Why is Moncler So Expensive? (Top 7 Reasons)

Jackets and clothes, in general, are functional and, in most cases, stylish depending on the manufacturer’s brand. Currently, there are hundreds of clothing brands in the market. The market is full of options, meaning anyone can find almost anything they desire.

As such, it gets hard to understand why certain brands are so expensive, in particular Moncler. Moncler is an Italian brand found in 1952 and later acquired by René Ramillon.

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It is a luxury fashion brand that initially made sleeping bags and tents. Later on, due to the need for workers to shield themselves from the cold, they branched into quilted jackets. These jackets became highly popular and subsequently became a thing for the moneyed. Let’s look at the reasons behind Why is Moncler so expensive in further detail.

Why is Moncler so expensive?

why is Moncler so expensive

Below are several reasons why this Italian luxury fashion brand is so expensive, particularly the jackets.

Why is Moncler So Expensive? Moncler is expensive because the company uses high-quality materials, has a lengthy and difficult manufacturing process, and targets a luxury demographic. Additionally, Moncler jackets are well-styled, the company is environmentally conscious, and its products are almost rare. Finally, the price of popularity plays a role in Moncler’s expense.


Moncler Uses Fine Materials

Moncler jackets are made of Japanese nylon, which provides a reliable level of weather resistance. This material also makes the jackets extremely durable, unlike other jacket brands. In addition, the jacket uses the best quality of yarn and raw materials.

Besides the jackets, the company also makes the best quality down coats using the highest quality of materials. They also use down sourced from white geese to insulate their down coats. Goose down is famous for its unique insulation ability. In addition, goose down is the best quality down in terms of performance and composition.

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The company also makes its winter coats using fur trims gotten from coyotes. Coyotes’ natural fur is considered the best quality, despite the ethical concerns regarding its harvesting. However, as a price-influencing factor, it is easy to understand why their fur coat is so expensive.


Product Manufacturing

Moncler makes its clothes in Europe. Manufacturing in Europe is a lot more expensive than if they were being made in other countries like China, where manufacturing costs are generally lower. The jackets are made mainly in Romania, Georgia, Hungary, Armenia, and Moldova. Beware of jackets claiming to be Moncler and made in Italy or France since they are likely to be counterfeit.

Despite being an Italian brand, the company does not make its products in Italy or France, except for a few limited collections made in Italy.

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Target Demographic

Moncler jackets are not made for everyone. Ideally, the luxury brand designs jackets and attire for individuals who can afford their high-quality, uniquely designed products. Luxury brands often price their products high to give people with money a taste of exclusivity.
The brand understands that people with taste and money will generally be curious about why their products are highly priced. However, they will willingly buy such brand products simply for the fact that they have the money. As such, they target such people without worrying about every class of people in the society.

The Jackets Are Well Styled

Their jackets are well designed in terms of comfort and design. Therefore, if you can afford it and desire to look extraordinarily stylish, it won’t hurt to try their products. In addition, the puffy down jackets feature sufficient insulation perfect for the winter and cold climates. Moncler’s top stylish functional design is one of the major reasons it is considered Canada Goose’s biggest rival. Canada Goose is a renowned down coats brand.

Environmental Consciousness

Sustainability is one of the major goals of today’s big companies. Moncler’s efforts in attempting to source materials via sustainable means are notable and highly commendable. For a big, luxurious brand, this is a huge plus, especially to its environmentally-conscious target demographics.

Environmental protection efforts are more than often determining factors for prices in many industries. The company has invested significant effort in reducing its environmental impact. The brand does not limit itself to the materials it uses.

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In addition, they use responsibly sourced materials, even for the smallest items like paper bags. Almost half of the company’s shopping bags are produced out of recycled materials.

In addition, Moncler has implemented workforce responsibility by cutting down the number of printed efforts to reduce paper usage. They also use energy-saving LED lighting in their offices. They have also received several certifications that guarantee their product quality and the lack of toxic chemicals.
Unfortunately, all these efforts to ensure eco-friendliness and sustainability come at a cost. This is often accounted for in the retail pricing of their products.

Products Are Almost Rare

Moncler is a luxury brand, checking all the boxes required to be categorized as such. It is a considerably costly brand not available to everyone.

Most importantly, their items are substantially exclusive and rarely on sale. Due to its reputation, the company sells its jackets and products completely, sometimes even before official release. The brand understands that its products are constantly in demand and prices their products to maximize every early sale.

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The Price of Popularity

As the popularity and brand image increased, so did the brand’s product pricing. In 2003, an Italian businessman, René Ramillon, acquired the brand and, after a decade, floated the company on the Milan Stock Exchange successfully. This massive gain in popularity has played a massive role in the price increase of its products.

Is Moncler Worth the Price?

why is Moncler so- expensive
The answer often depends on what you are looking for. The jackets are well designed with top-quality materials that make them ideal for winters. Moreover, the brand offers a wide selection of jacket styles and designs, unlike a few common brands in the market.

However, is Moncler worth the high prices? If you are on a budget, then this is not for you. In a professional opinion, several alternative brands provide almost the same functionality levels at considerably lower prices.

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At this point, if you buy from Moncler, you will be paying for the brand name and reputation, and not so much its functionality. In addition, there are better alternatives with better designs and material quality at lower prices.


On the other hand, their products are functional. If you want a well-insulated jacket to brace the cold while still looking stylish, then their products are worth a try. Rest assured, Moncler jackets will last you long enough. In this regard, Moncler is definitely worth the price.

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Final Thoughts on Why is Moncler So Expensive

Why is Moncler So Expensive? All things considered, Moncler jackets are perfect for those looking to invest in a classic winter coat. They have a timeless design with quality materials that will last through many years of wear, making it one investment piece you can’t go wrong having!

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