Why Is Chilean Sea Bass so expensive? (Top 7 Reasons)

When you visit luxurious restaurants around the world, you will find several dishes of Chilean Sea Bass on their menus.

But, astonishingly, the cost is overwhelmingly extravagant, which may push some people back to consume the fish. 

Chilean Sea Bass is a popular fish in the world that is found very scarcely in the deep ocean.

It is somewhat arduous for fishermen to catch the fish sufficiently to decrease its accessibility.

On account of this condition, the fish is ridiculously expensive.

Besides, the huge demand for fish around the world has again made it so desirable that drives the price up.

Most importantly, Chilean Sea Bass is very delicious, appetizing, and in a word, unique.

Thus, these prominent factors play a significant role in increasing the price of this fish.

However, the reasons responsible for the expensive price are elucidated in this article that may help you nicely. 

Why Is Chilean Sea Bass so Expensive? 

Chilean Sea Bass, one of the most popular fish in the world, has some remarkable landmarks that make it exceptionally expensive from the other fish.

Hence, some reasons are there interpreted in this respect.

So, let’s discuss the facts in detail.

Worldwide Demand and Supply

Supply and demand

The fundamental reason that makes Chilean Sea Bass so expensive is the worldwide demand in contrast to limited supply.

The fish was not very popular just a few decades ago.

It started to be widely familiar in the 1990s.

Over time, it has gained a worldwide reputation due to its magnificent value. 

Nowadays, Chilean Sea Bass is one of the most sought-after fishes in the world.

While it gets more popular, its supply is also hampered due to the huge demand.

Thus, it seems that the fish, on the one hand, enjoys a massive demand around the world, but its supply is, on the other hand, very limited. 

Therefore, when it is found on the menu, it can be guessed that the price will be ridiculously extravagant. 

Exceptional Taste 

Expensive Part of Bluefin Tuna

Another remarkable factor that is responsible for the high price is the exceptional taste of Chilean Sea Bass.

The fish really tastes good and flavorful. 

Since white sea fish are recognized for having a wonderful taste, Chilean Sea Bass is not an exception.

It has a different type of taste of being saucy and spicy. 

When Chilean Sea Bass is prepared accurately, you will find a delicious flavor that is captivating.

Since different recipes are possible with the fish, you will be happy to know that all dishes are uniquely appetizing and overwhelming.

In this case, the exceptional delicacy of Chilean Sea Bass impacts the price to be excessively expensive. 

Luxurious Restaurants

Dealers or Shops

It is peculiar to say that Chilean Sea Bass is found only on the menu of luxurious restaurants throughout the globe.

Typical and local restaurants do not add this fish to their menu because of its exorbitant price and unavailable access.

They could not attract customers by charging an expensive price for the fish. 

The high-end restaurants where people spend more than $50 for a dinner keep Chilean Sea Bass since wealthy people can afford the cost and they basically go there for this dish.

Therefore, these restaurants stand for the first choice of these consumers.

And it is perceived that luxurious restaurants charge a high cost for every food item on the menu.

Consequently, every dish of the Chilean Sea Bass is sold at a hefty price tag in these high-end restaurants. 

Easy Cooking 

Strong blending Blades

The next reason is the easy cooking methods of Chilean Sea Bass.

It should be kept in mind that Seafood is not easy to cook for chefs.

They must learn the ins and outs of cooking plates of seafood and need good experience to bring out the desired flavor in the foods. 

In this respect, Chilean Sea Bass is very easy to cook and the chefs can prepare it in a variety of dishes.

The chefs even find it very interesting to cook the fish.

However, people are willing to spend a great sum of money to get the fish as they can themselves cook the fish with different dishes.

As a result, this fact influences the price to be increased overwhelmingly. 

Risky Sea Fishing 

used fishing boats

It is another big reason that makes the Chilean Sea Bass quite lavish.

It is very difficult to find the fish near shores.

Rather, it is found in the open sea far from shores. 

Fishermen have to go miles away to the deep sea to collect Chilean Sea Bass.

Although it sounds good, it is quite an arduous and risky job for the fishermen.

The distance makes it hazardous to carry out all the necessary jobs.

Besides, it is a matter of cost to stay in the middle of the sea for a long time.

The ships or boats require fuel to run properly for several days and there needs to be enough food for the fishermen.

