Why Are Tieks So Expensive? (Top 7 Reasons) 

‘Give a girl the right pair of shoes and she’ll conquer the world!’ It is a familiar saying about girls. 

Women straight away fall in love with pretty, cozy ones no less than fancy handbags or dresses.

However, shoes are one of the most essential elements in our day-to-day life, so people irrespective of their gender are always in search of a perfect pair of shoes that help them move without unwanted hassle which tends to happen a lot with non-branded or cheap pairs of shoes.  

Founded by an American businessman named Kfir Gavrieli in 2008, Tieks footwear is a very popular fashion brand.

It is a pioneer in online selling to consumers and within a decade it has made its position to the top in the fashion market.

Tieks are stylish, cute, flat leather shoes that can be folded up in someone’s purse.

But when it comes to the cost, the price is pretty expensive. 

Reasons for being expensive


Ascertained as one of the most multifaceted designer flats in the world, Tieks are highly expensive shoes.

A number of reasons are explained below which influence the price to be superfluous:



As an online-based, high-class brand, Tieks deliver their products within 2 days of shipping through USPS Priority Mail after you order them.

You’ll admire the very first look of the finest packaging immediately.

The shoes you’ve ordered will be expertly cased in a Tiek turquoise blue box wrapped with an elastic flower underneath.

These flowers are very pretty and some women like to wear them as headbands! Two in one, right? 

Opening the box you find a directory on how to take care of the flats, one compact pouch for quick storage during travel, a reusable nylon tote that can be used as a travel bag to transport one’s heels.

Along with these comes a long-handed thank-you note which simply melts your heart.

Versatile design


A torchbearer in the field of outstanding patterns, Tieks shoes are effortlessly handsome just to look at because of their designs. 

Other than the Classics, they manufacture heritage plaid, leopard, tortoiseshell, varieties of snake straps like electric, azure, copperhead, mocha, sand snake, etc printed shoes.

There are more Patents, Vegans, Girls, etc.

They are classified according to their traits of patterns that are very unique. 

Another thing to adore is their signature blue split-sole which easily goes with every color.

Just check out their Boutiek and you’ll find out if you think otherwise. 

You can wear them with shorts, jeans, and t-shirts, dresses, skirts, or any formal dress.

Tieks will be spicing up your wardrobe! 

Above all, the little details make these flats stand out from the crowd taking the brand to a higher standard.


Multi color

The amount of color shades Tieks provides with their classic collection is just magnificent.

Their website shows a color bar that contains almost all the regular colors available and it’s just magnificent how they maintain the originality without ruining these vibrant colors.

Though with time some discoloration and blemishes are pretty normal, they don’t ruin the beauty of a pair that much if you are not super sensitive regarding it.

On account of this, they are extravagant.

Finest leathers

Finest leathers

Tieks ensure 100% premium, smooth, full-grain, split-sole Italian leather ballet flats.

Some come with standard leather while the others are made in patent leather.

They are tanned with the best grade of oils to highlight the eminent natural grain and simultaneously keep the luxurious feel alive.

The natural surface of the leathers brightens over time and the upper of each pair of Tieks is made from a single piece of leather.

Although, the “vegan tieks” are made thoroughly without using any animal products.

Because of the exquisite materials used in their shoes, excellent artistry, Tieks come with a hefty price.


Foldable tieks

One fun fact about tieks is they are originally designed to fold and fit in a purse which has always caught the attention of women as it paves the way to explore more in their day-to-day journey.

A flexible shoe refers to a flexible person, this was on their mind when they first bought such pairs on the market. S

uch interesting fact has made the brand unique.

Absolute Comfort

Satisfactory Comfort

With the right size, as soon as you slip them on, Tieks will seem super cozy, natural and they don’t hurt at all.

The leather shoe pad is hand-stitched and very soft as well.

One of the reasons why Tieks are on people like Oprah Winfrey’s favorite flat lists.

In case they hurt or cause you inconvenience, you possibly have the wrong size or your foot shape is different than many others as most women put on Tieks with the least assimilation. 

Each pair of Tieks offer a non-resilient, spongy back that protects your heels from having any kind of blisters and offers softer support on your Achilles.

It ensures that they are never too stiff and you can flex while you walk! 

As Tieks provide an outstanding exchange policy, you don’t need to worry about your size to enjoy ultimate comfort.

With free return shipping, they’ll exchange shoes according to your perfect size.


