Why Is Chanel So Expensive? (Top 7 Reasons)

Chanel is one of the oldest and iconic fashion houses in the world.

Again, it is one of the most costly options among the top players in the fashion industry.

So why is Chanel so expensive?

Chanel founder Coco Chanel saw the need for a practical and straightforward and fashion for women.

Her items are handcrafted with utmost care to ensure durability and last for as long as fashion exists.

Chanel brand products have become desired, rare, and exclusive.

These three factors are the reasons why Chanel is so expensive.

 In this article, we are going to discuss the exact reasons that are making Chanel so expensive.

So, with no further ado, let’s dive in. 

Why is Chanel so expensive?

Before getting to the reasons, let us start with a brief history of Chanel to give you a clearer picture.

Chanel is a privately owned company founded by its namesake, Gabrielle Coco channel, in 1909.

Her very first shop was located in 31 rue Cambon in Paris.

The Chanel house is famous for its little black dress, the classic tweed suit, and no 5 perfume.

Chanel is a synonymous name for fine and luxury.

Its high standard good is complicated for those who can afford them.

Chanel comes with class and luxury, which elite people are willing to pay a premium to maintain their standards.

Below are researched reasons Chanel is expensive.

High-quality materials

High quality materials

Chanel brand makes its products using the highest quality materials.

Their goods are made using the house guidelines, which ensure that quality is guaranteed.

Chanel makes its leather products are made using lambskin or caviar leather, which are the top quality leathers.

Their items are crafted, but they are stitched using a machine under a careful watch to ensure they are perfect.

Channel ensures that its goods are manufactured where bests artisans are found like Paris, Spain, and Italy.

Chanel offers various products, including jewelry, evening and daywear for both genders, shoes, fragrances, makeup products, exclusive bags, designer watches, etc.

High rents

Exercubarant rents

Channel has almost three hundred and ten stores around the world.

They are located in prime places of significant towns because most buyers are rich people with class.

So it’s essential to look for areas where you can get your target customers.

For example, in some cities, Chanel stores are located near the airports to tap the travelers who are o holiday and might be interested in doing some shopping. 

However, rents in these places are costly, which automatically translates to the premium pricing outfits goods. 



It is said that Chanel does a durability test in every product they manufacture and sell.

It ensures that their products last for many years.

For example, they tested their bags’ durability and noticed that they could withstand heat and water damage.

Apart from their products lasting, they have also been able to maintain their style for years.

They have also maintained the first-ever flap bags with more contemporary designs made from metallic materials, tweed, and patterned designs.

There are very few brands that can maintain popularity for one time that long.

This factor has also made the price tag to be expensive.

Experienced craftsmen


Coco Chanel uses skilled individuals who are experts in textile and design to make her goods, which has helped the Chanel house maintain up to date.

They go for the best of the best.

As we have seen above, they have put their manufacturing factories in countries where the experts’ craftsmen are found, like Paris, Italy, and Spain.

It has ensured that the value of their good is of the highest quality and quantity.

Paying these craftsmen is expensive, and so this will cost the companies translating to higher price tags for the consumers.

Brand Popularity

Brand Popularity

Channel is one of the famous iconic brands around the globe known forts high-quality goods.

So this factor also affects the prices of its products because people have to pay for the brand.

You end up paying for the design, brand name, and channel recognition, and elitism.

It is a brand known for wealthy people who buy goods to maintain their class while the middle-class people buy Chanel products to look rich.

Channe has maintained its reputation for years providing top-notch products despite it being so costly.

Limited quantities

Limited quantities

Chanel brand produces its clothing pieces considering the quantities carefully.

Most of their clothes are sold out by the end of every season.

They do not offer discounts; they believe that the outlets’ sales that move sales increase damages the brand exclusively.

One factor has made the brand retain its value and popularity and contributed to its high pricing. 

Chanel houses, at times, cannot keep up with high demands, so they don’t have any reasons to lower the prices, and in fact, they need to keep increasing the prices to ensure the brands remain exclusively luxury.


market the products

Channel products are premium, and so are its marketing policies.

It uses the most expensive fashion magazines for advertising its products to get the elites to view their goods.

Magazines like Marie Claire have many readership bases from influential fashion personalities who earn quite a lot of money or are genuinely rich men and women.

 When Coco publishes in these magazines, it’s a profitable strategy since the viewers can check the trending and upcoming products; they will visit Chanel stores and purchase whatever pleases them.

What’s so special about Chanel?

so special

Chanel brand has maintained its class for a very long period.

It has created a unique fashion identity and has attained modernity by following avant-garde artistic work.

 Chanel has featured itself by adding a more historic art connotation while offering avant-garde fashion through media to masses of people compared with other popular brands.

It has made t stand out among its competitors in the market.

Is Chanel worth the money?

worth it

 Chanel is a luxury brand, and when looking at all the factors surrounding it, you can easily conclude that it’s worth the money.

Chanel has goods made from high-quality materials and is crafted by skilled experts of design in the market.

It is also a famous luxury brand, so you have to pay for the brand name.

Keeping in mind that it is a brand of the elite who want to maintain their class and reputation in society, most of its core customers can afford their products not much how pricey they are.

Also, because of the quality of its products, customers get value for their money, and the products have a better resale value. 

