Why is Lush so expensive? [Top 9 Reasons]

Lush is one of the most popular specialty beauty retailer brands globally. The brand sells cosmetics for body, hair, bath, and skincare.
It is also one of the most expensive options among its competitors.
Why is Lush so expensive? The ingredients used in making lush products are expensive, affecting the ultimate prices. Also, the brand name plays a huge role in premium prices.
If you’ve ever wondered what makes Lush so costly, keep reading this article to the very end.

Why Is Lush so expensive?

There are so many reasons why Lush is so expensive, but we will discuss the top 9 in this article.
Without so much ado, let us dive in.

Quality ingredients

High quality
Lush uses premium quality ingredients when manufacturing its products.
It makes its products out of fresh vegetables, organic fruits, essential oils, etc. Lush sustainably procures them from all over the globe.
Lush products are 100% vegetarian, 83% vegan,60% preservative-free, and 30% free from wasteful packaging.
The brand also doesn’t conduct any form of animal testing on its products.
Some raw ingredients like shea butter imported from Ghana are pretty expensive.
It thus leads to the premium price tags of their products.

Prestige pricing

Prestige pricing can also be referred to as premium pricing.
It is a strategy of pricing products at the end of price ranges to attract status-conscious customers.
So, Lush uses this strategy to attract potential customers to buy their product.
Most brands apply premium pricing because they know most people believe that high price tags mean good quality.
Others also think costly products are a sign of self-worth. So, it authenticates them with success and status symbols.
So this is also another factor that leads to the premium price stickers on Lush products.

Delicate products

laptops are products of a famous brand
Lush products are made using fresh ingredients and use very minimal preservatives.
So most of their products have expiry dates, so it is unsafe to use them if they expire.
Lush cannot sell their products if they get damaged by more than a dime.
So because of their delicate manner, Lush put their prices high to cover damages when they occur.

Their products are handmade

hand crafted
All Lush products are made using hand. They manufacture them in buildings with industrial kitchen types instead of factories.
Moreover, they pay attention to detail when making each product, ensuring that they are of high quality.
Since lush does not have processing plants, making products by hand requires a lot of labor force.

It is also time-consuming

Longevity, unlimited time, taking long time
When Lush considers these factors, they increase the products’ ultimate price.
It makes the brand expensive.

Charity work

spend money, giving cost, costly
Charity work is another factor why Lush is so expensive.
If you’ve heard of charity pot, it is because 100% of the cost goes to charity work.
It is not what is left after paying their workers or their suppliers that go to the charity but every cent.
So it means that the brand will have to hike the prices of their products because of the charity pot.

Fighting animal tests

Most companies say that they don’t advocate animal testing, but they do little to stop the act.
Others also use ingredients that have been tested on animals.
However, Lush is a leading brand for fighting animal testing products.
The brand leads in protests, creates bills, spreads awareness. Also, they work with brands against animal tests.
It helps in clearing the system.
They pass all these costs incurred to the consumers through high price stickers.

Helping their resources

Product Design
If Lush realizes that any of their resources have a problem, they go out of their way to ensure they fix it.
It is rare for most companies to do so, which leads Lust to be expensive.
For example, if they notice that something is broken, they will fix it at their cost.
Lush helps its resources and any company they have partnered with.
These costs get passed to their customers by pricing their products high.


paying, giving money, investment
Unlike some brands, Lush is a fair-trade company.
So it means that they pay all their workers and harvesters livable income.
Some brands take advantage and pay their employees peanuts that cannot sustain them.
So that is why Lush will not sell its products at a lower price.
And if they do so, they will end up paying their employees poorly.
These livable salaries led to high price tags for Lush products.


Lush brands use quality packaging materials on their products.
As you are aware, quality comes with a high price tag.
You can recycle or reuse their packaging materials because of the quality materials.
Lush uses plant-based peanuts to protect all their online orders.
The peanuts are 100% biodegradable.
The costs of packaging materials affect the pricing of the products to be high.

