Why Is Poshmark Shipping So Expensive? (Top 5 Reasons)

If you love slightly used second-hand items like clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories, I’m sure you have come across Poshmark.

It is a famous e-commerce marketplace that deals with second-hand goods for both men and women.

Also, it is the most costly option among its top competitors, like eBay.

But when it comes to shipping, most of its customers get disappointed.

Why? Because Poshmark shipping is so expensive.

Examining different factors that make the shipping cost high, it is seen that it is costly because it provides the sellers with ready-made shipping labels, pays all the taxes needed, and gives the customers their platform.

They provide them with a ready-buyer audience.

They do so much of the work.

However, we will discuss the reasons in more detail, so make sure you go through the article mindfully.

Why Poshmark shipping so expensive?

Among the many reasons that make Poshmark shipping so expensive, here are the top five reasons.

These reasons influence the high rates of shipping fees.

So below are the reasons.

Ready-made shipping labels

shipping labels

After a client orders and pays for an item on Poshmark, it processes shipping labels for the sellers to print and attach on the boxes when sending to the clients.

They are the ones who design and put their labels.

 Your work is only print, so they also charge for the service.

So it means that the posh will have to include this in their final pricing, making the shipping cost expensive to the buyers.

 Despite having a flat rate of 7.71 for items that weigh up to 5ilbs, it only favors buying in bulk, and it may be costly if one is buying one thing.

Overweight shipping

Overweight shipping

As mentioned above, Poshmark offers a flat rate for their goods; however, if your order exceeds the allowed weight of 5 ibl, you will have to pay more cash on top of the flat rate. 

Poshmark gives its sellers free shipping for goods that weigh up to five pounds.

For items above that, the seller will have to incur the cost.

Also, as a seller, you will have to ask Poshmark to generate a new overweight label for the overweight to ensure you deliver the correct item.

However, to avoid this extra cost, some sellers convince buyers not to exceed the five pounds to avoid the additional charges. 

They offer customer service

offer customer service

Poshmark offers customer service to buyers on behalf of the sellers.

So in case, a buyer wants to enquire about anything concerning shipping, it is them who provide any feedback.

So, in this case, they also charge this when determining the shipping cost.

If your order has been delayed, they provide you with tracking orders. 

So it’s like they do everything, not like other sites where you will have to do all that yourself.

Poshmark takes care of all that.

They pay all the taxes

pay the taxes

When you are a seller at Poshmark, they simplify everything for you.

They ensure they remit all the taxes when due.

Here you don’t have to run up and down trying to clear the customs duties for your goods to be shipped.

They do everything on your behalf.

Your work is only to package and ship your goods.

So all these services they provide are what translates to the higher shipping prices.



Posh mark provides the sellers with a selling platform that has already built an audience.

They have about a 70million audience online.

So they save you the hassle of trying to build your audience from scratch.

It means that you get something in exchange for a fee, but here as a seller, the profits will be below since they have to deduct all their expenses on the services they provide.

So there is a high price tag on shipping for the buyers.

Does Poshmark do free shipping?

free shipping

Yes, they do. Poshmark gives free shipping to customers who spend $500 and above, and they pay for it.

 However, the seller can offer you free shipping or reduce the cost of an item.

The seller will send you an offer to likers with free shipping or discounted prices when you like a product.

Also, if you add an item to the bundle, the seller has an option for whether to give you a free discount.

Poshmark also, on occasions, have closet clear outs which provide the sellers with an opportunity to reduce their prices with at least 10%.

It is good to always like an item you are interested in within Poshmark; if the seller offers free shipping or other discounts, you will get a notification.

If a seller gives you free shipping, Poshmark will deduct their profits to cover the shipping labels.

Can you negotiate on Poshmark?


Yes, you can negotiate on Poshmark.

There is a feature known as Make an offer.

You can use this future and get the best deals or even become a pro negotiator.

This feature allows you to negotiate for an item you like by directly contacting the seller.

All offers are binding, and as soon as you like a page, the offer page pops up requesting you for payment option, and the moment the seller accepts, you are on your way to getting sorted with the designer clothes or shoes of your choice.

The seller is given 24hrs to accept or reject the offer.

If the seller does not get it within 24 hours, your bid will expire, and you will have to reapply.

