Why Is Vitamix So Expensive? (Top 8 Reasons)

Being one of the most outstanding brands for amazing pieces of equipment, specifically blenders, Vitamix has gained a worldwide reputation.

Purchasing a Vitamix blender means having a versatile machine capable of providing excellent performance with high-quality power.

In terms of price, Vitamix blenders are relatively expensive that may surprise you at all.

The price may go up to a thousand dollars depending on the models.

So, why is it so expensive? To unfold the reasons, there are several factors responsible for this.

However, the article is capable of beholding the answer rightly.

Therefore, go on through the passage attentively. 

Why is Vitamix so expensive?

The research on finding out the reasons that impact the price to be exorbitant reveals that Vitamix is truly a promising brand manufacturing high-quality machines with powerful components that can accomplish the supremest jobs.

The blenders are made with versatile activities along with technological features including speed controls, self-cleaning options, noise reduction, etc.

Moreover, they have a wide range of warranties and one can use them for several years without drawbacks.

However, the reasons are elucidated right here. 

Blending Power And Quality 

Blending Power And Quality

With a powerful machine, the Vitamix blender is an efficient technology.

Whereas most of the blenders come with watts ranging from 100 to 200, the Vitamix blenders come with a 2-3 HP motor.

With this motor, a blender can easily break the hardest things such as parmesan cheese, frozen fruits, firm veggies, and so on.

It proves how powerful the Vitamix blenders can be. 

Besides, Vitamix blenders are equipped with advanced technologies that improve their quality.

Most of them have a cooling system to protect the blender from overheating.

The system keeps the blender cool while blending and enables it to run continuously. 

Moreover, the blenders include a metal drive system, angled containers, touch screen controls, a timer, digital scale, recipe books, smart app, DVDs, etc. 

Thus, the impressive power, prolific features, and high quality of the Vitamix blenders have amplified the value rapidly.

That is why they demand an expensive cost. 

Strong Blades 

Strong blending Blades

Another praiseworthy characteristic of Vitamix is the blade of the blenders that is one of the most essential parts of a blender machine.

Vitamix blades are completely outstanding.

They are sharp and strong.

Made of aircraft-grade stainless steel and come in laser-cut design, Vitamix blades are thick.

They are incredibly sharp so that they can levigate any tough ingredients. 

In this way, Vitamix blenders carry high-performance blades that make the blenders so powerful.

And this quality component of blenders needs a notable cost that impacts the price. 


Excellent Performance

Vitamix blenders provide a great performance that is marvelous.

Since they are manufactured from high-end components, their power enables them to ensure promising service.

The blenders are versatile and multi-functional.

They can offer a wide range of work from grinding to chopping, juicing, and pureeing.

Moreover, you can do smoothies, slushies, hummus, salsa, ice cream, meat, etc.

Whereas different appliances are required to complete these works, you can do them only by a Vitamix blender. 

Easy Cleaning 

Easy Cleaning

It is another significant reason that fixes the worth of Vitamix.

The blenders of this brand are designed with a self-cleaning option.

It reduces the hassle and difficulty of cleaning.

Most of the recent models come with easier options to lessen trouble. 

Users do not need to dismantle the machine and scrub it by hand to clean it.

The self-cleaning feature enables cleaning the container after use.

Just drop a little dishwasher and fill the container with water.

Then, let the machine run for a few seconds.

The blender will clean itself properly.

Besides this self-cleaning program, the Vitamix blender also contains a blade scraper that makes the removal of any dough or lingering batter from under the blades within a short time.

Hence, these systems are safe, time-saving, and convenient. 


Quality and durability

After that, the durability of Vitamix blenders is also a mentionable factor that impacts the price to be high.

Buying a necessary machine with a hefty price tag means buying it for years.

Vitamix is just a brand that ensures the durability of the products. 

It is comprehensible that Vitamix blenders are manufactured with high-quality materials to last for longer than most other brands in the market.

Researching consumer reports, it is found that the chance of having problems within the first 4 years of Vitamix products is only 6% whereas most other brands have more than 15% possibility.

It shows that Vitamix is more durable and long-lasting.

In terms of years, it is seen that some Vitamix blenders can last for up to 30 years. 

