Why Is Ben and Jerry’s So Expensive? (Top 11 Reasons)

Ice cream is universally a popular dessert that is loved by all taste buds.

So, when it comes to premium ice cream items, Ben and Jerry’s is one of the most dominant brands on the planet.

With a variety of new and delicious flavors, Ben and Jerry’s stands incomparable.

It has some special characteristics that make it exceptional among the brands. 

Consequently, the price of Ben and Jerry’s may surprise you when it is compared to other contemporary brands.

The average price of a normal cone or ice cream goes for $5 which is really extravagant. 

In this regard, this article finds the reasons illustrated that impact the price of Ben and Jerry’s to be highly expensive.

Why Is Ben and Jerry’s so Expensive?

Basically, Ben and Jerry’s is well-recognized for high-quality and premium ingredients without using much air in their ice cream that makes them remarkably expensive.

It runs the industry with a fair trade policy to contribute to the local economy.

Besides, it maintains sustainable sourcing methods to produce ice cream.

What is more, the brand spends a huge amount of money on the research and development of new flavors and the marketing strategy.

All of these factors matter in the high price of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream.

Hence, they are interpreted more elaborately. 

Fair Trade

Different height settings

The first and foremost reason that makes Ben and Jerry’s highly expensive is the fair trade philosophy of the brand.

It is seen that most of the companies accrue their ingredients from corporate and big farms because local farms can’t match their demand.

As a result, these small and local farmers remain out of business and make losses. 

In this case, Ben and Jerry’s maintains a praiseworthy policy that supports small and local farmers by collecting their ingredients from them.

This ethical philosophy has made the brand an exception. 

Ben and Jerry’s emphasis on the farmers so that they use green technology and sustainable sourcing to produce quality ingredients.

Thus, it is more extravagant to produce their ice cream. 

The brand believes in purchasing the items at a fair price from these local farms.

Therefore, buying Ben and Jerry’s products means supporting thousands of local farmers throughout the country and stimulating local economics. 

Hence, Ben and Jerry’s has to pay a handsome figure of money to collect their ingredients that impact the price to be exorbitant. 

Premium Ingredients

Status symbol

The next reason is the brand’s focus on premium ingredients.

Since Ben and Jerry’s accumulate their ingredients from the local source, they ensure the quality.

To get proper and premium ingredients, the farmers use favorable and sustainable methods in caring for the livestock.

In this case, they spend a lot of money to care for the cows to give them a proper diet, a spacious place to roam, and regular checkups to ensure their health. 

Premium ingredients come from healthy cows and they taste better than typical ingredients in terms of flavor and texture.

Due to the premium ingredients, the ice cream of Ben and Jerry’s is delicious, creamy, and after all exceptional.

Butterfat Amount 

Different height settings

The amount of butterfat in Ben and Jerry’s ice cream is another significant cause that makes the price extravagant.

Butterfat is one of the fundamental ingredients of ice cream that is also very expensive.

It is reported that Ben and Jerry’s use around %15 butterfat in their ice cream.

It is an ingredient that comes from cow’s milk.

The amount is different according to cows. 

Collecting butterfat from cows and processing it to each ice cream is another expenditure that Ben and Jerry’s takes on.

The brand provides more butterfat in their ice cream that makes it more expensive.

Non-GMO Ingredient 


There is a lot of controversy over GMO and GMO products that are comparatively cost-effective.

It is possible to produce more products than average by modifying something.

This method minimizes cost and the seller can sell their items at a cheap price. 

But Ben and Jerry’s avoids GMO ingredients in producing their products.

Their cows are fed on grass and healthy foods.

Thus, using non-GMO ingredients costs more money for the brand. 

Therefore, Ben and Jerry’s is very expensive to back up the cost of using non-GMO ingredients.

Less Air

Smooth Finish, protection, protected

Air is an inevitable part of the procedures of making ice cream.

Ice cream is hard and like a popsicle without air.

For this reason, the air is added to the recipe of ice cream to give it a nutty and creamy flavor. 

Since air is cost-free, several ice cream companies use a lot of it that makes the ice cream large but fluffy.

But Ben and Jerry’s uses less air to make their ice cream.