You can negotiate for any item listed on Poshmark.

Also, make sure you like any item you are interested in to get notified if the seller gives an offer.

How to do free shipping on Poshmark?

confuse, how to tell, asking, question

If you are a seller on Poshmark and you want to do free shipping.

You put your items in a bundle and then click the offer button.

Another screen will pop up, and you are supposed to click on the 7.17 button.

By clicking this, it means that you will pay for the entire shipping cost, which is 7.17.

After that, the system will calculate your net earnings by deducting the shipping fees and the Poshmark fee.

Then it will show you the amount you are going to pocket, and if you are satisfied, you hit the submit button, and Poshmark will send you a free shipping offer to the buyer, and he will be given twenty-four hours to either decline or accept the offer.

How to do discounted shipping on Poshmark?

discounted shipping

A Poshmark seller can do a shipping discount either using the app or on the web.

If you are using the web, you need to go to the listing page and select a shipping discount.

Then you choose to apply and publish the listing to save your changes, and Poshmark will activate the deal.

When you want to apply it on the web, click the drop-down below the discounted shipping, select a shipping discount, and publish the listing to save changes and activate the deal.

After that, the shipping discount is active, and the potential buyers can receive the shipping promo through buy now or an offer for the listing.

All shipping discounts are deducted from the seller’s net earnings.

However, this does not apply for $500 and above listings since they qualify for free shipping fully paid by Poshmark.

Is it safe to order from Poshmark?

safe to order, invest

Yes, it is very safe. Poshmark has been a reputable website for a decade now.

Buyers receive whatever item they order, and also sellers receive actual payouts.

Poshmark does not release payments to the sellers until they have received their order and are satisfied.

When sellers ship using pre-paid and pre-addressed shipping labels, their shipments are protected.

However, you can easily get scammed by some sellers.

You can receive a fake item, or you may not receive the item. 

Some reviews on Poshmark shipping- Trust pilot

Some reviews

Poshmark is a renowned online marketplace offering second-hand items.

It has worked hard to maintain its reputation.

It has, over time, continued to provide its buyers and sellers with the best services.

Because f their sincerity, the customers rely on them.

Their feedback is seen through reviews like trust pilot.

 Below are some of the excellent reviews that customers left regarding Poshmark shipping.

1. Here the customer is satisfied and gives Poshmark shipping a 5-star rating.

2. Another positive review from a happy buyer thanking Poshmark for responding to her request that they had denied previously.

Poshmark shipping alternatives

alternatives for anything

Although Poshmark has tried to retain its reputation, its competitors have increased indeed.

These can be your alternatives if Poshmark is so expensive and unaffordable to you due to its high shipping prices.

Below are ten Poshmark alternatives. 

  1. Mercari
  2. The real real
  3.  Depop
  4. Thredup
  5. Vinted
  6. Tradesy
  7. Heroin
  8. Etsy
  9. Rebag
  10. Crossroads Trading

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the seller pay for shipping on Poshmark?

paying, giving money, investment

Poshmark offers free shipping to the seller for goods that weigh up to five pounds.

For any extra weight, Poshmark will charge the seller.

So in case the seller notices that the goods are above that weight, they are advised to apply for heavy goods with the correct weight for Poshmark to produce and send them shipping labels.

Before procuring shipping labels, sellers are advised to buy a weighing scale to avoid disappointment or ensure the exact weight.

Does Poshmark shipping include insurance?

include insurance

Yes. As long as you use a label provided by Poshmark and the package is scanned through the USPS tracking system, you will be compensated fully by Poshmark if your parcel gets lost while on transit by USPS.

For orders over $400, you will need to sign upon delivery for added protection.

How long does Poshmark shipping take?

shipping time

 Most Poshmark sellers ship their items within 2-3 days after the buyers have purchased.

But if the buyers cannot ship within that period, they are urged to request new labels to avoid problems with USPS.

If you don’t send your order within 21 days, Poshmark reserves the right to cancel your order automatically.


As we conclude this fantastic article, I’m sure we have understood why Poshmark shipping is expensive.

They bring so much to the table by providing most of the services on behalf of their customers.

From an already built audience, platform, shipping labels, just but to mention a few.

Sellers get all these in exchange for some fees.

So beware that your profit margins here will be low after the platform deducts all its expenses.

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