Why Is Smeg So Expensive? (Top 5 Reasons)

If you are an avid lover of kitchen appliances, you might have heard or come across Smeg.

It is a famous kitchen appliance company around the world.

It is known to have unique products with the 1950s style.

It is seen as one of the best companies and the most expensive option among its competitors in the market.

So what makes it so expensive?

Smeg is a famous brand, so 50% of its cost is because people have to pay for the brand name.

Also, it is made with high-quality materials and FAB design.

These three are the main reasons for their price tags.

In this article, we will discuss why Smeg is expensive in a detailed manner.

So make sure you read it to the very end.

Why is Smeg so expensive?

Before we dive deeper into the reasons, let us first start with a bit of Smeg history to understand better.

Smeg Brand was founded in 1948 by Vittorio Bettazori in Guastalla, Italy.

Smeg is an abbreviation of Smalterie Metallurgiche Emiliane Guastalla.

It made its very first appliance in 1955, a cooker released in 1956 by the name of Elisabeth.

After creating their first appliance, they started developing other home appliances.

Here are some of the products they manufactured included cookers, fridges, washing machines, dishwashers.

Now that we have had a brief history of the company, we can discuss the reasons behind their premium prices.

Brand popularity


When you look at the most famous brands in the world, you will realize they are costly.

It is because people pay for the brand name.

So Smeg is no exception, and the brand names contribute 50% of the cost.

Also, big brands raise the prices of their products to maintain their customer’s view of them.

They are also sure that people will pay more to own their products.

Smeg FAB range is so popular that people always recognize its design and know that it is a Smeg product.

Even if you buy similar products from other brands, you will notice the difference.

It is because they will miss vital brand features.

For instance, if you look at well-known brands like Apple, Adidas, and Chanel, their logos are known.

You can recognize them once presented to you.

So Smeg is equal to this in the kitchen appliances world.

People will recognize it and associate it with a high price tag.

Their appliances are great.

You will not escape the fact that they are costly. 



One reason Smeg is costly is that they feature the ever-popular FAB design.

This design is specific to Smeg so some of the prices you pay will likely go towards paying for this particular design.

Other brands also have the FAB design, and their prices are lower compared to Smeg.

It is because they are from different brands.

High quality

High quality

Smeg products are of good quality.

The materials used in making their appliances are of premium quality.

So it is another contributing factor to their high prices.

When you compare them with other cheaper brands in the market, there is a vast difference in quality.

As we all understand, premium prices come with high price tags.

Limited pieces

Limited quantities

Smeg releases limited pieces in the market.

It is a trick that other big brands use.

They limit the number of pieces and hike the prices because the demand is high.

They know that people are willing to pay more to grab their products before they get sold out.

And that is how the company ends up making more sales.

High demand


Despite Smeg having costly appliances, many people are willing to buy their products.

It is because it is a famous company.

Apart from the quality and other factors, people want to buy their products because it is Smeg.

So they pay money for the brand, especially for wealthy people who want to maintain their class.

What is so special about Smeg? 

so special

Smeg is a famous brand known for its sleek and colourful 1950 styles.

They have high-quality stainless steel fridges and household appliances.

When producing its products, Smeg puts three essential factors in mind:

  • Functionality.
  • Sustainability.
  • Aesthetics.

Smeg designs are also robust, and they make more of a lifestyle than a brand.

It is also for those who love luxurious lifestyles.

Its collaboration with big brands like Disney and Dolce & Gabbana took it to a new level.

Is Smeg a Luxury Brand?

luxury brand

Yes, it is a luxury brand.

Also, it has maintained its reputation by providing luxurious appliances.

It is similar to brands like Miele that focus on European History and Style.

Smeg has stated on its page that despite it being a global brand, it also leverages Italian History.

Are Smeg products worth the price?

worth it

Looking at some of the factors that make Smeg products expensive, you will see that they are worth the price.

But again, this will rely on personal experience.

A good example is when you look at their website for some reviews.

You find both negative and positive reviews from customers.

Despite the brand having high-quality appliances, some people give negative reviews.

It depends on their experience with the products.

If you would love to transform your kitchen with the 50s style, consider Smeg products.

They are worth buying, and their prices are fair too.

How reliable are Smeg appliances?


Like appliances from other brands, Smeg products are not 100% reliable.

They can break down at times typical for any product but not as often as cheaper brands.

Some of their products, like fridges, are not built to last forever.

They can start having technical problems when they exceed their durability.

Are Smeg products of high quality?

High quality products

Smeg has a reputation for making high-quality products.

They have also won so many awards for their designs and quality.

They make their products using premium quality materials.

They value quality over quantity.

But, like any other brand, they don’t lack criticism on the quality of their products.

Some of their products, like fridges, get ranked way above others from regular brands.

Generally, most of their products are of the highest quality.

