Why Is Miele So Expensive? (Top 5 Reasons)

Miele is a famous domestic appliance manufacturer in Germany.

It is one of the most respected and trusted premium kitchen appliances brands.

The brand has an excellent reputation that it has kept for over 120 years.

But buying its appliances is not very assuring for avid kitchen appliances lovers. Why?

Because Miele is quite expensive, many people can not afford them when examining different reasons that make Miele prices outrageous.

It shows that the brands’ quality, convenience, name, technology, and design are the factors that influence the high prices.

But, we will discuss why Miele is so expensive and answer some frequently asked questions.

Why is Miele so expensive?

Amongst the many reasons, there are the top five reasons that are well elaborated.

These reasons play a significant role in influencing Miele’s outrageous and premium prices.

These reasons are:


High quality

Miele makes its products using high-quality materials.

Every single part of Miele appliances is made in their factory in Germany.

They get tested on quality and durability.

They are supposed to last for at least 20 years.

When you look at other manufacturers, they source part of their products worldwide.

It is to ensure that their prices are low. 

But for Miele, since they make everything by themselves, they ensure the quality is the best.

For instance, a product like Miele comes with a ten-year guarantee.

It means the company believes in its quality.

Again, as you already know, high quality comes with a premium price tag.

Expert Craftsmanship

Expert Craftsmanship

Miele looks for the most innovative manufacturers.

These experts ensure they pay attention to detail in every product they produce.

It makes them stand out among the rest.

Also, each of their products is up to standard and subject to stringent quality controls. 

Miele ensures that its products have a long lifespan.

Paying wages to expert artisans can influence the ultimate price of the appliances.



Miele has set a superior standard when it comes to the design and style of all its appliances.

It believes in clean lines, timeless elegance, and intuitive handling.

If you are looking for an appliance with distinct features, Miele is your go-to brand.

Its appliances are both fun and easy to operate.

It has well-coordinated lines and color options that suit the most kitchen-diverse cabinetry.

Whatever style you want for your kitchen, Miele is your perfect match, no matter how complicated it is.


Designer brand

Miele is a famous brand all over the globe for its domestic appliances.

They rank among the best appliance brands in Germany.

And for every renowned brand, almost half of its total cost goes to the brand name.

Most famous brands hike their prices to maintain the customers’ view of them.

Also, many people want to get associated with the brand, so they are willing to pay more to buy to own their products.

Miele has maintained a good reputation for more than 120 years, so the demand for products is high.



As mentioned above, Miele goes for the best manufacturers who are creative.

They ensure they deliver fascinating technology and excellent results with less energy consumption.

They ensure that their domestic appliances have a lot of special innovative features.

Some features include a conventional rotary dial, discreet sensor controls, high-resolution touch display. 

Miele products are leading because of quality and durability tests around the world.

The cost of impacting the high technology also affects the prices of the products.

What’s unique about Miele?

Unique and Different

The build quality of all Miele products is excellent and high.

Miele manufactures every part of their appliances in their factory.

Other brands source features of their products in various parts of the world to lower their prices.

It ensures they make their appliances with attention to detail to maintain quality.

Miele also has expert artisans who are innovative, taking the brand to the next level.

It also has a unique design that makes its products look attractive.

Is Miele a luxury brand?

luxury brand

Yes, Miele is a luxury brand. It is the largest family-owned appliance manufacturer in the world.

It makes all its parts in its factory, making sure they put all factors into consideration.

They also ensure that they test all their products before releasing them to the market.

But, its products are not very affordable, and only wealthy people can afford them.

So the rich who want to maintain showcase their wealth go for these luxurious appliances.

Miele products have a good resale value due to their premium quality. They rarely break down.

Are Miele products worth the price?


Miele brand is among the top domestic appliances around the globe.

And all their products are worth every coin.

They have a good reputation, and on top of it, their products are reliable.

Investing in a Miele appliance gives you first-hand premium features, quality, and performance. 

They manufacture their appliances using premium materials, so longevity is also guaranteed.

Also, they have expert engineers who are always innovative when creating the products.

How reliable are Miele products?


All Miele products are well above average when it comes to quality and reliability.

