Why Is Champion So Expensive? (Top 5 Reasons)

Champion is a renowned brand all over the world.

It is an authentic American manufacturer specializing in sportswear.

Champion is also a subsidiary of Hanesbrands and also Hanes’s second-largest brand.

However, it is the most costly option amongst its competitors in the sportswear industry.

Champion has existed since 1919 and has maintained its reputation over the years.

If you are a sports fan, you might have seen some of your favorite athletes wear branded Champion outfits.

However, most people keep wondering why Champion is so costly.

Champion makes slightly higher-quality sportswear compared to other brands in the sportswear market.

Also, hype beast streetwear has made it a famous brand, thus making it expensive.

But there are so many reasons that make Champion costly, but we will discuss the top 5 defenses in this article.

Why is Champion so expensive?

Champion prices are not too friendly, especially if you are on a budget.

However, like any other product, there are reasons behind the premium costs.

Here are the top 5 reasons why Champion is expensive.

Classic fashion trends

Status symbol and trendy

Champion’s timeless style plays a significant role in the brand’s premium prices.

This is because their outfits are not only made using quality fabrics but also a classic style.

People are willing to pay more money for the brand’s clothing.

It is because their style is timeless and never goes out of style.

When you look at today’s trends, fashion changes every day.

But people who want to avoid the fashion rat race go for Champions Casuals.

It is because they are always attractive and trendy.


Marketing investment

Marketing is crucial for any business.

If you don’t market your products, people will not buy because you have not created awareness.

So any business will develop a marketing strategy that will attract more customers.

It will also help the company to make more sales.

Champion spends tons of money on advertising its products globally.

For example, a 1-minute advert will cost you millions of money which goes to the company expenses. 

Also, they advertise products in magazines and newspapers to reach their target customers.

And For Champion to recover that money, they will make their products pricey.

It will make their products unaffordable to people on a budget.

So the more money they spend on marketing, the more they need to push back.

Designer brand


Champion is a designer brand.

And as you know, for designer items, you pay for the time and energy that goes into that particular brand.

So when you buy a champion, you will be paying for the label and the class rather than the product itself.

Champion is an athlete sportswear brand. 

But anyone who understands fashion will rock its clothing because of quality.

So, designer clothing will be more expensive than one that does not have a design label.  

High-Quality materials

High quality

As we mentioned above, Champion’s quality is higher than that of its competitors.

Champion manufacturers use high-quality materials in their products. 

They use quality cotton and polyester in their clothing which is costly.

Also, they involve qualified artisans in making their garments.

The craftsmen also determine what materials to use and what to avoid.

Maintaining the premium quality is expensive.

It is because the brand has to keep servicing their machines relatively costly.

To recover these costs, they will have to charge more for their products.

They will pass the costs to customers through high price tags.

Demand and supply

Supply and demand

When the demand for a product is high and the supply is low, it will increase the price.

However, when the demand is high, and supply is low, people will pay any amount not to miss the few products. 

So the company will take advantage and hike the price tags.

Champion is a hyped streetwear brand.

The youth who want to be associated with the brand will also pay any amount to own the brand products.

The brand also found a nice gap in the market to offer high-quality streetwear.

So they can set their prices where they want.

Is Champion worth it?

Are worth the higher prices

Whether Champion is worth it depends on a personal perspective.

Athletes or active people who understand the brand pay any amount to have the brand’s outfit.

It is because they know the worth and quality they will get from the products.

Champion has maintained its reputability over the years.

It has been providing premium quality and well-constructed products to its consumers.

Those on a budget may not find it worth it because it is costly.

But if you have money, the brand is worth every penny, and its quality is way above that of its competitors.

How to save money on champion clothing

save money

Champion is a reputable athlete and active for all apparel.

Unfortunately, it is costly, and people on a budget may not afford most products.

However, there are some strategies you can apply and find yourself saving a lot of money.

Below are some of the tricks you can use to save money on champion clothing.