Moreover, the fishes that have been caught should be preserved for some days before they return to the shore. 

What is more, the fishermen should be trained and well equipped so that they can survive in the deep sea.

In particular, they have to be willing to deal with all the work. 

Thus, these matters make catching the fish so risky and costly.

That is why the fish is sold at a ridiculous price tag to justify the expenses. 



I’ve already indicated that Chilean Sea Bass has become popular around the world for a few decades.

Before 1990, the fish was almost unknown.

Basically, Chilean Sea Bass is found on the Chilean coast as well as in western South America and Antarctic waters.

Its original name is Patagonian toothfish but the name is somewhat absurd and not appetizing despite being a tasty fish.

So, it is named Chilean Sea Bass to provide a sound signature.

However, since the fish is not found near shores, the fishermen have to catch them from the deep sea.

As a result, it is very hard to catch them sufficiently.

On account of this condition, the fish has become very rare to find everywhere and every time. 

Besides being rare to find everywhere, overfishing in a certain location is another major concern that makes the fish again scarce.

Therefore, the limited accessibility of the Chilean Sea Bass obsesses the price of the fish with a significant figure of amount. 

Health Benefits

Healthy benefits

Chilean Sea Bass contains various health benefits since it is a white sea fish.

Generally, it is affluent with protein that is a crucial nutritious element for the human body.

It has a low amount of calories.

So, it is good for fat people who avoid calorie-prosperous foods. 

Besides, Chilean Sea Bass has a good amount of mercury.

On account of the high level of mercury, it is recommended by the Environmental Defense Fund for adults to take two portions of the fish each month and children to consume only one portion of the fish to avoid EDF problems.

Moreover, Chilean Sea Bass contains some other nutritions such as phosphorus, vitamin B12, Vitamin D, manganese, Omega-3 Fatty acids, etc. 

Hence, the necessary health benefits of Chilean Sea Bass make the fish so desirable and consequently expensive. 

How Can I Save Money on Chilean Sea Bass?

save money

Chilean Sea Bass is highly expensive and everyone can’t afford it.

Therefore, if you have a deep interest in eating the fish, you can follow some strategies so that you can save money on the fish.

These tips are mentioned gradually.

  1. First of all, you should avoid restaurants for eating fish. Rather you can cook it by yourself since it is very easy to cook. Whereas you will pay $50 at a restaurant for a Chilean Sea Bass dish, you can make a similar dish at home for a much lower cost. 
  1. There is another way to save money on Chilean Sea Bass. You should be mindful when sales go in the grocery stores or fish markets. At that time, you can purchase the fish within a reasonable price tag. 

Is Chilean sea bass worth it? 

worth the money and price

Chilean Sea Bass is such a fish that is highly sought-after in the world.

Due to its worldwide demand, the supply is very low making it exclusively rare and difficult to find.

Besides, its taste is simply outstanding, pleasant, appetizing, and laudable for which people yearn for it.

In addition, it has a great nutritious value containing so many health benefits.

Moreover, it is only found in luxurious restaurants for which its price goes high.

Overall, it can be said that Chilean Sea Bass is truly worth the money. 

What is a good price for Chilean sea bass?

Price of Additional Features

Chilean Sea Bass is arguably extravagant compared to other sea Basses in the world.

The price of this fish has increased in the last two decades.

In 2012, it was seen that 1 pound of Chilean Sea Bass was sold for $30 fairly.

But nowadays, the price is more expensive.

The price can range from $30 to $50 regarding different dishes.

When it comes to buying the fish, a fish of 5-pound weight may go for around $300.  

Is Chilean sea bass good for you?

Why is powerful

Basically, Chilean Sea Bass contains different kinds of health benefits.

It has low calories, much protein, and mercury.

It also contains different vitamins, omega acid, phosphorus, etc.

So, eating Chilean Sea Bass moderately is good for you.

But too much eating is discouraged by health experts because of high levels of mercury.

An adult person is recommended to eat two portions of the fish each month and children are allowed to eat only one portion. 

What’s so special about Chilean sea bass?

so special

Among several landmarks of Chilean Sea Bass, the most interesting specialty is its name itself.

The name has an outstanding history.

Originally, it is not an authentic sea Bass, rather its name is Patagonian Toothfish.

But it has been replaced by Chilean Sea Bass only to provide it an appealing signature.

