Why Is Hamilton So Expensive? (Top 7 Reasons)

From plays at school to Broadway in New York City, in case you are a musical enthusiast, you must have heard the name of Hamilton numerous times.

Early musicals can be dated back to around 2,500 years that began in ancient Greece, where people staged comedies and tragedies that included music, dance, etc in open-air theatres.

Modern American musical theatre began in the late 1800s when people were able to spend more on entertainment due to major social, economical, and political changes. 

Hamilton: An American Musical is a theatrical phenomenon that focuses on the story of the American founding father, Alexander Hamilton.

It was first premiered on January 20, 2015.

The chief director, Lin-Manuel Miranda was highly inspired by a 2004 biography of the same name to write the musical which brought him unimaginable appreciation throughout the years.

Reasons for being expensive

A lot of people dislike musicals, finding them annoying or un-entertaining which is scarcely the same for Hamilton.

Since its release, Hamilton has been Broadway’s number one smash hit.

Even those who are not much into broadway music, find Hamilton as something worth watching, especially the young audiences who have a massive interest in this one, gradually making it one of the most expensive shows on earth.

Let’s try to trace out the reasons behind the show’s high value- 


Ultimate ideas, hitting idea

Being popular is one thing, being good is another.

This can be labeled as a very good one.

Basically, Hamilton is the “Game of Thrones” of musicals.

It got pirated so much that it made record-breaking profits and became a national phenomenon and highly expensive.

With Hamilton, within the first few songs, people not only liked them a lot but had a clear sense of the story and characters, which they rarely experienced with any other recording.

One great thing is, if you can’t watch Hamilton, the cast album gives you the entire story with the emotional impact preserved, making Hamilton, not a show that would just appeal to the Broadway audience watching it, but the people at home who might never get to be a part of that audience.  

So the secret here is that, instead of limiting its charms to the theatre, it brings its story in full, to the realm of readily available media, allowing both those watching it and those who never will, to enjoy it equally.

Solid storyline

Solid storyline, paper

Centering around a historical figure, Hamilton has a sturdy plot that makes it priceless.

With many dramatic parts and action, it’s comedic, tear-jerking.

The first part of any show is finding an audience that wants to watch and when you are referring to a historical figure, someone that a lot of people already know about, it’s like you already have that audience built-in.

It taps into an audience that Broadway has, for lack of a better word, ignored.

Unlike other Broadway shows, Hamilton, being hip-hop musical about a founding father, has an audience of anyone who has ever taken a US history class or is a huge fan of hip-hop.

One great thing about its composition is that an audience doesn’t need to know anything about American history to end up crying for the characters.

Diverse cast

Diverse cast, multiple

Another reason for the musical being so valuable is because the characters are written wonderfully.

The major population of the fanbase that Hamilton brings in and that Broadway has routinely ignored: the very key group of People of Color.

Miranda made sure to star his entire cast with People of Color – a major aspect of the show that- also plays a role in the genre combination of the show, hip-hop, and pop.

They are incredibly talented as well.

Although he has faced a lot of criticism for the non-white actors but has refused to compromise here to catch the young viewers’ appeal.

Strong theme

Strong theme, book

Its strong theme attracts even the European teenagers who never thought they’d like hip hop, whose history teachers skipped the whole American Revolution, who need a dictionary to understand eloquent English, and who probably had never heard the name of Hamilton. 

Both lyrically and musically it has recurring themes that get stuck within oneself in an affirmative way.

People got to know someone they didn’t know or care about through the musical, which itself is attainment.

Top-notch Decor

Top notch, perfect

As the story draws you in, you are supposed to applaud Lin-Manuel Miranda for the artistic decorative ideas he has produced brilliantly.

The abstract metaphor of the design unfolds the story of the people who formed the scaffolding from which the base of the USA is built with utmost pride.

Every tiny detail will leave you with sheer admiration. 

Although managing a set that stands for permanence and solidity that too for a touring show within very short and specific time limits is a great challenge to pull off.

And it is supposed to come with high expenses. 



What most limits a person to like some work is the lack of accessibility or understanding.

But it’s hardly ever the same with Hamilton. 

If you go through the social media comment sections or reviews people put on their websites, you’ll find out that people irrespective of their origin, nationality, language, or color have loved this show which is particularly related to American history only.

