Why Is Tungsten So Expensive? (Top 5 Reasons)

Tungsten has become one of the most popular metals used in making wedding rings over the years.

It is also referred to as wolfram, a chemical element found in the periodic table.

Tungsten is a Swedish phrase meaning ‘Heavy stone’ because of its heavyweight.

When it comes to buying tungsten, most people get disappointed.

Why? Because it’s very costly. 

After examining various factors, we found that these reasons influence tungsten’s high prices.

  • Tungsten is a durable metal.
  • It does not lust.
  • Tungsten is the heaviest metal used in making jewelry.
  • It has several popular colors.
  • High demand.

If you have been wondering why tungsten is costly, read this article mindfully.

You will find the answer.

Why is tungsten so expensive?

Tungsten is a very dense metal, and if you throw something towards it will go through because of its density. 

There are so many reasons why it is so expensive.

However, we will explore the top five reasons.

Thus, the grounds are:

High demand


Tungsten demand is on the upswing.

Most manufacturers use it to make wedding bands and other products. 

Also, this metal gets used as a raw material in so many industries.

When there is a shortage of tungsten, it brings a lot of confusion since the demand is high and the supply is low.

This factor influences prices to increase tremendously. 

The high demand for tungsten will make it overpriced.

But, despite most people complaining of its premium prices, others are willing to pay more for it.


Quality and durability

Tungsten is very durable; it beats all metals when it comes to durability.

It is the most rigid metal used in jewelry, and most materials cannot scratch it easily.

Tungsten can only get scratched by diamond armaments.

It means that it’s hard for products made from tungsten to get scratched no matter how you expose them.

Tungsten Does not Lust

Provides Value

Tungsten is highly resistant to lust.

If you look at tungsten rings, they are very resistant to tarnishing and corrosion.

They keep their color and shine for many years.

Tungsten does not get scratched, so it keeps its shine and doesn’t lust.

So this is one factor that will raise the price tags of products made using tungsten.

It has popular colors

Multi color

Unlike other metals, tungsten has a variety of popular colors.

It has gunmetal gray.

It is the most common color that is used in making unique cute wedding accessories.

Also, it is available in white color that is popular in gold and platinum metals.

They give a wedding ring fashionable looks.

Black tungsten rings are also available for those people who want to look extra and stand out.

Tungsten rings are also available in other colors.

So this factor also makes them so costly.

Tungsten Weight


Tungsten metal makes the heaviest rings in the market.

So if you love the solid feeling of the ring, then tungsten rings are the best.

Tungsten is heavier than 14 kg gold or stainless steel. 

This unique factor also leads to increased prices of tungsten metals.

But despite that, tungsten die-hards pay extra money to feel that weight on their rings.

Is tungsten worth it?

worth it

Yes, tungsten is worth every penny.

Like other metals, it also has its pros and cons, but the pro outshines the cons.

Tungsten is the heaviest metal and does not Lust compared with other metals. 

When you look at some of these reasons, you agree that it’s worth it.

But, it depends on personal experience using it.

Many anglers prefer using tungsten rather than lead because of the weight.

Despite the high prices, they are willing to pay more. 

Does tungsten hold its value?

hold the value

Tungsten does not hold its cash as other metals do.

It does not have a prestigious value like that of gold, silver, and platinum.

Also, some people refer to it as cheap metal.

Many people want to have wedding rings made from gold or silver so that they retain their value.

But despite that, tungsten rings are becoming famous in the market.

It has a variety of colors, so many prefer it despise other metals like a diamond which only has a single color.

The main difference between Cheap and expensive tungsten rings


There are so many notable differences between cheap and expensive tungsten rings.

Cheap rings are made with cobalt, which is industrial grade.

Some ring factories use cobalt filler on their tungsten rings.

But they tarnish fast and leave your finger gray or black.

While costly tungsten rings are made using nickel, which is jewelry-grade, it’s the best.

These rings don’t tarnish quickly and may serve you for a very long period.

Jewelry-grade rings will keep their original look and luster for a long time.

But cheap ones made with cobalt, industrial tungsten don’t retain their shine.

Expensive tungsten is also used in jewelry.

Using cheaper is a bad idea since it tarnishes fast.

Cobalt is the reason that makes rings tarnish, but if you use nickel, your rings will not haze or tarnish.

However, there are other minor differences.

They include where the tungsten rings get made, the warranty, and the craftsmanship. 