Quality and durability

Tieks dense, non-skid, rubber outsole offers traction and shock absorption that keeps one grounded with every step.

The brown leather midsole makes a pair of Tieks both flexible and durable.

As a result, one can fold and unfold the shoe time and again.

And it is another reason that makes it costly.


Is Tieks really worth it? 

worth it

If you are about to buy Tieks, you need to spend at least $175 for a pair which is obviously a lot for most people.

But are they really worth so much? If you aren’t convinced yet after reading the above-mentioned reasons, then let me tell you they are very much worth the high price. 

Tieks are made in a very refined, sophisticated way with the finest elements available in order to offer the best to the customers.

So, the purchase will be a fruitful one. 

What is so special about Tieks? 

so special

The question should be why it won’t be regarded as a special one! Wearable all day, every day, made out of the finest leathers with versatile style, they combine the best of Italian and modern artistry.

A single pair of tieks requires 3 days and more than 150 steps to come up with the best version of it.

They have to be special, right?

How long does a pair of Tieks last?

How long last

Tieks can be your go-to fancy flats if you own the right size.

But how long it’s going to last depends a lot on your period and the way of using them. 

Basically, they wear out within 3-5 years if you keep using them daily or walk a lot.

If not, using them occasionally, once or twice a week, Tieks can last longer.

Also, taking care of them in a proper way increases their durability.

Do Tieks have a warranty?


They do so long you can keep them in their original state instead of wearing them outside and making the pair dirty.

The company has a generous policy that they exchange or even return a full fund of unworn Tieks at any time with paying the shipping cost both ways.

So, before using them outside, make sure you try them on for a few days at home on clean floors to ensure a perfect size.

What to consider before buying Tieks?

consider, think, what to check

Before buying tieks you need to double-check the fact that if flats are okay for you as if you have high arches or flat feet, thinner heels, they might not be the best option out there.

They can be very cute but still not for everyone. 

How to save money on Tieks?

save money

Tieks by Gavrieli have been on the market for a while and yet you can’t just purchase them from any local store or even order from Amazon. 

To save money on them, you have to be signed up on their email list, while following them on social media to be informed instantly about their giveaways or if they decide to go for a tieks sale.

Moreover, they sometimes offer coupons where you can get discounts to buy a pair of your dream shoes with lesser money.

Some Reviews of Tieks


Lots of women have been obsessed with Tieks over the years.

The growing hype of this brand doesn’t seem to end any soon.

Even the skeptical consumers seem to be happy and satisfied with their first buy and intend to add more pairs of Tieks to their wardrobe. 

Here go few screenshots of Tieks reviews:

Tieks alternative


Not everyone with a handsome salary is ready to spend close to $200 on a pair of shoes no matter which brand it is.

They would prefer comforts and durability to luxury within the lowest price available. 

Some pretty awesome ballet flats can be found on Amazon.

Additionally, they can be good alternatives for Tieks lovers with arch support, comfort, flexibility which will cost a fraction of the Tieks price. 

My top 5 Tieks alternatives recommendation are given below:

  1. Xielong Chaste Ballet Flat 
  2. Dream Pairs Ballerina Flats 
  3. CZZPTC Leather Lambskin Loafers 
  4. Daily Shoes Round Toe Slip-on
  5. Ollio Comfort Ballet Flats 

Do Tieks have coupons?


Tieks have a loyal fanbase who never disappoint them in buying their products frequently.

Furthermore, they believe in their goods and don’t really feel the need to discount their flats or give out a Tieks coupon code.

Do Tieks have a military discount?


One lovely thing they have been doing for the last few years is that they are offering Tieks coupons for military personnel.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, they have honored the frontliners with a $100 Tieks Gift Card named Tieks Heros, for putting their lives on the line to save mass people.

Do Tieks offer a teacher discount?

Yes, like military personnel and first responders, tieks are providing gift cards and coupons for teachers as well.

Certified teachers can qualify for the $75 by verifying their work status by supplying necessary credentials and IDs. 

Bottom Line:

Women of the high class have a healthy obsession with Tieks.

Irrespective of their massive price the brand is always out there to give tough competition to its contemporaries.

They are totally worth the hype considering their outstanding manufacturing procedures and everything that comes with it.

They have earned their name and fame through dedication and managed to sell their shoes at a price people won’t usually buy.

If you are an ardent Tieks admirer, I hope this article helps you know about them more in detail.

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