Why Is Shutterfly Shipping So Expensive? (Top 11 Reasons)

Have you ever wondered why Shutterfly shipping is outrageously expensive among the other companies related to this sector?
If you do not find any conspicuous answer, then, this article is for you.
I’m going to find out and consequently discuss the reasons that make this agency highly exorbitant.
Research unfolds that Shutterfly shipping is expensive because it provides different methods of shipping with multiple options with regards to how quickly consumers need their products. Depending on the systems as well as shipping cost, packaging cost, and maintenance cost, it has to spend a lot of money per order. Besides, the weight of the products, size, and quantity also impacts the cost. Moreover, distance to destinations is another factor that plays a crucial part in increasing the shipping cost.
However, the reasons that are responsible for ridiculous shipping costs are interpreted here in detail.

Why is Shutterfly Shipping so expensive?

Why is Shutterfly Shipping so expensive
Shutterfly is a premium platform for photo printing shipping.
It is a renowned agency that has made a supreme position amongst other agencies of the world.
Since its shipping is very expensive, it is a common inquiry that what are the reasons for this high cost. Hence, here you are.

Specific Shipping Methods

Shipping Methods
The shipping method of Shutterfly is different due to having multiple options according to consumers’ demands.
Regarding the necessity of the products, they can order to get their desirable things fast.
Amongst several options, one can basically choose the most typical one that takes around five to seven business days to deliver the products.
The next method is the premium shipping options like air travel which are faster than the ground option.
Consumers can get their products within 24 hours or less wherever they stay on the planet.
Another method is Free Express shipping that needs two days to deliver products. It is a decent one that is appropriate for those who have no rush.
Hence, since Shutterfly provides a wide variety of shipping options, the price also ranges depending on the methods.
The fastest options demand the highest cost.

Shipping Costs

Shipping cost

As Shutterfly has different types of shipping methods, customers can choose a particular one under their affordability.
In this case, it is remarkable to note the method that a customer chooses. Because the shipping cost varies on account of these methods.
For example, if any customer wants his goods by air travel, he must pay more than average due to the expensive shipping cost of relevant factors including pilots cost, staff cost, and other expenditure.
On the other hand, ground shipping by truck also demands a cost but it is less expensive than air travel.
If delivery is on a truck or semi-truck, it also requires a fundamental cost regarding maintenance like tire rotations, oil changes, and other crucial costs.
Any options you choose, it is essential to pay the supplier cost.
For this reason, it is unmistakable to realize why the cost of Shutterfly shipping is so expensive.
Shutterfly claims a striking figure to meet up its cost.

Weight of Products


Then, it is the weight of the products that impact the cost to be superfluous.
Shutterfly doesn’t only deliver photos but also several other products such as mugs, frames, toys, furniture, kitchen accessories, etc.
Since all products are not the same in terms of weight, some are heavy and some light.
Hence, heavy products demand a higher cost because of two reasons.
First of all, carrying heavy items in the truck means holding a few items.
There is a limitation of weight that a truck can carry at a time. If it is overloaded with extra weight, it has to pay fines.
That is why a truck can carry only a few items if the products are heavy.
Then, another factor is the extra fuel that a truck needs when it is overloaded.
Because it is hard for heavier products to pull along a surface. The vehicle must depend on extra fuel to run properly.
So, it is perceived that heavy products create various difficulties to be delivered fairly.
Weighty products demand sufficient room on the truck and the vehicle needs extra fuel.
As a result, Shutterfly shipping is expensive to justify this limitation.

Dimensions of Products

Dimensions of Products

It is another big factor that influences the exorbitant cost. The dimension of products is an inevitable issue to consider.
As some heavy items can be small, some light items can also be large. And it is conceivable that a large thing takes up more space in the vehicle.
As a result, it is a hurdle for the drivers to carry various items at a time as they can not keep multiple items.
It reduces the capability of delivering sufficient products, losing profits and, on the other hand, increases the cost of the shipment service.
Therefore, if you order larger items, you must pay a hefty cost in return.
Shutterfly demands an extravagant cost to deliver large and spacious items to cover their relevant costs.