What to consider before buying from Smeg?

consider before buying

If you have plans to buy a Smeg product, there are a few things you need to consider.

Below are some helpful tips that will make your purchase easy.

Matching the price of your product with your budget

budget based on requirement

You should have the amount of money in mind that you are willing to spend on a product.

It will simplify your work since when you go to the stores you will pick the items that match your budget.

In case you don’t find any that is matching your prices then you can wait and buy when they have end of season discounts.


Quality of manufacturing the products

If spending a huge amount of money on a smeg product is not a big issue to you, consider buying high quality products.

Quality comes with a high price tag.

Before buying a product it is good to ensure that it’s made with high quality materials and is durable.

Functions you are looking for


Before buying a smeg product it is good to check that it has all the functions you want in an appliance.

The best appliances have many functions.

They will not only save you some money but also some space in your kitchen.

For example when you buy a blender that will double up as a blender and a grinder.

It will save you from buying them separately and also the space they would occupy.

Kitchen space

Kitchen space

The space of your kitchen is another vital factor to consider before buying a smeg appliance.

If you have a small kitchen and you want to buy many appliances, it is advisable to buy those with many functions.

So that they fit in your kitchen.

Design and decor

Design and decor of smeg

The design and the decor of the product may be other factors to consider before buying from smeg.

For instance if you have a white fridge you may want to buy a white fridge or kettle to match with it.

Also, the colour of your kitchen decor will guide you on what colours of appliances to go for.

Some reviews of Smeg- Trustpilot

Some reviews

Being a renowned brand, Smeg has worked so hard to keep its reputation.

It ensures that its products are of high quality and meet its customers’ expectations.

Because of their sincerity and care, customers rely on Smeg.

Their feedback is on the Trustpilot website. 

Below are some of the feedback given by customers on the activities of Smeg.

Read this review.

The customers say that they have ordered a cooker, and it got delivered in good condition.

Also, here is another positive feedback from a satisfied customer.

How to save money on Smeg?

save money

Although the Smeg brand can be so expensive, you can save money when buying their products.

There are some strategies you should follow if you want to save some money.

First, you can look for stores selling second-hand appliances.

Smeg appliances tend to hold their value.

You can get them going for 50% less than the original price, and it is a sure way to save money.

You can also buy a demo model.

When you visit most retailing shops, they have sample appliances on display.

They use them to convince their customers to purchase products.

But when the companies release a new model, they sell the older demos at 10 or 25% off.

So you can ask if they have any in stock, which will save you some dollars.

You can also target buying products on Black Friday or boxing days.

During that period you can buy a new product at 25% less than the original price.

You can use coupons advertised on their sites and end up saving up to 30%.

In some cases, if you want to save some money, you might be forced to wait longer when they have sales, but it is worth it. 

Best alternatives and stores like Smeg

Best alternatives

On account of having an excellent reputation, Smeg has indeed increased its competitors.

If you find their products expensive and unaffordable, you can buy from competitors.

They offer the same products at a lower price.

Below are the top eight competitors of Smeg:

  1. Palazzoli
  2. Groupe Bandit
  3. Ixina
  4. Innovia
  5. Indel B
  6. KitchenAid
  7. Homgeek
  8. Vitality for Life
  9. WM lifestyle
  10. Deals outlet 

Frequently asked questions

Below are some questions that mostly get asked on Smeg products.

Why are the Smeg ovens so expensive?

Smeg ovens so expensive

Smeg has a vast range of ovens.

They have different models, and it is one of the largest oven brands.

It has over 93 oven models.

The main reason they are expensive is because of the brand; people have to pay for it.

Apart from that, it makes ovens using quality materials and also their demand is high.

It is also a luxury brand, and luxury comes at a price.

The best European craftsmen also craft them.

Why are Smeg kettles so expensive? 

Smeg kettles so expensive

Smeg kettles have a wide range of colours and styles that make them so attractive.

It gives the perception of quality and performance.

Famous brands also make them, so people have to pay for the brand name.

Also, they have a unique 1950s design that no one would mind having in their kitchen.

Despite their high cost, those who want to own premium brand products pay more to have them in their kitchen.

Why are Smeg fridge freezers so expensive?

Smeg fridge freezers so expensive

Smeg fridge freezers have a long life expectancy compared with regular fridges.

When you take good care of it, it might serve you for almost a decade.

These fridges are energy efficient and come with extra features.

Its brand name contributes to its increased prices.


As we conclude this long passage, it is now easy to see why Smeg is expensive.

To an extent, owning its products in your kitchen is a status symbol because of the premium prices.

Like any renowned brand, most of its cost goes to paying the brand name.

Other factors that contribute to high prices include production, design, wages and materials.

Regardless of its high cost, Smeg products are worth the prices.

And also, the brand has continued to make massive sales despite the premium price tags.

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