In particular, it can be opined that because of stainless steel and other strong technologies, Vitamix blenders are completely adorable and fantastic.

The quality has ensured the longevity of the products.

Henceforth, the expensive price is quite justifiable. 

Another brilliant feature that highlights the viability of the blenders is that they have a warranty of between 5 and 10 years.

This significant fact, at the same time, assures reliability on them. 

Speed Control

Speed Control

It is remarkable to say that Vitamix blenders appear with ten-speed controls while typical blenders have limitations in this case.

You can choose one according to your needs while blending.

It depends on what types of foods you blend.

The speediest option can do the best work of blending.

At this highest level, you can blend so many things including smoothies, hummus, butter, and juice.

Then, the next options are better to make grinding coffee.

And the lower options are suitable for light things. 

It is also very easy to control the speed options.

It reveals the efficiency of a chef.

However, this technology offers more convenience indeed.

As a result, the cost rises ridiculously. 

Noise Constancy

Noise level

It is commonly seen that most blenders sound tedious when they run.

In comparison to most other brands, Vitamix ensures a quiet blending. 

The motor base of Vitamix blenders is embellished precisely to reduce monotonous noise.

The minimum sound derived from them is not so loud and annoying.

Instead, this sound is sluggish and unable to bother someone. 

A Vitamix blender basically produces 80 decimals.

Thus, it is realized how quiet Vitamix blenders are.

This quality is another fact that plays a crucial part in increasing the price.

Brand Reputation 

highest Brand Value

The reputation of Vitamix is magnificent to accentuate.

It has been one hundred years since the brand started its journey in the respective marketplace.

Over time, it has become one of the most popular and reliable brands that have captivated customers and fascinated them with brilliant and versatile appliances. 

Vitamix brought out the first blender namely Vitamix 3600 in 1969.

Since then, it continues to manufacture high-end products to facilitate household work.

Following its popularity, the brand has won several awards for having contributed to innovating powerful and promising products. 

Hence, the worldwide reputation of the brand makes it more iconic and extraordinary.

On account of this, the price goes high. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Vitamix really worth the money?

worth the money and price

Definitely. Vitamix is really worth the premium price considering the multiple facilities offered by it.

Its blenders are quite impressive with distinctive characteristics.

The mighty motor along with sharp blades can blend everything within a few minutes.

You can enjoy noise-free work while in use.

Besides, there are several speed options that you can choose from depending on your demands.

After that, the self-cleaning system is another commendable program that diminishes the difficulty of hand-cleaning.

Moreover, they come with a long-termed warranty that ensures durability.

On account of these features, it is striking to disclose that Vitamix is worth the money. 

Is Vitamix the best?


It is disputable to nominate a single brand as the best among the several brands in the marketplace.

Whether Vitamix is the best or not, it can be said that some of its blenders are really the best innovations in terms of technological features and high-end performance.

Overall, Vitamix is one of the best brands in the world in its respective area of manufacturing. 

How to get a discount on Vitamix?

discounts for various purpose

Even though the price of Vitamix blenders is extremely superfluous, the brand often offers discounts for its customers to raise sales.

Therefore, you can get various discounts on the products.

  1. Take advantage of Vitamix coupons 
  2. Purchase a Certified Reconditioned Product
  3. Accept the facility of PayPal Promotional Financing 
  4. Subscribe to the Vitamix Email Program
  5. Join the Vitamix Rewards Program  
  6. Grab Vitamix Black Friday

Does Vitamix go on sale for Black Friday?

black Friday sale

Yes, Vitamix goes on sale on Black Friday.

Following the day, Vitamix has provided discounts on numerous blender models reducing the price.

As an illustration, while the cost of Vitamix Explorian 10-Speed Blender was $449 regularly, now its price is $349 saving $100.

Another blender, Vitamix A2500 Ascent Series Smart Professional-Grade, 64 oz Blender was accessible at $599, but now it is $484 at Amazon.

In this way, Vitamix goes on sale for Black Friday offering a notable discount. 

Where are Vitamix blenders made? 

change anywhere, everywhere, place, location

The Vitamix blenders are made in Cleveland, Ohio, USA.