Quantity of Products

Quantity of goods

The next reason that determines the cost is the number of products.
The number of your products really matters in increasing your cost.
Whereas you pay a reasonable payment on ordering limited items, you must pay more if you order in large quantities.
If you order one package product, it basically takes a $5 cost as a charge.
In contrast, if you order various products, the cost will certainly be redoubled.
And if the items are large and heavy, the cost will dramatically be ridiculous.

Packaging Costs

Packaging Costs

A packaging cost is also a crucial factor that influences Shutterfly Shipping to be so expensive.
It is seen that Shutterfly spends a huge amount of money for making its packaging wonderful.
The packaging quality should be good in order to keep the product safe, flawless, and friendly.
It is necessary to ensure that the product can withstand any bumps in the road. Moreover, the larger the products are, the higher the cost of packaging is.
That is why Shutterfly claims a good sum of payment since it is devoted to safe and good-looking packaging.

Distance to Destination

The distance between the delivery point and production point

Since the distribution place of Shutterfly is located in California, if the residence of the consumer is far away from the distributor, the cost of shipping will ridiculously be expensive.
Distance is a great matter that impacts the shipping cost.
This is why people who live outside California have to pay more due to the long distance.
If the order is from a remote area, it takes so many hazards to maintain the jobs including transportation, driver cost, supplier cost, lengthy time, etc.
Therefore, it makes sense that if the destination of the distributor is far away from the starting point, the shipping cost will be superfluous.
Depending on the distance of the area, Shutterfly determines an amount of cost in return.


Delivery surcharges

Delivery surcharge means additional cost added to the products on account of several reasons.
The most familiar surcharge is the delivery on the weekend. Delivery on these days is really ponderous. Besides, drivers working these days demand extra costs as a bonus.
Another fact of surcharge is the weight and size of the products. Because of massive products, drivers can not keep sufficient items together in a vehicle.
Moreover, orders from a remote area are also responsible for drawing surcharges. It takes more fuel and maintenance costs overall.
For this reason, the surcharge marks an exorbitant cost.

Fuel Costs

Fuel Costs

In order to deliver products, Shutterfly has thousands of vehicles. These vehicles need a certain amount of fuel.
Thus, Shutterfly has to spend a lot of money in this sector buying fuel.
In addition, it is also mentionable that with the increase of fuel, the expense of the company is also superfluous.
Therefore, Shutterfly has to demand a high cost to back up the expense. Consequently, the shipping goes high.

Target Policy

Target Policy

As Shutterfly has a particular target on its business policy, it considers ao many things during making the pricing decisions like market trends, consumers’ demands, management, cost, etc.
Besides, Shutterfly is a big name in this particular industry very well reputed among the companies.
As a result, it has to maintain some strategic policy to hold the market.
Taking these matters into consideration, Shutterfly imposes a mentionable price tag on its shipping.



Every business industry wants to make a striking profit within a specific time.
To obtain the goal, they follow some rules and obligations.
Following this fact, some shipping agencies demand an irregular cost to meet up their goal of making a quick profit.
However, Shutterfly also has to maintain the path of making a profit.

In order to get targeted profit, the agency is also enthusiastic to draw an expensive cost for shipping.

Common Questions About Why Is Shutterfly Shipping So Expensive

These are the most common Questions on Why Is Shutterfly Shipping So Expensive

Is Shutterfly Shipping worth it?

Is Shutterfly shipping worth it
This matter is truly relative, depending on consumers’ perspectives and demands.
It is estimated that Shutterfly has ranked 12th position among photo printing and shipping agencies.
Besides, various customers give negative feedback when they are dissatisfied with the service of the brand.
They say that the brand is not worthy in contrast to the cost and compared to other expensive brands.
However, there are very positive reviews also.
Therefore, it can be said that Shutterfly is worth the money if you get proper service.

