Why Is Black Lotus So Expensive? (Top 6 Reasons)

A lovely Black Lotus card of the ‘Magic: The Gathering’ game has recently been sold at more than $500k at an auction which was more than three/four times the previous price.

It is barely believable, right? Whatever it is, true indeed.

The game Magic: The Gathering was inaugurated by Richard Garfield in 1993.

It is played in a deck with so many cards.

However, Black Lotus designed by Christopher Rush is one of the most influential cards of this game.

To win the game, this card has the most crucial contribution.

Besides, from thousands of copies of cards, Black Lotus was limited in numbers.

That is why there are very few of these cards left in the world.

On account of multiple factors, one of these cards has broken all records by being the most expensive Magic card.

However, the article will figure out the reasons that play a massive role to be superfluous.

Why is black lotus so Expensive?

Since Black Lotus is the most dynamic card of the game, it is duly invaluable at the same time because of the GEM MT 10 Grade of PSA.

It has a great demand due to its strong contribution to winning the game.

But this card is finite and even restricted to be reprinted.

This scarcity again makes it so desirable.

Therefore, these reasons are responsible for making it completely astronomical. 

Powerful Card

Powerful Card

The most notable reason for being so expensive is that Black Lotus is the most powerful card of Magic : The Gathering game, in short, MTG. 

The game has become very popular over time.

Among various cards, Power Nine is the most powerful set of the game.

This set consists of nine cards including Black Lotus, Ancestral Recall, Time Walk, Timetwister, etc. And the Black Lotus is the most significant and useful card from them. 

The card Black Lotus can be played without any cost of mana.

Rather it allows the user to discard three mana.

Previously, the players were allowed to keep multiple cards according to their choice.

As a result, many players loaded their decks with Black Lotus cards to make their spell strong.

This strategy has helped raise the power of the Black Lotus. 

Since it has become the most effective and powerful card of the game, its value has also been increased.

That is why its price goes so high and the price is unbelievable. 

Iconic One 


Black Lotus is called the King of the magic cards for its iconic illustration.

It was painted by Christopher Rush, an employee of the Wizards of the Coast.

The illustration of the card is a black lotus over a leafage backdrop. 

The card looks simply aesthetic with this exposition.

Besides, the edge of the card is out of chips and scratches.

Overall, the outlook of the card has attracted the attention of the players as well as collectors.

For this reason, the card continues to be an iconic one.

Thus, it influences the price to be excessive. 

Limited Print


What makes Black Lotus more exceptional is the limited edition of the card.

As the cards were available only for a short time, it is difficult to find out the number of the cards.

Seemingly, it is estimated that 22,800 Black Lotus cards were printed out. 

The inventor of the game printed almost 300 cards in the first set of the game.

The set is called Alpha. Under this set, almost 2.6 million cards were produced.

Among them, nearly 1,100 cards were Black Lotus.

Then, the second set of cards called Beta was carried out after only 2 months.

The popularity of the game increased in such a way.

However, in this set, 7.3 million cards were released and 3,300 were the Black Lotus. 

And consequently, the third set named Unlimited was more famous.

As a result, 35 million cards were printed out again.

Among them, the Black Lotus rendered 17,500 copies. 

In this way, the Black Lotus card was very limited in every gradual set compared to other cards.

This limited number of cards has uplifted its value. 

Moreover, there are now 5000 cards of Black Lotus existing in the world.

And most of them are unavailable. It is even hard to find their location.

Hence, it is easy to realize why the price is overwhelming.

The finite edition and scarcity of the card have increased the value of the card.

That is why it demands thousands of dollars. 


Banning, banned

On the one hand, Black Lotus is finite because of its limited edition.

On the other hand, it has been banned to be reproduced in the future from all official tournament formats.

It is not allowed to print more Black Lotus cards.

As a result, the number has been shrunk to be excessive.

Consequently, the value of the prevailing cards is outrageously high. 



Already pointed out that Black Lotus is very limited in number.

Most of the produced cards are even unknown and concealed.

Although this card is finite and numerable, it is attractive to collectors.

Because of exclusive quality, unique design, and popularity, collectors are eager to purchase any copy of them at any price tag. 

And the result is quite obvious.

Since Black Lotus has become a very sought-after and desirable card, its price rose to a high over time. 

Study shows that the popularity of Black Lotus has flourished especially in the last decade.

It is seen that the demand has increased after 2010.

From the year, Black Lotus’s price has moved to ridiculously high at auction.

Particularly, in the last three years, the amount has broken all the records.

Eventually, the price has crossed the half-million milestone in 2021. 

PSA Graded 

Graded, grade

PSA Professional Sports Authentication is a premier brand that gives grades to sports cards and other related objects to authorize their value.

After several processes and examination, it ensures that the object is in good condition and is registered.

Thus the graded things are considered to be valuable.

The highest grade given by PSA is 10.

Black Lotus card is also graded by PSA.

And its grade is 10 that has upheld its value.

So, as the card is graded by PSA, it has been recognized as one of the precious cards in history.

And this fact increases its price. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the black lotus card?

What, asking anything, reason

Black Lotus card is a set of cards essential in Magic : The Gathering game invented by Richard Garfield.