Are Lush products worth it?

worth the money and price
The worth of Lush products solely depends on a personal opinion.
Some people will not find it worth others will pay any amount for the products.
But if you are a self-care lover, you will agree that lush products are worth every penny.
Their products make bathing fun, and they are primarily well-made and clean.
In addition, Lush products have fresh ingredients that are not tested on animals.
After using lush products, customers leave positive comments on their website.
Also, they highly recommend them.

How long do Lush products last?

How long do expensive thing last
All lush potted and bottled products have stickers indicating expiration and manufacture date.
It recommends all naked products and soaps to be used within 14 days from the manufacturing date.
And the brand tries to make them as fresh as possible.
Fresh face masks {sold in the fridge in-store} do not have any preservatives.
So you should store them in the fridge after buying and use them within one month.

How to save money on Lush?

save money on something
Lush products are of good quality, but pretty expensive at the same time.
However, there are tips that you can apply and save some dollars when shopping for Lush products.
Below are some of the strategies.

Save on shipping

Lush has free ground shipping if you spend $50 and above on its products.
So it is good to shop in bulk and save yourself $5 that you can use to buy another bath bomb from Lush.

Buy online, pick up in-store

In-store pickup is another way to cut down on shipping costs.
With Lush, you can order online and pick in their physical store around you.
Apart from saving some money, you will also save some time.
It is also ideal if you don’t have $50 to spend on lush products to qualify for free shipping.
Lush does not charge for this service.

Pay in instalments

If you like a product and don’t have the total amount, you can pay in installments.
Lush has after pay, which you will pay a fourth of the price and pay the balance in three installments.
It is an excellent way to get all your essential lush products without paying the entire amount.

Be friendly with the staff

The employees at Lush are knowledgeable about every product they stock.
They are well trained and can tell you about anything you want to know regarding their products.
It is good to ask about anything before buying to avoid wasting money on a product you won’t use.

Sign up for the mailing list

It is good to sign up for the Lush mailing list.
You will be regularly updated if the brand is launching a new product, incoming sales, or holidays.
When you sign up, you will be in the know and grab on deals that will save you some money.

Cut bath bombs

The Lush bath bomb is usually huge.
They do pack a colourful bath in each one, but you can choose not to use the whole of it at once.
You can cut it in half and save some money.

Free face mask

If you are a fanatic of Lush products, you can save up the containers and return them to Lush.
If you return five well-maintained containers, they will give you a free face mask.
The facemasks are full-sized, and they give you an option to choose from any of their natural face masks.
They have this policy to cut the number of plastics they use.
The face mask also comes in a container.
You will need to buy four more products to get another mask.
So if you use this trick, you may find yourself not spending any dime on the Lush mask again.

Return what you don’t like and get a refund

The good thing is that lush has a 90-day policy return.
It is helpful to know about products that you can’t test out in stuff like shampoo.
You only need to have 75% of the product left to get an exchange.

Get a free sample

Lush gives you a free sample if you prefer to try the product at home rather than in the store.
You can ask employees to provide you with a free sample.
You can use it to test if it fits your skin before buying a bigger size.

Sign up for their subscription service

Lush has a subscription service that can help you stock your favorite products.
Customize your Lush subscription products with your go-to store.
They send your monthly subscription with less hassle without going to the store.

Lush alternatives

Best alternatives
Despite Lush being a reputable brand, its competitors have indeed increased.
You can buy from these options if you find Lush to be costly.
Below are the top 7 Lush alternatives.
Hanzal vegan
Art Naturals Bath bombs
Divine Botanics
Sky organics
Rejuvenille bath bombs
Pure sanctum luxury
As we conclude this article, it is now easy to understand why Lush is so expensive.
The brand uses fresh ingredients that they source from all over the world. The ingredients are expensive and thus affect the price tags.
Lush also does not conduct any animal products in their products.
Also, they pay livable salaries to their employers, which makes their products costly.
Despite the Lush products being so expensive, the brand has maintained its reputability over the years.
There are some people who are willing to pay more to own their products.
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