How To Save Money On Shutterfly Shipping?

Why expensive, how to save money

Although Shutterfly shipping is expensive, there are still some ways to save money on it.
Top of all, Shutterfly often offers different types of promo codes of free shipping.
You can save by getting free shipping on your order. Then, you can sign up for the email list of Shutterfly to get free shipping.
Besides, find out holiday shipping promos that also help clutch free shipping.
Next, you can take advantage of using Shutterfly Shoot and Ship service to save money.
Shutterfly also offers Deals for Military Families and Education discounts for consumers.
Moreover, one can avail of monthly deals, free coupons, and other promotional discounts provided by the company.
In addition to these, customers can pick up products from the store to avoid shipping costs.

Alternatives to Shutterfly


Already mentioned, Shutterfly has several alternatives that you can use if it seems to be unaffordable to you.
Various companies are there that are likely Shutterfly provides a wide range of services within a minimum cost.
Thus, these alternatives are –

What are Shutterfly shipping considerations?

considerations, what to check

Just like any other shipping, Shutterfly company has its shipping considerations too.
Below are Shutterfly’s 10 considerations:
1. Standard shipping may take up an extra 6 days to deliver during peak festive times during a holiday economy.
2. Strictly no weekend deliveries.
3. They guarantee rush and expedited shipping times, and they include a tracking number.
4. There is limited availability of super rush.
5. Shipping to some parts like Alaska and Hawaii may take a little longer.
6. If you have ordered many items, they might be shipped separately, and you may get them two days apart.
7. Shipments to Canada may be subjected to taxes, fees, and duties to be paid by the receiving person at the delivery point.
8. Shutterfly offers international shipping to more than 00 countries, and the shipping periods may vary depending on the country.
9. Shutterfly recommends Military addresses with APO/FPO Military addresses to use the United States as their countryr=despite of the receiver’s location. Also, the estimated speed can vary with the number of variables.
10. For free shipping, the speed is mailed to the economy speed.

Disadvantages of Shutterfly shipping:

Below are some disadvantages of Shutterfly shipping.

Higher prices

Higher prices

When you compare with the competitors of Shutterfly, you will realize that Shutterfly charges are slightly higher despite them offering identical services.
Also, Shutterfly shipping charges are high to many customers, which discourages those on a budget from doing any shipping or purchase.

Their quality is mediocre

quality is mediocre

Shutterfly produces photos retaining their original color tone, but you will notice that its quality is somehow disappointing when delivered to you.
Also, their photos can come when they are blurry, and again when you are editing your pictures online, you can get limited to editing options.

Does Shutterfly ever offer free shipping?

free shipping

Shutterfly frequently offers free shipping to attract customers and increase its value.
To get these offers, a consumer should keep an eye on the website of the company.
By using some promo codes, coupons, vouchers, and holiday promos, and signing up for the email list, one can easily get free shipping.
How much do you need to spend to get free shipping on Shutterfly?
It should be taken into consideration that free shipping is not for all products.
Shutterfly offers free shipping only on some specific products that should be taken by using promos, codes, coupons, etc. Therefore, one has to spend a minimum amount to get free shipping.
To illustrate, Shutterfly gives Free economy shipping on orders $89+.
That means you will get free shipping when you buy products above 89 dollars. Sometimes, orders above $39+ and $49+ are also delivered with free shipping.
Hence, you need to spend this amount to get free shipping.

How many promo codes can I use on Shutterfly?

promo codes

It depends on the types of promo codes.
You can use Promo codes of Shutterfly free shipping only once for a single order per account.
You can not combine these promo codes. But you can add promo codes on discounts.
Some special orders can also be combined by using promo codes.

Can you stack coupons on Shutterfly?

stack coupons

The very recent research shows that Shutterfly does not allow to stack coupons.
But once this service was given by them. The promo codes or coupons of discounts would be stacked.
Generally, free shipping coupons are always disallowed to stack.
Can you use more than one promo code on Shutterfly?
As I’ve already pointed out, you can use one promo code on Shutterfly by one account.
There is no option to use several codes per account. Shutterfly was once allowed to stack multiple coupons.
But now, this opportunity is closed and consumers can not stack promo codes or coupons.

