Why Is BMW Oil Change So Expensive? (Top 6 Reasons)

An oil change is one of the most crucial services that you have to perform for your car to keep its engine well and in a better condition to get desirable running.

But, do you ever wonder why BMW oil change takes such an exorbitant cost ranging up to 200 dollars?

Well, it is quite incredible that BMW oil change is very expensive.

Since the brand is a leading car industry in the world, the cars are remarkably designed with advanced technology.

Consequently, the oil change of this brand’s car is visibly shocking.

This article will provide you with the reasons in detail with some other common interrogations.

Hence, let’s go through the passage and explore what you need to know. 

Why is BMW oil so Expensive?

The research on the BMW oil change cost shows that some fundamental factors cause the oil change particularly pricey.

From various reasons, using high-performance synthetic oil is the predominant fact that is noteworthy.

Besides, the complicated procedure, labor cost, dealerships, casual change, and area diversity are the other significant reasons in this case that influence the price to be over expensive.

Hence, they are elaborately elucidated below. 

High-Performance Synthetic Oil

High Performance Synthetic Oil

A BMW car needs high-performance synthetic oil that increases the price of the Oil change.

While most vehicles are okay with the traditional oil that comes in cheap, a BMW vehicle can not tolerate and go with it.

Instead, it demands synthetic oil that gives the highest level of lubrication and additional performance. 

A BMW engine requires this oil to perform without trouble.

It prevents frequent friction inside the engine from happening due to the internal movement of the parts.

Improving gas mileage and engine protection, this oil can be used for the long term in contrast to conventional oil.

Moreover, synthetic oil helps the engine perform better in high temperatures, minimize sludge and deposit formation, and increase the durability of the engine.

As a result of its benefits, now almost all cars are run by synthetic oil. 

Henceforth, the price of synthetic oil is higher than the other types of typical oil.

Its cost can range from $50 to $70 per gallon.

That is why BMW Oil change is much more expensive compared to other brands’ cars. 

Complicated Process

Complicated Process, difficult task, phase

It is another vital fact that contributes greatly to increasing the cost of changing BMW Oil.

It is completely an intricate process to accomplish needing the inclusion of technologies. 

The procedure of changing oil takes several steps.

First of all, after turning off the ignition, the engine needs to cool for 20 minutes.

Then, the air filter, airbox, and oil fill plug should be removed in order to keep the dirt out.

Replacing the rubber O-ring from the housetop, the oil filter needs to be loosened with a 27mm socket. 

After that, some plastic along with a bowl is kept underneath the area of the drain plug that will contain any spills.

Following that some other steps need to be done including putting a fresh copper washer on the drain plug, turning off the oil filtering house, etc.

Then, clean oil is put in the car.

After filling it, the car is left for half an hour.

When it is completed, the car is run for a few minutes.

However, some other relevant processes are also there that should be done.

Although these steps sound loud, they are accomplished by expert mechanics. 

By doing these long-term procedures, oil is changed.

Thus, it claims a superfluous price to justify the complicated process. 

Labor Cost

Labor Cost

Already touched on, BMW Oil change takes a complex and hazardous process.

Since a laborer has to perform these works, he has to be paid a handsome cost.

Regarding different things, the cost varies.

While the total cost may go nearly $200 or more, almost $50 to $80 are allotted as the labor cost.

Hence, this high cost of labor makes the oil change reasonably expensive. 

Dealers or Shops

Dealers or Shops

To change the oil of your BMW car, there are several options for you.

You can do the job at the dealership, an individual shop, or even by yourself.

Whereas you need to not spend labor costs if you do it by yourself, you have to pay if you change oil at a BMW dealership or a shop.

To avoid fuss and difficulty, most of the owners choose between these two.

However, oil changes may be easier for the dealers.

BMW offers online appointments to take schedules.

Then, bring your car to the dealers and get it changed with oil by their skilled workers. 

Besides, you can change oil at the local shops according to your convenience.

There are sufficient local shops specialized in the oil change of BMW. 

Therefore, you can pick up any one of them that seems to be preferable to you.

These two cost a remarkable amount of money in return for their service.

Location Variety


The high cost of BMW oil change also varies on account of different locations.

There are so many local shops compared to numerous luxurious shops.

The more the independent shops are luxurious and situated at the center of the cities, the more the cost goes high due to location value.

Therefore, the big dealers and shops demand a significant cost that is a little higher than the normal and local shops.

Hence, if you go to the former one, you have to pay more. 