Such global demand and popularity among the commoners ultimately increased the value of Hamilton. 


Award winning, prize

How does the show about an orphan, son of a whore, becoming Washington’s right-hand man, rebel to war hero, and win eleven Tony Awards?

Turn a one-hit-wonder into a household name and elevate a forgotten founding father to fame?

It’s the pop sensation, the show about temptation, frustration, all under the guise of historical education- Hamilton.

This kind of show got to be expensive, right?

Frequently Asked Questions

Is seeing Hamilton worth it?

worth it

Absolutely! You’ll get hooked because it has a soul of its own.

Every character is relatable or just plain hilarious.

Plus you can check out the YouTube animatics made based on the show to help you explore various interesting aspects. 

Why is Hamilton such a big deal? 

How do I know

Hamilton is such a big deal because it has amazing music/lyrics to go with it, an enticing and relatable storyline, and high production value. 

Miranda prepared it in a way that tells the story of older times with today’s swag.

Moreover, the top-of-the-line cast who performs in it.

It’s one of the shows that has changed the Broadway show business forever.

Is Hamilton the most expensive?

most expensive

Hamilton isn’t only the most hyped Broadway show of all time, but also one of the most expensive shows.

Before it, the Book of Mormon was the top costliest musical.

In its earlier days, Hamilton tickets used to be around $200-$400 which later went on to be around $1000 and they have yet to come back down. 

Additionally, the highest-grossing Broadway show of all time is The Lion King.

How much does it cost to see Hamilton? 

Much Should Cost

As one of the phenomenal Broadway musicals, enjoying a Hamilton show is going to cost you huge money. 

While tickets go on sale, regular ticket prices vary from $179 to $850.

Although premium and limited view seats for special booking prices start at around $250.

But this will give you an unobstructed view of the full stage as the seats are located accordingly. 

Where can I get discount tickets for Hamilton?


To get discount tickets you need to keep an eye on their verified social accounts, official website, and other recognized sites that provide tickets for Broadway musicals. 

How does the lottery for Hamilton tickets work?

How does it work

Usually, the show offers a lottery for forty-six $10 seats for every live performance.

Fans with lower budgets go crazy to grab this opportunity before any shows in their near areas or cities. 

Individuals must be at least 18 years or older for the draw and they need to enter the lottery via the Hamilton app before any upcoming shows within the required deadline.

The new entry period generally remains for a week from Friday 10 a.m. to Thursday 12 p.m.

Winners are notified through Emails within ¾ hours and get around two hours to claim their tickets.

Note that lottery tickets are non-convertible.

Do they still do ham4ham? 

How do I choose

Yes, they do.

Since the beginning of Hamilton’s record-breaking popularity, related organizers have offered Ham4Ham discount tickets for the ardent lovers of Hamilton.

It’s a daily lottery in which participants can acquire front-row seats to the Broadway production of Hamilton. 

Earlier casts of Hamilton would perform in front of theatres for promotion but now they are held mostly through social media platforms.

Before respective shows, individuals can check out their official websites for further details.

How to get a cheap hamilton ticket?

Which is cheaper

Thanks to a groundbreaking record 16 Tony nominations, Hamilton tickets’ prices have risen higher more than ever.

But relax! There are other frugal ways to watch them live on stage.

All you need is a little luck or patience to continue the game.

There are at least 6 ways to obtain a cheaper ticket for Hamilton:

  1. The Ham4ham Lottery 
  2. The cancellation line
  3. Order nine months ahead 
  4. Catch it on tour 
  5. Win a prize package 
  6. Scalp tickets after the curtain


Hamilton is that exceptional, significant, and unorthodox show which has the accomplishment of reaching No. 1 on the prestigious Billboard rap chart as the first-ever Broadway musical. 

According to many reviews, Hamilton is revolutionary and there has been nothing on Broadway in the past 15-20 years that could beat the exhilarating Hamilton.

Live shows with LMM in it as Hamilton, brings an adrenaline rush that’s impossible to stop.

Plugged straight into the socket of contemporary music this show makes people hopeful for the future of musical theatre.

So the high expenses are often excused by avid Hamilton fans!

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