Lobster Frittata
Lobster Frittata came from Norma’s At Le Parker Meridian Hotel, in New York City. Frittata is a type of food in which eggs, vegetables are all mixed and fried together. The word Frittata means fried which is an Italian word. This recipe has changed and refined in many ways over the last 18 years.
Frittata is a very common food but Norma’s At Le Parker Meridian Hotel in New York City has made it a royal food. This royal plate is decorated with six eggs, lobster claws, and 10 ounces of sevruga caviar. If anyone does not want to spend a lot of money, they can arrange a cheaper plate.

Posh Pie

Price : $12,000 AU ($9,484 USD)
Posh Pie
Posh pie is an Australian dish made by two different premium beef cuts from butcher David Blackmore, rare Winter Black truffles, and two Western Australian rock lobsters.
Australian chef Medcalf invented the world’s most expensive pie and celebrated the selling of two million food vouchers. The dish mainly came from The Lord Dudley Hotel. It is filled with 23-carat German gold leaf and smothered in two bottles of Penfolds Grange Reserve. Paul Medcalf took three weeks to make the dish.

Forchu Lobster

Price : $12,000 AU ($9,484 USD)
Forchu Lobster
Cape Breton’s Fourchu lobsters are being famous in New York City. It hails from a small village which is on Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia and the fan of this dish is increasing day by day. There is no fear of gaining weight by eating this food. It is harvested in intense cold water. It has no extra fat. Many fish are now extinct so they are stored in cold water. The flavor of this is different and full of meat. Although its preservation method is difficult, it becomes difficult to control when it is served.

Puffer Fish (Fugu)

Price: $ 280
Puffer Fish
Puffer fish which is called Fugu came from Japan. This fish carries a lot of poison. For this reason, it is not served to the tourists. Those who are very adventurous try this fish. If a little poison enters the body of this fish, it can cause immediate death for the human body. So the chefs are given special training so that they can cook it well. They bring out the poison from the fish in a special way.
Frequently Asked Questions
What country eats the most seafood?
China is the world’s largest recipient of seafood. Japan and the U.S.A are in the next place. According to a report in National Geo Magazine in October, China’s big population consumes 694 million metric tons of marine resources every year. This is called seafood print. Japan’s marine resources are 562 million, compared to the United States’ 348.5 million. These statistics not only explain the seafood consumption but also explain how widespread seafood is.
Through this seafood print study, researchers will get an idea of ​​which part of the marine food web will get enough seafood. The United States is top on the list here because Americans, for example, love to eat bluefin tuna.
Researchers have found that one pound of tuna fish requires much more primary production. The report showed that there is a lack of proper conservation of marine fish every year, which puts them at risk of extinction. The report further found that rich countries are controlling the monopolization of the fish market with improved species.
According to the report, reducing the world’s fishing fleets by half, limiting the production of wild fish, and establishing no catch zone to reduce the impact of the seafood industry on the world’s fish collection.
How many types of seafood are there?
Seafood types indicate various types of fishes, shellfish, and squid which is another sea creature. Seafood is normally raised in cages in the sea or ponds. But the maximum fish we eat are taken alive from the different ocean using the big commercial fish boat. Different types of shellfish are eaten as food. In the past, marine mammals were also eaten as food.
Around the world, especially in Asian countries, edible sea plants are generally eaten as sea vegetables. In the U.S.A all living creatures in clear water, herbs are considered seafood. Salmon, tuna, mackerel, cod, carp, trout, catfish, snapper, sardines, etc are the most commonly eaten fish. Most fish are caught from seas, lakes, or rivers, but some, such as lobsters, are found in ponds.
The crustaceans are generally cooked whole alive, like most mollusks. Some marine fish are eaten raw, uncooked. The tortoise’s eggs are eaten as seafood. Commonly eaten seafood are Canned Tuna, Salmon, Cat food, Tilapia, Pangasius, etc.
Below I am explaining the top 5 most eaten seafood:
Canned Tuna
Canned Tuna
Canned tuna has been popular for a long time. It is an oily type of fish. It is eaten mixed with salads, sandwiches, and many other foods. It has many nutritional properties.
Salmon is very popular as it is cheap and filled with many qualities. It contains omega three fatty acids which help in reducing heart disease. It is famous in English islands, French, the United States, and Spain.
Cat Fish
Cat Fish
Cat Fish is a traditional food. It is widely popular in the United Kingdom and the United States. It is also said that people used to go to Polak to enjoy its unique taste.
This fish is called “Aquatic Chicken”. It is soft and delicious to eat. It is one of the top ten seafood in the world. It is also identified as a unique food.
Pangasius has held the record for one of the best seafood and is admired by seafood lovers. It is very popular in Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, and China. It is much tastier when it is cooked mixed with different ingredients.
Why is Shrimp so expensive?
It is very difficult to produce shrimp. There are many problems to preserve it. The death rate of shrimp is very high. This phenomenon is more common, especially in Asia.
Shrimp is the most used shellfish. It is rich in nutrients. It contains a lot of iodine. It also has a high amount of cholesterol. It is very tasty to eat. There are many problems with the shipment of shrimp. It is tough to keep and breed them. Due to this, its price is high.
Is Crab meat or fish?
There is a lot of disagreement about whether the Crab is fish or meat. In the United States, crabs are generally regarded as shellfish, such as lobsters, shrimps, and oysters. Catholics generally do not eat “meat”. They accept crabs. Meat and fish, both contain rich proteins and moisture content.
Imitation crab meat came from surimi — fish flesh that has been deboned and washed to remove fat and unwanted bits, then mixed into a paste. This paste is blended with other ingredients before taking hot temperature and then pressed into exact shapes that mimic crab meat.
I hope you find this article knowledgeable.
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