Occasional Change

Occasional car oil Change

According to experts, a BMW needs Oil change once a year.

But an owner can change after driving more than this period.

Because, if you have synthetic oil, a BMW car can go up to 15,000 miles with this oil.

That means you have a lengthy period to drive between oil changes.

Therefore, when it comes to changing the oil after a year or a couple of years, the cost is estimated in such a way as to back up the time.

Remember that it is suggested to change the oil once a year in order to keep the engine in a better position. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know when my BMW needs an oil change?

How do I know

In general, a BMW car needs an oil change once a year at least.

Nonetheless, there are a few symptoms by which you can portend whether your car needs an oil change or not.

Top of all, when you notice a louder sound than normal when you start the engine or drive the car, be sure that the oil is either too old or near to be ended.

Secondly, if you experience a sputtering performance of the car, it is imperative to change the oil.

And lastly, it is another sign to change oil is seeing or smelling the engine exhaust.

If you experience any one of them, bring your car to get an oil change. 

How much does it cost for a BMW oil change?

Much Should Cost

I’ve already indicated that the price of BMW oil change can differ according to places and the model of the car.

The luxurious dealers and shops at familiar locations demand a higher price than the local dealers and shops.

However, the website of BMW shows the starting cost of an Oil change is $90.

But the cost is more excessive than this.

It takes around $135 to $175 fairly.

On occasion, the cost goes higher, demanding more than $200 estimating the location.

Is it worth the cost to pay for an oil change in a BMW?

worth it

Changing the oil of a BMW can be carried out by oneself.

It lessens the extra cost and an owner can save money.

But honestly, it seems to be incompatible if you are not an expert in doing this.

Rather, it brings difficulties and creates trouble.

Hence, there are two more options such as dealers and local shops.

As already pointed out, it costs almost $200 as a cost.

That is why some express disappointment at such a hefty cost.

But soon to say, it is worth the money.

As dealers or the local shop’s mechanics are efficient enough and command a wide knowledge, they do the job flawlessly.

All the processes are carried out by them.

You just have to pay the money in return.

How Much Should A BMW Oil Change Cost?

How much

The cost of Oil change for BMW cars is different considering the place, models, and times.

It has been said that the cost ranges from $135 to $175.

It also goes for a higher passing $200.

Some models of the latest cars may demand more expensive costs.

Are BMW Oil Changes More Expensive Than Other Cars?

most expensive sold, sell, exchange

As BMW is one of the prominent car brands in the world, it has huge popularity and demand.

As a result, everything related to the brand’s car is pricey.

Whereas BMW Oil change is more expensive than most of the other brand’s oil change, there is also some brand that needs less expensive cost than BMW.

As an illustration, the cost of Mercedes Oil change is more superfluous than BMW, ranging from $200 to $300 commonly.

On the other hand, Audi Oil change is less expensive than BMW that costs $130 to $145.

A Lexus oil change takes a cost of $60 to $180.

In particular, Honda oil changes are very cheap in comparison to BMW.

It costs between $45 and 75 at a dealership. 

Does BMW use special oil?

so special

Yes, a BMW car must have synthetic oils while the common car is filled with natural or conventional oils.

Synthesized with chemical compounds, this oil eliminates contaminants.

Although it is more expensive, it provides great performance at a lower and higher temperature.

Moreover, it keeps the engine clean.

What brand oil does BMW use?

What brand oil does BMW use

Now, brands are growing considerably throughout the world.

In every case, brands have a specific value for their exclusive features.

In the automobile sector, various brands supply oil for them.

Among many brands, BMW is recommended to use these brands’ oil.

They are Liqui-moly, the Mobil 1 M1-110, Castrol SAE 10W-60, BMW TwinPower Turbo Engine Oils, 10W-60 full synthetic oil, etc.

However, to get outstanding performance, it is suggested to have the BMW-branded lubricant compositors based on Castrol EDGE.

It is completely a synthetic brand with Fluid Titanium that is conducive for the engine. 

How often does a BMW need an oil change?

often oil change

It is estimated by car specialists that a BMW car needs an oil change once a year.

It is primarily for those who drive nearly 6000 miles in a year.

As synthetic oil is recommended for BMW cars and is very durable, it can go between $12000 and 15000 miles per year.

Therefore, it can be said that it is better to change every 7000 to 10000 miles driving because of the great job of the engine. 