The headquarters of Vitamix was founded in Ohio in the 1930s.

Since then, the manufacturing activities continue there.

It has been estimated that almost 70% of their parts are produced in the US.

Some products are manufactured in other countries including China. 

How good are Vitamix blenders?

Positive, Adverse, negative, good, bad

It is needless to say how good Vitamix blenders are.

Already pointed out, Vitamix blenders are manufactured from high-quality components and are affluent with advanced technologies that make them powerful and efficient.

New features are included to them to provide uncompromising performance.

As a precision, the blenders are brilliant and capable of providing satisfactory services.

They can crash the foods significantly.

They can last for years after years without problems.

Overall, it is worth saying that Vitamix blenders are really good. 

How long do Vitamix blenders last?

How long last

The durability of Vitamix blenders is simply unbelievable.

Because of top-notch characteristics and modern technologies, they can last for several years.

In particular, it has been reported that some models of Vitamix blenders can last for more than 30 years.

Ridiculous! isn’t it? Whatever, it is true.

The advanced features have made them durable and potential.

Typically, they can last more than 10 years. 

Does Vitamix have a lifetime warranty?


Nope. Though Vitamix offers a significant period of warranty, it is not a lifetime.

Rather, the warranty can range from 5 to 10 years depending on the models you purchase.

If you detect any kind of problem within the time, you can repair it without any return.

This long-term warranty unravels how reliable they are. 

Is Blendtec better than Vitamix?

What is so special, confuse, thinking, getting idea

Blendtec and Vitamix are two of the most leading brands for exclusive blender machines.

Between them, it is difficult to mention one as better than the other.

Because both of them are wonderful in certain aspects including advanced technologies.

It depends on what type of job you prefer.

It is examined that Vitamix accomplishes a better job at some particular jobs like making smoother hummus and hotter soup.

Besides, while Vitamix contains physical control dials and switches, Blendtec has sleek, futuristic, all-touchscreen controls.

However, if you want a lengthy, powerful, and versatile machine, you will be satisfied with both of them. 

Is ninja blender better than Vitamix?

Why is powerful

When it comes to comparing Ninja and Vitamix blenders, several matters are to be considered.

Both of them are well-known and popular for high-performance blenders with fantastic features.

In terms of price, Ninja is less expensive than Vitamix.

Besides, Vitamix has a more powerful HP motor than Ninja.

Then, Vitamix provides 10 options for speed control while Ninja has only three options.

Again, Vitamix grants up to 10 years of warranty but Ninja only grants 2-3 years.

However, considering these factors, Vitamix can be nominated as better than Ninja.

If your budget is low, then you can take Ninja as an alternative. 

Is nutribullet better than Vitamix?


Nutribullet is comparatively a recent brand compared to Vitamix.

But they are good in terms of efficiency.

To mention clearly, Vitamix contains much more capacity than Nutribullet.

Moreover, it is relatively versatile and powerful in contrast to Nutribullet.

The price is also a little bit higher.

Therefore, Vitamix is better than Nutribullet on account of its innovative features.

Is thermomix better than Vitamix?

What is the best

Comparing Thermomic and Vitamix is somewhat difficult.

Consumers believe that both of them are completely powerful and effective.

Having strong motors and sharp blades, they offer the utmost performance.

But Vitamix motors are indeed twice as powerful as Thermomix motors.

Moreover, the former one offers 10 years warranty but the latter one is only 2 years.

Acknowledging all the characteristics, it can be said that Vitamix is better than Thermomix. 

Vitamix alternatives

alternatives for anything

Since Vitamix seems to be more expensive than many other blenders, you can buy these alternatives according to your preference.

These alternatives are:

  1. KitchenAid
  2. Blendtec
  3. Nutribullet 
  4. Cleanblend
  5. Ninja 
  6. Homegeek 
  7. Cosori
  8. Oster Versa

Final Remarks

Considering all the things, it is crystal clear that Vitamix is primarily expensive because of its powerful quality, sharpened blades, high performance, long-lasting activity, multiple speed control, brand value, etc.

On account of its versatile qualities, the brand has obtained worldwide recognition and established a prominent position.

That is why its value is growing and the price is equally increasing.

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