Why is Gruyere cheese so expensive? (Top 14 Reasons)

Gruyere cheese is a variety of cheese that originated in the Canton of Switzerland.

It is made from unpasteurized cow milk, and it tastes nutty and fruity when cooked.

Gruyere cheese has a higher price point because it’s so versatile in cooking dishes such as fondue or raclette.

Why is Gruyere cheese so expensive?

There are so many reasons that can be responsible for the high price of Gruyere cheese; among them some significant reasons are mentioned below:

Finest cheeses for baking

Finest cheeses for baking

Gruyere cheese is a Swiss cheese that can be used for baking.

However, because it melts so well, it’s not as suited as a substitute as other types of cheese.

Gruyere tends to have a nutty and fruity taste, so if you’re looking for a strong flavor, this is the right type of cheese for you.

One way to enjoy Gruyere is by dipping bread in it and topping it with olive oil.

One of the most popular ways to prepare Gruyere is fondue.

It can also be drizzled on pasta or rice or even added to any dish that calls for Parmesan cheese!

Adds savoriness without overshadowing the other ingredients

Adds savoriness without overshadowing the other ingredients

When you make a dish that requires Gruyere cheese, it adds savoriness without overshadowing the other ingredients.

Gruyere is a Swiss cheese that’s made from unpasteurized cow’s milk and has a nutty and fruity taste.

It can be used in a variety of dishes such as a fondue or pasta.

A popular way to prepare Gruyere is to add it to pasta or rice or even drizzle it on eggs for breakfast.

Nutrition Value


Gruyere cheese is not very healthy but it does provide protein, calcium, and it has some vitamin A in it.

It also has a lot of fat in it.

Versatile and Popular Cheese

Versatile and Popular Cheese

Gruyere cheese is a type of cow’s milk cheese from the Canton of Switzerland.

It has a nutty taste and when cooked, it melts perfectly.

It is used in many different dishes, which increases its popularity and makes it a versatile cheese.

Unique Flavor

Unique Flavor

Gruyere cheese has a very unique flavor to it.

It has a nutty and fruity taste, which separates it from other types of cheeses, such as cheddar.

This unique flavor gives it many purposes in cooking.

Gruyere cheese’s popularity comes from this great taste because even if it’s cooked to the point where you can’t taste its flavor anymore, it still tastes good.

Delectable Food

Delectable Food

Gruyere cheese is used in many different types of delectable food.

Some examples are fondue or raclette.

It’s because of these delectable foods that Gruyere cheese is so expensive.

Many people look for this type of food when eating at restaurants, so the demand for Gruyere cheese is very high.

People love to eat delicious foods and they are willing to pay top dollar if their dish comes with quality ingredients.

Many people also specifically look for dishes that use full-fat cheeses because they are more satisfying.

Gruyere cheese’s high demand makes it very expensive.

The high cost of Gruyere cheese is also due to the small amount of cows that produce this type of milk, making it hard for supply to match up with the ever-growing demand.

Small Amounts = High Price

Higher prices

Gruyere cheese is made from unpasteurized cow milk, which means that it’s very hard to find.

Only a small number of cows produce this type of milk and less than half yield milk that can be used for making Gruyere cheese.

This supplies not only Switzerland, but also the surrounding regions with enough Gruyere cheese.

It’s because of the small supply that Gruyere cheese is so expensive, even though demand is high.

The high cost of making Gruyere cheese also increases its price due to the lack of available suppliers.

Gruyere cheese’s very high price can be attributed to many factors.

In terms of flavor, it has a very unique and delicious taste, which sets it apart from other types of cheese.

It’s because of this rich and delectable flavor that Gruyere cheese is used in many different types of dishes.

Time-consuming process

Longevity, unlimited time, taking long time

An additional factor that might contribute to the price of gruyere cheese is the time-consuming process of making it.

One of the steps in this process is to age the cheese, which can take up to two years.

The patience required with this type of cheese also contributes to its higher price point, thus increasing demand for it.

Demand and supply chain

Supply and demand

The demand for gruyere cheese is another factor that contributes to its higher price.

Gruyere cheese has a nutty, fruity taste to it and when cooked, it melts perfectly which explains why this type of cheese is very versatile when used in cooking.

Due to its versatile nature, gruyere cheese can be incorporated into many dishes and this increases its demand.

The rarity of the ingredient

rare to find, get, hard to search

Another factor that contributes to the price of gruyere cheese is its rarity.

Gruyere cheese is made from unpasteurized cow milk, which means it has a very limited geographical reach as pasteurization is a mandatory requirement for cheese to be traded internationally.

