Why Is Bape So Expensive? (Top 4 Reasons)

Bape is a famous Japanese fashion brand that deals with men, women, children’s lifestyle and streetwear.

The brand is the most costly among its competitors in the fashion market. So why is it so expensive?

Expensive Bape

Bape has maintained its reputation as one of the top streetwear brands in the fashion industry.

Their product is extraordinary and of good quality.

It is also a hyped brand, and people want to buy their clothes because it is Bape. They pay for the brand.

Bape also releases minimal pieces, so people end up paying ridiculous amounts of money to get them before they are out-stocked because of high demand.

It is the reason why the brand is so expensive.

In this article, we will discuss the reasons deeper to understand why this brand is somewhat unaffordable.

Why is Bape so expensive?

Why is Bape so expensive

Bape is one of the original streetwear brands In Japan, and it is also one of the most hyped brands in the world.

Most people are willing to pay any amount just to be associated with it, but why is it so expensive?

Below are well-researched reasons why Bape is so costly.

High-quality products

High quality products

Most of Bape’s products are made in China.

And if you compare them with your regular mall brands, you will realize that their quality and construction is high.

If you look at most of its products from the T-shirts, sweaters, belts and other clothes, you will note that they are good.

They make their products using high-quality materials like woven cotton, premium linen, and much more.

Their products are well stitched and tight; they cannot wear out quickly.

It has maintained its reputation by giving quality, and as you know, quality comes with a high price tag.

Limited quantity and design

Limited quantity and design

Bape has a unique design compared to other ordinary brands.

So their products have high demand since most people want to own them.

The brand manufactures limited pieces, so their products get sold out so quickly.

So they take advantage of this and raise the prices of their products, but still, people are willing to pay more money for their items. 

Brand popularity

Brand popularity

Bape is a known brand for its original streetwear around the globe.

If you are not aware, every big brand has to charge premium prices to maintain the customer’s view.

So people pay for the brand name.

 It is a hyped brand, and people are willing to pay more just to own clothes with their brand logo.

Consumers end up paying high price tags because of this factor.

Status symbol and trendy

Status symbol and trendy

Bape, being a famous streetwear brand, has strong connections with street cultures and hip-hop.

It has a legacy as an icon with original streetwear, which has helped it build a bigger audience and customers.

Most young people who yearn to grab anything on offer have made the brand even more trendy.

Bape being a lifestyle brand, its symbols are seen on footwear, furniture, kitchenware, and many other items.

Bape also works together with other brands like supreme, Hello Kitty, coca-cola, and others.

All these factors play a bigger role in hiking their ultimate prices.

Is Bape a luxury brand?

luxury brand

Bape is ranked way above the mall’s brands, and it’s also an iconic designer.

It has made its way to being a luxury brand because of the hype and love from the millennials.

Its premium price has made it to be associated with luxury brands.

Bape has teamed up with some luxury brands like supreme and coca-cola, making it more expensive and luxurious. 

Bape imitated the sale logic of other luxury brands where they have limited stocks with high demands and high prices.

What is so special about Bape?

special about Bape

Bape is one of the most iconic streetwear specializing in selling branded hats, hoodies, belts, and many other products that will give you a cool look with a unique kind of style and logo that has left so many people thirsty to own the brand.

The streetwear is over-hyped, which has made the band famous and sales because of the high demand.

How did Bape rise to popularity?

Bape rise popularity

Bape has become a significant label of contemporary streetwear in China and around the globe.

But how did it rise to popularity? Below are some reasons that contributed to its rise. 

By popular celebrity wearing the brand

popular celebrity wearing the brand

 We know most celebrities for keeping up with trending fashion, and Bape is one of the streetwear brands they love to rock with from time to time.

It has been a symbolic brand for the artists who are in the hip-hop and RnB music industry.

We have seen the most popular celebs like Kanye West, Big Sean, two chains, Chris brown and many artists rock in Bape streetwear.

Chris Brown has been a loyal fan of this brand for more than six years and slowly introduces his daughter to the streetwear culture.

When celebrities wear this, it forces their fans to follow suit to look like them, increasing the brand’s popularity.

Japanese streetwear Icon

Japanese streetwear

Even though Bape is not the most incredible streetwear, it is unarguably the most influential streetwear Japan produced.

It has 15 stores in Japan alone. It first became famous in Japan and to the celebrities in the country before making its way to the international market.

