Why Is Jade So Expensive? [Top 11 Reasons]

There is no doubt that jade is a beautiful and unique stone. It is often referred to as the “stone of heaven” because of its many desirable qualities. Jade is said to promote wisdom, balance, and serenity in its wearer.

It is also thought to be a powerful protector against negative energy. For all of these reasons and more, jade has become one of the most expensive gemstones in the world.

In this blog post, we will explore eleven reasons why jade is so costly and sought-after by collectors and jewelry enthusiasts alike.

Why is Jade so Expensive?

Jade is an expensive gemstone because it is rare, has a rich history, and is considered to be very durable. It comes in a variety of colors, but the most sought-after colors are green and white. Jade has been used for centuries in Asia for carving and making jewelry. It is also believed to have healing properties. Because it is so rare, jade is often only found in small pieces. This means that it can be quite difficult to find a large piece of jade that is suitable for carving. As a result, items made from jade can be quite costly. In addition, jade is considered to be a status symbol. Products made from jade are often seen as being exclusive and luxurious. This further adds to the expense of jade. The high price of jade is also due to the fact that there is great demand for this gemstone. While many people cannot afford to buy Jade, they still admire it from afar and appreciate its beauty.

Let’s look at the reasons behind Why Jade is So Expensive in further details


Jade is a natural mineral, so its supply is limited around the globe. You can only get it in specific regions of the world. When the supply goes down, the collectors try to get more of its value like any scarce item.

The miners extract a significant volume of jade, but only a small fraction meets the required standards to make premium jewelry. So the rest is not of much value. So for the miners to compensate for the less valuable jade, they increase the price of the accepted volume.

 It has the Most Sought-after Colors

 One of the main reasons jade is expensive is its color. It increases its value, Most consumers associate jade with green color. However, there are a variety of jadeite colors like yellow, orange, brown, white, black, grey, and lavender.

All these colors are attractive, but the most desirable is a particular shade of green. When jade is pure green to slightly bluish or yellowish-green, one can make hundreds of dollars on it as long as there is no hint of grey, even from a distance. Also, the darker Jades are more valuable compared to the lighter ones.

 Imperial jade is the finest of them all. It is transparent with a vibrant emerald green shade of color. It is one of the world’s most valuable gem. The Royal court of china once gave it a standing order for all available materials of its kind.

 Other types of jades valued include kingfisher jade, which has a less vivid color than imperial, apple jade, yellowish-green and snow jade, translucent white with bright green spots. You will find most of these types being traded in the Asian Market.

 Lavender is the second most sought-after and valuable color of jade. Transparent colors are always more costly than lighter and weak ones.

Black, orange and reddish jades are always popular, especially when they are not brown.

The more the intense color of jade, the more you are likely to pay.

Jade Has a Rich History

Jade has a rich history with over a thousand years of cultural significance. The Chinas Qing dynasty emperors noted its value and associated it with purity. People worldwide value it because of i properties and the physical beauty that comes with it. Jade got carved and used to make jewelry, weapons, and spiritual items during ancient times.

Chinese are the ones who made this gemstone to be popular. Although major old civilizations like Aztexts and the Mayans also used it.

Jade is believed to bring peace and harmony. It is also a symbol of healing, wealth, prosperity, and beauty.

Jade came from Burma, where much of it was sourced to china in the 17 century. Chinese artisans then realized its value and made fine jewelry and other valuables. Jade is associated with wealthy people since only a few people can afford it. It has a rich history and makes the miners put hefty price tags on jade products.

Jade has Healing Properties

Another reason jade is costly is because of its association with mental healing. The mineral is known for reducing anxiety and encouraging inner peace. It is done in phases by protecting the one wearing it from any bad vibrations or influences. Jade is also known to heal physical conditions of the heart, kidney, spleen, nervous and immune system.

These properties increase the value of jade. It is because most people with these conditions will need it and be willing to buy it for any amount.


Jade is expensive because of the level of craftsmanship that goes into making quality jewelry and other products. After it has been extracted from the mines, it requires a high level of craftsmanship.

It helps avoid wastage and get an acceptable, valuable form of jade.  Jade products are mainly manufactured in China, where there is an experts with years of experience. Craftsmanship is also a key element in the Chinese jade carving art industry.

They take all the time and attention to detail to ensure that they craft premium quality products. The artisans focus mainly on the quality and polishing of the gemstone carvings. All these processes take time and effort before getting the final products, and that is why you will find anything made using jade expensive.


The texture of jade plays a significant role in its hefty price tags. It has a smooth and even texture that makes most people want to keep touching and holding it.

Depending on the crystal size and hardness variations, jade and texture can be medium, fine, or coarse. The texture of this stone is sometimes categorized as new mines, old mines, or relatively old mines, or respectively.

Jadeite can resist breakage because of the grains that produce a tight ingrown compact mass.

Jade is Durable

Jade is the most rigid and durable natural material that you can get around the world, and as a result, it gets to be so expensive.

Breaking it is nearly impossible. If you hit it using a hard object like a harmer, it cannot shutter. Also, it can withstand scratches and cut better than other stones available on the market. It is the reason why it is the most preferred when making jewelry.

When you buy a piece of jewelry made using this stone, it can save you a lifetime. And you pass it to your next generations when it is still in perfect condition. The more durable an item is, the more likely you will pay for it.

Jade Products Provide Status and Exclusivity.

Why is jade so costly? It gives status and exclusivity to people who own any product created from it. When people see you wearing jewelry made using jadeite, they quickly conclude that you are wealthy because they know its value.

People who buy jade products want the rarest and most expensive products on the market. When some people acquire an item made using jade, they feel unique and exclusive, increasing their self-esteem.

Most brands charge a lot of money on some products so that the right consumers can purchase them. It also makes their products not lose the exclusivity where everyone can afford them.

When an exclusive item, its price tags are higher than standard items.

The Demand for Jade is High

The demand for jade has increased over the years. Also, the people who can afford the premium quality jadeite have surged, and the suppliers cannot meet the demand.

The price of jade has increased ten times over the past years to $300 ounces, thus making it more valuable. When the market is high but the limited supply, the prices go high, and consumers are willing to pay any amount.

Also, the demand for jade jewelry has grown while the supply of stones has decreased. So the prices of jade have increased because most jewelry companies are looking for them. Also, the awareness of this gemstone has expanded to other countries globally, increasing the demand and prices of jade.


The level of transparency that comes with jade is another factor that makes its to be expensive. It rages from opaque to semitransparent. The most valuable is semitransparent because the text you can read through is blurred.

When any form of light passes below the surface, it gives an attractive brilliance. The transparency is rarely found in other natural stones, making jade unique and expensive.

Jade Creates Unique Pieces of Jewelry

Every single piece of jewelry made from jade is truly unique. Jade stones vary in colors, clarity density, transparency, number of inclusions, and more. Apart from it has so many variations, many jewelry and items can be made using certified jade. Some items made using jade include earrings, bracelets, brooches, pendants, deco pieces, and statues.

Jade quality is high, and it creates unique masterpieces that make it attractive to collectors, which is why the traders make it so expensive.

Final Thoughts On Why Jade Is so Expensive

These are the 11 reasons why jade is so expensive. While some of these reasons are more important than others, they all contribute to the high cost of this beautiful gemstone.

If you have your heart set on owning a piece of jade jewelry or art, be prepared to pay a pretty penny. But it will be worth it! Jade is not only stunning, but it also has a rich history and many healing properties.

When you wear or display jade, you are wearing or displaying a piece of history, culture, and beauty. And that is priceless.

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