Why Is Visvim So Expensive? [Top 9 Reasons]

There’s no doubt about it: Visvim is expensive. But what makes this Japanese clothing company so special? Why are their prices so high?

In this blog post, we will take a look at 9 reasons why Visvim is so expensive. Keep reading to find out more!

Visvim Overview  

Vinsim is a renowned fashion brand founded in 2000 by a Japanese designer Hiroki Nakamura. It is a synonym for quality craftsmanship and time-honored.

The footwear and clothing brand that matches American ruggedness and Japanese traditions. Before starting his vision, Nakamura worked at Burton snowboards for over eight years.

As a result, he understood the quality and the craftsmanship and thus created products that were up to standards.

When naming his brand, Namukura decided to borrow the names from a Latin dictionary, and he came up with vis and vim and thus the name Visvim.

In a statement, Namukura said that he preferred something that he could use for a long time and could last. The Visvim project was expensive because Hiroki wanted to experiment with old techniques and craftsmanship.

Before Vismim became a full-fledged clothing brand, it started as a shoe manufacturing brand. FBT was their signature shoe that was based on pop band fun band three.

It is because Hiroki Nakamura saw one of its band name members, Terry, wearing mocassin on their album cover. It meets his vision of east meeting west.

Despite visvim having so many competitors, the brand has maintained its reputation over the years.

Good craftsmanship, premium materials, high demand, Brand name, and limited production are some of the vital contributing factors to the Visvim premium prices.

Why Is Visvim So Expensive? 

Visvim is expensive because of the high-quality materials they use, the high consumer demand, exceptional craftsmanship, and because it is a luxury brand. Additionally, Visvim’s production costs are high because they have limited products. Celebrities also love wearing Visvim which adds to the brand name. Lastly, Visvim has iconic designs that are well-known amongst fashion enthusiasts. All of these factors contribute to why Visvim is so expensive.

Let’s look at the reasons behind Why is Visvim so Expensive in more detail

Visvim uses High-quality materials

 Visvim uses premium materials when making its products. They import leathers, suede, and horsemen bison hides from various countries like Germany, Italy, and British.

They are of high quality, which means that the hides extracted from animals have been taken care of well to yield quality skin. Due to the quality of the materials, Visvim products can last for a long and can give you the service you need.

Visvim products get made using the vegetable tanning process, the original artisan type. Tanning is a very long process which might take up to one year.

It makes the products more robust, more durable, and more long-lasting. You can use the product for a lifetime.

 When Vismvim chooses the quality of leather and fabric, they go for the best in the market. It translates to the high prices of the products.

Also, the material that Visvim uses is scarce to get. So, they sought them from different countries, which is costly and affects the price of the ultimate product.

 Visvim has a High consumer demand

Due to the high-quality materials used in manufacturing Visvim items, their demand is also high.

When the demand is high and the production quantity is low, the sellers price their products accordingly.

Vismin being a reputable brand, many people want to be associated with wearing the brand items, increasing demand.

 Exceptional  craftsmanship

The high-quality level of craftsmanship is another reason why Visvim is so costly. Nakamura traveled worldwide to look for the manufacturer with the best craftsmanship. 

Japan is one of the countries with the best craftsman with many years of experience working in the clothing industry.

Also, Visvim’s founder purposely used the traditional dyeing method like the one you see in raw jeans. He thinks that using the modern coloring process is recreating the same thing he decided to be unique.

So, he decided to use the color dyeing process. It uses natural ingredients like mud dyeing, flower dyeing, and insect-based dyeing.

 Also, Visvim takes alot of seriousness when making their products. They ensure that the latter follow the steps to ensure the premium quality of their end products.

These proceeds are time-consuming and require alot of effort, so Visvim products are expensive.

Visvim is A Luxury Brand

Visvim is a luxury brand. So its products are pretty expensive since they are incomparable to the mass market. Also, the brand items are not affordable to everyone due to the high pricing.

The products are made using the best craftsmanship and rare premium materials. All these factors contribute to astronomically high prices.

Most consumers who go for Visvim want high-quality and unique items, so they have no problem paying the high fees.

For instance, if you pay several dollars on an FBT shoe, you have acquired a unique item that you can use even for a lifetime. Owning a Visvim products makes you feel great, rich, and belong to the elite group in your community.

To some people holding a visvim product is a dream come true, and they can part with any amount to have or save for months to own the products.

Also, being a Visvim brand, they increase the pricing to match the quality. Also, they know that people have no problem paying any amount, so they put the high price tags.

Visvim Production costs are High

Visvim prices are high because of the incurred costs during the production process. They go for high-end quality materials, which play a massive role in the price tags.

Also, they use thethe best craftsmen in the industry to ensure they deliver nothing but quality items

Also, Visvim manufactures its clothing in Europe which is more expensive than when they produce in Asian countries.

When all these labor costs are considered, the prices you pay for the final product increase.

Limited Products

Most high-end brands produce limited items as a marketing strategy. It drives the cost of the products high due to the increased demand. Also, most people rush to get the limited edition.

So the brand takes advantage to increase the prices because they are aware people are willing to pay the high prices. Visvim consumers sometimes get a short period to buy products from the brand before they are out of stock which impacts the high pricing.

Indeed, for Visvim to control the supply they have, they increase the prices to manage it better. The limited-edition also impacts the items for other brands to resell, which gets reflected in the price tags.

Celebrities Love Visvim

When celebrities wear luxury brands, they play a massive role in creating awareness, promoting the brand, and its desirability to people out there. It makes the brand look unique and costly.

For instance, if a person spots their favorite celebrity wearing a designer cloth or item, they search for the brand name and purchase the item. It is because they want to look like a celebrity. It is why most brands use celebrities to showcase their work.

Some of the celebrities that have been seen wearing Visvim brand Products in crucial events include Rihanna, Kanye West, John Mayer, Asap Rocky, and Schoolboy Q.

Brand Name

Visvim is a reputable brand that has been in existence for over fifteen years. When buying items from a luxury brand like Visvim, you also pay for the brand name.

Almost half of the price goes to the brand name rather than the quality and production costs.

Most people want to be associated with big brands so they can pay any amount to own their products.

Visvim has Iconic Designs

Visvim has most of the iconic and admirable shoes and clothing around the globe. They have the famous FBT mosaic shoe, their signature, and it has become a classic cult.

They are expensive but durable at the same time. Furthermore, they can give you a lifetime service. Also, Hiroki Nakamura made sure that his designs were unique and they don’t go out of style.

Final Thoughts On Why Is Visvim So Expensive

In conclusion, there are many reasons why Visvim is so expensive. Some of these reasons include the high-quality materials used, the exceptional craftsmanship, the limited products, and the iconic designs.

However, at the end of the day, it is up to the consumer to decide whether or not the price is worth it. Thank you for reading.

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