 It first made its turn on Japan’s streets before other people recognized it and started digging into what the brand offered.

However, many companies have started producing imitations of the brand, so make sure you buy from legit sellers.

Collaboration with big brands

Collaboration with big brands

While most Bape fans thought that the brand had reached its maximum and people may start losing interest in its clothes and products, it has no boundary of whom to partner with.

It has patterned with big brands, something that has made people like it more.

They mostly collaborate with a brand that deals with shoes, apparel, and other products.

Also, it has collaborated with big brands names like Kanye West and Pharrell, making their followers follow suit in buying the Bape products.

It has made Bape make massive sales over time.

 When Bape partnered with Pepsi and Disney, it took it to a new level.

Is Bape worth it?

Bape worth it

If Bape is worth it or not depends on a personal perspective.

All brands have two sides of the story, and Bape is not exceptional.

However, just like big brands, the brand produces high-quality products that attract most streetwear fans.

They have a range of incredible products from shoe accessories, hoodies and other items.

Many factors surround the brand, and people want to own its products.

Therefore, they hike prices and limit stock.

Their clothing and other items are of high quality, and you cannot compare them with the ones you buy from all brands.

Bape has also partnered with influential brands like Adidas and Supreme, an added advantage to drive more customers.

What to consider before buying from Bape?

If you are a new Bape fan and want to purchase from them, consider a few things.

Below are some essential factors to consider.



Most of the Bape clothes tend to have a small fitting.

So, for instance, if you wear a medium size, you should take a large one.

So ensure before making an order, you understand their sizing aspect to avoid back and forth when returning items for exchanges.

If you are shopping online, read the sizzing chat and understand, and if you are not sure of anything, you can chat online with customer service to inquire.

It is highly advisable to visit their outlet if you live in a country where there is one to make the fitting in person who will save you or the hassles.



The pricing of Bape varies from the type of product.

They range from average to the most expensive.

So you should consider the pricing of the item that you are interested in before buying. 

You will also notice that their prices are high with some dollars compared to its alternatives.

So if you can not afford it, you can buy from their other alternative since they produce identical items; the only difference is quality and prices.



Before buying a Bape product, it is good to ensure that you buy from a legit store because there are so many fakes and scammers in the market.

To ensure you don’t fall into the trap of scammers, buy from its online stores or their legit sellers.

Some reviews of Bape -Trustpilot/Amazon

reviews of Bape

Bape is a famous streetwear brand that has worked hard to maintain its reputation by giving its customers the best.

Because of its sincerity, care and quality products, customers highly rely on it.

We see their feedback in reviews on Trustpilot and Amazon. 

Here are some wonderful reviews that were left by customers regarding Bape activities.

Read this review. The customer says that it has excellent quality, and they are honest.


 Also, this is another positive feedback from a Bape customer on Amazon.

She says that the product was worth the money. 

Read this review. It is also a positive review from a satisfied customer giving it a 5-star rating.

How to save money on Bape?

save money on Bape

Although Bape is so expensive, there are some tricks you can use and save some money.

Below are a few of them.

Buying from a Japanese site – When you buy Bape products, you will realize that they are cheaper than buying from a European online site.

It is because they are in that country, so it does not tax them much.

A second trick you can apply is buying through Proxy.

It is like an agent who buys on your behalf, and it is for you, which is cheaper.

Also, you can wait when they have seasonal sales, and they have discounts on their products to buy at a lower price.

Lastly, if you can not afford to buy new Bape products, you can buy from second-hand online stores like Poshmark.

Here you will find their slightly used products at an affordable price.

Best alternatives and stores like Bape you should try

alternatives of Bape

On account of having an excellent reputation, Bape has increased its competitors indeed.

These stores can be your alternative if you find them unaffordable to you because of their high prices.

 The following are the top ten alternatives and stores like Bape.com.

  • Surpremenewyork.com
  • Bbcicecream.com
  • Stussy.com
  • Hypebeat.com
  • Grailed.com
  • Honeyee.com
  • Louisvitton.com
  • Neighborhood.jp
  • Evisu.com
  • Itezhop.com


As we conclude this article, it is now easy to understand why Bape is so expensive, and the price is somewhat hyped.

Since Bape has retained its reputation by providing high quality and unique streetwear, it has made its way to being a luxury brand, and most people are willing to pay more money to own its products.

While other people think that it is over-hyped and expensive, the brand has made tremendous sales.

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