How Often Does BMW Recommend An Oil Change?

often need, calendar, time & date

It is instructed by the BMW authority that a car made within the last 20 years should change the oil at every 7,000 to 10,000 miles.

Speaking clearly, it is better to change at least once a year to have better performance.

Can a BMW get an oil change anywhere?

change anywhere, everywhere, place, location

Yes, you can get an oil change for your BMW anywhere in the world wherever you belong according to your location and advantage.

As there is an option to change by yourself, you can do it if you think you can accomplish the job.

On the other hand, you can do it at any dealers or and local shops.

To get a proper oil change, you should do it at the dealership.

Although it costs a little more, you will get satisfactory work.

Can You Change BMW Oil Yourself?

Change Oil Yourself

Yeah. DIY meaning Do IT Yourself is an option for you if you want to change oil by yourself.

If you have sufficient tools and enough patience to carry out all the steps, you can accomplish this work.

It will reduce your cost.

Does it matter where I get an oil change?

Does it matter

Firmly speaking, it doesn’t matter where you get an oil change.

As there are several options for you such as dealers, shops, and by yourself, you can choose any measure according to your benefits.

If it seems to be easy at a local shop where you belong, you had better do it there.

Besides, you can get an oil change at the dealership with a good advantage.

Does it make a difference?

Does it make a difference

Nope, it doesn’t make any difference at all.

Wherever you get your oil change, you will get it as per necessity.

Whether it is at the dealer’s, or any local auto shops, or even by yourself, it is not a problem.

Just be sure that the work is done exactly.

How to save money on BMW oil change?

save money on something

Since the cost of changing oil is high, it is better to look for some ways to save money.

If you are a BMW owner and really want to save money on oil change, then you can follow these ways.

You should stop changing oil every 3,000/4,000 miles.

Rather, get the oil changed at nearly 10,000 miles.

It will minimize your annual cost.

Then, learn the systems of changing the oil and be an expert in this case.

Next, buy the necessary tools at a low cost.

After that, you can do the job yourself.

And it is a great way to save money because you need not go to the dealers or any shops that demand a high cost.

Besides, you can look for coupons and Groupon that are frequently offered. 

How much does it cost to fix an oil leak in a BMW?

How much does it cost to fix

Having leaked the oil may cause dangerous injury.

So, it is essential to find out if your oil is leaked.

And consequently, it must be repaired.

Depending on the model and equipped engine, the cost of fixing an oil leak may vary.

It can range up to $400.

How much is a BMW oil change service?

oil change service

As an oil change of BMW costs between $135 and $175, up to $200 on occasion depending on car models, a certain amount of this cost is the labor cost or service charge.

Since changing oil is a complicated job, it is accomplished by efficient workers.

As a result, it needs extra cost as the service charge.

It is estimated that the service charge may range from $50 to $80. 

Should I only have my BMW oil change done at the dealer?

change done at the dealer

Whether you should have done your BMW oil change at the dealer or not is totally dependent on you.

To say broadly, it is great to get an oil change at the dealer but it is not an inevitability.

As far there are some options for you to get an oil change, you can choose the dealer as a good option.

The dealers are well concerned about the ins and outs of the BMW vehicles.

And they have qualified mechanics who have wide knowledge in this field and are proficient. 

Where else is the best?

What is the best

Besides the dealers, getting an oil change at the local auto shops is also one of the best options for the owners.

There are various auto shops near the area where you belong.

Some of them are very luxurious while some are reasonable.

Therefore, you can choose anyone according to your budget and demand. 

How much does an oil change cost on a BMW X5?

Occasional car oil Change

The maintenance of a BMW X5 is very costly and the cost is skyscraping.

You have to spend around $500 per month to cover the cost.

In particular, changing the oil of this car is also more expensive than most other models of the brand.

It demands from $190 to $220 including the oil filter replacement and the labor cost. 

How much is an oil change for a 3-series BMW?

How much does cost

Maintaining a BMW 3-series car is also luxurious.

It costs a significant amount of money to foster the car.

Similarly, the cost of changing the oil of a 3-series BMW is from $150 to $175. 

Final Remarks

In the long run, it is time to bring out the end.

Well, from the above discussion, it is now apparent why the BMW oil change is ridiculously expensive.

Pivoting on different factors, the cost differs.

However, since it needs synthetic oil to provide high performance and it is a complex work, the cost is eventually hefty to meet the labor cost.

Moreover, different places also matter in fixing the cost.

From several options to get the oil change, you can choose one according to your privilege.

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