Why Is Gant So Expensive? (Top 15 Reasons) [With Pictures]

Gant’s clothing is expensive because the sports apparel company spends a lot of money on researching and developing it. The design team needs six months alone to develop a new idea for a collection before it hits stores, and only 10% of those ideas even make it there because they don’t want to flood the market.

The company also invests in manufacturing upgrades, ensuring that their products are as high-quality as possible at all times. Finally, Gant prices their clothes higher than other brands because they use more high-end fabrics like Italian cashmere, silks from Japan and India, British woolens, or Egyptian cotton – materials that are difficult to come by these days due to cost constraints.

Why Is Gant So Expensive?

Sometime in the fall of 1949, Brooks Brothers introduced a new type of shirt called “Gant” with a price point that was so high it left most customers speechless.
Fast-forward to 2022 and Gant still has an expensive price tag that only the well-to-do can afford.
If you’re wondering why Gant is so pricey, here are some reasons:

Gant Is a Premium Brand

Brand Popularity
Gant is a premium brand because not everyone can afford one of its products.
Premium brands are usually seen as more luxurious because they command a higher price point, but also offer improved quality.
Gant offers authentic, quality clothing with an emphasis on fabrics, colors, and patterns.
The company continues to allocate time and money into research and development by sourcing the finest materials in order to offer well-executed clothing that defines an era.
Gant’s choice to keep the label exclusive ensures that prices remain high, and they will continue to do so as long as there is a demand for their products.

Spends a Lot of Money on Researching and Developing

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Gant spends a lot of money on researching and developing their clothing because they want to ensure that their products are always high-quality.
They also spend money on research in order to have the best designs for their customers.

Investing in Manufacturing Improvements

Manufacturing Cost

Gant invests in the manufacturing process to ensure that they are providing the best product for their customers.
They have invested in machinery and equipment upgrades to make sure that production is done as efficiently as possible, often with the use of new technology.
Gant outfits are expensive because they invest in having the best tools to create their clothes, and this ensures that everything is manufactured smoothly.

Investing in Marketing

Marketing investment

Gant invests a lot of money in marketing to try and convey its message as clearly as possible.
They spend a lot of money on advertising campaigns to let people know about their newest products, and they spend a lot on PR to make sure that they are getting their name out there.
In order to be able to continue investing in these strategies, Gant has been raising the prices of their clothes.

Take Time to Develop Idea

Ultimate ideas, hitting idea

The design team needs six months alone to develop a new idea for a collection before it hits stores, and only 10% of those ideas even make it there because they don’t want to flood the market.
Gant’s clothing is expensive because it takes them a long time to develop new ideas, and they only put their best designs out on the market.

Take Time to Manufacture

Time consuming

One reason that Gant is so expensive is that it takes time to manufacture. This includes taking into consideration the design process, where ideas for collections are developed and then reviewed.
A lot of work goes into developing new ideas, which means they need six months before the idea becomes a reality.
Designers working on these collections will present 10% of their ideas to Gant’s top executives, who will make the final decision on whether the idea should be produced.
Gant also invests in manufacturing upgrades, ensuring that their products are always top-quality even if production had been discontinued for some time.

Stick with Popular Styles

Individual styles

Another reason that Gant is so expensive is that they do not design clothes with mass appeal.
They only design the latest styles, which people are willing to pay more for than other styles.
They are very mindful of the direction that fashion is going, and they quickly jump on new trends.
They also stick with popular styles that cannot be found in many other stores.
This is why you will see a lot of the same styles at Gant over and over again, but they are always looking to bring out new designs.

Always Try to Evolve

Incredible results

The company tries to upgrade their manufacturing facilities to ensure that they are producing the best possible quality of clothing, and this is what makes their clothes so expensive.
The design team invests a lot of time studying trends in fashion, whereas other companies only watch what other popular brands are doing.
They try to evolve with the times, which means they are always looking for new trends and ideas.

High-End Fabrics

Premium fabrics

Another reason that Gant is more expensive is because they use high-end fabrics from Italy, Japan and India.
They also use a lot of cashmere and silks, and these materials are more expensive than cotton lycra and polyester.
Finally, Gant prices their clothes higher than other brands because they use the highest quality industrial canvas for production.

The Quality

best quality

Gant’s clothes are of high quality because they’re made of premium fabrications.
They use Italian cashmere, silks from Japan and India, and Broadcloth from England.
Gant also spends a lot of money on making its clothes not just well manufactured but also stylish – their designers work for six months before a clothing line hits the shelves, to make sure it’s top-notch.

