Why Is Zaful Shipping So Expensive? (Top 5 Reasons)

If you are a genuine lover of shopping online, you might have come across Zaful online store.
It is fashion apparel that offers a wide variety of both men and women trending clothes at affordable prices.
Zaful Shipping
If you want to buy an item from them, just follow the whole procedure by reading the descriptions to ensure you have ordered the correct item, add it to the cart and place an order.
But when it comes to shipping, so many customers get disappointed. Why?
Because Zaful shipping is so expensive and most of its customers keep complaining about their high rates. Examining the factors that make Zaful shipping costly, I found that: shipping method, the number of goods shipped, duty-free tax, the total weight of the goods, and destination are the top contributors.
So, in this article, I’m going to discuss in detail why Zaful shipping is expensive. So let’s get started.

Why Is Zaful Shipping So Expensive?

Why Is Zaful Shipping So Expensive
Many reasons make Zaful shipping expensive, but the here are top five reasons well explained.
These reasons play a huge role in inflating Zaful shipping prices. These reasons are:

Shipping destination

When Zaful is determining the cost of the shipping, distance is one factor they look at.
They look at the different geographical zone and measure the distance your cargo will travel.
Zaful manufactures its items in China, so if you live around, your shipping cost will be low, unlike those who live outside.
So the greater the destination, Zaful will deliver your goods, the higher the cost and vice versa.

Shipping methods

Shipping method
Zaful has two shipping methods. The standard shipping, where you will get your goods delivered between 8- 25 working days.
And the Express shipping, in which you get your order delivered within 6-15 days working days from the day Zaful executed your order.
So the standard shipping is cheaper, but it will take longer to receive your goods while express shipping expensive, but it will take you fewer days to get your goods delivered.
It means if you want your goods delivered fast, you will pay more.

Weight of the Goods

Weight of the Goods
Zaful has its specific categories to determine the limitations of its weight and size of goods.
This helps in ensuring that they charge their goods fairly.
When you order a very large quantity, it may be surcharged, and you will top up the shipping fees.
If you are unsure which category your goods lie, it’s good to consult Zaful customer service to avoid disappointments.
So the heavy your goods are, the more money you pay.
However, Zaful has a flat rate for its standard shipping method, so it may be cheaper than shipping one item if you buy more items.

Tax and Custom Duties

Tax and Custom Duties
Most people don’t know that shipments from all Zaful warehouses are delivered duty-free.
They only get surprised when they get a call from an agent to clear their goods at the country of delivery.
Zaful ships all their goods duty unpaid, so any custom or import tax is charged once the parcel arrives in its destination country.
So, the customers should pay for the charges for their parcel to be released.
If the customer wants to return the parcel, they are liable to pay the return shipping cost, custom and handling fees if they apply.
It is good to note that Zaful also charges shipping insurance on top of the shipping fees.
It helps when goods get lost while on transit, and the shipping company compensates you for the whole amount.

Quantity of goods

Quantity of goods
When shipping goods from any online store, it is good to know that the quantity of goods matters.
If you order large amounts of goods from Zaful, your shipping fees may be a bit cheaper than when ordering small quantities.
People with large orders get discounts in most cases.
So if you are ordering few items, you may experience high shipping rates than someone with a huge order.

Is Zaful shipping worth it?

Is Zaful shipping worth it
There are so many negative reviews regarding Zaful costly shipping services.
Some end up paying the shipping fee that is almost the same amount as the product they purchased.
But despite Zaful shipping is costly but worth it to some point.
It put all the measures in place to ensure they deliver your goods in good condition.
They also offer free shipping to customers who buy goods worth $49 and $99 for standard and express methods respectively.
But you will still pay the custom and clearance fee before picking your parcel at your destination.

How long does shipping take?

How long does shipping take
Zaful shipping period depends on the method of shipping you choose.
For instance, if you choose the standard method, it will take 8-25 days for your goods to arrive at the country of destination from the day your parcel is dispatched.
But for the express shipping method, it will 6-15 days for your parcel to arrive at your country customs office.
The standard method is cheaper but takes more days. So, the more you play, the faster your goods are delivered.

Where is Zaful shipped from?

Zaful is an online e-commerce website that provides a marketplace for both men and women wear.
It operates its services online, but its headquarters are in Hongkong in the United Kingdom.
However, they make all their items from china. And also it where their warehouses are located. So they ship their goods from there.

How reliable is Zaful shipping?

How reliable is Zaful shipping
Zaful is a reliable shipping company that offers quality service, although it can be costly for anyone on a budget.
However, many people complain that they take time to deliver their goods.
But What most people don’t understand is that they don’t ship immediately.
They have to sort the goods before dispatching them. For example, they take four days to process the shipping of goods to the US.
So you need to add the for day to 6-10 days if you are using the express method. Which also applies to the standard way.

Does Zaful offer free shipping?

How does one get free shipping on Shutterfly
Yes, Zaful offers free shipping to its customers. But before they provide free shipping, you have to spend a certain amount before qualifying.
It primarily depends on the country you are shipping your good to.
So the rates you should spend to qualify for free shipping differs. In some countries, you can spend motor less to qualify.
Also, they consider the method of shipping. If you are shipping through the standard way and $49, then you qualify for free shipping.
Again, if you are using express shipping, you should spend at least $99 to qualify for free Zaful.
But don’t forget the custom duty and clearance charges apply.

Some reviews on Zaful shipping

Some reviews on Zaful shipping
Zaful being a renowned shipping company it tries so hard to protect the image of its company by making sure they provide the best services to its customers.
Their feedback is seen on trust pilot, where customers rate their services and leave a review.
Below are some fantastic reviews that satisfied customers left.
Read this review. The customer has given Zaful a 5-star rating.
She had ordered an item, but they delivered a smaller fitting on inquiry Zaful told her to donate and sent her another one free.
review of_Zaful
Here is another positive review from a customer highly recommending Zaful shipping.
review of Zaful

How to save money on Zaful Shiping?

How to save money on Zaful Shiping
Although Zaful shipping is expensive, you can save some money during shipping your goods.
Below are some tricks you can use and save some money.
The first is that Zaful gives free shipping when you spend $49 for standard shipping and $99 for express shipping. You can take this advantage where you spend more and get free Shipping.
Secondly, Zaful gives a discount to their new customers to help you save some dollars.
Thirdly, you can subscribe to the newsletter and get free coupons which you can use when shipping.
Zaful gives students some discounts and free coupons to cut their shipping costs if you are a student.
Zaful also gives promo codes to its customer, and if you are lucky, you can apply them when shipping, and it will save you considerable time.
In general, there are so many ways you can save money on Zaful shipping.
You only need to keep checking when they are giving coupons and discounts. I’m sure when you use the above tricks, you will save a lot.
Final Thoughts:
As we conclude, I’m sure we have understood why Zaful shipping is outrageous.
They ensure they conduct background checks for their items before shipping them.
They also provide quality services and try to maintain a good reputation for the company.
Like any other company, they don’t lack criticism but they take them positively and improve their services.
I hope this article has helped you understand why Zaful shipping is so expensive.
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