This means gruyere cheese can only be made in certain parts of Switzerland, and this contributes to its high price point due to low supply.

Experienced staff are required

Highly trained sales staff

Gruyere cheese requires experienced staff to produce it.

The milk for this type of cheese is heated, creamed, and then cooked at low temperatures.

Unpasteurized milk is preferred for this type of cheese because the heating process can destroy the culture that provides the cheese with its unique flavor.

The rest of the production process is similar to that of other types of Swiss cheese.

The costs associated with wholesale Gruyere cheese are also considerable; Gruyere must be aged for three months in order to allow it to ripen properly.

When producers age the cheese, they put it into small hoops or ‘forms’ and cover them with foil or cotton sheeting.

This cheese also requires the use of special ripening caves.

This is because it takes time for this type of cheese to mature.

Therefore, these storage areas are required so that the cheese can age properly.

Unparalleled Flavor

Gruyere cheese is a flavorful, versatile type of cheese that can be used in a variety of cooking dishes.

This is an important factor to consider when calculating the price of this type of cheese, as its usage as an ingredient may vary from dish to dish.

There are many different cheeses out there which fall loosely under the Gruyere family, including Gouda, Feta, and Emmental.

It’s important not to confuse these variations with authentic Gruyere cheese due to the differences in taste and texture.

Smooth Texture

Smooth Texture

Gruyere cheese has a lot of elasticity because it’s made from unpasteurized cow milk.

This means that the cheese is extremely smooth and, when cooked, melts right in your mouth. 

This is one of the main reasons why this type of cheese is so expensive.

Expensive Ingredients

How much do cost per year, expense

Typically speaking, items that are used to garnish or flavor other foods are usually expensive.

This is because their main purpose is simply to add a burst of flavor to the dish, rather than being the star of the show.

Gruyere cheese falls under this category, but its strong taste means it’s one of the more expensive types of cheese to buy.

Is Gruyere cheese worth it?

worth the money and price

Yes, Gruyere cheese is worth it.

This fine Swiss cheese is known for its slightly spicy, nutty flavor.

Gruyere melts beautifully and tastes great in recipes or eaten alone on crackers or bread.

The price of this cheese varies widely based on the age of the cheese, with young Gruyere costing around $20 per pound and older Gruyere (called “Extra Old”) selling for over $30 per pound.

While that may seem like a lot to pay for what appears to be little more than fancy cheddar, the taste of this type of Swiss cheese is truly wonderful and unique.

If you’ve never tried it before, I recommend ordering some today so you can enjoy this exquisite treat!

Is Gruyere the best cheese?


I’m not sure what the experts would say, but I personally think Gruyere is the best.

There’s nothing like it when it comes to tasting rich and creamy.

It has this subtle sweet taste that makes it perfect for eating out of hand or for cooking!

Gruyere is perfect for cooking.

It melts very well, making it a wonderful cheese to add to fondues or used in sauces and baked dishes.

When I was a kid, my mother would give me a bowl of Gruyere and a tablespoon to go with it, so I’d have something to snack on after school.

Needless to say, she kept a very well-stocked refrigerator!

I’m not alone in my love for this cheese.

In fact, I’ve been told that there is even a town named Gruyere in Switzerland.

They’re known for their great cheese there! What’s best is each piece of cheese from the same batch will taste different from one another because Gruyere has such a rich flavor that comes from the high butterfat content and the perfect balance of saltiness.

It can vary slightly depending on how long it’s aged or where it’s made.

But generally, the rich and creamy flavor will always be there.

What is a cheaper substitute for Gruyere cheese?


If you’re looking for a cheaper substitute, look no further than Swiss Jarlsberg cheese.

This pale-yellow cheese is very similar to Gruyere and melts particularly well on top of grilled veggies.

Another great alternative is an Alpine Gruyere-style cheese produced in the mountains of Austria or France.

No one specific cheese can be used as a cheap substitute for Gruyere.

There are many options that melt fantastically well on top of vegetables, but they might not have the same nutty flavor as Gruyere does.

However, if you’re looking to save money without sacrificing quality, Norwegian Jarlsberg cheese makes for a good option as it’s pale yellow and has a very similar taste and texture to Gruyere.

Final Thoughts

Gruyere cheese is very versatile and can be used in a lot of recipes that call for other types of cheeses.

Gruyere cheese features a unique flavor that many people recognize and love, which explains why it’s expensive.

In addition to this, gruyere cheese takes quite some time to make because the process requires skilled workers and is very expensive.

In conclusion, the reason why gruyere cheese is so expensive is because of its taste, texture and process in which it’s made.

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