Rather, they use other ingredients that make the ice cream dense and creamy. 

Thus, using more ingredients instead of pumping much air into the ice cream maker Ben and Jerry’s is more extravagant. 


Shipping Zones

It is somewhat very difficult to ship ice cream because temperature greatly affects ice cream.

If the destination is far away from the suppliers, this item can be ruined by being completely melted.

To save ice cream from melting, Ben and Jerry’s follows a good strategy of distribution.

They use a climate-controlled storage container that keeps ice cream frozen by maintaining a specific temperature during shipping. 

Besides, there is a cost of transportation also.

Thus, the more distance is far from the distributor, the more cost it takes. 

Research and Improvement

Features and Capabilities

Another crucial fact that influences the price of Ben and Jerry’s is the research and gradual development of the flavor of different ice cream.

Since there are several flavors of ice cream,  chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla are the most popular among them.

And most of the brands intend to produce these best-selling items. 

But Ben and Jerry’s produces more other flavors from bacon-flavored to banana whiskey ice cream.

The brand firstly researches various flavors and invests a handsome amount of money to bring out success.

In this way, they bring out new flavors and introduce them to the world. 

This costs Ben and Jerry’s a lot of money.

And consequently, the brand imposes a good figure to back up the expenses.

Sustainable Policy 

Target Policy

It has already been indicated that Ben and Jerry’s is resolute in using sustainable sourcing in producing their items.

The brand maintains a solid production protocol from the beginning to the last of the procedures.

Ben and Jerry’s is always eco-conscious and environment-friendly.

It ensures the proper maintenance of the cows by encouraging the farmers to follow sustainable farming methods.

Being eco-friendly costs a lot of money and this extra cost impacts the price to be lavish. 

Marketing Strategy 

Marketing investment

The marketing strategy of any brand makes them really exceptional.

Eventually, Ben and Jerry’s emphasis on a different marketing policy to retain their position in the first line among the brands. 

Predominantly, it maintains a fair trade philosophy and then sustainable production.

Besides, it hosts an annual film festival at its central shop when it offers free ice cream to the attendants.

What is more, Ben and Jerry’s works with celebrities to publicize their market.

For this reason, they have to lay out a lot of money for sponsorship.

By doing these, they have gained the attention of a certain targeted audience.

Moreover, the brand maintains a marketing frenzy by innovating new flavors that convince the consumers. 

However, this wonderful marketing strategy of Ben and Jerry’s makes it one of the most leading brands in the world.

Consequently, it demands a notable amount of money on the products. 

Different Sizes 


Last but not the least, size is another mentionable reason that defines the price of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream.

Smaller ice cream demands a cheaper cost since they contain fewer ingredients.

Nonetheless, the larger size of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream is more expensive because they need extra materials to be made.

A large container is required for big-sized ice cream.

And it also costs more than average.

Hence, different sizes affect the price of Ben and Jerry’s. 

Brand Reputation 

Exclusive brand

Ben and Jerry’s was initiated by Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield in the 1980s.

These two friends were very intimate and consequently stepped in to introduce flavorful ice cream with premium ingredients after seeing the success of Haagen Dazs. 

However, they saw huge success and got worldwide acclamation in this field.

Within only 10 years, the brand gained more than $30 million in profit and within 15 years, it crossed $150. 

Today, Ben and Jerry’s is one of most leading and top-selling ice cream brands in the world.

It has thousands of outlets throughout the country.

Therefore, its worldwide popularity and brand reputation have made it so exclusive among the other competitors.

On account of this fact, the price is fairly expensive. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Ben and Jerry’s worth it?

worth the money and price

Ben and Jerry’s ice cream comes with delicious flavor made with premium ingredients that uprise their demand.

Its ice cream contains more butterfat and healthy ingredients instead of fluffy air.

That is why it tastes authentic.

By spending a lot of money, the brand also creates new flavors now and then.

Besides, the company has ensured sustainable production to keep the world green.

It also maintains a fair trade policy to contribute to the local economic sector.

Thus, Ben and Jerry’s is a praiseworthy brand for its distinctive qualities.

So, the brand is truly worth the money. 

What is a good price for Ben and Jerry’s?

average price

Ben and Jerry’s has a number of dishes on their menu.