It has a different name in different countries such as its South American name is merluza Negra, the French name is legine australe, Japanese is mero, and it is called bacalao de profundidad in Chile.

However, the fish has become more popular in the last 2 decades than the previous years in this signature name.

Now, it is one of the most popular, expensive, flavorful, and demanding fishes in the world. 

What Do You Need to Know About Chilean Sea Bass?

How do I know

If you have any interest in tasting the Chilean Sea Bass delicacy, you have to know some major things regarding the fish.

Apart from this purpose, one should have a little interest to know the ins and outs of this great fish out of curiosity.

Nevertheless, here are some wonderful facts about this fish that one should know. 

  1. Chilean Sea Bass is not originally a sea Bass and it is not its original name. Instead, its real name is Patagonian Toothfish that has been changed to sound better and appetizing.
  1. Chilean Sea Bass is only found in some specific areas of the world including the Chili coast, South American Coast, and around Antarctica.
  1. The price of Chilean Sea Bass is outrageously expensive when it is compared to other sea Basses. Its price can range from $30 to $50 per pound. 
  1. What is more, one should not eat this fish every day due to its existent high levels of mercury. Therefore, it may cause various health problems if you eat too much. 
  1. This fish was not as popular as it was before 1990. From this time, it has gained a worldwide reputation because of its excellent taste and smooth delicacy. 

What is the difference between Chilean sea bass and regular sea bass?


Actually, Sea Bass is a generic name that is applied for numerous species of fish that are originally not even Bass.

Chilean Sea Bass is a species of Sea Bass although it is not originally a bass.

Rather, its real name is Patagonian Toothfish that was changed by Chilean Sea Bass for some good reasons.

However, many sea basses are really basses like Black Sea Bass, Blue Spotted Sea Bass, European Sea Bass, etc.

Similarly, these sea basses including Japan sea bass, Peruvian sea bass, and White sea bass are not true basses although their name conveys the tag. 

Chilean sea bass alternative

Best alternatives

Doesn’t Chilean Sea Bass seem highly expensive to you? Well, if you think that this fish is truly out of your reach, there are some alternatives that you can try instead. 

  1. Sablefish: In terms of taste, this fish can be one of the best alternatives to Chilean Sea bass. Its price is almost the same as the bass but the flavor is truly unique. Its other name is butterfish or black cod. 
  1. Anchovy: A small species of fish of saltwater that is very affordable. It has an excellent delicacy to taste.
  1. Salmon: One of the most popular fish in the world is Salmon. It has a fatty, rich, meat, and nutty flavor that may overwhelm you. 
  1. Sea Basses: As said before, Sea basses have different species throughout the globe. Thus, you can try other sea basses like black, white, or blue instead of Chilean sea bass. 
  1. Swordfish: You can taste this fish as it also contains a high level of mercury like Chilean Sea bass. With a mild and sweet flavor, it tastes palatable. 

Frequently Asked Qustions

What is the most expensive fish to eat?

Which is more expensive

The most expensive edible fish in the world is Bluefin Tuna.

It is a Japanese fish that is found in the Atlantic Ocean.

In 2012, a Bluefin Tuna experienced a record sale of $736,000 in the  Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo, Japan.

In the next year, it was sold at $1.76 million at a sushi restaurant in Japan that became the most expensive seafood in the world for all time.

It weighed almost 500 pounds.

Nonetheless, the record was broken in 2019 when another giant Bluefin Tuna weighing 600 pounds was sold for a record $333 million in the country.

Apart from these, a single pound of Bluefin Tuna nowadays costs more than $200 on average. 

Does Costco sell Chilean sea bass?

How much does it cost to fix

Yes, Costco sells Chilean Sea bass and it is one of the best-selling food items of this American brand.

Costco has various supermarket outlets throughout the country and is famous for quality products.

However, Costco sells Chilean Sea Bass with wrapped, sealed packets that are advantageous.

Its customer reviews are very good and reliable. 


Now it’s time to draw the line of the article.

Upon discussion, it is obvious that Chilean Sea Bass is outrageously expensive because of worldwide demands and reputation.

While it has a huge demand among taste buds, it has a mere supply due to unavailable accessibility throughout the globe.

Besides, its unique taste and excellent texture make it more appealing to consumers.

However, despite having limitations and being so expensive, the fish is gradually becoming more and more popular and sought-after for its significance.

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