Why Is Postum So Expensive? (Top 5 Reasons)

If you are allergic to caffeinated drinks, then Postum is an excellent caffeine-free drink you can use.

Postum prices have fallen and rose gradually over the years. It was closed down for almost four years.


A company by the name Elizas Quest food relaunched it back in 2012.

 Most people have been wondering why Postum is so expensive.

The price of Postum dramatically shot from $3.50 to $20 when the other alternative of caffeine-free wheat-based coffee was discontinued in 2007.

It was because of its low demand in the market.

However, reintroduced back to the store shelves and online store by Elizas Quests food in 2012; despite that, the prices were high. Its retail price was $10.50 to $11.75 for a jar of 75 servings.

In this article, we will discuss the exact reasons Postum is expensive. So, without so much ado, let’s get started.

Why is Postum so expensive?

Why Is Postum So Expensive_

Postum is an effective drink used as an alternative to coffee.

It is an instant mix drink that is caffeine-free and has many health benefits, and its ingredients are wheat molasses and roasted wheat bran.

It also has two flavors: cocoa-flavored and coffee-flavored. 

Regardless of it being so expensive, its loyal consumers like the Adventist believers who drink it because of religious beliefs can always pay the premium price with minor complaints.

Below are exact reasons postpartum is quite costly.

Lack of demand

lack of demand

Even though Postum has been popular over the years, it has continued to lack of demand for the young generations.

During the early 90s, so many beliefs came with drinking coffee, especially to the young children and some religions that don’t take caffeinated drinks up to date.

 However, with time, all those claims have been rubbished, and people can drink coffee, dramatically affecting the demand for Postum.

As we have seen earlier, the manufacturer discontinued postum supply in 2007 down due to low demand.

It led to an increase in prices where a jar shot from $3.50 to $20 in online stores like eBay.

 Also, people were flooded with homemade recipes that people would make their own.

However, it was brought back to life by its lovers, a North Carolinas couple who owned the Eliza quest foods in 2012.

They started selling online and slowly returned it to the shelves; nevertheless, the demand was low, making them not stock beyond the western united stores.

This low demand leads to high price tags to the consumers because the cost of production is high, and the company could not scale it.

Healthy benefits

Healthy benefits

Postum has some health benefits, especially to people with digestive problems and high blood pressure.

Also, caffeine is known for insomnia, and as we all know, Postum is caffeine-free, so no sleepless nights.

Postum has no additives like sodium and genetically modified foods. It has a verified Non-GMO seal, which means it is certified.

 Postum also has some nutritional value that comes from wheat and molasses.

Production cost

Production cost

Postum has low demand in the market, which may affect the product cost.

If the need is high, the production cost is minimal because a company can scale it, but for Postum, the demand is low.

Thus, the company cannot reduce its production cost, leading to expensive products to produce, making the price high for the consumers.

Although many people tend to think that Postum should be very cheap considering they only use roasted wheat bran and molasses.

Shipping cost

Shipping cost

As we have seen, due to the low demand of Postum in the market the Eliza Quest found it hard to supply it outside the Western United States.

It means if you live outside the Western U.S, you will have to incur the shipping fees from the online stores indirectly.

 So when the online stores add the shipping fees to the prices, you will pay more to buy a custom jar which would be a bit cheap if you lived within Western U.S and bought directly from the stores.

Invests alot in Marketing

Marketing investment

When you were growing old, I bet you ever came through a Postum ad. Postum companies do marketing for their products on televisions, radios, newspapers, and magazines.

For example, running an advert on tv can be quite costly, which automatically leads to an increase in ultimate price.

After considering all the costs, most companies determine the final price, including labor, time, employees, products, etc.
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What is the average cost of Postum?

average cost of Postum

Prices of Postum vary. If you want to buy postum at a lower price, go to the grocery stores, that is, if you live in the western U.S.

In a grocery store, you buy it at $10.50 for an 8oZ jar and $50 for a 40oz jar, which is cheaper than online stores selling the 8Oz jars for $11.75.

But if you order it on postum’s website, they sell it a $1.75 less than an online store like Walmart and Amazon.

What is so special about Postum?

special about Postum

Postum has existed since 1895, and a post cereal company founded it.

Despite its up and downs and being in and out o the market, the band has maintained its reputation.

Postum has some reasons it is unique. It has an excellent taste, and one of it has kept its original taste that none of the alterative’s give.

That is why the North Carolina couple revived it.

Postum is the best for people with high blood pressure and digestive problems.

It is also believed not to cause insomnia, unlike coffee. Postum also comes in two flavors which you can choose.

Regardless of postum being sold at a premium price, some people are obsessed with it and can pay any amount as long as they have it.

Lastly, postum does not have any additives. It’s purely wheat bran and molasses.

What is the difference between Postum and Pero?

difference between Postum and Pero

Pero and postum are both coffee substitutes and are caffein-free.

Also, they are both instant mix products. However, the notable difference is the type of ingredients used in making them.

Pero is made with a simple recipe which is naturally malted barley, Marley, and chicory, while postum is made with roasted wheat bran and molasses. 

The main flavor difference between the two brands is the ingredients in wheat molasses.

It makes Postum to be sweeter than Pero. But for Pero, you can add a sweetener of your choice to improve the flavor. 

If you want to take a break from coffee, these two are excellent alternatives that you can choose.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some common questions people frequently ask on Postum.

Are coffee alternatives healthy?

healthy coffee alternatives

Coffee is something that you can not miss in every six out of 10 homes.

It has perks of health advantages, but it might not be for everyone.

It might be because of health-related issues like hypertension and acidity or religious beliefs.

 However, coffee alternatives like postum also have their benefits like they are caffeine-free and have no additives that may trigger health conditions.

Many coffee alternatives provide rich nutrients and species that coffee can’t.

Does Postum taste good?

taste good

Postum is made of wheat bran and is among the best coffee alternatives in the market.

It got a dark surgical flavor that goes well with kids.

If your kids want to join you while enjoying your brewed hot coffee in the morning, but you are skeptical about giving them coffee, then postum is a good option.

What coffee alternative is similar to Postum?

coffee alternative is similar to Postum

Postum was one of the coffee alternatives made from roasted wheat brans and wheat molasses.

There are several other alternatives, but Pero is one of the best choices to consider.

It is an instant mix product just like postum.

Other options include chicory coffee, matcha tea, golden milk, latte, kombucha, etc.

Final Thoughts

Postum is a caffeine and coffee-free product made from a wheat-based hot drink that acts as an excellent alternative for coffee.

It is ranked among the best options for coffee sensitivity due to religious beliefs or health-related issues like acidity.

Although Postum was discontinued from the market from 2007 to 2012, the North Carolina couple revived it back, and you can buy it in any grocery store if you live in the western U.S or online stores like amazon at 15 cents per serving.

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