This card was brought out in 1993 and printed by Christopher Rush.

It is the most popular and celebrated non-promotional card of this game. 

What does the black lotus card do?

How do I choose

Magic: The Gathering is such a game where different types of cards are required.

Black Lotus is one of them. But it is the most powerful card from them.

It plays the most effective role in winning the game.

It needs no mana to play.

Instead, it allows the player to get 3 mana and 4 turns ahead of the opponent player.

It helps jump quickly in the early stage of the game.

Thus, to get in the game, it has very significance. 

Is black lotus a good card?

Positive, Adverse, negative, good, bad

Surely. Black Lotus is one of the best sports cards in history.

It is the most potential and influential card of Magic The Gathering game.

It is very valuable in terms of a historical figure, unique quality, splendid design, and wide popularity.

Moreover, this card has been graded 10 by PSA ensuring its standard. 

How rare is the Black Lotus card?

rare to find, get, hard to search

Black Lotus is a very rare card of the game Magic : The Gathering.

Whereas most other typical cards of this game were produced immensely, Black Lotus along with Power Nine cards was very limited.

The set of this card was even restricted to be printed again and banned in every kind of tournament to be used.

While nearly 22,800 copies of Black Lotus were printed, 5000 of them are now existing on the planet.

Most of them are in an unspecified location.

As a result, their rarity has made them very sought-after. 

How many black lotus cards were printed?

How many

I’ve already anticipated that almost 22,800 copies of the Black Lotus card have been printed since 1993.

In contrast to countless cards of the game, Black Lotus is very limited because of its low edition.

In the first set of Alpha, Black Lotus was 1100.

Then, 3300 copies were in the second set named Beta.

After that, the last set of cards contained 17500 copies of Black Lotus.

As they are finite, they are precious enough.

How many black lotus cards are there?


Amongst millions of copies of magic cards of the game, Black Lotus was only 22,800.

Even if the number is mentionable, now all of them are not existing in the world.

Currently, about 5000 copies of the Black Lotus card are there on the planet.

Another disappointing fact is that all of them are not explored as their location is unfamiliar.

How to get a black lotus card? 

How to get, getting

As Black Lotus cards are very limited and countable, they are not attainable easily.

At present, most of the existing cards also remain unfamiliar.

Hence, you can get it only through authority when they are auctioned every year.

You can purchase any piece with a hefty amount of money if you are a collector of rare things.

Besides, you can get them at online shops like eBay. 

How much is an original Black Lotus worth?

How much

The price of Black Lotus varies according to individual auctions, online shops, and the grade the card carries.

It is seen that a Black Lotus card was sold on eBay for $166,100 in 2018 which was a grade of PSA 9.5 out of 10.

Then, another card graded 10 by PSA was sold at $250,000 in 2020.

After that, the most expensive Black Lotus card graded 10 was sold in the early phase of the current year.

It was sold at an auction at $511,100 that was more than three times as pricey that it was in 2018.

What is more astonishing is that a card has recently been estimated at an astronomical price tag of $1,000,000 on eBay.

However, if we say the common price of the Black Lotus card, it is typically supposed that one copy can justify nearly $40,000. 

Why is the black lotus so powerful? 

Why is powerful

Indisputably, Black Lotus is the most effective and substantial card of Magic The Gathering game.

It is because the card plays a significant role in winning the game rapidly.

As the card costs no mana, it provides 3 mana and 4 turns ahead to the player.

As a result, the player can jump to accelerate the game to win.

In this way, it is the most effective, valuable, and powerful card of the game.

How can I tell if my Black Lotus is real?

How tell if it is real, searching real thing, originality

Since Black Lotus cards are very valuable, several fake cards are intentionally produced to make a massive profit by deceiving collectors.

So, one should know the ways to find out the real card.

The very first sign to be real is the MTG grade given by PSA.

As the authority examines the value of the cards, it provides the authentic sign numbering grade out of 10 according to the value.

Thus, the grade itself ensures authenticity.

Besides, weigh the card or bring it under UV light and notice whether it fluoresces or not. 

Is black lotus banned?

banned, not permitted, sealed

Yes, it is banned to produce or reprint Black Lotus cards and use them in any type of tournament.

As a result of the restrictions, these cards are numerable and very rare.

On account of scarcity, this card has received legendary status and become a very sought-after card in history.

What was the most expensive black Lotus sold?

most expensive sold, sell, exchange

Already figured out, the most expensive sale of Black Lotus cards happened in 2021.

At the beginning of the year, a Black Lotus card was sold at an extravagant amount ranging from $511,100.

This incredible price had suppressed all the previous price tags of the card.

The card was graded 10 by PSA.

That is why it is considered the most valuable card from this set.

As a result, when it was auctioned on eBay, it was sold with this hefty figure. 

Final Thoughts:

Upon consideration, it is comprehensive that the Black Lotus card is the most precious and powerful magic card of this specific game.

Due to its magical power, iconic value, rare edition, restricted print, and high grade, it is ridiculously expensive.

The recent sale of the card has frustrated all the former records with an astronomical amount of money.

Thus, its value is inscrutable in the context of sports cards.

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