Why Is Furfrou So Popular On Gts

Furfrou, the regal poodle-like Pokemon, stands tall as an icon of sophistication and luxury. From its stylishly groomed fur to its impressive stats, it’s no wonder why Furfrou is a fan favorite on GTS.

Its versatility, availability, and ease of trading make it an accessible choice for trainers looking to add a unique flair to their team. Whether you’re looking for a powerful battle partner or just an eye-catching addition to your lineup, Furfrou is sure to satisfy.

Unique Aesthetic

You’ll love Furfrou’s unique aesthetic! With its gorgeous coloration and breed variety, it’s no wonder Furfrou is a hit with Pokemon fans.

The original design for this Pokemon was inspired by the French poodle, which has been popular in Europe since the eighteenth century. However, the developers added their own flair to make Furfrou even more distinct. The result is an eye-catching creature with lots of personality.

Players are also able to customize their Furfrous using special haircuts, allowing them to create unique looks for their furry companions. Even better, these style options can be changed at any time and won’t affect the stats of your Pokemon – so you can keep experimenting and have fun creating new designs!

As such, it’s easy to see why players are attracted to this one-of-a-kind Pokemon: not only does it look great, but there’s also plenty of room for creativity when styling it up. With its impressive stats on top of that, Furfrou definitely stands out from other species in the game.

Impressive Stats

Furfrou is a highly sought-after Pokémon with impressive stats. It has a base stat total of 275, which is higher than other similarly sized Pokémon like Glameow and Lillipup. With its high Special Attack and Speed stats, Furfrou can be used in competitive battles. Its unique movepool includes moves like Baby-Doll Eyes and Captivate, which can lower the opponent’s attack or special attack respectively. This makes Furfrou an excellent choice for competitive battling, as it can hit hard and outmaneuver opponents.

In addition to its battle prowess, Furfrou also has great breeding potential. It has a wide variety of egg moves that cover many different types, allowing breeders to tailor make their perfect Furfrou team member. Furfrou also has two abilities that add to its versatility. Fur Coat halves all physical damage taken, while Dandy increases the power of status moves when held by the Pokémon.

All these impressive traits make Furfrou an ideal choice for trainers looking for a Pokémon with competitive value. It is versatile enough to fit into many teams, depending on what roles need filling. Additionally, with its unique aesthetic appeal, trainers will find themselves wanting more than just one Furfrou on their team! This transitions nicely into the next subtopic about versatility.


With its wide variety of egg moves, two abilities, and high stats, Furfrou is incredibly versatile and can fit into many teams depending on what roles need to be filled.

  • Breeding Potential: With the availability of 6 different Furfrou colors through breeding, it’s easy for breeders to create unique and diverse teams. In addition, this allows trainers to customize their Furfrou by changing the hairstyle that best suits their team composition.

  • Competitive Edge: Furfrou’s impressive base stats give it an edge in competitive play. Its natural bulkiness makes it a great defensive wall against physical attackers while its ability to learn STAB moves allows it to hit back with powerful attacks.

  • Unique Look: The appearance of Furfrou also adds another layer of versatility for trainers who want a unique look for their team. With its signature mane and tail combination, no two Furfrous will ever look alike.

This impressive level of versatility makes Furfrou an attractive choice when building competitive teams or simply creating a unique aesthetic with your Pokemon collection. As such, it’s no surprise that Furfrou has become so popular on GTS!

Availability is yet another key factor in this popularity…


Finding a Furfrou for your team is simple, as they are readily available on the GTS. This availability makes it easy for trainers to obtain a Furfrou and add it to their teams without having to worry about finding one in the wild or trading with other players.

Despite their abundance, however, there is still a limited supply of these Pokémon due to their unique groom options. Each Furfrou can be styled in different ways by using special trims that can only be found at certain groomers around the world or from specific events.

As such, if you want a particular look for your Furfrou, you may not always find what you’re looking for when browsing through the GTS. Because of this, many trainers will go out of their way to search for that special trim and style that is just right for them.

With so many choices available on the GTS, there’s sure to be something suitable no matter what kind of trainer you are. The variety also ensures that no two Furfrous look exactly alike – making them even more appealing!

By providing trainers with an ample selection of Furfrous on the GTS and allowing them to express themselves through grooming styles, it’s easy to see why these Pokémon have become so popular among collectors and competitive battlers alike. With all these factors combined together, it’s no wonder why Furfrou has become such a beloved choice among fans everywhere!

Easy to Trade

Thanks to its abundance on the GTS, trading for a Furfrou is easy and hassle-free. With a large pool of Pokemon available, players can easily find what they want without having to wait. Furfrou’s distinct appearance makes it stand out from other Pokemon and makes it easier to spot when searching through the GTS.

Additionally, Furfrou has some great breeding potential due to its wide variety of coat styles; this allows players to breed their own unique Furfrou with competitive viability in mind.

The availability of different coats also gives trainers more options when deciding which style they would like for their Furfrou. This is especially useful for competitive battlers who are looking for specific traits or stats that certain coats offer.

Lastly, the fact that there are so many different types of Furfrou gives people more choices when making trades on the GTS; this means greater flexibility and less time wasted trying to find the perfect match.

Trading for a Furfrou is simple and straightforward thanks to its high availability on the GTS; no matter what type or style you’re looking for, there’s sure to be an opportunity waiting for you! Plus, with all of its breeding potential and competitive viability options, everyone can enjoy this charming pokemon in whatever way they choose!


Furfrou’s popularity on GTS is undeniable. With its unique aesthetic, impressive stats, and versatility, it’s no wonder why Furfrou has become a fan favorite.

Not only that, but with its availability and easy-to-trade nature, it’s accessible to all kinds of players.

Plus, an interesting fact: Furfrou can learn up to four different trims that change its appearance!

Whether you’re looking for a powerhouse or an eye-catching companion, Furfrou is the perfect Pokémon for you.

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