They make all the parts themselves. So there is no competition, allowing them to control the manufacturing process.

Their products are well built on the outside compared to other brands.

Everything feels solid, easy, and fun to use.

Most of their appliances have a long-term guarantee, and some may serve you up to 20 years.

In case your appliance breaks down, getting spare parts might be expensive.

Most spare parts cost almost the price of a new one.

What to consider before buying Miele?

consider before buying

Before buying Miele products, there are a few things you need to put in place.

Have a budget


Before buying a Miele product, it is good to have a budget for the Miele appliance that you wish to buy.

It will lessen your work when you go to the shopping store since you will choose an item that fits your budget.

If your budget does not match the price of the item you want, you can wait when they have season sales.

Here you will buy at a discounted price.

Space of your kitchen

Kitchen space

When you plan to buy from Miele, it is good to consider the product’s space.

If your kitchen is small, it’s good to buy multifunctional appliances.

They will fit in your kitchen instead of buying many machines, and they occupy so much space.


best quality

The quality and durability of an appliance you want to buy is another crucial factor to consider.

You should ensure that it is made using high-quality materials.

Design and Color

Before buying a Miele appliance, it is good to look if the design matches your kitchen decor and other items.

We know Miele products for their excellent and unique designs.

Also, the color of the appliance should be appealing.

Reviews on Miele Trustpilot

Some reviews

Miele brand has an excellent reputation for over 120 years, and they have worked hard to retain the position.

It works hard to meet the needs of its consumers by giving premium quality appliances.

Because of that, customers rely on it. Its feedback is seen in reviews on the website of Trustpilot.

There are some outstanding reviews that customers left.

Read this review. The customer got satisfied with the machine repair and gave Miele a 5-star rating. 

The customer was also satisfied with Mieles’ services.

How to save money on Miele?

save money

Although Miele is expensive, you can save money when buying a Miele appliance.

But for you to save, there are some strategies you need to follow.

You can buy appliances from their factory where you get returned items or those with dents retailing at 15-30% off.

Also, you can pair with an interior designer and architect and get 25% off.

Miele does packages at a fair discount.

But you need to buy at least three items at a go, like a fridge, washing machine, and cooker at once.

You can also wait for special offers on their basic models.

You can subscribe to their newsletters to get notified when they are available.

Miele alternatives


Although Miele has a wide reputation, it has indeed increased its competitors.

These can be your alternatives if you find Miele expensive because of its premium prices.

Thus, the top ten competitors and options are.

  1. Amica
  2. Bosch
  3. Le Creuset
  4. Dawlance
  5. Esmaltec
  6. Gaggenau
  7. Dyson
  8. Hotpoint
  9. Subzero
  10. Thermador

Frequently asked questions

Below are questions that get asked on Miele products.

Why are Miele washing machines so expensive?

Miele washing machines so expensive

Miele washing machines are recognized worldwide for their reliability and great features.

They are crafted by experts who are innovative using high-quality materials.

If you take good care of it, it can serve you for over 20 years.

Also, people pay for the brand name because it’s a famous brand, making the ultimate price high.

Why are Miele vacuums so expensive?

Miele vacuums so expensive

Miele vacuums are built to be long-lasting.

Their quality gives value for money since after buying, you don’t need to keep replacing.

You only buy once. It is designed to be unbreakable and with an expansive look.

It has a wide range of attachments and power nozzles that can clean any surface. 

They have a seven-year guarantee for the motors and body parts.

So, in case, any part breaks within the warranty period, they replace it for free.

Another factor that makes them costly is because it’s a reputable company.

Thus people pay for the brand name.

Why are Miele microwaves so expensive?

Miele microwaves so expensive

Miele is a brand known for manufacturing high-end domestic appliances.

Its microwaves are high-powered and are multifunctional.

They have built-in features that are made to fit in trends in inbuilt devices.

They have control panels that you use in choosing different automatic programs.

E.G., if you want to defrost. They are reliable and durable.


As we end this long passage, it is now easy to understand why Miele is expensive.

Since Miele has ensured that its products are of high quality, it has become a reliable brand.

And despite the premium prices, many people are willing to buy from Miele.

The brand has been making more sales over the years.

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