The Brand’s Prestige

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Gant has been around for a while and has gained significant recognition from it.
Their clothes are high quality despite their higher price because Gant is well-respected in the industry and highly sought after by its buyers.
They’re also a European brand which makes their designs more unique relative to American or Asian brands.

The Longevity

Longevity, unlimited time, taking long time

The longevity of Gant clothing is unparalleled. The clothes are heavy-duty, so they’ll last you for years.
The company does its best to maintain high quality across the board, meaning that if something ever goes wrong with your Gant shirt or sweater, they’ll replace it or fix it at no cost.
And because Gant clothes are only sold in specialty stores, chances are you won’t wear anything else other than Gant garments.

Designers’ Aesthetic

Upgraded Design

Gant has a very specific style, so if you like what the company stands for, it makes sense to pay more for its clothes.
They keep to simple colors and styles which distinguish them from other brands since they’re trying to separate themselves based on quality rather than quantity.
Gant’s particular style makes their clothes unique, which is why they’re considered high-end.

The Scarcity

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Since Gant doesn’t make a lot of new products each season, the remaining inventory gets marked down and sold at a discounted rate once a collection has been discontinued.
This can happen several times before a line is finally phased out.
There’s also not a lot of Gant stores around the world, so their clothes aren’t always easy to find.
This means that you can take advantage of all this by getting Gant items while they’re still in stock at full price, which would be clever since it’s unlikely that they’ll get marked down any further – or if they do, it’ll be by a very small amount.

The Exclusivity


Social Status and exclusivity
Gant’s clothes are exclusive because they’re sold exclusively in specialty stores, at Gant flagship stores, or their outlet.
This ensures that their garments are not easily attainable for everyone, which makes them more sought after and increases the price point of every item in stock.
It also makes it more difficult to compare Gant prices with other brands, since they don’t sell similar items anywhere else.

Is Gant Worth It?

Are worth the higher prices

Gant Offers Quality and Style for Both Men and Women in a Variety of Different Styles. Men Can Choose from Workwear, Casual Wear, or Even More Dressy Items Like Blazers and Suits.
Women Have All-Purpose Clothing That Will Look Good at Work or Other Occasions, but They Also Have Dresses That Are Perfect for Evening Events as Well as Casual Clothes.
Gant’s Prices Are Generally Higher Than Many Other Brands, but You Get What You Pay For! If You Evaluate All the Factors Mentioned Above, Then Gant Definitely Worth the Price.
Gant Is Known for Its Timeless and Classic Pieces That Will Look Good Year-Round.

Is Gant a Luxury Brand?

luxury brand

In Order to Answer the Question of Whether or Not Gant Is a Luxury Brand, It’s Important to Define What a Luxury Brand Means.
A Luxury Brand Is Usually Seen as More Luxurious Because They Command a Higher Price Point, but Also Offer Improved Quality.
Gant Offers Good Quality Clothes with a Middle of the Road Price Point.
It Does Not Have an Exorbitant Price Point nor Does It Offer a Cheap Product.
They Do Provide a Variety of Different Products and Clothing at Different Prices for Different Consumers.
As Such, It May Be Possible That Gant Is Considered a Luxury Brand.

Is Gant a Quality Brand?

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Many Would Argue That Gant Is a Quality Brand Because It Is Well-Known and Has Been Around for Many Years.
It Specializes in Clothes That Are Rugged, Tailored, and Comfortable to Wear.
They’re Also Made from High-Quality Cotton Fabric, Which Means You Can Count on Them Not Only Looking Good but Feeling Good as Well!
Some Might Disagree That Gant Is a Quality Brand.
Many of Its Clothes Are on the More Pricey Side, Which Might Deter Some from making a Purchase.
Also, It Only Makes Casual and Tailored Clothes, Rather Than Anything Formal or Dressy.
Furthermore, Even Though It Has Been Around for Many Years, It Isn’t as Well-Known as Other Brands Such as Tommy Hilfiger or the Banana Republic.

How to Save Money on Gant?


save money
One of the Easiest Ways to Save Money on Gant Is to Use Coupons When You Shop. Another Way to Save Money on Gant Is to Sign Up for Emails or Text Alerts from Gant.
These Emails Will Notify You of Any Coupons or Discounts That Are Available.
Final Thoughts
Gant Is Expensive Because It’s Known for Its Quality, Design Philosophy and Exclusivity.
The Company Invests a Lot of Time and Money into Developing Clothing Collections, Which Ensures High-End, High-Quality Garments That Will Last a Long Time.

And the Brand’s Private Label Exclusivity Makes It Even More Desirable Because You Can’t Get Similar Styles or Fabrics in Other Places.

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