  • Buy second-hand clothing. You can get well-maintained second-hand clothing at online sites. Some of the sites that sell reused items are Poshmark, eBay and so many others. They sell champion clothing as low as 70% off the price of a new one to save you a lot.
  • Purchase champion clothing at certified retailers. If you buy Champion products from retailers, you can buy at a lower price than when you buy direct from Champion. It is because they mostly give higher discounts than those of champion stores. So you may end up saving some dollars.
  • If you sign up for team champion, you will get free standard shipping on all your orders. So here you will save yourself lots of money big time.
  • Shop in bulk. If you shop at Champion in size and your order is $75 and above, you will get free shipping.
  • Military discount. Champion offers a Military value to all members of the military, even the veterans. They get a 10% discount when shopping at Champion. So if you have an army person, you can ask them to buy clothing on your behalf, and you will save some cash.
  • Also if you are a teacher and a member of the Education Community, you will get a 10% discount. Retired teachers are also eligible for the offer if they shop at Champion.
  • Also if you are a student, you get an additional 10%  discount. But you show proof that you have been enrolled in school by giving your varied school email address.
  • Shop champion clothing online. If you shop at online stores like Amazon, you might land yourself better deals than when you shop at the stores. For example, an online store like Amazon sells items up to 75% off during Black Friday every year. You will save so much money and get quality champion clothing if you shop during that period.

What brands are similar to Champion?

similar brand

Champion is a reputable brand that has been around since 1919.

However, more similar brands have emerged as their competitors.

If you find Champion more expensive, you might shop at these brands.

Below are the top Top 7 champion alternatives.

  1. Puma
  2. Kappa
  3. Rebook
  4. Fila
  5. Guess
  6. Calvin Klein
  7. Tommy Hilfliger

Is Champion still a cool brand?

Why is powerful

Yes, Champion is still a significant brand.

It makes quality, trendy sportswear from super strong shoes to nice hoodies.

Almost everyone around the world is flaunting champion outfits. 

If you follow celebrities like Kylie and Kendal Jenner you might have seen them rock the brand. 

Also, other rappers, stars, and YouTubers flaunt Champion brand clothing.

Champion is also a perfect brand if you want to match outfits with your lover.

It is because most Champions products are unisex and making it easy for both genders to flaunt them.

So this assures you that Champion is still a remarkable brand.

Does Champion discount?

discounts for various purpose

Yes, champions give lots of discounts to their customers.

They have various types of deals.

If you are in the military or a military veteran, you get a 10% discount when you shop at Champion.

Also, if you are a teacher and a member of the education community, you get a 10% discount after shopping at Champion.

The offer is also varied to retired teachers.

Also, if you are a student, you get an additional 10% discount after shopping at Champion.

However, you must be an enrolled and active student to qualify for the offer.

If you sign up on campion.com, they give you free standard shipping as a discount.

Does Champion ever have sales?

Wait Out For Deals and Offers, sales

Yes, Champion has sales, especially on holiday seasons like Christmas.

They sell their outfits at a discount.

You might be lucky to get a quality hoodie at 75% off if you shop during that season.

They also have a clearance sale at the end of a season, giving huge discounts. 

You can regularly check their website to see when they plan to have a deal.

If you subscribe to Champion’s newsletter, you will be among the first to get notified in case of a sale season.

Does Champion have student discounts?


Yes, Champion has student discounts. 

They have two types of students discount codes. 

ChampionsxUnidays and ChampionXStudent Beans.

For CHAMPIONxUNIDAYs, they give exclusively 20% discounts to verified UNIDAYS students.

You only need to enter the unique code at the checkout. 

The offer is for verified Unidays members only.

CHAMPION X STUDENT BEANS give 20% off discounts to the students who are verified, members.

You can use your student discount code at any checkout point to enjoy 20% off your order.


As we wrap up this long passage, we can now understand why Champion is so expensive.

It is a reputable brand that has been in the industry for over 100 years. 

Although Champion is so expensive, it offers high-quality clothing to its consumers.

Champion is a great brand. 

Celebrities, fashion influencers, and known YouTubers flaunt the brand.

Some people are willing to pay the premium price tags on the champion clothing to be associated with it.

Champion also discounts its customers when shopping with them.

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