Pros and cons of tungsten

pros and cons

Every item has its pros and cons, and so it also applies to tungsten.

Below are its pros and cons.


Tungsten carbide is one of the most scratch-resistant in the world.

Products made with them hardly get scratched.

People who are allergic to gold material can wear tungsten rings with no side effects.

It is because they are naturally hypoallergenic.

Tungsten wedding rings have a natural metal gray color.

But they can get plated with other colors like gold, black, and white.

Most famous manufacturers and jewelry dealers give a lifetime warranty for tungsten materials.

So, in case your ring breaks, they replace it with a new one.

Just like a diamond, tungsten is scratch-resistant and won’t bend or lose its shape.

But it is good to mention that it can break if you apply excessive force.

Tungstens rings are easier to remove in case of emergency than rings made with gold.


You cannot resize tungsten rings because of the hard materials.

So, in case you outgrow it you will have to buy a new one.

Tungsten is not valuable.

It is difficult to return your cashback, unlike other metals like gold.

Gold is one of the most traded commodities in the world.

So you can turn it into liquidity with much struggle. 

Also, tungsten is not traded or highly valued.

You might find it hard when you want to dispose of it in the future.

What to consider before buying tungsten materials?

If you decide to buy tungsten materials, there are some things that you need to consider.

The brand

Designer brand

You should check the brand you are buying from to ensure that it’s reputable.

It is crucial, especially if you are buying from an online store.

You should bear in mind that there are fake items in the market.

Legit companies have warranties and certificates to show that their materials are original. 

It would be best if you also made thorough background checks on the sellers.

It is to ensure that they are not involved in any shoddy deals.

Also, the supplier should be able to answer all questions related to the materials.



Durability is a crucial factor to consider when buying any tungsten material.

Purchasing a durable material guarantees you longevity.

You won’t spend more money trying to repair or replace it.

You should make sure to check the guarantee period so it can guide you to know if it’s legit or not.

The quality of the material


The quality of the material is also an essential factor to look out for when buying tungsten.

You should ensure that the materials are of the highest quality.

For whatever purpose, you may use the materials.

If they are of low quality, it will result in producing undesirable results. 

To give a good example, most jewelry companies use cobalt.

It is of poor quality in jewelry, and they wear out fast.

But when you use nickel, the jewelry will last forever because the quality is good.

The purpose


Before you buy a tungsten material, you should consider what you intend to do with it.

It will make you spend money on material that will not help you, no matter how expensive it is.

How to save money on tungsten?

Why expensive, how to save money

Tungsten is very expensive, but despite that, you can still save money.

For you to save some pennies, there are strategies you need to apply.

Choose the right quality of the material.

When you buy a high-quality material, it will give you xemplary service.

You will not keep going back to replace or repair it.

You can buy during seasonal sales where some tungsten stores offer discounts.

And it will save you some money.

Buy materials in bulk.

The suppliers will give you a special discount when you buy in huge quantities compared to a single item.

Also, if you buy from an online store, they give coupons that you can use to purchase tungsten materials.

Also, you can use the engineers to buy for you direct from the factory since they buy at lower prices.

Frequently asked questions

Below are some tungsten questions that people keep on asking.

Why is tungsten so rare?

What are the top reasons to get a Kitchenaid mixer

Tungsten is a rare metal found naturally on earth.

It is the second most brutal metal with a high melting point after diamond. 

Wolfram is well recognized for its many applications, and very few metals can get used in its place. 

Tungsten requires more heat to melt than any other metal on the planet.

Tungsten is very resistant to corrosion, which is hard to find in different metals. 

Is tungsten cheaper than gold?


Tungsten gets approximated to be ten times harder than gold.

And it is a more scratch-resistant metal.

However, when it comes to prices, it’s way cheaper than gold.

If we take an example of their rings, a gold ring will cost $1000 an ounce while tungsten goes for $200.

Mind you; the tungsten rings come with a lifetime guarantee.

China also produces tungsten rings that cost as low as $5.00.


As we conclude this long passage, it is easy to understand why tungsten is so expensive.

It has the highest melting point, and it uses the most heat than any other metal on earth.

Tungsten also is scratch and corrosion-resistant.

And it is used in making wedding bands that remain shiny for exemplaryery many years.

Despite many people complaining about its high prices, tungsten is becoming very common.

Its demand is very high, which also increased its prices.

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