How to save money on Chanel 

save money

Chanel is an expensive luxury brand that not many can afford, especially those on budget.

There are few tricks you can apply to get a discount on Chanel products if you are not ready to pay their hefty prices.

Below are some ways you can use to get a discount.

  •  You can shop on resale websites such as Vestiaire Collective for pre-loved Chanel items. You might find some which are slightly used or new ones. Before purchasing ensure you read their description and also anything you don’t seem to understand to avoid any form of misunderstanding.
  • You can also shops either online or physically on auctions shop where you may get Chanel goods being auctioned. again you should do your own research to avoid disappointments.
  • You can go duty-free too and have a discount on some items. If you are unsure you can contact the customer service or even pass by their stores.
  • Another trick to apply is to shop abroad. If you shop from abroad you will realize the items are a bit cheaper due to the current exchange rates differences.
  • You can also wait for the year’s sale. Channel as bi-annual sales just like other brands so you can wait for that time and stock your closet with Chanel goodies.

Is Chanel more expensive than Prada?

Is Chanel more expensive than Prada

Chanel and Prada are both famous fashion houses known for luxury products.

But when you compare the prices of their products, you will realize that Chanel is far much expensive with a significant margin than a product.

For example, both brands produce almost similar products, but Prada products’ price tags are thousands of dollars cheaper than Chanel.

Prada is cheaper in most aspects, may it be entry-level, average per price per item, or most expensive products.

Which is more expensive, Chanel or Gucci?

Which is more expensive, Chanel or Gucci

Gucci and Chanel are two luxury brands that have been both in the market for many years.

They both produce almost similar products, but their price differs.

Channel products have large margin price tags in most of their products.

Gucci is way cheaper by few dollars.

For example, when you look at the prices of their bags, the difference in prices is notable.

A channel bag price will range from $3,000, while you can get a Gucci bag for $420.

Is Chanel more expensive than Louis Vuitton?

Is Chanel more expensive than Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton and Chanel are two famous fashion as known for their quality and luxury products.

However, when it comes to pricing of the two-channel is said to be more expensive.

Chanel products are, on average higher than those of Louis Vuitton.

It is also a more exclusive brand as a result of a higher pricing scale. 

Chanel also beat Louis Vuitton in the most expensive product category.

Channel and Dior, which is expensive?

Channel and Dior, which is expensive

Chanel and Dior are two famous and expensive brands around the globe.

Most people know them for their quality and valuable products.

When comparing the prices of their most product, you will notice that Chanel products are slightly high.

However, their products are almost similar and what puts them apart is only the pricing. 

If you want to save a few coins, you can opt for Dior, but your preference matters.

Both brands are for the wealthy, so they can afford both since their prices are high.

Frequently asked questions

Below are some questions that are asked frequently about luxury brands.

Why is Chanel perfume so expensive?

Chanel perfume so expensive

Chanel has produced the best-selling perfume in the world, which is no 5.

Few reasons make Chanel perfume to be expensive. 

The ingredients used in making it are rare to find.

Also, the ingredients used are hard to harvest.

For example, Chanel perfume uses rose oil as one of its ingredients, and to harvest just a pound of them, you need a hundred tons of petals to make only one ounce of rose oil.

Apart from these two factors, Chanel has realized that its loyal customers are willing to pay more for a product they love.

Other factors Chanel put in place are the advertisement costs and brand name.

Why is Coco Chanel so expensive?

Coco Chanel so expensive

Like other Chanel fragrances, there are many processes involved in making Coco Chanel, and the process is similar to that of other fragrances.

Collecting the flowers is challenging, and also the whole process is long, which makes its prices too high.

Chanel ensures that its products are of high quality, so they end up spending so much to maintain the standards.

Another thing that makes it expensive is that the brand has noticed that people are willing to pay more to get the best.

Also, Chanel is a luxury brand for the wealthy and elites who don’t have a problem spending money to retain their class.

A coco channel 1.7 ounces bottle cost up to $15199.

Why is No 5 so expensive?

No 5 so expensive

No. t is one of the most expensive perfumes in the world.

It is made using rose oil which is difficult to extract from flowers.

You need a hundred tones of flowers to make a single ounce of oil.

The smallest is a 1.7-ounce bottle of no 5 fragrance will cost you up to$105. 

It means that you are paying for the entire process involved to make the fragrance and not just the brand.

Research shows that for every 1.1-ounce bottle of No.5 fragrance, there are 1000 pegomas jasmine flowers, and 12 pegomas are used.

There is a long process involved when making this Chanel’s signature fragrance.

When you add up the labor and costs involved in completing the entire process, you will realize it is expensive, and so will the price tags shoot.

Why are Chanel bags so expensive?

Chanel bags so expensive

Chanel bags are expensive because of their high quality, and quality items come with high price tags.

They use the best quality leather like soft lambskin and caviar when crafting their bags.

Chanel bags are always crafted by experts in fashion and design who understand the trends. 

Chanel bags never go out of style, and they have been used as a measure of wealth by rich people who want to maintain their class.

The brand name itself makes the prices go up due to its popularity.

Chanel makes limited pieces, but the demand has increased despite being so costly.

Core customers are ready to pay any amount as long as they get the bag they want.

The process involved in making the bags is also another contributing factor to its high prices.

It takes 180 steps to make a full 2.55 bag with so many quality checks tests done.

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