How often does Shutterfly have deals?


Shutterfly very often provides Deals for consumers. It basically offers deals on a weekly basis.
To get discounts from the deals, one should open an account and sign up to the website through the link.
Shutterfly lets the consumers know about the codes, coupons, and deals.
The deals include free shipping, gift, special discounts up to 50%, sales, etc.

Does Shutterfly do military discounts?

discounts for various purpose

Although Shutterfly often offers military discounts, unfortunately, it doesn’t offer military discounts at present.
Based on the last check on 20 March 2021, it is seen that Shutterfly has no active discounts on veterans.
However, there are several alternatives for users including promotional codes, deals, special discounts, etc.

Does Shutterfly do student discounts?


Shutterfly regularly offers student discounts.
Though it stopped student discounts for a few days at the beginning of the year, now, the facility is again open for students.
It offers different promotional codes, vouchers, coupons for students. Students can get a certain percentage of discounts on various products.
They also can have free shipping now and then by following particular methods.

Is there anything cheaper than Shutterfly?

Cheaper alternatives

Yes, there are so many brands cheaper than Shutterfly.
You can choose them if Shutterfly seems to be expensive to you. These are
My canvas
My Scrapbook
Photo Box

Is there anything better than Shutterfly?


Shutterfly is definitely good. But there are various options also which are better than Shutterfly.
Some of these are

What is another company like Shutterfly?


The companies mentioned above are like Shutterfly.
They are competitive with the brand. While some of them are cheaper than Shutterfly, some of them are also better.
Various factors regarding quality, service, cost, and value matter in this case.

Which is cheaper, Snapfish or Shutterfly?

Which is cheaper

Snapfish and Shutterfly are two dominant photo providers in the world.
When it comes to comparing their price, Snapfish is generally a little bit cheaper than Shutterfly.
Although Shutterfly is very expensive, it offers different promotional codes, coupons, deals, and discounts.
However, in terms of service, both of them are outstanding.

Is Mixbook cheaper than Shutterfly?


In terms of cost, Shutterfly is less expensive than Mixbook.
Shutterfly is concerned with providing photo books for under $20. Besides, it regularly offers several types of discounts on the products.
There are other options available for consumers. On the other hand, Mixbook gives a wide variety of stylish books.
A shipping charge of 10 photos is $4.75 on Mixbook, while it is $4.30 on Shutterfly.

Is Shutterfly cheaper than Walgreens?


No, Shutterfly is more expensive than Walgreens.
Considering some factors, it can be said that Walgreens ensures high quality of photos and safe shipping.
In spite of this, it is cheaper than Shutterfly.
Whereas Shutterfly charges $4.30 for shipping 10 photos, Walgreens, at the same time, charges only $2.30.

Is Shutterfly cheaper than Walmart?

It is observed that Walmart is a great brand for customers to pick up products locally.
It is excellent in this service. However, when it comes to shipping, it is seen that Walmart is cheaper than Shutterfly.
As I’ve said earlier, Shutterfly takes a $4.30 shipping charge for 10 photos, Walmart takes $2.50 for the same quantity of products.

Why Is Shutterfly Shipping So Expensive?

In the long run, now it’s time to draw the line of the passage. From various points of view, it is obvious to understand why Shutterfly shipping is highly expensive.
The discussion shows that Shutterfly provides a great range of services. It has to maintain a huge cost regarding packaging, maintenance, fuel, and supply.
Dimensions of products along with quantity and weight also impact the cost to be superfluous.
Moreover, some other relevant factors are always there that create hype to make it expensive.
Hence, it should be remembered that Shutterfly is a great choice among the other similar companies of the world.
Thus, you can rely upon it even though the price is somewhat extravagant.
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