Apart from popular ice cream, it has other items like sundaes, beverages, yogurt, cakes, and cookies.

Basically, a normal cup or cone of ice cream costs $4 while a big one costs $5 fairly.

In their Add Ons menu, a dipped Sugar Cone is priced at $0.59, a waffle Cone is $0.99, and a chocolate dipped waffle is $1.49.

Besides, the topping menu includes several items within $1 indeed.

In particular, its pricey menu is sundaes while the least expensive item costs $5.49 and the most expensive VerMonster Sundae costs nearly $50.

Then, its cake items range from $20 to $50 depending on the size.

Again, its beverage items can range up to $5. 

How To Save Money On Ben And Jerry’s Ice Cream?

save money

Although Ben and Jerry’s ice cream is very expensive, you can reduce your cost by following certain ways to save money. These tips are-

  1. Purchasing during sales. Often, Ben and Jerry’s goes for sales when it needs to free up space for new products. Hence, it is a good facility to buy during the sales to save money. 
  2. Buying by online coupons. Ben and Jerry’s frequently provides coupons by which you can purchase ice cream at a certain amount.
  3. Ben and Jerry’s is often sponsored in different events where they provide ice cream freely or at a cheaper price. Thus, attend the event to get your ice cream. 

Ben and jerry’s alternative


Since Ben and Jerry’s seems to be expensive for some people, many look for alternatives to the brand.

Thus, some of the prominent alternatives to Ben and Jerry’s are –

  1. Orange Leaf
  2. Wink Frozen Desserts
  3. Swirls and Twirls 
  4. Dairy Queen 
  5. Maggie Moo’s
  6. Braum 
  7. Häagen-Dazs
  8. FreshBerry
  9. Belmont
  10. Arctic Zero

Is Ben and Jerry’s good quality?

High quality products

Obviously. Ben and Jerry’s ensures the best quality with premium ingredients in making their ice cream.

Their ice cream doesn’t contain much air like other brands.

Instead, more ingredients make the ice cream dense, compact, and creamy.

Besides, Ben and Jerry’s is rich in health benefits.

What is more, the taste provides an exceptional delicacy that further increases its quality. 

What is the most expensive Ben and Jerry’s ice cream? 

considerations, what to check

Ben and Jerry’s has several ice cream dishes on their menu.

Among them, the most expensive one is sold for more than $50.

It is seen that the Vermonster Sundaenow costs $52.16 which is the most expensive dish on their current menu.

It is a delicious ice cream made with very popular premium ingredients. 

Is Haagen Dazs or Ben and Jerry’s better?


Although Ben and Jerry’s is a popular name for outstanding ice cream, Haagen Dazs is probably better than it.

Haagen Dazs is relatively an older company than Ben and Jerry’s established in the 1960s in France.

In terms of quality ingredients, banding name, and marketing, Haagen Dazs is more noteworthy than the others.

Its price is also worthy to remark. 

Is Ben and Jerry’s super-premium ice cream?

is overpriced, costly, money, price, value

Yes, Ben and Jerry’s is definitely super-premium ice cream.

Generally, super-premium ice cream contains low overrun and high-fat content.

It has more quality ingredients rather than air that make ice cream fluffy.

Hence, its ice cream ensures having the best quality ingredients. 

something worth it

Ben and Jerry’s has so far brought out numerous kinds of flavors in the market.

Among them, Phish Food is perhaps the most popular flavor at present.

With a combination of caramel swirls, gooey marshmallow swirls, and fudge fish, this flavor tastes just mesmerizing and is really unforgettable.

It has a great appeal due to its overwhelming power. 


In the end, Ben and Jerry’s is definitely one of the best ice cream brands on the planet.

With a number of splendid flavors, it has gained a worldwide reputation in the respective field.

The brand ensures the best quality of ice cream with premium ingredients.

It also avails without harming the green environment because it encourages its farmers to use eco-friendly methods to bring out necessary ingredients.

But, it is really expensive when several other brands are compared in terms of price.

Nevertheless, it is worth saying that Ben and Jerry’s is indisputably a good choice for tastebuds who love ice cream and crave different flavors. 

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