Why Is Balmain So Expensive? (Top 16 Reasons)

The fashion brand was founded by Pierre Balmain, who led the fashion house until he died in 1982.

The new creative director of Balmain is Olivier Rousteing .

His design philosophy is “to wear what you see on the runway” and his designs are often more extravagant than those of other fashion designers.

Singular colors (such as red or yellow, for instance), embellishments like feathers, animal prints and even furs are all part of Rousteing’s repertoire.

These extravagances come at a price, which has increased over the years due to the high demand for designer clothing that is out of reach for most people.

Today, a simple T-shirt from Balmain can cost more than your rent for the month.

The clothing is also very different in style to most other designer items, and therefore Rousteing has created his own customer base.

The clothes are worn by celebrities such as Rihanna and Lady Gaga, who would not be seen wearing similar clothes in public by other brands.

Why is Balmain so expensive?

Balmain is expensive because the brand puts a lot of effort into creating high-quality products with unique designs. The brand’s clothing is often worn by celebrities and models, so it has become a symbol of status. Balmain also collaborates with some of the world’s most famous designers, which helps to maintain the quality of its workmanship. Finally, the brand spends a lot of money on advertising campaigns, which is necessary to keep up with the latest trends. So, while the prices may seem high, there is a good reason for them.

Let’s look at the reasons behind Why is Balmain so expensive in further detail.

Made with high-quality fabrics and materials

High quality

They use the finest fabrics and materials such as French or Italian cashmere, silk, leather, or even fur to produce their clothes.

The quality of these fabrics ensures that they last for a long time, so customers can invest in one piece and not have to buy another anytime soon.

Unique designs


There is no other brand out there that has such unique designs like Balmain does.

With each new collection, people flock into stores and rack up bills of thousands of euros without batting an eyelid, simply because they want to be the first ones to get their hands on the new clothes sold by this swanky fashion label.

Symbol of status

Status symbol

Many see Balmin as a status symbol, as their clothes are worn by celebrities and models.

Celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Madonna, and even Kanye West wear clothes from the Balmain brand.

Worn by celebrities and models

popular celebrity wearing the brand

It’s no secret that celebrities and models make a lot of money every year, which means they have access to designer items like these at all times.

If people see them wearing fashionable Balmain pieces on the red carpet or elsewhere, it acts as an incentive for them to want to own their own piece of this luxury brand themselves because obviously if it looks good on them then it should look just as good on anyone else right?

Collaborated with some of the world’s most famous designers

Collaboration with big brands

Olivier Rousteing, Balmain’s creative director, has collaborated with names such as H&M and even pop stars like Rihanna.

He also designs outfits for the biggest stars in Hollywood on a regular basis, which means that many people have watched his work being worn by their idols first-hand.

Quality of workmanship

High quality products

We all know that fashion is fleeting, so making an investment is not something that everyone can afford to do on a regular basis.

That’s why they are willing to spend thousands on one piece if it means that said piece will last them several seasons or more.

This makes sense because if their clothes last them several seasons or more, there is no point in constantly having to buy new clothing every time a trend comes around.

Expensive advertising campaigns

Marketing investment

Balmain is not your average fashion brand.

They hire the best photographers and videographers to produce eye-catching visuals that bring attention to their products and make it seem like something out of a whole other world.

This, along with the fact that they advertise on high-end platforms such as Harper’s Bazaar, means that only those people who are willing to spend thousands on designer pieces will be able to afford any of it.

Keeping up with trends

Status symbol and trendy

This luxury fashion label knows how difficult it can be for customers to keep up with the latest trends, so they try to make it easier for them by designing collections that incorporate both high fashion and streetwear.

This way, people can wear their Balmain pieces when they go out to fancy restaurants or events, while also wearing them on a daily basis if they wish to do so.

Their price tags are usually higher than most other luxury brands

increase prices

Obviously if you want something then you should expect to pay for it, right? Oftentimes, paying more means that you get an item that is of much better quality than its cheaper counterparts, which justifies having to sell your organs in order to afford it.

They have incredibly loyal clientèle

Loyalty, loyal, trusted people

The fact that there are always long queues outside Balmain stores on a regular basis goes to show that the brand knows their clientèle well, and they can rely on them for support.

Low stock levels

Scarcity of something, have lessen, tiny

Balmain is constantly sold out of various items because of the incredibly high demand for its products.

This means that if you want an item from them, then you have to be quick or else it will be gone from your size forever.

Their clothes are inspired by different eras

Use ‘snap Pick’

Olivier Rousteing has said in interviews that he designs his collections with inspiration from different decades, so this allows people who wear Balmain pieces to relive past memories through their clothing without doing any historical research beforehand or going back in time themselves!

Their designs are innovative

Innovating, creative

Olivier Rousteing has said in interviews that he is inspired his friends and idols when he designs his collections.

This means that a lot of the time you will find yourself wearing pieces that were created in honor of people such as Rihanna and Kim Kardashian, which makes it seem like they are not actually from this world!

Their clothes are unique

Unique and Different

When you wear something from this high-end designer brand then you will stand out in the crowd because not everyone can afford to buy these items, which makes you feel unique every time you wear one of them.

Their clothes are well-made

Facility, benefits, good

You can tell that they are made from high-quality materials, which allows you to wear them time and time again without having to worry about their durability failing you when it matters most.

They have an extensive range of colors available

Vibrant Colors

Many brands only offer their garments in black or white, but Balmain allows customers to buy clothing in many different shades so people can really express themselves through what they choose to wear on a day-to-day basis!

Common Questions About Why Is Balmain So Expensive

These are the most common questions on Why Is Balmain So Expensive

Is Balmain worth it?

Are worth the higher prices

If you value quality and fit, then the Balmain is worth the investment.

Expensive, yes. But worth it? You bet your ass it is! It’s all about the cut and fit, the fine fabric, and the style.

Balmain is still around for a very good reason: because it remains one of the best jerseys to wear when you want to look like a million dollars without spending that much.

The brand does not make any compromises in terms of quality and construction which make their garments long-lasting and timeless.

You can be sure that a Balmain piece will never go out of style.

So, yes. Balmain is worth it.

Is Balmain overpriced?

What is so special, confuse, thinking, getting idea

If you compare Balmain prices to other major fashion labels, the answer is clearly NO. 

At first glance, Balmain prices can be really confusing and unfair.

But if you look at the quality of materials and craftsmanship, there’s a clear explanation for it!

Balmain is not the kind of brand that will release hundreds of styles every year.

So each Balmain collection evolves around the same themes and the goal of Olivier Rousteing is to create pieces with a strong personality, made with high-end luxurious materials! That’s why prices are so high!

Every piece has its story.

The leathers are all Italian, the cashmere is all sourced in Scotland and Italy, there are crocodile pieces.

The fabrications are made with close attention to detail.

Of course, you can find real leathers at other fashion labels, but they won’t be as luxurious as Balmain’s! 

So, we can say that Balmain isn’t overpriced! For the quality you’re getting, it’s actually a very good deal.

Final thoughts On Why Is Balmain So Expensive

Why Is Balmain So Expensive? Balmain is an extremely expensive brand that caters to those with lots of money and equally as much style.

The clothes they produce are high quality, innovative, well-made, unique, timeless, well-thought-out, and will definitely make you stand out from the crowd!

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